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For like a week or two I've been hearing about the new Somerset Life but I just couldn't seem to get my hands on a copy. My local Barnes & Noble and Borders both seem to be slow pokes with their magazine replenishment. I'd call each one and get a negative, and as a backup I asked Aaron to stop in both of 'em just to make sure...negative. Then after a week of hearing all about the issue and my article in it... and  all congrats from  my sweet friends...I finally got my hands on it. I just love all the stuff Somerset puts out so just being in their pages is a thrill. But what's even cooler for me is the whole concept and layout of the article. The text expresses my feelings about blogging but the photos do even more. Nearly every shot has a direct connection to a friend/fellow blogger/artist/collector. The cake crown I made for Holly now lives with her. Then to the right of that is my ultimate favorite ebay find...that doll faced bunny, but behind that, up on the shelves are miniature cakes made by the Amazing Grace. And in the same shot you can see a little bit of vintage ephemera which was a gift from Andrea. The following page features vintage ballerinas from Amanda poked into my cupcakes and in the background is a seriously awesome button bouquet from Jen Duncan. Then there's a fairy jar I made for a Melfie hosted swap...the little fairy now lives with Michelle. The photo next to that shows a panoply of pretties from Cerri. And finally, on the last page at the upper right corner is a close up of a bunch of stuff from Anna. Seeing the stuff from Anna is especially evocative for me. Anna happens to be the most dedicated snail mailer in the world. Not only is she frequent with her cards and post cards... she's skilled. She can cram a Flat Rate box like no one can!
  When I get fab stuff from fab people I love to post it on the blog asap. And now for some of that stuff to be printed in an awesome Somerset publication is just twice as nice. I just love this magazine...well..this and every single publication Somerset puts out! They RULE!!!
A couple blogs ago I raved about the newly launched site Peacoats and Party Hats. Well, I just had to place a little order. I wanted tons more stuff, but I don't exactly have the ability to shop til I drop all the time. Anyway, here's some of the stuff I got. All of it was so neatly packaged...and the little pig sticker Candice uses as a closure is the cutest thing ever. Love that girl!
Ellen of One Ripe Peach over on etsy, is my "go to gal" ! Season after season I will return to her for utmost in tags. You might remember her tags on my holiday packages...they MADE the packages. They're all hand sewn,adorned with trims, perfectly constructed etc... There is always something in her shop that is a must have. You gotta pop in and tell Ellen that Jenny said she is a MUST!
Analise had the genius idea for all us girls to show our buttons. No, she wasn't holding a casting call for girls gone wild...she meant literal buttons. Aaron joked that maybe I misunderstood and that it was actually "show your butt on sunday"...with a carefully misplaced space in the text. Yeah, sorry, I guess we're a randy bunch over here today. Anyway, buttons...the term eye candy is used a whole lot, but in the case of buttons there just is no better term to use. I can just stare and stare at pile of GOOD buttons.And they are meant for filling up candy dishes, jars, or even the way they sit on vintage button cards much like actual candy dots. Buttons truly are Eye Candy. I can never have enough.This is just a handful of my favorites, in my favorite colors! Pop over to Analise's blog for lnks to all the girls in blogland showing their's!
Just wanted to put up my current Flickr need to explain. Just let the stuff do the talking. Good stuff huh??
And finally I'll leave you with a pic of Carlos...all sleepy and chilly and bundled in blankets. This is him for like 8 hours a day at least. He is the definition of cuddle bum!
That's all for now...I'll be back soon because I'm looking at some stuff right now that needs to get photographed!
 xoxo, Jenny


  1. OOOH, love those pink and aqua ones especially!   Lovely collection!  This is a nice way to spend the afternoon, button browsing!

  2. Well dang it, now I have to go find that magazine!  I've been looking for it but with no luck.  Tomorrow I will search again, I want to read that article about you and Aaron!  Great buttons too!  xo, suzy

  3. CONGRATS Jenny on your beautiful article in Somerset. I went to my local B&N the other day and they too are MAJOR slow pokes. I was trying hard to read the teeny tiny small print of the the article in your pics. LOL!!! Not only are you an AMAZING artist, but you have a gift of writing as well. :)
    Love your yummy happy buttons and your sweet treats from P.P hats! :)))
    Have a happy and Creative week! XO  

  4. Oh my goodness, Jenny!  Somerset Life is one of my favorite magazines, and now I find you're in this issue (with several other bloggers I know--TOO cool!!!)  I don't have a I, too, am squinting to read your print here on your blog!  Congrats!
    Everday Cookies

  5. Hey! Look at that!! I am reading along all excited for you to be in Somerset Life, and suddenly I get excited for me! LOL One of those photos in your feature are all gifts and goodies from ME!! I am too excited!!!
    Ok, sorry. I am super excited for you!!! I can bet you I'll be hunting down this magazine tomorrow! :0)
    Love your gorgeous button collection!
    Watch for a long over due package in the mail from me this week my friend!
    Much love,
    Cerri xoxo

  6. Congratulations on the amazing article, Jenny!  You are so deserving of it.  I'm so happy for you!  This looks so fabulous, I can't wait to go get a copy.  Gotta get myself to a barnes and noble right away.  I am so thankful for my crown and I look at it every day and smile! xo

  7. Jenny, I always knew that you and Aaron had star potential! Congratulations. Also this post is lovely, and your buttons have turned me a little green. They are fabulous. Susan

  8. Hi...this is the first time that I am writing, although I've been looking at your blog for a long time.  (I love it.)  Today I went to Borders and picked up Somerset Life and found the article about you!  That was a surprise because I didn't know you were going to be in that magazine (and it was the first time I ever bought Somerset Life....I've bought other Somerset magazines, though).  Anyway, congratulations on getting your creations published.  I also wanted to mention that I read your blog about Peacoats and Party Hats and went to the site and ordered some items (got some of those plastic ballerinas and some pink and blue tinsel and some glitters), and yes the packaging is really cute, stickers and all.  


  9. Jenny,
    Congratulations on the article, it looks beautiful! I did not know that the new Life was out yet . I am going to see if they have one at my Barnes and Noble (also 2-3 weeks behind everyone else) today.
    Staffordshire Garden Designs

  10. This button challenge has been a pretty one to follow around blogland.  Love your clock faced one!

  11. Hi Jenny!
    I love your work (which I discovered on Etsy a few months back)! I picked up the latest Somerset Studio magazine today and was happy to find your work gracing the pages of this beautiful magazine edition. I didn't know you had a blog and am anxious to read your entries. I understand and related to the bit you wrote about being an artist who doesn't get out much due to the nature of your work/love but still wanting to communicate with others. Thats how many of us feel and I was so happy to see that in print. I love fact that's how I found Etsy and that inspired me to start making dolls again and selling them. Congrats on such a nice write up. I'm adding you to my links so I can visit you again and again.

    ~Warm Regards,


  12. Loved your article in Somerset Life, love your buttons, but my favorite of all is Carlos!!  Aren't dogs just the best??!!!  I never had a dog until 5 years ago - wow, she is the best money I've ever spent!  There is nothing like that warm puppy smell, the wet nose and those eyes - can you tell I've become a dog lover?

  13. Jenny,
    I went out and bought the magazine yesterday. What a wonderful write up! I was bursting with pride as I read it, thinking "I know her! She is so great! Now everyone else will too." So deserving of such a nice couple. And so many of the other bloggers were in my daily favorites, it really is a small world. Congrats again. Mary

  14. Dear Jenny,

    I picked up Somerset Life a couple of days ago and was enjoying it this moring when I ran across your featured blog.  What a lovely find for me.  I love your style, presentation, and colors.  AND, I especially like little Carlos.  We have a chihuahua/terrier mix and he is the best!!  I'll be visiting again.

    All my best,

  15. Congrats on being in Somerset, Jenny!  The article looks wonderful!  Your button collection is fabulous and your sweet little doggie is adorable!!


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