almost a snow day...

Just when I relegated snowfall in Jersey to the antique bin, we go and get snow. It's not serious snow, but enough snow to cancel Walt's BIG hockey game. It's the inter-town rivalry, Mid North vs. Mid South...and we were all set to go but just as we were constructing our posterboard and paint stir stick signs, spelling out W-A-L-T, the phone rings and it's a sleepy Walt (he naps before games) informing us that the game is postponed because of the weather. Believe me, the snowfall here is in no way worthy of a game cancellation. It's a dusting. But since Jersey has slipped down a couple climate latitudes we're a bit trigger happy with caution when snow is even hinted at.
  So now I feel all out of whack because I'd been anticipating the game. I guess we'll rent a movie and pretend to be snowed in. It's a sin, but I still have not seen The Bourne Ultimatum. Loved the other two and I shoulda saw this last one on opening night but you know how things go. So maybe we'll rent that, or maybe know how things go.
I totally missed out on the sign ups for Artsy Mama's "For the Love of Supplies" swap.  But my friend Cerri came to the rescue. She was on the ball, and therefore in on the swap, and she was nice enough to take me on as a second partner. Cerri is the whiz behind Little Pink Studio , so naturally I'm just as excited to receive as I am to give.

  I love the concept for this swap! You take a heart shaped Valentine's candy all the chocolates with your nearest and dearest while watching TV at 2 am (not in the actual directions, but mandatory in my case, and the chocolates weren't even good, well they weren't bad but more than a few were filled with what me and Aar call "white foam")...thenfill in the empty candy cups/sections with all sorts of wonderful crafting supplies!
  I went and got the largest and plainest Russell Stover box I could find, making sure to avoid any boxes with embossed imagery because I knew I'd be gluing polka dot paper to the surface and I wouldn't want to see some logo rippling beneath. When I was at the drug store looking for the box I saw the type of boxes that inspired my own design. You know, those satiny, lacey, ruffly, kitschy, sorta tacky ones with the silk rose and bow on top. I wanted to do a more palatable version of one of those. I collect the very old satin and lace boxes and as I was looking at the new ones I noticed that they have not changed really. The new tacky boxes are just less dingy. I think I'll go back after the 14th and pick a couple up on clearance...maybe leave 'em on the windowsill to get sun faded. 
  My candy box had a very complex grid of odd shaped slots for the candy so I tossed that out and put pink polka dot cupcake wrappers in it's place. These were a better size for filling with supplies, width and depth-wise. I didn't photograph all the stuff I put in because I wanted Cerri to have at least a couple surprises. I did make sure to put in stuff that I prized my 1940's silk birthday cupcake flags. They were one of my all time best ebay finds 5 years ago. I also put in some of my favorite trims and lace. Because it's such a small setting for supplies you have to be a good editor. I went with the rare and the vintage because so much of my rare and vintage is tiny. I'm a thrifty shopper on Ebay so my purchases tend to be small in size.  Because Cerri's business bears the namesake Little Pink Studio I went with mostly pinks with touches of aqua and tiny bits of red. I hope she loves her stuff, it should be on her doorstep anytime now!
Also in the mail is my friend Laurie's birthday gift. This is just a sneak peak, I hope she loves it!
Got a fun fun package from Andrea, aka miss one hundred wishes . Can you even handle these birthday cake decorations?! Way too cute! And I'm really loving these vintage chenille toppers. how fabulous is this gal? And a mom of two! (adorable lil fellas I might add) Thanks so so much Andrea! I adore this stuff!
 Kim Hesson has a fantastic etsy shop. That's where I got this stuff! I love the banner cut outs and can't wait to put them to use. Kim has the market cornered on cut outs. Think of any shape and I bet she's got it. One of the best parts of the creative process is shopping for the supplies. And I don't mean the hum drum stuff. Buying glue,mod podge, paint, brushes, just plain tiring. But shopping for the little stuff like this is a pleasure. This is the stuff you have no solid plans for. You love it, need it, and then you build a project around it. I'm actually a minimalist when it comes to supplies. I simply lack the space to store it. I envy those gals with the walk in closet of do dads and trinkets. Kim Hesson is stacked with supplies, and not just the ones she has for sale. I remember at Silver Bella she had a killer set up. A Batman's belt worth of cool stuff. Visit her shop for the goods and tell her Jenny sentcha!
  Lisa Oceandreamer started a fabulous annual event called ONE World-ONE Heart  and we're thrilled to participate. Go to her blog to read thestory behind it. In a nutshell, it's a giant meet and greet for bloggers...a way to find blogs you maybe never knew existed, and a million chances at taking home a  giveaway prize. We're giving away our slice of cake on pink floral (that's our description of it...sample conversation over here: "hey what are you working on?" ..."I'm doing a slice of cake on pink floral." is what it says and it says what it is.) We'll pick one lucky winner out of all who post comments. Make sure you include a link to your blog in your comment because that's a big part of this giveaway. We're doing it to spread the word on blogs. All the participants in the One World One Heart event will be linked together...I expect it to be an endless chain. I'll mention once again that posting a comment on my AOL blog is not the simplest of tasks. There are a couple of annoying need to create a user name...but after your initial post it's a piece of cake...really. But if you have more trouble than you care to have logging into the blog you can instead send me an email with the subject: OWOH, and remember to include your blog address in the email. So either way, get in touch and maybe win!
Ok, gotta go. Either work or movie, I haven't yet decided. Actually, the roads are kinda bad right now so driving to the video store may be off the table. What food are we gonna get delivered? While I scan the yellow pages, you can check out some of my latest Flickr faves. Geez they make me so happy!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Wow snowfall!  We don't even get a dusting here in Melb, I don't know how all of my friends in the northern hemisphere cope!!!

    Love the box you did for Cerri, it's gorgeous Jenny!!! She will LOVE it.
    I'd love to enter your OWOH giveaway, how lovely it would be to win! Stop by mine and enter too if you'd like!

    Natasha xo

    PS. I'm an ever worse sinner, I haven't seen ANY of the Bourne films. Keep meaning to but just never get around to it.  
    Oh and LOST is getting more and more complicated isn't it?!!!  

  2. Hey Jenny!

    Well, no snow here in CA, it was 70 and sunshine here today!

    Okay, I'm LOVING the sweets you sent Cerri's way, I'm sure she'll cherish it all!

    Oh, and I juuust watched Bourne Ultimatum the other day on PPV.... sooooo good, and Matt Damon ain't too shabby to watch either...

    Okie dokie, Sign me UP to WIN BIG! That slice is calling my name!


  3. Well, I already have an AOL screen name so I am one step ahead...ha
    Love your cake, yummmy!

  4. Ok. I signed up for AOL so I really hop I win this! lol

    Come visit my blog to enter my giveaway... or just to visit.

    Sophie in Montreal, Canada

  5. Sure thing...slice a piece for me!  And go girl...teach them how to get their AOL sign up names!  Great pics today and lovin' your Flickr set!

  6. Hello, please include me in your drawing.  I am participating too, I hope you will visit my blog and enter my giveaway.  : )

  7. Ug, aol is a pain.. slly= Heather...
    Just in case you fergot :)

  8. Oh boy, sign me up for your give away. I need that diet cake. Did you sign up for mine yet? There is still time!! yay! Happy V Day!

  9. I really love your piece of cake....yum!

    So offcourse I leave a comment, and in the meantime I keep my fingers crossed ;o)

    Please take a look at my OWOH give away too!

  10. Wow how gorgeous is that heart shaped box, wouldn't that just make you smile when you open it, what a fab swap idea.

    Don't you love OWOH Lisa has doen an amazing job, I have to say yours is the nicest giveaway I have seen, please enter me, I would love some Jenny and Aaron artwork .

    Don't forget to pop by my giveaway


  11. Hi. Please count me in draw. My link is
    I shall return when  the excitement dies down, to read your blog. Take care, have fun and good luck!

  12. Beautiful.  Please sign me up for your giveaway and if you get a chance, please drop by my blog and sign up for mine!

  13. It has been awhile since I had a piece of cake,
    I would so enjoy this one...

    adore your heart box....


  14. yippppeeee!  it took me 4 times but I can now leave a comment:):)

    I'm so happy you stopped by my blog and entered my OWOH giveaway Jenny!
    I would be so super excited to win your sweet slice of cake!!  I've seen your lovely
    creations on Glitter and Grunge and just love, love, love them all!!

    I live on Long Island and experienced the same silly snow...which has now turned into a big, rainy, muddy mess!  And it's 50 degress today!  Such a strange place;))


    p.s.  That candy box is DELIGHTFUL!  Such a cute idea!!

  15. That is a sweet little picture! Please enter me to win!

  16. I love your "slice of cake on pink floral" and would love to be entered for it!

    Love that Pink Valentine box of supplies, too.

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  17. What a beautiful slice of cake! Please do enter me in the your drawing! Stop by my blog & see some recent photos in my chilly & snowy location: just outside Chicago, IL, USA! So ... did you watch the movie? I liked it a lot!


  18. Please include me in your drawing and stop by mine if you get a moment. My blog is at
    Best, Fran

  19. Oh that is SUCH a cute piece of cake! I love it - it's so adorable! And I love your blog - definitely bookmarking it!!
    Please enter my name in your drawing - thank you so much!

  20. How sweet! I love brown and pink together~lovely combination! Please count me in and make sure to visit my blog for my OWOH giveaway. Thanks!

    ~*~Nan in NJ~*~

  21. I am so IN LOVE with those little Happy Birthday silk flags, what a great find!! Your swap looks amazing.
    And how do you like the 50 degree weather today? No snow, just loads of rain. The weather in this state is crazy.
    Here is the link to my blog, hope you have a chance to stop by. Mary  

  22. hey guys!!!
    im so glad you entered this giveaway! so fun!
    I LOVE YOUR stuff for cerri!
    what a lucky girl!
    totally fabulous!

  23. I would love to win your 'slice of cake" enter me please and if you have time hop over to join mine..

  24. hey girl !!! you are sooo funny - thanks so much for the WONDERFUL  comment you left on my blog and of course i have you entered in my giveaway !!!! Please enter me in yours tooo because i would not want to miss out on your FABULOUS stuff either since I sooo adore all you and Aaron do !!!!  I am so happy for  you guys and your article in romantic homes that must be sooo exciting( i love that mag too)  !!!!!!   anyways ,
    talk to ya soon -  

  25. A chance to win cake? Oh so worth it to register!! Thanks for visiting my blog and please enter me in your fab giveaway!

    I would love to add you to my blog faves....they eye candy alone is worth a daily visit!


  26. Hi Jenny!!!
    I LOVE the box you sent Cerri and all the goodies in it are fabulous, too!! Your piece f chocolate cake on pink floral is so sweet!!  Please enter me in your drawing!

  27. Cool giveaway! I love your blog & your flickr pics!
    Enter me, too!

  28. Great giveaway! :) I hope i'm the lucky winner!

    I hope to see you around soon!

  29. this is lovely a great prize... stop by mine for a chance before its too late

  30. Very gorgeous Jenny and Aaron, please drop my name in the hopeful hat!

  31. OWOH is an awesome idea.... I am from Ontario, Canada! So fun to read blogs and "meet" such talented artists from all over!! :-)  Please enter my name.  Thank you.  Oh and be sure to check out my blog to enter too!

  32. I would love a slice of cake:-) Please enter me in your draw and make sure you come by my blog to enter my own giveaway if you haven't already done so:-) xo

  33. I absolutely LOVE this!  I would love to have it for our soon-to-be new home 9or "old" home depending on how you look at it, as it was built in the 1920's).  It's our first real home of our own since Hurricane Katrina, and we are stoked!  I want to fill it with things I love, and I LOVE THIS!

    Please enter me in your drawing, and stop by my blog to enter mine!


  34. Oh yes, oh my. I hope I win!!
    What a fun idea for a giveaway. I have yet to host a giveaway...I have done the Pay it Forward Blog giveaway...that was a treat.
    Thanks for giving such a sweet gift! You should be getting our swap very soon...
    ~Sadie Lou

  35. Hi Dear Jenny!
    Oh I would love your art! Pick me....heeeee

    Thanks for adding me to your drawing
    Please come on by and sign up for my GiveAway, too.

    Thanks for being a part of OWOH 2008!
    Donna, The Decorated House

  36. LOL...I'm not sure you can find me from my other post when I win. :)

    Here's my blog>

    Thank YOU!

  37. Wow! What a fantastic giveaway for OWOH!  You are so talented.  Thanks so much and please count me in!

  38. Jenny please include me in your giveaway, and please stop by mine to leave a comment.  Have a lovely day...your work is always so gorgeous.  Blessings, Karen

  39. Jenny,  Your heart box is gorgeous, and the stuffin's are magnifique (is that a real French word?  Don't know, but it sounds great!).  Don't have a blog... just a Flickr account so far, so I can't really join in the One World fun.  It's great that you all are participating, though.  What a great concept!  Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.  If I had the dough, I would be ording a portrait.  They're wonderful.  I'll have to save up! - Amy Bauer

  40. LOVE all the eye candy in this post!  Kim Hesson ROCKS!  Just love that girl!  AND, your heart box of lovelies are amazing.  I participated in that swap and really thought it was so creative.  Can't wait until next year.

    Looking forward to the give-a-way.  So exciting!



  41. =^..^=Hellloooo you guys!

    Love alll of your yummie goodies so this would be a real TREAT to win!
    And I must say ... Your Flickr picks are indeed gorgeous ::sigh::

    Wish I could stay longer. That I didn't have to run. To stay and visit, look through pages of delights. Alas, I must take my leave or I shall never EVER make it to every one of the delightful blogs on the OneWorld-OneHeart Chain of Magic ::sigh:: So many blogs, not enough tea on the planet to keep me awake ::giggle::

    So happy to meet you.
    I'm just around the corner ... Hope you will stop by the cottage to peek in the window & say hello too!

    =^..^=love, zU (

  42. Wonderful!  Please enter my name.  Would love for you to stop by and enter my OWOH giveaway. :-)

  43. I always enjoy seeing all your lovely photos!  :)  Thanks for sharing the inspiration!!

  44. ooops, better add my blog contact!

  45. Aw, too bad about the aborted game!  But I would love to have your slice of cake!  xo, suzy

  46. Ooh, I was so happy to check your blog today and see that you are participating!  Thanks for the chance to win one of your fantastic pieces!!

  47. Oh, yeah!  And my blog is at:

  48. I hope I did this right!  Your piece of cake looks good enough to eat!  Please enter me in your giveaway and check out mine too! Thank you!!


  49. Beautiful!  Please enter me, thanks!  :)

  50. Jenny, I adore you work!  I am so happy to join in!!!!  

  51. This is wonderful!  Thanks for your very kind comments today.  I will return later so that I can peruse your site unrushed.

  52. This is wonderful!  Thanks for your very kind comments today.  I will return later so that I can peruse your site unrushed.

  53. WOW!  What a fabulous giveaway you're having!  I recognized you're avatar from etsy (where I sell too) --  I think I fav'd you months and months ago!  So nice to see your blog - I'm definitely going to be back!  I'd LOVE to enter your giveaway, and I thank you for stopping by my blog, too!

    And all that EYE CANDY with your swappy-goodness -- those photos made my day! =)

  54. Jenny,
    Count me in.  I LOVE those birthday silk flags...would have battled you on ebay for those.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  55. I'm already a Jenny and Aaron collector, so I feel almost guilty entering a contest when I already have so many beautiful pieces of your work.

    Still, here are the addresses for two of my blogs: is my blog, and tells of my training for a half marathon (my first).


  56. I do love your work!  The birthday cake project is waiting for me this weekend!

  57. Wow, count me in!! I love the cake and your blog, fabulous!!

  58. your blog is such eye candy!!! (oh and hi from one jersey-an to another!)

    please enter me in your drawing!

  59. I love stuff too Jenny! ALL kinds of stuff. I can never have enough!!!

    Michelle Devine

  60. Wow! I absolutely adore your blog - the colours you post in your pictures are just amazing. I will be back for sure! If it's not too late, I'd love to be entered for your giveaway!

    I'm also having a giveaway - although I said it ends tonight, I wont be able to do the draw until after 1:00pm PST tomorrow so there's still time to enter!


  61. Pretty please, add my name!

  62. Oh Please add me to the draw.

    Thank you

  63. I forgot my url...sorry
    Oh Please add me to the draw.

    Thank you

  64. What a great idea! Blogs have changed my life, opened up a creative link that I didn't know so many other people enjoyed also! Thanks for doing this!

  65. Gee, Jenny, maybe being late is normal on this side of the country??? Happy Valentines day to you and Aaron. Hope I am in time  for the OWOH give away. xo, Susan

  66. OHHH!  Your pictures are wonderful eye candy!  Thank you for posting them!!! I will be watching your blog!

  67. oh sorry!  my blog address (a newbie by the way)

  68. Hi Jen, hope your brothers biopsy goes okay today . You're in my thoughts. rosemary

  69. What a beautiful swap box for Cerri.... I'm sure she will LOVE it! YUM!!!
    I hope you and Aaron had a very sweet Valentine's Day!

  70. So glad you like the goodies!! Looks like you've had some good mail days lately with all of those yummy packages coming your way!
    xo andrea

  71. Hey Girley...
    Just checking in to say HI, and browsing through and what do I see??? one of my Valentines pieces in your flickr favorite. THANK you so much.
    Michelle and I are busy getting ready to open our Paper Crafts Boutique "Paper Tales"on May 1st here in San Diego, so lots of stuff to get ready.
    Want to come and teach???? the weather here is Fab... ;-)
    thanks again Jenny.


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