OWOH winner!!

Ok, We have a winner...or two:
So, you two winners, email me your mailing info and we'll send out your prizes!
  The One World One Heart event was huge. We were inundated with entries for our piece of cake on pink floral, and since we received entries in the form of blog comments and emails I decided that it would be fairest to pick two winners. That way we can pick a random number from each pool of entrants. I myself, won a couple of giveaways and I'll post them once I get them in my hands. I love winning stuff and will be watching my mailbox.
  This is just a mini post because I'm playing a bit of catch up from the past two days and gotta get back to work . So a quick update on Jay. His biopsy went well. When the nurses and doctor heard that Jay had already gone through a bone marrow test they all said "oh, this will be a piece of cake compared to that...this will be like a mosquito bite." So Jay was sorta set at ease with that. The procedure was quick and barely left a mark. He had one point of sharp pain and very slight aching pain in the hours after. Right after the biopsy which also included an ultra sound, Jay got a little woozy from nerves I guess and lost his lunch...don't worry the details end there. Fuzzy bunnies, paper dolls, cute little yellow chicks, party hats, crepe paper streamers....I'm trying to cover up the lunch losing! They allowed me to be in the room and I held his hand through the whole thing. When he was getting the Novocain the nurse had to say "Jay, calm down, you're going to break your sister's fingers." He was white knuckling through the shots. Oh, but more important than an update on the procedure are the results of the procedure. The doctor called Jay 24 later with the outcome of the biopsy. Jayhas a completely normal liver. This is great news for sure, but not the final news. He's going back to his original specialist to get another once over and explore other avenues now that we know it's not his liver. I believe that if it's a spleen issue, though it wouldn't be good news, it's ok news because it's a not very essential part.
  Well, last night was Walt's big hockey game...The Mayor's Cup. His team won by a lot...I can't even remember the final score because you kinda stop cheering as much when you're winning by a lot and you lose track of how many goals you're racking up. Once your team is ahead by four or more points you gotta put the cowbell away because then you're just being mean and rubbing your victory in the other team's face. This game is a huge rivalry but it's all kids and parents from the same town. So the rivalry is friendly...it's a rink full of neighbors. There are awards and festivities before and after the game. The seniors all present their mom's with a flower and they roll out some carpet on the ice so they can pose for pictures with their parents. It's a good time and it's a really good time if you get to walk out as winners. We hadn't been so lucky the past two years.
Ok, sorry for the medical/hockey post. I'll be back with lighter fare very soon. Thanks to all the giveaway participants and congrats to the winners! xoxo, Jenny


  1. So glad to hear about your brothers; medical tests and hockey games.  Love reading your blog, Jenny ... it's from the heart.  PS - love your and Aaron's art work as well.

  2. Great win for Walt and I'm pleased that you've jumped this hurdle with Jay.
    Still working on my photo of me and the hubs.      

  3. I'm glad the test went well and the results are good for his liver. I'll just keep thinking positive thoughts for your brother sweet Jenny. xo

  4. Jenny,
    What a wonderful post, full of good news. I am so glad Jay and Walt had positive outcomes. Mary

  5. Yippee!  I am SO thrilled to be one of the winners!  Thank you so much Jenny and Aaron.  I have been loving my Valentine's piece that I bought from you both and was bummed about having to put it away.  Now I will have something year round to replace it with!  

    While I am glad to hear the news, I am even more happy about Walt.  I am a big nervous wreck too around all that medical stuff and it must help him so much to have you there holding his hand!  

    Thanks again for including me in all the goodness. . .


  6. Oh dear, how did I miss you in this event?  Lordy.  Regardless, it was fun!  Now, I have to read more of your blog. Looks fab!  (Rosa at Living at Rosa www.cozyrosy.blogspot.com)

  7. OH YEA YEA YEA!!!!! How exciting!  I'm so happy I won your fun artwork print!  I can't wait to get it!  Oh Yummy...and the night I saw it I was so hungry for something sweet to eat!  

  8. Congratulations Sarah and Kim!  

    God bless Jay's heart!  Glad to hear the biopsy went well; prayers continuing!

    "Way to go!" to Walt & team for the big win!

    And last but not least, "THANKS"  to  Jenny for her big heart, generosity, fun blog and especially for her uh...cover up on the lost lunch!  Extremely good use of "favorite things" there!  Leslie

  9. Hey Jenny,

    Aren't you loving this snow?  It's a perfect excuse to stay home and F-Art around.



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