Please do not break up with my blog.

Please do not break up with my blog!!! I WILL BE BACK! The lead up to  Silver Bella has been even more hectic and last minute than I had planned for. Also, prepping for an event such as this not only eats up time but also the wallet. To make up for the expenses Aaron took a quick wall painting job...which is crazy because we were already swamped with work here at home! Anyway, he's doing a baby's room with tons of flowers, trees, and all sorts of cute little the family dogs! and Aar said that the actual family dogs walked in the room and thought there were two real dogs standing there looking back at them! Anyway, my back is near broken from doing the same tiny movements over and over, cutting lengths of ribbon, crepe, counting out sequins, painting countless boards...aaaahhhh!
  The first day back from Silver Bella I'll be accompanying my brother Jay for his appointment with his awesome new doctor up in Hackensack, NJ, the city of my birth. This new doc is a top notch specialist and for the first time I feel like Jay is in good hands. Things seem to be on the brighter side diagnosis wise, but we'll know for sure at the next appointment. I'll post more on my birthday when I'm back from Omaha, my sister, little bros, parents, and Barb and Skip (Aar's parents) spoiled me rotten with gifts. It was a great night in the city and thanks to all you gals for your birthday wishes and uncalled for gifts...too nice! Ok, back to the crazy stuff. I promise to be back with a bang come next week and will hopefully bombard you with good stuff through the holidays.
Oooh ooh  and before I go.....I must share with you our brand spankin fabulously new business cards!!! Designed by the ultra talented and oh so QUICK Heather Bluhm!!! Are they not edible?? We LOOOVE them!!! Heather is the BEST!! So if you need cards, blog banners, etsy banners....she's fantastic! 
See you lovelies soon!!!!
xoxo Jenny
Aaron and I are ready to get glittery and give out hugs!!! See you at Silver Bella!!!


  1. Jenny, glad you are back.  I will not break up with your blog.  One of my favorites to go to each day.  Good luck at Silver Bella

  2. Oh Jenny
    How did you every think we could break up with your blog.  I love your pics and comments and babble.  Can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella.  Daughter Jenn with the bakery wishes she could have gotten away to meet her cafe artists.

    See you soon.

  3. Can't wait, but relax, I for sure will be here! xopkm

  4. Haha! I promise not to break up with your blog!  How could I? Your blog is so fun and pretty and cheerful and charming,  Jenny!! Worth the wait! I'm surprised more people don't break up with mine. I have gone for months without posting and somehow still have many visitors when I return, to my delight! LOVE you new business cards! I'm sure you will have a FABULOUS time at Silver Bella!!  Cannot wait to see the pics when you return!!
    seaside rose garden @ flickr

  5. Oh Jenny I could never break up with your blog, it's too awesome!!!  :O)

    Have fun at Silver Bella!

  6. Have fun at Silver Bella, and best wishes to your brother Jay; I'm glad things are looking up for him.

  7. Ooooh..great card! Love all the eye-candy. Good luck at Silver Bella. My husband was also born in Hackensack...made famous by Billy Joel...go figure. Can't wait to see what you bring back. Susan

  8. Never! :)
    Oh how I wish I was going to be meeting you in person at SB!!!!! :( Maybe next year when I am not the primary food source for my little man! He turns one this month so hopefully he'll be done nursing this time next year???? :) Hugs to you and have a BLAST...cheryl :)

  9. It's a busy time!  Good luck with your show.
    Best wishes~Cathy

  10. Your fun color choices here are indications of a great Bella event. Look forward to your reports when you get back.


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