Romantic Homes..and some bday prezzies

So I finally got the new Romantic Homes the other night. I was NOT expecting to be shown so prominently. I mean, the full page pic of our stuff all wrapped as gifts came as a big surprise.  Front and center there's the attached moo card of Charlotte and the one with the old painting of me and Aar! I wrapped all our stuff up in tissue and bakery string because that's just the way we mail our things...I didn't think they'd be photographed like that! I woulda stepped up my game a bit! But it looks great. They shot everything so well and it's a fabulous spread overall. We are super happy. Now we've got phone orders coming in for the stuff...they're also listed on Etsy and Ebay.
  Also featured in this issue are the fabulous hand painted cherub cards by our friend Angelina Mast. I'm kicking myself for not scanning in that page at my parents last night. If you own the issue then take a peek at page 26 to check out Angelina's handiwork. She is one of the kindest gals around and that's merely a bonus, because her cards speak for themselves. Great stuff for every occasion...single or in sets. And for any of you shop owners...she does wholesale! Pop over to her site and tell her Jenny sentcha!
We can flash back to October right? My friend Laurie Duncan's birthday was just on Jan. 4th and it got me thinking about the stuff she sent me for my birthday back in October. I never blogged the stuff and I'd like to now. It's such a well thought out and magical assortment! I mean, look at my lil' ballerina party hat! Laurie was my first online friend...way before blogland was even a glimmer on the horizon. We met through Ebay...I found an auction for a set of her handmade, vintage crepe paper Halloween "ornies" and have been collecting her stuff ever since. I've seen her super cute daughter grow up, start school, try on hats...I've seen little Sabrina picking and carving pumpkins for three years straight! They're such a great family. I so wish we could hang out for a day. If Laurie, Rob and little Sabrina could plan a trip to NYC some time in the near future...we're there. And if it happens to be wintery, and big coats are the order of the day, then my dream is for Laurie, Rob, and Sabrina to bust out their best breakdancer poses for the camera! :)
 Hey, the drawing for the Valentine nutcups give-away is at the end of Sunday the 6th, so if you haven't yet...please leave a comment on the previous post so you can be entered! And don't forget to add a link to your blog and or email!
Ok, I'll be back soon with the name of the winner!
Enjoy your weekend!!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Can't wait to find my copy! Your things look amazing.. JUST LIKE YOU.

  2. So sweet to see your art in my magazine (RH)!  I don't know Angelina, so I'm off to go visit her blog now (thanks for the link).  And all your birthday lovlies are lovely!

  3. So sweet to see your art in my magazine (RH)!  I don't know Angelina, so I'm off to go visit her blog now (thanks for the link).  And all your birthday lovlies are lovely!

  4. Too yummmmmmy!

  5. Beautiful spread in the magazine..congratulations! love your work!

    kari & kijsa

  6. How exciting! I'm so happy for you guys! I've got to run out and find the magazine, can't wait to see it up close! Just wanted to pop in and wish you Happy New Year! All the best to you in 2008!

  7. Congratulations on the Romantic Homes features! GORGEOUS! I got my sweet lil' Charlotte and she is sitting right near me here in my NEW STUDIO!!! :) I'm going to blog about the new space soon and will show your little sweetie, of course. ;) I agree...Angelina is one of the nicest girls around....and so talented. I will pop over and congratulate her, as well. Hope this year is full of health, wealth and happiness for you and yours. Hugs to you! Cheryl :)

  8. Hi Jenny...
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Congrats on the spread in Romantic Homes, looks fabulous.
    LOVED all your pix from New York around Christmas. My 16 year old daughter Sofia went there with a girlfriend and her family for New Year. New Year eve in Time Squarer, was way cool for such 2 teenager, they had a blast.
    I was so jealous, I told her to go to all these bakeries that you have blogged about and buy cupcakes, but she did not seem to think that was important. LOL
    Looking forward to see all your great creations in 2008.

  9. Yeah!  Congrats!!!!  You guys soooo deserve it!   Can't wait to see the magazine!!!!  

  10. Hi Jenny.  I don't know if you rememberme, it's Sue.  I made you the bottle cap magnet for the Vintage Kitchen Swap.  I miss blogging so much. I've been preoccupied with family situations that really haven't allowed me to blog the way I've wanted to.  I need to do something creative before I go crazy!!!!  I'll be checking in soon.

    Miss you.


    Sue :)

  11. Hi Jenny!!
    I want you to know that I bought this magazine because I saw your picture in my quick flip through. I always do a magazine quick flip to see if I want it. I don't think I've ever put a Romantic Homes back on the shelf. Anyway, it was your picture that made it a hands down must buy this time, and I swear I haven't seen the magazine since I stuck it in my cart! It's buried around here somewhere and I'm determined to find it. deserve to be in every magazine that's published!


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