major catch up ..and some BIG news!

With this entry I can not-so-proudly announce that I've just beat my previous record for "worlds most delinquent blogger"!
I haven't posted in 24 days! For myriad reasons...none of which are excusable. You guys are there for me and I owe you some fresh stuff. Jeez...I've been an out and out truant! Forgive me.
Lot's of things have happened in the past 24 days and lots more will be happening in the next couple of months...but I'll lead up to that.  Let me first flash back to May 9th. That was me and Aaron's 15th anniversary. It's so very crazy how long we've been together and it dizzies us to even think of all the different phases we've been through. We've been self employed since like 1995 and life can be pretty interesting when you mix self employment and co-dependency/ co-working/co-habitation/co-creating/ girlfriend/boyfriend etc, etc... Ups and downs and ins and outs galore! Life will test you a lot, and luckily we've been able to pass those tests.
Anyway, we went out on the 9th and ate some insanely decadent food that seemed to weigh us both down for three days! On the 10th it was my baby brother Walt's 18th birthday!  It's funny, but Aaron knows Walt for almost as long as I do! So, for Walt's first milestone we piled into the family van and took to the streets of NYC for a shopping adventure. Walt is a sneakerfreak and a snappy dresser so I mapped out all the hottest sneaker spots and hipster clothing joints in Manhattan and we worked our way down the list on a beautifully mild Saturday. Those of Walt, one of Jay ( who has been doing great), were taken in a store called YRB . It's a huge store with about ten thousand t-shirts. We jokingly took the Walt photo to look like he was posing out on the graffiti covered meanstreets of NYC when in fact it's just a faux facade inside the store made to resemble such a scene. The day was long and fun and we finished it off with top notch brick oven pizza at Angelo's which is directly next door to David Letterman's Late Show theater.
The following and final day of that eventful, food filled weekend was Mother's Day. A huge and heavy brunch at Aaron's mom's house. Barb love's to entertain, so even though it was her day to relax she was still the hostess with the mostest! Great time! But come Monday the diet needed to be put back in place! It was like Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years combined in one weekend in May. With very warm weather approaching that kind of indulgence borders on illegal!
Ok, so my sister Missy...who now has a blog...and I'm excited to insert the link! Anyway, she just moved to a new apartment and it's fantastic. So perfect for her and I've been doing what I can to help her pull it together decor wise...painting, shopping, antiquing. Alright, so her apartment is in the carriage house of a big old house down the shore. One day a couple of weeks ago she's walking home from work (yeah, she lives within walking distance of her job!) and she sees on her front lawn a for rent sign. The unit in front of her in the big old house is for rent. To make a long story short...we signed the lease within days of this discovery. So we are officially moving. This is what I was referring to up above when I said that the next couple of months are gonna be busy. It seems spur of the moment but we've been dying to move. I'm posting pictures here of our current apartment as a sort of farewell, and to show you that we're gonna have to do some heavy duty sanding on all those wall stripes before we turn in the keys to this place. We did so much work here to make the place look right but so very much of it is smoke and mirrors. Our current apartment is essentially a box, with no character, moldings, natural light, cross ventilation, etc...Whereas the new place is all character, moldings, tons of windows, sea breezes, streets lined with big old trees, a big front porch, etc...and it happens to be within walking distance of Aaron's childhood bestfriend.
It's a huge new start for us. Moving conjures all sorts of mixed feelings. You get weirdly sentimental for the place you've spent the past dozen years in. Even though you know you gotta go...gotta move on to the next still get a little sad. I know I'll be over it as soon as I'm fully moved into the new place but it's a heavy time. Me and Aaron both keep thinking back to his car accident and the years of recovery spent right here. Which is actually the primary motivation for moving on. A couple of years ago...once we started to see a light at the end of the recovery tunnel, we both agreed that this place has seen too much of us...if that makes any sense. Too many tears were shed here. Too much pain was endured right here. We need a place free of memories in which we can forge brand new bright ones. The next few months will certainly be a financial strain due to deposits,  doubled up rent, and because it's an increase in rent (here I'll insert a truly tasteless hint to all of you compassionate would-be Everyday is a Holiday customers!!  shop away!!! ; )  )  But this move is more than necessary, and long over due. So on this blog expect lots of new home imagery and a whole new visual vibe in the months to come. One thing I'm psyched about is that we'll be able to reproduce our bathroom decor almost exactly in the new place...that's one room I want to carry over to the new apartment (vintage boardwalk/Jersey shore).  But lot's of other stuff is gonna change. And I'm sure there will be a drastic change in the art we create. There just has to be.
So, things are gonna be hectic for a while. If you're reading this and you're a patient customer waiting on a package...big thanks for your patience! We're trying our best.
Let's see...what else?...I owe you 24 days worth!
The other night we went into NYC to go see Aaron's favorite band of all time. They are virtually unknown but me and Aar have been devoted fans since their first album...circa 1997?...anyway, the band is called Firewater  but it's technically not a band, for the only constant member over the years has been one guy...the singer and sole songwriter named Tod A.
Each album is a like a whole new genre of music and Tod A. assembles a group of expert musicians to help bring his latest inspirations to life. The newest album is his most inspired yet. Four years ago, after being fed up with our country's foreign policy, the war etc... Tod decided to leave the US and live from city to city in the middle east. About a month ago Aaron got an email saying that Tod is back from his self imposed exile and he's got a new album (very much middle east inspired) and a tour. So Aar was at the record store on release day and my sister Missy pulled through with procuring tickets for the whole group of us. We danced like crazy at the show and afterward, out in front of the club Aar got to chat with and pose in this pic with Tod A.  Needless to say, Aaron was thrilled. It is his absolute favorite artist. It was truly a GREAT time! And Tod is just too too kind!
Ok, now some stuff... Some Birds of a Feather goodies. Fabulously packaged crepe paper trims! When you shop there it's probably best to buy double...half to use and half to keep on display on your crafting shelf. Everything  Heidi does makes me happy...always the prettiest stuff!!!
I gave Aaron these two prints as an anniversary gift. Hemingway and Fitzgerald...two of his faves. The new decor in the new place will work with these. In the past we did a lot in this color scheme and we're planning on heading back in that direction a bit. Aar, will be thrilled to tie literature into the new home decor.  I found them on Etsy in this fun (run by three sisters) shop , I am hoping to custom order some more authors soon!
I did a one on one swap with my new friend Tammy whom I met through Flickr after seeing one of her amazing collage pieces and leaving a comment on it. She is a total sweetheart...a doll. Her work has the exact look that I love...the pattern, the composition, the feel, the aged quality. She channels the amazing Corey Moortgat in her pieces and who isn't a fan of Corey's? I am so honored to own a piece of Tammy's and plan on owning a bunch more. She is planning on opening an Etsy shop...big YAY! too bad, I will be absolutely broke for the next few months!! Tammy also sent the other fab stuff in the pics with her piece, it all came wrapped in the cute ticking stripe paper!
The other stuff you see, the super sweet pink and aqua metal photo corners, pom pom trim, and the sweet extras thrown in are from Shabby Scraps . It turns out, that she and Tammy actually live within hanging out distance of each other. How lucky!!! I can't wait to get settled in the new place so I can play at the crafting table with this stuff.
Lastly, another side of Aaron. He recently reunited with his band and they've got a big show scheduled in July. They were a band for ten years, since they were just kids, but in 2002 their guitar player/ best friend/ ersatz brother, Dave, lost a battle with cancer. They ended the band back then because Dave was the band. But just a couple of months ago Aaron got a phone call from the rest of the guys asking what he thought about trying to put it back together to record their's and Dave's unrecorded material and to play a big reunion show in their hometown on what would've been Dave's 34th birthday. Well theygot together in the studio and they feel really good about how they sound so they are back together for real. Not just a one time thing...they want to make a record, do a bunch of shows, etc...
It's very exciting because it's a really special thing that the four of them have together. It's their closest connection to Dave and when the four of them get in a room matter how long they've been's like they never left...non stop laughs. Anyway, I posted these pics on Flickr a few days ago and got some very funny comments about the other side of crafty Aaron. By day his world is full of cupcakes and night...look out!!
I swear I will post again soon. This was a long post but not long enough to make up for my truancy. Thanks for sticking around!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny, that is very exciting news!  Perfect time of year to move to the Jersey Shore and Red Bank will always be there to visit.  Congrats on your anniversary wih Aaron also, that is so sweet, true love.  :->  xo, suzy

  2. It was so nice to read your post. I hope that everything flows smoothly for you over the next few months. Can't wait to see the pics of the new place. Mary

  3. Oh I am so excited for you! I know how emotional moving can be - I balled like a baby when we left our first house even though I wanted to move and we needed to move... It's a bittersweet thing. I am very envious of you being so close to your sister - what fun! I would love for either of my sisters to live that close! I can't wait to see your new abode and what you guys do to it and how it inspires you!

  4. I cant wait to see pictures of y'alls new living quarters, what fun it will be to start a new project.  That picture of Walt looks like it came right out of a fashion magazine, he is all spiffied up!!
    Yes, I think everyone was amazed at Aarons "secret life" and the unveiling of his "killer abs"...LOL!!

  5. Oh Jenny- Your new place sounds soooo perfect for you two!! What fun it will be to decorate the same only better. :-) Great pics in this post and thanks for all the links, too. Def worth the wait! ;-)

  6. Well you have such exciting stuff going on!  Life at the shore in an old house- what an amazing life!!  Which shore?  Could it be a Victorian in Cape May (hey-that's my dream!)?
    I love all the photos.  If Aaron ever comes to Phoenix to perform. I'll be one of his groupies! oxox

  7. Glad you checked in with your blogland friends.  Lots of news to share.  Can't wait to view the new place once you get it decked out in your style.  Good luck with it all, hope it all goes smoothly!

  8. hey jenny~ glad to see your new post, I was getting worried about you guys! Congratualtions on the move~ the new place sounds really neat!

  9. Hi Jenny!  I LOVE the photos of your current place, but I'm also excited to see what you do with your new one- how exciting!  I also love the piece by your friend Tammy-just my style-haha!  Good luck in the next couple months!

  10. Don't worry, I've been a bad blogger too!  At least now you have a nice long, interesting, exciting and pretty post!  Congratulations on all the exciting things that are happenin'...we forgive you ;) !!!!!!!

  11. How very exciting -- a move!  Being a military wife, I'm all too familiar with those -- while they are a lot of work, they can be quite fun.  New people, a fresh start, an empty house to creatively transform!  Loved the bit about Aar's band -- I've only known the glitter side of him that I've seen on other blogs from Silver Bella and your posts of his amazing artsy talent.  Not sure if you received my email, but I'd love to have your address when you get time.  I have a packge to send you -- a few things you mentioned you wanted after reading my blog.  As always, thanks for sharing!



  12. Hi Jenny!!!
    Wow! Happy Anniversary to you two cuties!!  My hubby and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary (16 years together!) this fall!  So hard to believe!  Guess you guys have been together since you were really young, like us.  It's kind of nice to "grow up" together, makes you closer, don't you think?  
    Happy Birthday to your adorable brother, Walt!!  Congrats on your new apartment, too!!  Sounds like you guys are so busy right now.
    I LOVE what you did with your current apartment SO much, but I know you will make your new one even more fabulous! (If that is possible!!)  It's great that you can make your new bath just like your old one, because it is SO cute!!
    I love moving to new places (which is good since me and hubby have lived in 9 place in our 15 years together!) because like you said it's a fresh start, physically and emotionally and of course because it is SO fun to decorate a new place!   I cannot wait to see the photos of it- sounds FANTABULOUS with all the character, mouldings, front porch and big trees!!  Sheesh, this is a really long comment, maybe  I should have just e-mailed you! LOL!
    Michelle xoxoxoxo

  13. WOW Congratulations on your wonderful move! Sounds like a blessing indeed! So fun to read about everything else too! LOVE that collage and those goodies! wowzers! Happy Day to you and Aaron!

  14. Hey Jen, congrads on moving! The new place sounds awesome and I can't wait to see pictures! Rosemary in texas :)

  15. Jenny!!!!! This is awesome news! Congratulations! Your new place sounds like a dream home. You have to take a million pictures of it. (((hugs))) my friend. I am so happy for you both.

    PS. You have to tell Aaron that I took a Hemingway and Fitzgerald course in college where we studied and discussed both  (and only) their works in depth.  There were  less than ten students in that class, and a tough professor, but it was great! I still have my collected Fitzgerald short story anthology... One of the few books I didn't sell back at the end of term :-)

    BTW- That crepe garland is just yummy!

    xoxo- (the Polka Dot Pixie) Jenny who still reeling from the Lost finale :-)

  16. hi jenny ~

    wow, that's a post! i so know what you mean about moving, very bittersweet. your place is adorable ~ so "you!" what fun you guys will have decorating your new place! of course all of us will enjoy the journey with you!

    a customer just purchased some ruffles and said she found me via you, so thanks sweetie, very nice of you!

    best wishes ~ xo heidi

  17. Hi Miss Jenny,
    I've been wondering where you've been. I've missed you much! Im thrilled and excited for both you and Aaron and your new chapter in your life. You guys have hit a huge MILESTONE celebrating 15 years together and moving forward to a new home & new projects is just what you guys need. Not that moving is fun. YUCK! Im sure however, your new home will be absolutely fabulous and a visual delightful site once you guys have gotten your hands on it. Cant wait to see pictures of your new home, and dont fret about us your blogging pals. Were not going anywhere. :))) We are true and loyal!!!
    P.S. Im comming up in my one year bloganniversay and I OWE it all to you sweetness! ;)

  18. Congratulations on your move to "the big old house" on the shore! That sounds so exciting!  I can tell you are thrilled.  Thanks for all the links for all the neat-o stuff too!

  19. Hi Jenny and Aaron, Congratulations on your 15 years, and on the new move! When I first met you, in RB and you were just starting out, I think Aaron was in a band at that time too. It has been fun to follow your careers and creativity. Keep in touch, and let me know if I can lend a hand with the move...Susan ( the one who sold you the paintable furniture from the Antique shop on Monmouth).

  20. Good, good luck with the move, all the changes, everything.  A fresh start...scary and fun, all at the same time.  Sending you oodles of hugs and best wishes...xoxotammy


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