2nd BLOGIVERSARY!! and a GIVEAWAY!!! hooray!

I remember last year's Blogiversary...my first...and how I was so shocked at how fast a year flew by. I felt like I had just started blogging and the next thing I knew...I was 1 year old! In order to convince myself that a year had passed I had to go back and dig through my own archives! Only after seeing the visual proof... month after month of stuff...swaps I took part in or organized...seasons and holidays celebrated...new shop discoveries...amazing art I received in the mail...the growth of my friendship circle...all the give-away contests (which I haven't done in a while and that's lame...there will be more give-aways in the year to come!!)...Only after seeing all of this irrefutable evidence was I truly convinced that a full year of my blogging life had passed!
Well...what a difference a year makes. On this Blogiversary...my 2nd...I had to convince myself that it wasn't really my third!! I actually rummaged through my vintage cake decorating supplies and pulled out a number three birthday cake topper. And when Aaron told me that it should be a number two on top of the cake, it took a minute or two for him to really convince me. My sister even thought it was my third...and the reason she was in on the conversation was because she was waiting on Aaron to bring over her half of the cake (she's my next door neighbor) ...but I couldn't cut the cake until I knew that I had an acceptable photo of it. When I emailed my sister the pic of the 2nd Blogiversary cake that she'd soon be eating, she said..."But isn't it your 3rd?" And for a second I thought she might be right!
But alas, it is my 2nd Blogiversary and it's now so utterly obvious as to why I'd think three years have passed instead of two. Blogging, and everything that goes along with it...from the immediate to the periphery, have become so completely enmeshed in my day to day life. Even though my posts have become less frequent (I'm sincerely sorry for that...I wish I could get on the ball!)...even though there have been less give-aways (so sorry again) and sometimes big chunks of weeks passing without a single word outta me...my life still does completely revolve around blogging. And I say that in the most positive voice. I know the implications and the cliches: "get out and live a little...you spend your life in front of the computer...etc" But of course I live a little (very little ; ) .... and of course I don't spend my whole life in front of the PC (otherwise I'd post more, right? ; )....But...so many of the worthwhile additions to my life...so much of the growth I've undergone...the opened doors...the glimpses into the lives and worlds of people so very much like myself...the REAL stuff, REAL friends, that are usually paradoxical when speaking of online relationships....All of this is tied in with blogging. And there is just SO MUCH more in my life now! More than a mere 365 days worth! So if you told me I'd been blogging for five or maybe ten years, I'd believe you. I'd look around my apartment at the wonderful things I've collected from all the fabulous artists I've met through this medium...I'd look at my overflowing email inbox...I'd scan my Flickr favorites...I'd go up to my nav bar and check out the last 300 pages I've visited....and I'd say "yup, that looks like ten years worth of GREAT STUFF!"
So if last year's Blogiversary focused on my evolution and personal growth...from introvert to extrovert...from incommunicado to up close and personal; Then let this year's focus fall on you guys! I want to celebrate the creativity, sweetness, honesty, openness, humor, and graciousness that has been so generously passed from you to me! I've always said that art and life have so much to do with give and take. You need equal parts of those in order to make it. Maybe there are times in your life when you feel like you're constantly on the take. Maybe you feel like you have not contributed enough lately. But don't worry, because if that thought even creeps into your mind then that means that you're on the verge...you're on your way...you're just about to give back. I received so much inthe past year. So much encouragement...support...inspiration. And I can only hope that in the coming months, the coming year, I've got a lot more to give back.
So right now I want to do a give-away and I want showcase at least a tiny bit of the people and places and things that have made this single year feel like five or ten.
First: Flickr ! It is just soooo important! Not only does it help me tremendously as a host for my photos that I post on my blog but it's a daily inspiration that I cannot live without. I check in on my friends...their latest flea market finds, home improvements, decor problems and solutions, foods, dinners, lunches for kids, desserts, Cupcakes they baked, new artwork....
And then there are the Flickr groups...which are a fabulous editing tool...you and others find exactly what you want to find. For instance...the awesome Cupcakes take the Cake group then links to the Cupcakes take the Cake blog and it ends up being this whole cyclical relationship. Meet ups are posted on there...friendships are made. And in many ways, for a lot of people Flickr is their blog!
I've got so many new loves...and not necessarily new in the general sense, but new to me. There really are way too many names and I'd really fear that I'd leave out a fave and kick myself for it! So now I'll list a few top of the tops that represent a pretty fair cross section of my heart...each place is like a little piece of what I think makes me...me!
As always, Alicia Paulson... She only gets better and better. She doesn't let her increasingly busy life detract one smidge of magic or care from her incomparable blog: Posie Gets Cozy. From the minute I found her blog...my first foray and favorite...I always said that she's a book deal waiting to happen. And of course, it did happen! Alicia never ever disappoints...In blogland she is the Paradigm.
And I'm never not in awe of the non-stop flow of creativity that emanates from Inside a Black Apple. Really, if you want to see an artist set new and unbelievable standards for herself at a rate that isn't natural then look no further than Emily!
Can you get sweeter and more inspiring than Artsymama?!! ....Nope! Kari's passion for art, people, life, family, is not only unmatched but it's infectious! She's a sharer through and through. She doesn't let anybody just sit on their hands and watch. She is a non-stop swap hostess of the highest caliber and is just constantly on the move creatively. But somehow she manages to take you along with her. She's one of the few online inspirations I got to meet in person and she just has an effortless way about her...a niceness...she's got her picture in the dictionary next to the entry for REAL. Love her!
Now... Kimberlee Edgar. She doesn't march to the beat of a different drum...actually, she got rid of the drummer and replaced him with an antique xylophone and a chorus line of ravens wearing top hats! I go to Kimberlee for that inspiration that lives beyond your normal line of sight. I love her for her truly unique vision and passion.
Another big time fave is Free People Blog. It somehow manages to be big but feel small. It's so inspiring and inviting. Aaron described it as feeling like you went to one of Gatsby's parties and Gatsby walked up to you and actually knew your name. It's got national magazine clout and style yet they host swaps that you can be a part of! They are a clothing company but never ever do you get the feeling that you are being sold a single thing. And their actual brick & mortar locations are just so crafty and have that DIY feel!
Also, I'm so grateful for the local gals I've found and who have found me. We've yet to "hang out" but I'm really hoping to change that! I love to know that there are like-minded people right near me. We've got some local haunts in common...we know the geography...we know the roads...we speak the language.
And Silver Bella! I was there last year and will be there again! And even if it was a total repeat...same people, same faces as last year, it would still be the ultimate highlight of my year. But it won't be...I've watched word spread and I just know that I'm going to be completely overwhelmed by all the new people I'm going to get to actually meet in person and spend quality time with in the great city of Omaha! Me and Aar had some travel nightmares last year and missed out on a lot of the downtime experience...this year we're dead set on wringing all the fun we can out of Nebraska!
And lastly I want to talk sorta generally about this magical medium called blogging. Well, our kind of blogging...the artful kind. It all goes back to the give and take. It's a medium that manages to bring out the artist...the crafter...the photographer...sometimes the writer, in everyone. And there's this phenomenon that occurs. This full circle effect. Go to your local craft store...pick up your favorite magazine...shop for clothes...go to Target. You'll notice some changes. You'll notice that things are available that weren't available before. Us bloggers have corporations watching our ever step...Magazine editors poring over our posts for trends...TV producers from Martha Stewart looking for guests...you can find better supplies at your local A.C. Moore's and Michael's because their buyers have been reading the same blogs you've been reading or writing. You'll see someone's amazing one of a kind craft turn into a product licensed worldwide because a creative director found their artwork right here! And that's awesome...but it's not why we're here. We'd be here anyway...even if no one was watching. We're here for all the reasons listed above. But you gotta admit that it's pretty cool when your hobby...your craft...your passion...directly effects the big world out there. And it all goes round and round. This big circle of inspiration!
*And now for the give-away!! It will be the usual method except that this year, to mark the 2nd Blogiversary...Me and Aar will pick 2 winners at random from comments left on this post. Now, there may be a lot of you that have never posted a comment here...and I must apologize and warn you that for some reason it's not a simple task to leave a comment on an AOL blog. It's not dangerous or scary...it just takes more steps than usual and involves creating a username and password etc...But please do it and take part in this give-away. And oh yeah, the give-away prize will be a Surprise Package full of sweet, vintagey, crafty, happy, lovely, things from me and Aaron! So in your comment please list your preferred color palette so we can try to tailor the prizes better to your tastes. Also, make sure to include within the body of your comment your blog address and/or your email address so that we can more easily contact you and so other readers can find you! And because I really don't want to leave anyone out...if you simply have too much trouble signing in to the blog then you can also email me a comment at jennyeveryday@aol.com. And one more thing...if you have the time...just for added fun...I'd love for you to give the date and title of you favorite post of mine from the last year or two...and maybe your thoughts on why....but that's not necessary for you to win...just thought I'd ask! And you've got time to post...
I'm gonna pick the winners on Friday the 19th.
Anyway, I couldn't be more grateful for all the magic you've brought my way! Thanks so very very much!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo, Jenny
Thank you all!! I LOVE you guys so much!!!!


  1. Congratulations Jenny and (that man of yours)!
    I think we've been blogger buddies for like a whole year now! I can't wait until I get to finally meet you at Silver Bella Land!
    Jenny, you know you have arrived when someone starts a Flickr Group dedicated to collectors of your art! (Like you)!!
    You're such an inspiration to me and I thank God and my Lucky Stars for good artsy craftsy Babes like you!
    *hugs and smooches*
    *grabs a piece of that yummy cake*
    Love you!
    ~Sadie Lou

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!! I am so glad I found your blog last year and I so enjoyed meeting you at Silver Bella! Hugs to you!
    P.S. Any color is fine with me : )

  3. Congratulations on the blogiversary!!! I love and adore what you do, you are so creative and gives me SO much inspiration!!! Thank YOU  : )

    Love, Jenny

    in Sweden


  4. Happy blogiversary!  Congrats on such a momentous occasion!  The cake looks delicious too.


  5. Jenny,
    congrats on your second blog anniversary.  I love reading what you are up to seeing pict of your latest creations.  You emailed me about 4 years ago after I did an Christmas show that Alicia Paulson put on.  (I had photos of wreaths that I make)  You were so friendly in your email and inspirational...so was happy to discover your blog and follow you thru that.  Congrats! Congrats.  I am also coming up on my first anniversary of my blog - check me out here  http://www.magpieethel.typepad.com

  6. Congratulations Jenny (and Aaron)!  Your blog has been in my favorites since the day I started blogging.  One day, I will actually be able to afford my favorite painting in your shop that I've had favorited forever!!  I hope to see lots more cake paintings and fun treasures here and on your flickr!

  7. Oh my goodness, signing up took forever... every username was taken, lol!!!

    Hi Jenny & Aaron (my son's name is Aaron!)!!!

    I haven't been reading your blog for very long (so I don't have a favorite!)... I have seen your work all around, and wow! You guys are so talented!! I've only been "in the blogging world" for just over a year and you guys are a huge inspiration. I just recently opened my own Etsy shop, and was so excited when you commented on one of my journals on flickr. haha, I am such a dork!! But it was cool to know Jenny liked something I made!!

    And if I am so lucky to win... I'd be happy with any color palette... I love all colors:-)

    Thanks guys... and I can't see what you come up with next!

    mommyscrafting (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

  8. *sweetie Jenny*  *congrats to Aaron, too*  You are a true DOLL!
    *Appreciate y'all sharing your lovely art, experiences and sweetness*  LOVE all your cupcake/cake creations and paperdolls and so so so so so so so much more!  *Sunshine Smiles + Pink Cupcake Hugs*  XXOO

  9. Congratulations!! Happy blog-o-versary. Your cake is darling! I can't even begin tot post which is my fav post of yours, I am just happy to have "met" you thru our blogs and look for many years of fun and sharing to come.. and meeting you in person!!

  10. Jenny~a visit to your blog is always a feast for the eyes. Whether it's your amazing art or pics from "the shore", I always am treated to a smorgasbord of treats! I'll be in NJ (northern-Chatham) for Thanksgiving.....I've heard alot about Parcel in Montclair-have you been? Think I need to visit there. The pictures of your place are fun! Thanks for the opportunity for some Jenny goodies.

  11. Congrats Jenny!  Glad you know which anniversary it is now...lol.
    How sweet of you to mention blogs that inspire you, as you inspire me and I am sure tons of others.
    My most recent favorite blog of yours is the "keep calm".  That totally describes my attitude towards life:D  Keep Calm Have a Cupcake.
    I tend to lean towards pastels...aqua, pink, blue, yellow.
    I look forward to many more years of your blogs.

  12. OH Jenny!!!  Happy 2nd Bloggiversary!! It certainly seems like I have known you for MORE than two years now!!  Your art, inspiration and eye candy have made me SO happy for what seems like a looonngg time!!  I feel like you are a true kindred spirit and am so happy to know you!!  Be happy knowing you bless so many people's lives with your happy artwork, positive attitude, encouragement and just plain sweetness of spirit!!  I hope you are blogging for many, many years to come sweet friend!!
    Michelle xoxoxox

  13. happy 2nd birthday! are you entering your terrible two's??
    i was looking over your old blogs, jenny and i truly think you are the most photogenic person, as is your art work! i am still waiting for our cupcake bus in new yorkcity!!

  14. Happy Blogiversary to you!  I love your post about all of us crafty/artsy bloggers being a big circle of inspiration!  You are so right!  Enjoy the rest of the week. Warmly, Cathy ^..^



  16. Happy blogiversary! I do enjoy the luscious eye candy on your site! It would be hard to say what was the favorite post from the last year without skimming through the archives, which I can't take time to do just now, but a couple of my recent favorite items were the "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" sign and the little note about nose-picking at school. :-)

    Color palette -- My kitchen is pink and blue, most of the rest of the house is pink and sage green.

    Thanks so much for hosting a giveaway!

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

    barbarah06 (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Ahh Jenny, 2 years huh?  I remember when you first commented on my blog and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!  Happy Anniversary, keep those cheery art filled posts coming.


  18. Congratulations!!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!


  19. Yay! 2 Years! It does go by fast! I just had my 1st year. Anyway, it's been so much fun reading you're blog and being your friend! You know my colors, black, cream, chocolate, and silver! :)

  20. Yay! Contraulations to you!!! I Love your blog and would be thrilled to be part of this fabulous giveaway!!!

    Love, Brandi

    Thank you & God Bless you and everyone who reads this!

  21. Jenny, you are a beautiful spirit and you have the sweetest light to share!!  I really enjoy your writing style because it is so honest and unguarded, and have truly enjoyed your blog.  I think the post that most touched me was the one you wrote about your brother's diagnosis and I remember feeling your relief and your joy at knowing he was going to be ok.  :o)  You have had so many blessings in the past year, and here's to the next year being filled with even more!!!  Smiles, hugs and Happy 2nd Blogiversary!!  Cupcakes Rule!!

  22. here is my email, just in case you should draw my name:
    hessabi_lisa@hotmail.com :o)

  23. Happy Blogiversary Jen!! I LOVE your blog--it makes me hungry for sweets and feels my eyes with delicious art!!

    Here's to many more happy anniversaries
    clink clink


  24. Hurray!  I finally managed to come up with a password aol liked!!  wow!  that was a big to do!!  but now its done.
    I do often enjoy your blog and now I'll be able to leave some comments!  congratulations on your anniversary.  blogging does become a big part of our lives once we get started! doesnt it!?
    have a great weekend!

  25. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!


  26. Jenny and Aaron!!!! Congrats on your 2nd year!!!!  I think I've read your blog since almost the start!  Funny thing is I didn't know you were a "new" blogger then!  My 2nd blogiversary is November, and I agree...it just MUST be 3 years, not two!

    Another thing...you're right on about this:  I would do what I do (arts & crafts) if no one read my blog.  I create and blog because i MUST!  I think you two are the same.  You live it, breath it, and convey it because it's who you are!  Bravo!

    (I won't tell you any colors, etc, as I love all that you two do.  That's why I've been here for 2 years!  )

    Looking forward to meeting you and hugging you in person at Silver Bella!!!

    PS  Favorte post?  Too many to even start listing.  

  27. Happy Blogiversary!!! How time flys when you're having fun!!! Love your blog!!! Laurie

  28. Jenny,
    Congratulations! My personal favorites are when you take us on location.  Oh-how I would love to live on the east coast!  Best wishes to you.  

  29. Happy 2nd Blogversary!!
    I am having a "400th post Giveway" if you'd like to stop by!

  30. I love y'all's work so very much!!! After discovering your pieces on Flickr last year, I now have my infamous cupcake wall as well as a grouping of the "pieces of cake". :)
    It makes for such a cool and unexpected kitchen!

    So glad to have met y'all online. Keep up the good (blog) work!


    heather from nashville

  31. happy 2nd blogiversary jenny!  that's a great feat.  you've been a fave of mine for awhile.  i found you through the owoh event and i was mesmerized by your color combinations.  i began to see you everywhere.  in magazines and others' blogs, ebay, and much more.  i had to do some searching but the post i remember the most from you was the easter one with the easter swap and all the goodies that were posted.  it was march 15th and called hippity hop.  people send you the coolest stuff and they always send it in your favorite colors.  it is fun to see everything and i wish another awesome year!


  32. Wow!  That was one of the greatest Blogiversary posts I have ever read Jenny. You hit the mark on so many of the same thoughts and feelings I have about blogging.  Congratulations on two years in blogland and here's to many more years in the future.  I hope and pray that we never tire of this caring and sharing medium. I would love to be a part of your giveaway and should I be lucky enough to win, I love all things PINK!

  33. I so love your pics and appreciate your friendly attitude.  You and your husband do beautiful work and you are sooo gracious to allow us into your world.  Thank you for your generous spirit, you are an inspiration!  Here is to many more blogging years ahead of you!!!

  34. I did it and can comment now.
    Happy 2nd Blogiversary to you!

  35. Congratulations Jenny!!! LOL two years or three, hee hee, your blog is lovely, beautifully written from your heart and you always share the most wonderful goodies!
    How do we pick a favourite blog post?  Going by eye candy alone is impossible since they are all so fab.
    I'd have to say, digging through the archives, one that stood out for me was Sunday Show and Tell on March 30th 2008, where you wrote about the Somerset article, but the best bit for me was, that adorable photo of sweet little Carlos! I love that you're dog lovers and he is treated as being part of the family and not "just a dog"
    See you guys soon, can't wait to meet you both and Missy too, she is super cool! xoxo

  36. Hey Jenny, congrats on year number 2!  I love the "2nd" cake topper!  I need to look on Ebay for some of those-I've got upcoming 2nd and 3rd birthdays in the house!  Of course they're boys, so that lovely pink wouldn't work, unfortunately...  Anyway, I couldn't pass up the chance to possibly win a giveaway from you- you have the COOLEST stuff!!  Whoever wins is going to be one lucky duck!

    So my favorite color is aqua, but I love any pastels.  And I can't think of a specific favorite post of yours, but I just love all the eye candy you usually have, from yourself or from others.  I'm always inspired!

    Congrats again, and thanks for the inspiration!  :)  Corey (appendageassemblage at hotmail dot com)

  37. Hi there! I don't post often at all, but I am a regular blog stalker...um, I mean reader of yours!  I enjoy all your posts but I recently really liked one in July titled "When I Grow Up.....the first line "When I grow up I'm gonna plan ahead. When I grow up I'm gonna set attainable goals with realistic deadlines"  .....................really resonated with me....so true!!  I also liked another one that I can't locate right now about how crafting doesn't have to be expensive.  But as I said, ALL of your posts are delightful to read!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  HERE'S TO MANY MORE!!


  38. OMG that was tough. I got it though.
    Happy Bday. The cake looks YUMMMY!

  39. Happy Anniversary!  I love your post today...especially your thoughts about how artful blogs are making their mark on the world.  I totally agree!

  40. Happy Year Two Jenny!  Your blog was one of the first ones to get me hooked on blogging & it opened up a whole new world to me.  Thanks for being such an inspiration.  Here's to another great year!

  41. Hi jenny! Bon Anniversaire! I think I've been reading you since your very first post, if it's only been two years! I ALWAYS get excited when I find a new post here, because no matter how few and far between they are, they are always so beautiful between the combination of your fabulous photos and from-the-heart words. Always uplifting others into the spotlight. You are a peach and we're all just so lucky to have you here.
    xo, jen

  42. Awesome!  Congrats!  I always get confused on how old I actually am!  I usually have to ask my husband.  Thanks for the chance to win some goodies, you're a very generous bloggy birthday girl!  I like pink and aqua, but my craft room theme is yellow so just about any color is good by me.  Expect purple.  That's my sister's favorite, not mine.  :)

  43. Happy Blogiversary!! Enter me in the awesome giveaway! I love love Purple!
    Love checking out your Flickr pics! They are such eye candy!

    -Mary Ellen

  44. Hi Jenny,
        Happy Anniversary!!!  I actually found an article on you in a sommerset magazine that I was paging through last night that a friend let me borrow, loved all the pictures and finding out more about you.  Can't wait to go through your blogs.  Hope you have a fun peaceful crafty weekend!

  45. Ok, Me again : )  I just left a msg and it shows me as RKMSFamily, hmmmm.  Thought it would show my blog address.   It is http://katcollects.blogspot.com/  and my email is RKMSFamily@aol.com.  Thanks you

  46. Oh wow, I really love your blog, I only found it about 2 months ago, but I check everyday hoping for an update...I'm a fellow etsy seller myself with a mad passion for retro/vintage inspired (www.rockabyeretro.com)
    My favorite blog of yours has to be the bit about Parcel...1 of my best friends lives in Montclair so I'm trying to dream up a reason to get out there to check out this amazing looking candyland.  My email address is ghartshark@optonline.net, oh and my fave colors: brown, aqua, turquoise, yellow, red, pink, orange, green:):):)

  47. Hooray for you on Anniversay 2!  I'm blogless but do participate in swaps and get oooodles of inspiration from your blog and others in the crafty-blogger community.  Thanks so much for all you do for your loyal readers!  Toss my name in the hat for your giveaway.  Fingers are crossed! - Amy Bauer

  48. Wow it is kind of hard to leave a comment here! But it was worth it.  I love your art and I would love to have my house look like yours!


  49. Hi Jenny!
    Congrats on your Blogiversary #2! What a milestone!

    I would LOVE to be included in your giveaway...I have been a fan for a while...but decided to come out of Lurkerdom to comment here!

    Here's my blog: http://www.pclouse.blogspot.com

    And my email: pclouse07@gmail.com

    I love your art...you are incredible!

  50. Hi to you both, I can only imagine what a wonderful giveaway you'll be offering I'd love to be in with a chance.

    I'm not sure how i can pick just one of your posts... one of my favourite things about your posts are the wonderful colours in your photos you use.

    Victoria xxx


  51. I am an official Silver Bella virgin.  Going solo!  Feelin' the power of that...  Plus, making stuff w/ paper is what I live for.  Congrats on 2 years.  It does go so quickly doesn't it.  Have a safe trip to NE this year.  May it be a little less uphill than last time!  ;)

  52. Happy Blogiversary to you and Aaron!  Here's hoping for many more.  My fav color combo is pink and yellow.  I love both equally.  

    Thanks for the giveaway.  My blog addy is http://cindyiscrafty.wordpress.com.  

  53. Congrats on your 2nd Blog-a-versary!
    Happy Birthday too!
    *confetti all around*

  54. Jenny,
    My favorite post of the year was your 11/7/07 post about the Silver Bella trip. I doubt I will ever get the chance to attend it, so it was like I got to go through you. All the pics, the descriptions, the crazy flight/car trip out there! It was like a movie.
    So congratulations on your second anniversary. You know we all love you, crazy pink loving girl that you are! I do hope we can get together sometime for cupcakes and coffee. I'm saving a bunch of those aqua beads for you. (Or send me your new address and I will mail them to you!)
     If I win, anything you sent would be treasured, but red is my favorite. Mary

  55. Good Morning,  I was just going through the updated blogs list and your journal was one of the ones I decided to click on.  Must be my lucky day!  How wonderful to have a giveaway!  I will be adding you to my alerts, hope that is ok!  Linda

  56. Happy Blogiversary!!!!  I don't have a favorite post... too many good ones to choose from.  Always love coming by & taking a look at your home & projects.  


  57. Happy Blogiversary to you. I so enjoy visiting here and I of course enjoyed seeing my page from the Robins Egg Blue book on your Sunday May 4 post of Englishtown Antiques and other usual suspects. If I were to win, I have creamy earth colors with sage greens and a bit of black in my world.

  58. Congrats on the annivesary, have been a fan for a while and enjoy all your creative posts on this blog. It is my dream one day to attend a Silver Bella event but for now, reading your blog and books is pretty cool.

  59. Congratulations Jenny and Aaron! I want to say thanks to you both for being so inspiring! It has been almost two years since I received an e-mail asking me to make glittery gift tags in pinks and turquoise for one such Jenny Holiday's Christmas packages! It didn't take me long to figure out I was working with the best! I really enjoyed being in your collage swap and having the honor of making collages for you and Aaron and also receiving a priceless collage from you! I think it has been so nice visiting with you from time to time through e-mails and seeing what you and Aaron are up to on your blog and flickr. I love the Well Read Raven print that hangs in our bedroom and soon enough a fantastic cupcake print that will have a loving home in a kitchen in another crafty gals' house in Utah! I am looking forward to the day when my hubby and I get to New Jersey on one of his business trips and finally get to meet you! You kids are truly one of a kind! Best of luck on your continued adventures in art, love, happiness and of course cupcakes! You truly deserve it! See you next year for Blogiversary trois! Amy Elise
    amyelisedesigns@yahoo.com and amyelisedesign.blogspot.com ** I love anything you do if I am a lucky winner surprise me! I know it will be awesome!

  60. Congrautlations on your second blogiversary!!!  I just love your blog and your work, an absolute feast for the eyes!  You two are so talented and the cutest couple!  Such an inspiration to us all.  I love your story!!  Your new apratment is looking so beautiful, I cant wait to see more of it :)  Here is to many more years of blogging!

    The colors in my home are pink, aqua, yellow and white.  All the yummy and soft candy colors :)  I would love to win this, thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!

    Big Hugs,

  61. Your work is so amazing! Congrats on 2 years and hope for many more to come!

  62. Jenny! Congrats on two years! I have been a fan of your work for a couple of years now. First found you on Ebay. Your new home looks marvelous! I love the crown mouldings. LOL  I'm goodygoodygumdrops on flickr (not a blogger yet) and my email is lorizitz@yahoo.com  My fave color palette is black, cream with a little olive green thrown in.  I'm so jazzed about your blogiversary! Kuddos to you! Keep up the good work.  - Lori

  63. Happy TWO to you!!!
    I always enjoy my time I spend here and love to check in
    on what you are up to …
    From moves to art and  saying HELLO…


  64. Happy Bloggy Day Jenny and Aar!!  Thank you so much for sharing what you do! I love your new apartment.  I can't wait to see it when it's done.  I love pink, aqua, brown, black, and glittery.  I have had fun going back and rereading older posts. I don't really have a favorite one. When I get my email letting me know that you have a new post, I get so excited and I can't wait to see what you have shared. So each entry is my favorite!!  Congrats again!!!!

    Much Love and Many Blessings,


  65. Hi!
    I have been enjoying your lovely blog but merely lurking for some time. I love your style and congrats on the second blogiversary!

  66. Congratulations!!! With you words of encouragement I tackled the not so complicated leaving of comments. Thanks for visiting my site a while back, I was thrilled that you did. I'm a big fan of your Etsy shop!
    Linda Crispell

  67. Oh Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! What a sweet post. You have made BlogLand a better place. Happy Bogiversary to YOU!!
    Hugs, Donna

  68. Happy 2nd Blogiversary!  :)  I've loved seeing your beautiful pieces!  :)

  69. Sorry Jenny!  I forgot to add my info!  amyraglandathome(at)yahoo.com.  My favorite colors are blues and greens.  :)  But really, I like anything!

  70. Congratulations on your second Blogiversary!!!!!  That's exciting!!!  I'm new to your blog so I can't comment on my favorite post, but by your third blogiversary I will have one...promise!!  :-)

    My color scheme in my house is pink and light ivory/off-white for my bedroom and light aqua for my living room.

    Thanks so much!
    Michele R.(CA)

  71. congrats jenny & aar ~

    geesh it has taken me forever to get through this post! you are a woman of many words and great links! i got lost in all. of course they are on my list of faves also, but i don't get out an about in blogland near as much as i'd like to - more of the stalker type - a very friendly one though! thanks for helping me get caught up!

    how could i resist leaving a comment though ~ wishing you both many more bright and shiny years ahead! ...and the chance to win a surprise gifty full of sweet goodies fresh from your bakeshop was irresistible! hmmm, colors, creamy, pink, green & brown.

    i'm so looking forward to finally meeting you at SB! hope you are going to carve out a little social time to party with the bellas!

    xo heidi

  72. hey Jenny!! Congratualtions!
    Wow!!!! 2nd Blogiversary- nice!
    I wanted to tell you how much JOY your blog brings to me - I love your posts, you always have such great info on other artists and such pretty pictures- so fun!!!
    My favorite posts from this year were: " It was Silver Bella or Bust!" because I really really wanted to go to Silver Bella and reading your post I felt like I had gotten to go- I like how descriptive your stories are- very well written. And even though I was green with envy- should I admit that???- it was completely awesome to read about your experiences there.
    My other favorite was: "Parcel or Bust (Part 1)"- because as I told you I am a BUSTy girl too and your pics and stories were AMAZING!!! So fab!!!
    So keep up the good work and please enter me into your drawing because I would LOVE to get a box full of AMAZING goodies from you and Aaron :)
    Talk to you soon,
    jenelle omalley

  73. oops forgot my favorite colors...my favorite colors are pinks, greens, light aQua, brown, cream...and halloween colors-orange, black, cream...and christmas-y stuff like red..green...wintery blues...silver...hot pink...polka dots...well polka dots isn't a color but you know what I mean..LOL -jenelle

  74. Fabulous girl happy blogiversary! I love all your creations especially the cute doll head and cupcakes! All the sweetness in you and AAron shows in all your pretties. Many many more Hugs Grace

  75. Happy blogiversary to the darling King and Queen of Blogdom! Here's to another year of sweetness from you guys...

    Amy Powers

  76. happy blogiversary! it's times like these you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done...you've made it!

  77. You weren't kidding about it being difficult to register - but by George, I did it.  I read your blog every time you update, but I've never commented.  I adore your style, your love of vintage and your choice of color palette.  I joke, that when I get old, I will have my own little pink cottage full of pink glittery goodness for my grandkids to visit.  Too many men in the house for glittery pink goodness now.  Although, if I were to be lucky enough to win your giveaway, pink would be my color choice.  I don't have a particular post as a favorite, I just love to look at all your photos and see all your fun things.  I was worried about your brother when he was ill and followed those posts.  Here's to another bog year!  Cheers!

  78. Jenny,
    Congratulations.  I love your blog.  I think my favorite post is the one about Silver Bella from last year.  I live in Omaha and go to the Farmer's Market nearly every weekend in the summer.  It is in the parking lot that you talked about in that post.  It makes me laugh just seeing the box where you pay.  I am excited about going to my first Silver Bella this year.  My current favorite color palette is sage, pearl, silver, and light blue-gray.  My email is pegdunn1 at cox dot net.  Can't wait to meet you in November.

  79. I was thrilled to find your blog!! Having known you both as "the kids" who were just starting out in the world of art, and being impressed by your style, I was so excited to find you a second time on line. It has been my pleasure to keep up with what you guys are doing and it always makes me happy to know that you still live close by. I think it is hard to leave the shore area, and we need the fresh ideas that you bring to us. Keep on blogging! xxoo, Susan

  80. Jenny your blog is 100% fantasical (new word I made up).  I just adore every single post.  My favorite posts are when you show photos of your apartment...it's decorated so magically and I'd give anything for house tour!  Plus, I can never tell who does what exactly, but you and Aaron make an amazing artist team and I love love love your painting style.

    Your blog has so much inspiration...what you get out of your love for Flickr, I get out of your blog!  With those mosaics you put together I feel like you've already done the work of finding gorgeous photos for me! lol

    And I'm not alone when I say we all love it when we visit and see a brand new post with delectable new photos of your work, your environment, and your inspiration! :)  It's like getting a Mary Engelbreit magazine in the mail!

    Now that my heart has been poured out...If I'm lucky enough to win your drawing (so so generous of you! it's inspiring me to do a giveaway on my blog sometime soon), my fav colors are creams, turquoise, olive green, and chocolate brown with a hint of bright pink (if that's not specific enough!!). :)

    -Crystal (vintagebycrystal@yahoo.com)


  81. Congrats on 2 years!! Count me in for your giveaway!




  82. Such a sweet cake!
    Happy blogiversary to you both!
    I'm still so happy I once found you and your inspiring art and blog through flickr!
    Best wishes for another wonderful blog year and btw I think you are a very talented writer too Miss Jenny!
    I share your feelings about our fabulous artful blogging community!!
    Hugs to you
    Carol xox

  83. Oops I forgot to add this info for the unbelievable rare case I should be so lucky and win your lovely give away:
    Colors I love: Light Pink, Turqouise, Cream, Sepia
    Best wishes from Germany
    Carol xox

  84. I just found your blog but I plan to go back through because it looks fantastic. I would love to win your 2nd Blogiversary giveaway (Happy B'versary!). My colors could either be aqua/red or I also like whites and pinks. So whatever you have will work! Thanks. My blog is madisonavenuebaby.blogspot.com and my email is dawnnewsomeatyahoodotcom. Thanks.

  85. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! Your blog is so inspiring. My favorite Color Palette? I love the colors that you (and Aaron) use in your delightful creations. Here's hoping I win even a small goodie. My blog: http://cinnamonpink.typepad.com/

  86. Hope I'm not too late. I love your work, but more importantly, I love reading about you and your family and all the fun you have together. You're lucky to be so close with your siblings.
    My favorite color is pink (unique, I know) and my email address is WFSPS@aol.com.


  87. Is it too late?  Would love to enter your drawing . . . I'm at www.youaretoocreative.blogspot.com

    Always enjoy my visits to your holiday fun-blog!!

  88. Whew i passed the sign up and it was a tad scary,usually just a lurker i wanted to say congats and i love all your posts they always inspire me to more craftyiness.
    Happy Blogiversary and i know exactly what you mean about the time.Its another facet to lifeisnt it andf so fun and rewarding like a huge community of crafters and women.My Blog is Whimsical Notions blog addy ishttp://shabby-jules.blogspot.com/

  89. Phewwww.....I made it through the log in.  I really do love your blog.  Your decorating style inspires me to unleash my own. I enjoy seeing how you repurpose vintage finds and think sometimes "why couldn't I think of that".  Happy 2nd Blogiversay!

    My favorite color is green, but I love fall colors - oranges, browns, yellow, etc.  My blog address is:  http://www.scrappycatsx3.blogspot.com/

    Thanks again for an inspiring 2nd year!


  90. Hi Jenny!
    I have sent you a couple of emails but haven't heard back and last nite it occured to me that they might have ended up in your spam file... This is Karen, your sweet and sinister partner.Can I join in this awesome giveaway also? I love giveaways! Never win them but I love them!  Anywhoooo! I would love to hear from you!  

  91. Hey sweets,
    happy 2nd year!!!
    can't wai tot see you guys again!!
    im savin up all my pennies for your booth.
    tee hee
    love ya doll,

  92. Happy Blogiversary Jenny!  Everything you touch turns into pure magic! :)


  93. as always, you are fabulous and congrats on two and many, many more!

  94. Hey Jennie, I'm pretty sure I left a comment here last week, but I couldn't find your email address and had to make sure that you were aware of the town wide yard sales in Red Bank and Oceanport tomorrow. If not, check to the post on my blog today. Big hugs, Susan

  95. Happy Happy and many many happy more!

  96. Happy 2nd Blogiversary Jenny!!!  ( and Aaron too!! )

    I know I don't comment much, but I just love your blog and style!  

    I don't know I may be too late for the giveaway, hope not!

    My favorite post, don't know the date, but when you showed pics of your bathroom, I love it SO much, and thanks to those pics, and my new collection of LuRay pastels, they inspired my new color scheme and 50's decor I just redid.  That has to be the most beautiful bathroom I have ever seen!

    So ya, my fave colors are Pink, turquoise, yellow and green.  

    Have a great day!!!!  :O)

    Oh, here is my blog address, I sadly need to update it badly as soon as the redecorating is totally finished!

  97. Oh my gosh!  I love the one about Parcel, part 2 in August.  If I died and went to heaven, this is what my heaven would look like!!!

    And please make my entry "sticky" so it sticks to your hand when you do the drawing, because I am really nice, and people that come to get help where I work are mean and say bad words and call us bad names!  (I know I sound like a 2 year old, but I really am over 50) and thought I'd try this out instead of jumping off the top floor of the parking garage... it sounded more pleasant!  

    Seriously, I love your blog.  


  98. DUH!!!

    Told you this was my address then never added it, lol!  A blonde moment, haha!

    So here it is~  http://thehappyhousewifedecoratingadventures.blogspot.com/

  99. Love your new blog !!!!!


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