Crafting is a luxury you can afford

I've brought this up before but ... I really do love doing the Hannah Grey design team thing. The package of stuff arrives at my door and it's more than just great supplies. It's a's a little craft fairy pushing me toward my worktable. So often you tend to forget your roots. Back when you crafted for the sake of crafting. Or those teenage years when you were bored and didn't really feel like calling anybody or seeing anybody. You plug in the glue gun, lay out your supplies, and after a little while you've got something. Something to keep, or hang up on your wall, or give as a gift. Even if it's not the greatest thing you ever made, it's still something. It's better than disappearing into the television. (Which ain't so bad and Aar have been on a kick of late night CSI Miami marathons...I don't think they intended for it play out like a comedy but that's how we watch it...Caruso and his shades are priceless!)
  But anyway, I always forget to craft for the sake of crafting. It's sort of a luxury, but it's one you should try to afford. 
  This is my latest effort for  the H.G.D.T.  The starting point was the vintage photo. The girls look so pretty and so happy and the pic kinda drew me in and made me wonder how they made out. Were they friends forever? Did they lose touch after a while? Was this photo very special to them both? That's what I love about old photos...all the questions they raise. Well that's how you can identify a good many questions does it raise... or answer? This particular photo was from a Paper Relics  "Vintage Valentine" collage sheet. Hope from Paper Relics has a really good eye for good stuff so her sheet was a great mood setter. The girls already had party hats on but I changed them to fit my color scheme. I LOVE old ledger paper...that's what's up in the top left corner. The rest is an assortment of old and new papers...the star of the show being that strip of vintage floral wallpaper. I then went for a big variety of textures...the tinsel pom poms, trims & lace, some perfect buttons...
 It was really fun to do and I like looking at win. So go check out Hannah Grey and get your craft on.
 I got a super sweet email the other day from a stranger who is now a stranger no more! She's an antique dealer and was out scouting and came across something that she needed to send me. Well, here is that something she needed to send me and I am so glad she felt so compelled.  I love love love this little girl! She's crazed and aged to perfection and her mohair is still intact...a bit disheveled but still there! I swear to you...this is exactly what I look like in the morning. Aaron backs me up on that. It's spot on...except I have blue eyes...but other than that...exact. She currently sits on our coffee table and is only referred to as "Jenny in the morning". Thanks so much Maureen! You are a prime example of those people who "add" to the world. Giving gifts to strangers is at the top of list of goodness.

  Gestures like this obliterate the bad vibes I spoke of in the last post. The nay sayers, jealous jerks, and stealers disappear.  And to bring up last post once more...I Read and loved your comments. And I've been around to a lot of blogs lately with similar tales of woe. I cringe when I hear these tales coming from some of the sweetest people out there. Like, I know myself and who I am and my values and all that. But there are gals out there who are just sweet as sugar. Gals who never say a cross word about anybody and would lay down in traffic for a stranger...and these gals have to deal with negativity on their blogs, on Flickr, etc...Oh well, we know the deal. What more can we say? I guess the best thing is to always shed light on it. Maybe always get the vibes off your own chest. Tell us when somebody is talkin' a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Point out the stuff that makes you feel crummy. Pretend that blogland is your doctor. Name your symptoms and we'll see what we can do about it. But now onto some eye delicious stuff...
I cannot get enough One Ripe Peach! Does this gal ever run out of cute-as-a-button ideas?! Every little tid bit makes me so so happy! Definitely in my top 5 favorite shops on Etsy. Just look at these! She has new listings almost daily. She's got seasonal stuff, everyday stuff...perfect stuff. I really can't get enough!
I leave you with my latest Flickr faves. I'm reallllly digging this mosaic. I know I use the word often but geez these pics are dreamy!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Jenny in the morning - too cute!!!
    I love the collage-  when I do cabinet photos, I always start with the in what does this person say to me?  With the guys, they are usually latent homosexuals, dying to break out!  ox

  2. Jenny- I always love the pictures of stuff you've you made, and your vignettes- but you really are the Queen of Flickr mosaics- you sure have the eye for putting together other people's picture!

  3. Your mosaic is so fab!!!! I LOVE it~ and I totally want those aqua and creamy striped stockings~ so Alice and Wonderland~ so girly~so fun!!!!
    Also~ I must say, I am addicited to those CSI Miami marathons as well~ Matthew and I just crack up~ especially over those opening scenes...those chesseball lines as he takes off those sun glasses~ priceless! LOL!!!

  4. Hi Jenny!! Love you new friends collage!!  That is such a great photo!  Love your new "Jenny in the morning" doll, too!! So funny!  She is really cute!  How sweet is Maureen?  Your new flickr faves ARE SO DREAMY!!  That is the perfect word to describe them!!

    Michelle xoxo

  5. I love this piece!!!  That vintage wallpaper is so beautiful!!

  6. I, too, am diggin' your flickr mosiac.  I LOVE IT!!!!!  One Ripe Peach...just too too much.  I keep buying things from her too.  (Well, only 2-3 things so far but I just recently found her)  Her stuff is so cute!  Love your collage!  And yes....we should "craft more for just the fun of it!"
    Vintage Lily

  7. I, too, am diggin' your flickr mosiac.  I LOVE IT!!!!!  One Ripe Peach...just too too much.  I keep buying things from her too.  (Well, only 2-3 things so far but I just recently found her)  Her stuff is so cute!  Love your collage!  And yes....we should "craft more for just the fun of it!"
    Vintage Lily

  8. Jenny,

    Thanks for visiting my blog!  I love, love, love your work! My fav is the yellow cake w/chocolate icing. It's the cake my mom always made me for my b-day. I still love it! Your blog is amazing too! I'll be back :-)


    P.S. My husband does an annoying, yet funny impersonation of Caruso from CSI - you know, the whole looking down while talking and then looking up. Priceless!


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