Big Thanks!!!

I was in the midst of pie baking, cupcake frosting, and sugar sifting but felt compelled to sit down to the blog so I could wish all of you gals and guys a Happy Thanksgiving! (I'm making my keyboard sticky as I type this.)
   I'm just so thankful to all of you who stop by to read, look, comment, well wish, inspire, etc... This blog 'aint no flippant thing for me. When I started it I guess you could almost say it was my distress call, my S.O.S. And all of you have answered the call and I'm truly grateful. And super duper thanks to all of you who sent hopes, prayers, and all around good energy for my brother Jason. He's thankful for you guys as well!
  As me and Aar were peeling potatoes last night we had on the Food Network. Man, I'm a foody! With the TV writer's strike in full swing , I think we'll exclusively watch Food Network right through the new year. Aaron is almost in tears without Letterman and Conan so we'll have to make do with Bobby Flay and Mario Batali. 
  I'll post over the weekend...hopefully with some new holiday artwork to display. We've got all the blueprints but turning those into finished products is the real challenge!
  I hope everyone has to pop the top button today! Heck, I hope you have to change into a pair of sweatpants! Thanks so much again for paging through the artful book of life with me! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
 xoxo, Jenny  
Aaron sends lots of love too!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jenny and Aaron (and darling Missy, too!))
    I love you guys and can't wait to see what fabulous creations Christmas will bring from you two!

  2. Oh yeah, Aaron- I watched Conan fo r the first time last night.  He did a skit from a wine tasting he went to.  I laughed so hard I thought I was so going to throw up!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Have a wonderful day!!!

    Edgar and Edgar

  4. Have a wonderful day Jenny!!!  

  5. I love your's so pretty..and so creative...hope you don't mind me dropping by...

  6. Hope you all had a great turkey day!!!!
    now it's time to go shoppin!!
    Have a great weekend
    jessi nagy

  7. hey sugar! hope your thanksgiving was delightful! oh...wanted you to know...i am going to jennifer's open house 12/6...when were you going? maybe we will meet up there. it would be so nice to see you again! sending hugs and love! blessings, danielle {}

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you Jenny and family!  I so enjoyed reading about your adventures re Silver Bella but felt sick reading that you could have missed it!  So glad that you made it!  I am thankful that I was able to get one of your kits and hope it will look as pretty as the one on your site.  Happy Holidays!  Anita:)

  9. Hi Jenny! Happy Thanksgiving!! I am definitely thankful for all my blog and flickr friends- thank you for being one of them!!

  10. Hi, Jenny,
    I've been enjoying your blog and would like to invite you over to mine to join our virtual cookie exchange!

    Have fun baking!

  11. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you Miss Jenny and Aaron!
    Guess who's flying to New Jersey real soon??
    So EXCITED!!!


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