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hello friends!!!
I know, I know....it has been way too long and I promise to post for real within the next 36 hours! We've just been going in a million directions and none have led to an end. You know how that goes. So quick update 'til the real post. My Brother Jason's big 21st birthday was on the 8th. He requested my Red Velvet cupcakes instead of the traditional cake in hopes that there would be more leftovers but the cupcakes went just as fast as the cake usually goes. He had a lot to celebrate being that just days before his doctor told him that there is nothing deeply wrong with him. He may just have some born-in liver abnormalities and his recent symptoms were due to a virus which has now passed. He went to doctor after doctor and just felt bounced around and unsure of anything. But that chapter seems to be closed so he's happy now and next week is off to Vegas to celebrate his birthday with friends and to put the past few months behind him.
My mom's birthday is the 12th and Aar's dad's is the 13th... So I've got some more baking to do. March is loaded with birthdays!
We're just starting to get a handle on the chaos and if anyone reading this is waiting on a package from us...thank you so very much for your patience...they're on their way!
Today Emily Martin, aka  the black apple had her big debut on Martha. She's just as sweet and charming as you'd expect! I hope you all caught it. Me and Aaron were smiling the whole time and nervous for her because we know how crazy it must feel to get through a segment without totally screwing up and sounding nutso! But she was stellar, and her dolls were awesome. Look it up at Martha's site if you missed it. You can probably watch it there.
Ok, that's it for now, but before I go I want to give all my best to Melfie and let her know that me and Aar are sending big big hugs, well wishes, and good energy her way! 
(It was so so so awesome meeting you at Silver Bella Mel!! Hope to hangout soon!!)
See you very soon!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Happy birthday to your brother!  I saw Emily and she did such a great job.

  2. cute photos today!!

    i saw Emily yesterday! she did great!

    i posted my kit today. it was so fun!
    gave ya a shout out!

    my heart is with mel too.
    she's such a sweetie!

    have a great week

  3. Hi Jenny! Great photos today :-) Glad to hear your lil bro is okay. I had a feeling he would be! ;-) My birthday was on the 8th, too! And I'd certainly have requested your red velvet cake in any form! lol

  4. Hi Jenny, I've been wondering if your OWOH giveaway arrived yet. I mailed it on March 4th and sent an email that day letting you know it went out in the mail and I haven't heard back from you. The other winner emailed that hers arrived on March 6th and she's down in Maryland, so I would think yours arrived by that day as well. I really would appreciate it if you'd let me know either way. My email addy is pandoras_artbox at earthlink dot net


  5. I think it has taken me 3 years to figure out how to post to your blog.  Glad your little bro is doing well.  Las Vegas and 21 scarey!  Love your pics~

  6. Jenny,
    Are all the chihuahuas in the above picture yours?  They are so adorable?  Joan

  7. Oh Jenny!

    First of all thanks to you and your sweetie for all of the good thoughts coming my way!  Thanks so much for the shout out here-it means so much!!!  Truly!  I'm so glad that everything is a-ok with your brother!  I can't imagine what these months were like for him and your family!  What a feeling of relief!!!  I am just beside myself at the eye candy here on your blog-your flickr photos, your nests, all the gorgeous finds!!!  Swooning, officially swooning!  You are both the best!!!  xo-Melfie


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