Thursday, April 26, 2007


For a little while now I've been keeping a secret. Well, not exactly keeping a secret...more like selectively leaving out bits of specific information. I'd leave out this info every time I'd get into a conversation about this year's 
Silver Bella...and being that Silver Bella  is the event of the year in this little community I found myself holding my tongue very often. And that bit of info I was holding back had to do with who exactly the Silver Bella instructors are. Well now I can finally say that two of the instructors are ME and AARON!! And we are so psyched to be a part of it! Here are the names of the other instructors, and I can't believe lil' old me and Aar will be among them! : Pam Garrison, Charlotte Lyons, Rebecca Sower, Carolyn Peeler, Jennifer Paganelli, Kimberly Kwan, and Teresa McFayden!
  Now, before I go further, let me explain what Silver Bella is for those who don't know, or better yet, let me copy and paste a blurb from Teresa McFayden's blog:

"If you are enamoured by trendsetting projects with yesterday's charm, texture, and pattern;

if you are drawn to the country's leading artists of all things kitschy, altered and vintage chic;

if you are looking to grow and be refreshed and inspired like never before;

then Silver Bella is exactly where you need to be November 9-10!

There's no event on the map like this one! Former Silver Bella attendees will remember the returning Bellas  CarolynPeeler,  Pam Garrison  and myself . This year we added more to tempt and delight you. Rebecca Sower who's well known for her timeless style in the paper arts industry, Charlotte Lyons  the mistress of all things crafty and has worked extensively with Midwest Seasons of Cannon Falls and Mary Engelbreit, Jennifer Paganelli  the textile genius of Sis Boom and who's fabrics and artwork grace everyone's favorite women's magazines almost monthly, and JennyAaron are the dynamic duo of Everyday is a Holiday who continue to blow folks away with their vintage home goodness! Now you know why I am counting the 198 days to Silver Bella. Can't wait to work with all of them!."

Since the fabulous Teresa is the woman behind this magical event I figured It best to let her briefly explain.

Me and Aar really can't wait and have so many outrageously fun ideas for the projects we'll be doing for it! Make sure you go to Teresa's blog or the Silver Bella  site to get all the info (click on each instructor will take you to a page with a tiny on that photo for a bio!). There will be many BIG FABBB surprises soon to be announced so check back often! This is such a huge deal for us and this creative community we're all a part of! A chance for so many of us that are separated by hundreds and thousands of miles to finally take a break from our busy lives and converge in a centralized world of creative expression, growth, and friendship! It's so very fitting that this centralized world is pretty much in the country's dead center. We hope to see so many of you there!! It's going to be the event of the YEAR!!

Personally our biggest thrill is that Jennifer is an instructor this year!! She is a very dear friend of ours and lives just a bit north from us in her beautiful Connecticut home. We're gonna fly out to Omaha together! I'm sure you know all about Jennifer because she is a nearly omnipresent force in the world of pretty things, textiles, and drop dead style.  Go to her blog and check out her world!

OK, that's all for now on Silver Bella.I'll be giving plenty of updates in posts to come!

Rosanna, my super stylish friend from Italy, sent me all this stuff!! She's another partner of mine in the Vintage Kitchen Swap I just hosted. It's great because I feel like each carefully selected item sheds light on  the who, what and where of Rosanna and at the same time it shows just how much she GETS me! And what's more ME than a cake in the shape of a bunny?! I cannot wait to use this pan!! She also sent a Columba, which is a traditional Italian Easter cake made in the shape of a dove. It was a mini one, and I say "was" because I have already eaten it! Then this tiny espresso pot along with some espresso roast coffee, which Aaron had and said was fabulous! (Unfortunately, I can only have decaf.) And the cupcakes dish towel is perfect...the colors are just right.  And check this heart shaped frying pan fit for one sunny side up egg! cute, and will be put to good use since Aaron is a yolk guy...which I am NOT, it's only scrambled for me!! And I love the cake tea strainer! Wait, do I even need to say that? Let me just say I love all the stuff! You probably can't tell by the photo but that little Italian pastry is faux's actually a dish towel and magnet set rolled up and packaged to look just like a lil' dessert! Complete with the traditional brown wrapper and a little "chocolate" poke!

The jar of pink candies you see is a stand in. Well the candies and the fab, hand written label are from Rosanna, (in Italy they call these pink candy coated almonds "confetti") the jar you see is mine because the beautifully etched glass apothecary jar from Rosanna was totally shattered when it arrived! boo hoo, and she packed it well...tons of bubble wrap...but still...broken. At least I could salvage the confetti and that fab label! Oh, and also a sampling of some of the most adorable and visually distinct Pastiglie candies, one of the oldest companies in Italy. Huge Thanks to Rosanna, and click here to check out some of her home in my archives.

Here's a little springtime sweets vignette just for fun! I used a bunch of my newly acquired stuff...the plastic bunnies & ballerina's from Amanda, the sweet button flowers from Jen , and candies from Rosanna! Cupcakes make my world go 'round!! :)

Lastly, some SNEAK PEEK pics of my part of a May Basket Swap. The swap was hosted by the ever sweet and always dazzling Kari/Artsy Mama. The May Basket was such a great subject matter for a swap, they were traditionally hung on doors full of fresh flowers and candies the night before May Day. My partner is Ramona from Germany and I hope she loves what I've put together for her! I had a lot of fun doing it! Artsy Mama asked that everybody hold off posting pics of their received baskets until May 1st, so check the blogs then... but for now check out some other fab baskets on Flickr !!

Alright, gotta go mix some paint. Hope everyone is flourishing with springtime creativity!

xoxo Jenny

Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Stuff Galore!

It's good to know that we're all on the same page with the magazine thing. I mean, of course we are. All of us bloggers (readers of...and writers of) are all a bit off center. And off center is a great place to be. We aren't easy targets. We don't settle for the everyday, general, common stuff. We're seekers, we wanna know more, see more, and get more. I'm sure a great many of you have told a friend about your blogland and Flickr experiences only to get back a look of puzzlement...and questions like: " wait, I don't get it...why are you reading about some other random person's garden?" or " why would you show pictures of your new livingroom wall color to hundreds of people you've never met?" And our answer is: "why in the world wouldn't I?" 
And holy cow, Linda and Laura read their magazines from back to front!!! I do the same thing! I'm sure there is a valid psychological explanation for this back to front practice. I think it has something to do with us trying to get one over on the editors. The editors want us to start at the fact, they try their hardest to wow us with the first few pages...give us a great contents page with thumbnails of what's inside...etc... But no...we ignore all that and sneak in the back door to see if it REALLY is a good issue. Or maybe we're just a little bit weird!
Anyway, fellow mag turned blog's great to be in such good company!!
Now for the goods...Berrie Wren Bowen (isn't that the coolest name?). Well she's my new friend I met through Flickr and she's responsible for this darling little bunny girl. She came in this adorable little pink suitcase all the way from Washington state. Berrie made her for me in my favorite colors and I couldn't be more thrilled with her...I'm waiting for little miss bunny to start talking!!  Berrie's inspiration came from the fabulous  Jennifer Murphy's Martha Stewart appearance. I'm in love with this little gal. Thank you SO SO much Berrie!!
My super fun, super sweet, and super talented friend Melfie did a little swap with me and her end just arrived on my doorstep ... One of her famous collage party hats! I love the detail of the "Melfie Moon" (her lil' logo) wearing his own tiny party hat. And the rose topper acts as a nest to a little hidden bird. I enlisted one of the smallest members of  my "party baby heads" to model the hat for a photo and he now refuses to take it off. Also included was this cool vintage receipt book from a bakery  in Nebraska. Thank you thank you Melissa!! Love it!!!!
When I unwrapped this my heart skipped a beat! The colors, the patterns, the perfection, and just how incredibly ME this pillow is!! And I don't just mean the photo...every fabric and texture used, as well as  the total composition, I couldn't have imagined it better! This is the impeccable work of the illustrious Jen Duncan.  And as if that wasn't enough of an example of totally outdoing herself...she also made this button bouquet in corresponding patterns and colors! We've been staring at both allll day...I'm seriously amazed!
And...that same Jen Duncan sent along one of the most abundant and creatively selected vintage wallpaper/ephemera/paper craft packs ever!!!! I have not seen papers as gorgeous as some of buttons, bingo cards, tickets, pages from vintage children's books, calendars, hotel menus, ribbons, seam binding, sheet music...GALORE! There really is just so so much bang for the buck! And most important is Jen's editorial eye...not one inclusion is just "so so". Everything inside is a treasure. Very generous. If you're a nut for this stuff (and I know you are) go over to Jen's  Etsy shop and pick up a pack of your own.
Jen, you have truly rocked our world!!!! THANK YOU!!!
One more thing...If you haven't already, you must check out  Urban Prairie. The man behind it is Chris Brown, a tattooed gent with a knack for spotting the beautiful side of the worn and the faded...and he's got a great blog! It's chock full of great American junk, collectibles, and sleek rustic style. Well he had a contest on his blog letting his readers vote on whether his forthcoming book on old crackly dollheads (which I furiously hunt and gather)  will be published online or in print. Despite my being a pc addict I voted for print. I just love clearing off the coffee table and laying out all of my current inspiration, just seeing it all at books, tear sheets from magazines, paint chips, wallpaper swatches, old photos, etc... Anyway, I won the contest!!! And will be receiving a free copy of his book when it comes out in print! Oh, and I mustn't fail to mention the hilarious title of the book..."Crackheads"...when you check out his site and blog you'll totally love it! I love winning things, and the more dollheads in my life the better! I can't wait for this book! Stop by and check out his sure to tell him Jenny Holiday sent ya! :)
Well, the weather is finally perfect here in Jersey and we're hitting the park. Thanks to all you guys that leave such fun and sweet comments! I'll be back soon!
xoxo Jenny

Friday, April 20, 2007

The logical progression of a magazine addict!!

I am a magazine addict. And as far as I know, I always have been. As a little girl I escaped into the pages of Country Living and played interior decorator using the JC Penney, Sears, and Spiegel catalogues as my sources for furniture, lighting, window treatments, and linens. I kept binders, made up invoices, drew floor plans. My "play" was always "work". And I guess I'm the same now except I get out more and therefore, get to see a lot more magazines. I obsess over them, and if an issue of one of my fav mags is good then I will pull it out daily for years and years to review one fabulous spread or another. I have cupboards FULL of decor mags, all organized chronologically. When we want to move a piece of furniture we have to first purge it of fifty pounds of magazines (not kidding!). What's worse is that I know one other person who is just as addicted to magazines as I am...and he happens to be the guy that I've lived with for the past dozen years: Aaron!! And what's even worse is that he's got a whole different palette of favorite mags and like myself, he keeps 'em for posterity! He's got hundreds of New Yorker's, Harper's, Elle's, and Esquire's stuffed away. If we had our druthers we'd have to spend about a hundred fifty bucks a month on mags, and that would be showing restraint.
So right now my wallet and my brimming cupboards would like to thank blogs for relieving a bit of the magazine burden. The endless world of creativity, both visually and verbally, in the land of blogs has drawn my gaze partially away from the printed page...and all I need is enough memory on my PC to hold it all!! And I think I'm right to assume that so many of you other bloggers used to live in a world ruled by those glossy mags...blogs are the logical progression in the life cycle of a magazine addict. So, I hope to add my humble contribution to blogland and give you guys as much eye candy as possible! Well, here are today's additions:
First, check out these collage eggs from Germany! They're straight from my sweet new Flickr friend Carol, who is from Germany as well!! Such amazingly intricate work and you'd swear they were vintage. She has an Etsy shop that you really should visit and pick up something beautiful! These came wrapped in the most awesome cookie wrapping paper and then inside the eggs were folded up in vintage German sheet music. Carol is a sweetheart and always leaves such nice comments on Flickr! Thank you so so much Carol! We LOVE them so so much!! : )
Next,  Jeanie had a little blog so fun! This sweet Sugar tin will be right at home here in our world and will go in the studio as a supply container...I love the lettering and scrolly border! And she included some old fashioned candies... I love the Bob's "old timey" peppermint twists and the Mary Janes just smell so good! Also, a little package of crafty goodies/ tags! thanks, Jeanie! you are an absolute doll!!
A sweet gift! Lonnie is one of our all time best customers/ collectors, and all around sweety! She sent us this little thank you package with this handmade basket, which looks to be made of vintage fabric, has a grape viney handle and the bottom is weighted with cool! She also sent a set of the yummiest lip glosses which I use daily. She's such a thoughtful gal. She owns the Sugar Bean Cafe and Country Cupboard Gifts up in Tillamook Oregon...home of Tillamook cheese, which happens to be the cheese they use at Johnny Rockets to top their amazing warm apple pie! Us east coasters weren't raised in a world of cheddar cheese atop our apple dad will have nothing to do with it. Me, I'm a full fledged convert. Anyway, thanks a ton Lonnie! Tillamook pride !! haha
These next shots are of an amazing spread of vintage wonder from Holly. Vintage wallpapers, seam binding/ribbon, button cards, ephemera. I love vintage wallpaper, the way it appears to be handpainted, the texture, the semi metallic highlights on some. It would be nearly impossible for me to cut them up in any way so when I craft with them I'll most likely make color copies. Also the sheer flocked tulle is sooooo perfect!
What a bag of FUN sent by my friend Amanda!! Old school plastic cupcake toppers,  silvery sparkly pine trees, record players and records, white bunnies, snow white and the dwarfs, and the quintessential tiny plastic ballerinas!! She also sent this handmade custom color BLACK rose it!! I'm way into black roses but I like when they look sweet and not Goth. This little tufted cutie is definitely sweet. Be sure to vist Amanda's Etsy shop. She's got all sorts of goodies...for baking, adding to vignettes, or adorning gifts! You must pop in over at her blog..she is always up to something super fun, and her lil kiddo is one of the cutest things ever!!
Amazing Grace strikes again! She's back with her itty bitty delights and now she's ventured into the world of tiered cakes! And check out the mini Easter basket complete with chocolate rabbit!  The rounded glazed cakes are oh so " miette "!! I cannot get over how perfect they are. I'm displaying Grace's little sweets in my mini house shadow's the little sister of my larger house I did a while back. A perfect home for these petite sweets! Oh, and in the foreground are the newest members of my ever growing family of bunnies! They're from Japan circa late 40's, early 50's. They are soooooo great and as you can see by the stitching coming undone, they have been WELL loved!
Lastly, I wanted to share some to additions to our line. We've got them up on ebay now and they will soon be added to Etsy as well. A few posts ago I showed some Baking Beauty candles and our cute little baking theme jar sets that we made  for the Vintage Kitchen Swap, but since we've gotten so many requests for them we now offer them for sale...and have already sold a few! So if you were interested go check them out. Also, some new cake art designs!! Cupcake toppers galore...tophats and tiaras, vintage "for baby" flags, the classic ballerina, and a Happy Birthday flag (about time on that one right?). We also had requests for butter yellow often and we think "Beautiful Cakes" works great in this color palette!
Ok, that's the end of this issue. No need to dog ear any pages or make some space under the bed...just point and click and move on to all the other fab blogs out there ( a few of which I mentioned last post). I hope to post soon with some more tasty eye candy, we've got a handful of projects on simmer and expect them to come to a boil shortly.
Happy blogging!! xoxo Jenny

Monday, April 16, 2007

collections, collecting, and collectors!


You may have been wondering "Where has Jenny been?" and if you've been following the weather reports for the east coast you probably assumed that I've taken my place on the Arc along with all of the other species in pairs. I guess me and Aaron represent the CraftyCakeArtists species. Well, for us personally the rainfall was sort of a non issue. We're on a hill, have no basement, and Whole Foods is right around the corner if we need food. Our biggest fear in stormy weather is a power outage because when it rains we take that time to lock ourselves in and work nonstop which would be so impossible without lights. So that leads me to explain where I've been and the simple answer is : Catching Up. We were both under the weather last week and needed to pull a couple fourteen hour days to get back the lost time. On the side we're also working on some handpainted furniture for some local clients.  Handpainted furniture used to be our main gig. We've done it since we were teens and amassed a big client base in our area, which lead to opening a store, which then lead to closing our store because we quickly figured out that being stuck in a retail shop seven days a week was not our cup of tea. So, every now and then we still take custom furniture jobs and they're a lot of fun when they are few. So now I'm back to blogging and I really hope to post on a much more regular basis.

I've been thinking a lot about collections, collecting, and collectors. (And I know that I'm preaching to the choir on this one.) I think about the ways that collecting bonds us all together. The way our collections represent gateways to our souls. Collections are almost always Honest. They can indicate who we really are. It's rare that one would covet and gather something just for the heck of it, or because 'somebody else is doing it so it must be good'. I don't think we follow the herd when we collect. I think it's our truest little spot of individuality and a good hearted and very necessary bit of selfishness. We want this stuff for ourselves because welike it...and we don't have to say any more than that. And if we take it to the obsession level it ain't so bad...unless we start breaking the bank, but that's a different story. For my whole life I've been a collector and have been magnetically drawn to other collectors. All of my friends, close and distant, have collections. A lot of us are into the same stuff and that's a thrill but it's even cooler when you meet someone whose got a totally different thing going on. Like my friend Tricia, she loves to travel, likes anything airline-esque, airline food, luggage labels, fake airline food and even just fake food in general. She's a vegetarian but loves her fake fried chicken! When I hang out with someone new, like a friend of a friend, I like to find out right away what they collect. It will always be a great indicator of who they really are. Sometimes you can size someone up like: " I bet he's got at least three pieces of Herman Miller furniture, an Eames chair, and a bookcase full of Frank Lloyd Wright style books." Or someone can totally throw you for a loop. Either way, I think you'll find that a person's collections act as little windows to their hearts.

So here's a look through my window. I've been wanting to put my Springtime collections photos up for a while and only now have I gotten the chance so please excuse me if you're all Eastered out ( I'm an Easter all year type!!) The paper mache rabbits are truly one of my favorite things. I can never have too many! And fake chocolate rabbits are probably better than real because they last forever and are calorie free!!  Also, Dee Foust and Nicol Sayre always generate some of the sweetest things I'll ever lay eyes on...check out the bunny box and the Springtime Greetings piece, love 'em to bits!! And my absolute Find of the Year!! (last year) My vintage composition doll face/ stuffed bunny. He is something I would grab in a fire. An example of my value designation method: "If the house was burning down what objects would I save first?" That's how I rank my possessions. Does anyone else out there use the same value gauge? As a child I always thought about and feared fires and I don't know if my worry came before or after the time around first grade when I came home to our house on fire. It was the epitome of terror. No one was home, but to see my house surrounded by fire trucks and smoke billowing out of the front windows was like the end of the world.  Luckily it was just the basement area and everything was repairable. From then on I had a pillowcase in my dresser that I always thought of filling with my favorite things before running out of the blaze. I liked the silver foil "Tot Finder" sticker affixed to my bedroom window and recently me, Aaron and Walt took a ride past  my old house and that same sticker was still on the window...I haven't lived there in twenty something years!
Well, I can't say I won't post Eastery pics in the near future but at least for the day I got 'em out of my system. Now for the cutie sitting atop the chocolate cupcake. That's Chloe, the adorable daughter of Kari / Artsy Mama (who is currently hosting a handmade May basket swap!! I'm so psyched to be a swap recipient hails from Germany!!). This was a little gift we made for Chloe's birthday, and Kari sent us one of her Springtime "prize ribbons" and a super sweet stuffed bunny! you must pop over to Kari's blog right away to see pics of the birthday girl's big day!! Do you get any cuter? Oh my!! What a doll!!
And this here little chick plaque is my creation for the "Spring has sprung" swap hosted by Danielle of The Vintage Dragonfly. I can't wait to see all of the other swap photos posted on Flickr!!
Ok, one last thing in the Easter category and although it's the last it is no where even close to the least! This Happy Easter egg is from the enormously talented Cari Kraft! She is one of the best designers ever!! All of her handiwork is meticulous and perfect in every way. Just the way it feels in your hands is like nothing else. It's so solid and layered with age and smooth varnish. It has the perfection of something machine made, and I mean that in the best way. For instance, look at your computer and all of it's tightness and couldn't make it with your hands. Well that's how I feel about Cari's work...flawless. We are big big fans over here! This was her end of a one on one swap. Cari, your cake art is on it's way soon! You seriously rule Cari!!!
There's something in blogland called the Thinking Blogger Award and I was tagged for it by Michelle M. White, Dorothy Blum Cooper, and Mary Holcomb! I am so so honored to be chosen by three gals who all have super fab blogs!!! You must check them out if you haven't already. Michelle M. White has My Paper Tales, a colorful world of family, friends, art, artists and day trips...and she's a voracious reader!   Dorothy Blum Cooper's blog is called Petits Pois and there you'll see and read about everything from her newest vintage finds to the early morning Irises blooming in her back yard. And Mary Holcomb's blog, Oh Merci is new to blogland but she's definitely not new to being fabulously stylish...check out the wreath she made on her April 12th! All three ladies are so sweet and their thoughts and ideas come from the purest of places. Thanks! And now I must pass on the favor andtag my picks for the Thinking Blogger Award. I love soooooo many blogs for soooo many reasons: eye candy, craftiness, beautiful homes, etc... These next five gals are definitely more than worthy:
Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy: She posts nearly everyday and never once does she not bring a bit of fun, levity, and unique perspective. Her, Auds (an amazing black and white corgi), her kitty "the B",  and her husband Andy live in a colorful world of constant creativity. From the sewing machine to the cooktop, Alicia is in perpetual artist mode...also she's a born wordsmith and  a three book deal waiting to happen!
 Amy Powers of Inspire Company: A sweet soul to the core with a fabulous shop ta boot! Her opinions and thoughts are always delivered in the kindest of ways. I love that she's alllll about family and friends and nothing comes ahead of that in her world. 
Jen O'Connor of Earth Angels Toys: If you read about something on Earth Angels Toys a few things are certain---it's new, it's fresh, it's unique (that word is over used but in this case it's essential), and it comes from a gal with the purest of intentions. Jen has "the eye" for all things you need to know about. Editor extraordinaire!
Jenny Adams Hernandez of Polka Dot Pixie: Jenny is an amazing talent! I own a few pieces of her work and they are things I'll treasure forever. Her blog is a total reflection of her infinite talent. There are some great vacation pics, day trip stories, family anecdotes, and she's a fellow Lost fan! And every so often she'll give you a glimpse of a new creation and that right there is enough to get me checking in daily. 
Emily of The Black Apple: Emily is one of those girls who probably sees colors the rest of us don't see. She's a painter, a stitchwitch, and a fabulous decorator. She's got a decidedly tiny story book world full of her endless flourishes of creativity. She is the embodiment of "cut from a different cloth" in the way she lives and the art she creates. And you know on those blah days when you feel like you have nothing to talk about? Well Emily always has something to say and she says it with straightforward wit and clarity. Also, her prints make wonderful gifts!! 
Ok, now it's time to get back down to the messy stuff. I think we've got about a week more of this gray cold weather, which will keep us in and keep us busy so I hope to show you all some new creations straight from our work table. xoxo, Jenny 

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cupcakes, bunnies, and Jeff Daniels Oh my!

Easter has passed, and just as quickly as always. I hope everyone's was super sweet! We've been away for quite a while due to work and an actual excursion out of doors if you can believe it!! On Saturday we went to a "meet-up" in NYC. It's a little thing that the gals over at the Cupcakes Take the Cake blog  ( All Cupcakes, All The Time ) organize every month. Anyone who's enchanted by the wonderful world of cupcakes is free to "meet-up" at a designated time and place for a little lunch followed by a trip to a specially selected cupcakery. Lot's of fun, and we totally made a day of it. The meet-up started at the Essex Street Market , which is a real New York staple for fresh fruits, veggies, quality meats, fish, cheese, wine...etc. A very old school style place with those high gloss gray painted concrete floors and stalls of vendors with their specialties. I remember when the Jersey grocery stores looked more like that and not the gleaming white palaces of endless aisles they are now. So anyway, the meet-up then moved on to the main event... the cupcakes! The spotlight was on sugar Sweet sunshine | NYC Bakery : the name says it all and their cupcakes say even more. If ever in NYC and more specifically, the lower east side, give them a visit, they're on Rivington, and get the pistachio! Well, after completely filling up to the brim with sweets we decided it was necessary to try to walk a bit of it off. We puttered around the lower east side for a while and then Adam suggested we take Jack up to Central Park...wait, roll call time! I can't just start throwing names out there as if you all know who the heck I'm talking about... Here's our little group of the day: Me and Aaron, Melissa (my sis) and Adam (her man), Jack (missy and Adam's tiny dog), and Walt(my ubiquitous little bro). Ok...good. The walk through Central Park was great but cold...way too cold for Easter eve. We had a celebrity sighting- Jeff Daniels, and when we came face to face with him we all stopped talking because all of us at once were realizing it was him. Mr. Daniels looked at the ground and seemed to be saying inside his mind "please don't stop me to talk to me." which we didn't and wouldn't because ya know, let him have his own time...but if he was Betsey Johnson...well that's a different story!! Anyway, those of you in NYC and L. A.  know how often you run into celebs. We have a list of dozens we've seen and only exchanged words with a couple of them (Amy Sedaris thought we were stalkers) 
So, to wrap up the day we hit the Chelsea Market (amazing shops), ate at Trailer Park, which is a white trash theme restaurant that serves grilled cheese, sloppy joes, burgers, mac and cheese, tater tots, etc...lets just say that every entree can be adorned with Ketchup.  We rolled out of there, quite literally, and drove down to a place called Beard Papa, which is an amazing little Japanese cream puff paradise. They have Vanilla, Chocolate , or  Caramel cream puffs and I'll just say that they're a tough contender for the champion position in my world of sweets...well, you know, the pick up and go type of sweets.
So it was a great day but the downside was that as the day wore on
Aaron started losing his voice more and more and woke up totally sick on Easter. I myself had about half of his symptoms so we decided we could not visit anybody...we'd be soooo mad at ourselves if we got the baby or Mom Mom sick. 
Ok, Easter was a sick day but as you can see by the photos, there was no shortage of festive goodies. And they came by way of a generous "thank you" gift from our fabulous friend/collector of our work , Karen. First just check out that wrap job...the vintage style enamelware tin bread box is really a gigantic gift on it's own, but then I picked it up and the weight of it was you can see it was jam packed with layer upon layer of Easter treasures. The paper mache rabbit and foil baskets sent me off the deep end!! And there is nothing cooler than when someone really GETS you style wise. Karen's homemade tag/card with the bird in top hat looks like it came from my own inspiration wall. Karen outdid herself and I get the feeling that she's an expert on outdoing herself...check her swap photos in the Flickr group!!!
Thank you SO SO much Karen!! Truly just over the top lovely!! We adore every thing to bits!!

Ok,  I know that once these bunny photos start circulating around blogland Rosemarie is going to be inundated with requests...even if Easter has passed. Rosemarie is the mondo talent behind these bunnies. All of themare hand stitched, original designs, based on paper mache rabbits and stuffed rabbits from the 1940's. They're hand painted, hand dyed, and every little detail from the bead eyes and wire whiskers to the ribbons and trims are just perfect. The tiny one is named "Frosting"!! How perfect!  These all have such an old vintage feel. I love how they're weighted on the bottom so they stand perfectly. Me and Rosemarie share a love of all things and plush!!! Be sure to go check out her eBay auctions or contact her if you just neeeeed a little guy like one of these...and be sure to tell her Jenny sent you! : )
I am pretty much just floating on a cloud since these fellas arrived! I cannot stop staring at them, and picking them up!! I am so so excited to own them!! You are amazing Rosemarie!!! : )
Lastly, some lovely handmade tags from my sweet friend Amy Elise showed surprise! Really, besides being bound to my bed all day with a sore throat and body aches, materialistically, Easter was top notch!!
Amy is from Amy Elise Designs, she was the gal that made our Christmas gift tags for us...a total special order in all the colors and patterns we love. These vintage kitchen style cards are only half as sweet as Amy. Go visit her shop and I assure you that you'll find some incredibly pretty creations!
Thank you so so much Amy!! They are so so sweet!! Cannot wait to use the lil recipe cards!! : )

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a stellar Easter weekend and I will be back real soon with photos of all of our springtime collections.
xoxo Jenny