Turning 33....show & tell..and postcard packs!!!

Well, today is my birthday! I'm actually writing this on Tuesday night but it's late and is now officially the 22nd and therefore...it's my birthday. I'm 33 and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm a bit too tired right now to give an accurate account of my emotions so I think I'll get back to you on that. Every year me and my siblings try to take off for an entire day for a big birthday get together. For a few years in a row I've chosen to go to Pennsylvania since it's so amazing in the fall. We hit a fab little town on the Jersey side of the Delaware river and then we walk right over a bridge into New Hope, PA. Great shops, antiquing, the trees are decked out in shades of fire engine red, safety orange, and school bus yellow. It's a fun time with the Heid kids and the day marks the beginning of the holiday season for me. This year, since the B-Day is on a Wednesday and we're all grown ups, and have jobs, we'll have to wait 'til the weekend or possibly next Monday. I'm totally fine with putting off any festivities because I've got so much work to do and I think that if I broke away I'd probably spend the whole day thinking about all the stuff I gotta do back at home....you know how it is...that annoying little word...responsibility. ;)

It's been more than a week since I received my big fabulous box of swap stuff and I've been dying to post it. As soon as I opened my package from my wonderful partner I instantly renamed the event to be the Sweet,Sinister, & Spoiled Swap! My partner Karen sent the kind of swap package that you're almost afraid to receive...afraid because you fear that you probably didn't send enough in return. That's the tricky thing with swaps. If you get a fab partner, you've got a lot to live up to!
But I know that's not the point...I know it's all about the making, the shopping, and the giving...and you shouldn't worry about measuring up. But still, you don't want the exchange to be overly lopsided!
So...as I was saying...just look at these pics...that sweet & sinister Karen Spoiled me! Lots of time, care, and creativity. The "Boo" banner/garland is way over the top! Totally handmade and awesome! And I love the matchbox ornament...which she also submitted as a tutorial on the Sweet & Sinister Swap Blog. And the one item that I seriously appreciate is the "thrifted" vintage black purse. First, because she hit my taste right on the button and second...the effort. She went out, found it, saw it's potential, and customized it. It's great! And that warty witch finger candle is soooo gross...but gross in a good way! When it burns it oozes green! Everything was wrapped so carefully and when I was opening the stuff I just kept thinking "wait...there's more???!!" All the stamped tags tied to each item...the perfectly tight color palette...the clean and neat presentation...I seriously couldn't have gotten a sweeter partner! I LOVE it all!! Thank you Karen!!!

And now for what I sent Karen. I like shopping for people but my fave part is definitely the making. I only wish I had time to make more. I had the most fun with the Charlotte cone...I think she just looks perfect wearing that little mask. And I'm curious to hear how that popcorn on the cob works out...apparently, all you do is pop it in the microwave as-is. I may just have to go get one for myself! Shipping this box full of stuff was a bit of the challenge because of that gnarly black tree. I had to find a box big enough to fit it but not so big that all the other stuff would be flying around all over the place in a giant box. Well, I was thrilled to hear back from Karen that she liked everything. So once again, Artsymama's Sweet & Sinister Swap was a smashing success for me and I'll undoubtedly partake next year. :) Thanks Kari!!!

One more thing with the Swap...our Crow Mobile! This is what we did for a tutorial on the S & S Blog. If you're a member of the blog you can view it in it's entirety here. Me and Aar really loved putting it together. I mentioned it last post...we just love putting kits together...giving crafty hints and tips. I read a lot of comments on the Blog and it seems like people are down with the Crow Mobile! I can't wait to see other people's interpretations!

Thanks so much for the Kit love! For you absolute sweethearts who picked up a Home Sweet Home Kit we promise that it's a fun time...and it's easy! We would LOVE to see pics of your finished projects! They'll be shipping out in 1-2 days. Thank you!! :) And for those who are interested...there are still some left...come get crafty with us!

We're getting a jump on the holiday and have some of our all time favorites listed in the shop. At Silver Bella we'll be debuting some fab new designs and for those of you who are unable to attend this year...yes...we'll be listing the new stuff in the shop as well! And you can certainly look forward to a lot more kits. A New Years kit is on the drawing board and it is so so FUN!! We have a bunch of future plans, lots of changes, revamping and re-thinking a lot of what we do. I promise to share more about it soon. For now we're just working like crazy and trying not to totally lose our minds. As we get out our orders we're chipping away at the fabulous Silver Bella Debuts. It's so so very windy outside tonight and the whipping,whirling sound outside my window is reminding me of what my nervous insides feel like!

Ok, next. When we got these made we had Silver Bella in mind...we think they'd be great take away gifts and a cinch to slip into a suitcase. But we simply couldn't wait 'til then...so here they are. Everyday is a Holiday postcards!!! We picked a trio of our favorite paintings and we're offering them individually or as a set of six (2 of each). They're excellent quality...matte finish, super sweet rounded corners...2 sided...and they come with matching cream envelopes. There's space on back for your message and you can mail as-is with a stamp or slip 'em in the provided envelopes... but besides their obvious use they're perfect for gift giving...or to tuck in the corner of a mirror etc...or you can even frame 'em...ad to a scrapbook page...in our home we totally decorate with postcards. They're wonderful in person...the soft, antiquey, faded color palette. They are listed now in the shop!!! And you will be happy to know...they are in stock..and ready to ship right away! :)

At last, I'll leave you with a Flickr mosaic. This is how I'm seeing fall this year. I'm so loving the aqua! Unexpected yet perfect.

Ok, thanks for reading again!! Love ya!! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Jenny
    Happy Birthday to you!!!
    I hope you have a fabulous creative and fun day!

  2. Happy Birthday to you and many happy returns.. seems like we share the same month of birthday.. yours is today.. while mine is tomorrow.. hehehehehe..

  3. Happy Birthday, Dear Jenny!~~Try to eek out some fun for yourself today, plu-eeease? Eat a cupcake or three and have a lovely lovely day!~~~XXOO, Beth

  4. Happiest Birthday wishes to you missie! xo, suzy

  5. Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!!
    xoxox Heather

  6. Hey Birthday Jenny!!!
    Happy 33d!!!!
    I am in LOVE with your Charlotte cone... and all the AMAZING swap treasures that you received!!!!
    I was so sad to not get into the Sweet and Sinister swap this year...got there too late :(
    But I gotta say I am enjoying seeing the swap trades on everyones blogs !!! So I feel like I got to participate in a way :)
    Anyhoo~ just wanted to pass on some Birthday wishes!!!
    P.S. The latest issue of Bust(with Sarah Silverman on the cover) has some photos of the event you attended~ very cool!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Hope you have a magical year filled with goodness and love. :)

  8. Hey sweets!!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    celebrate today!!
    can't wait to see ya!!

  9. Hi Jenny!
    Happy Birthday sweet girl!
    I hope you and your family have sooo much fun! I loved your post and am so glad we were swap partners. I am still enjoying my goodies from you so much and showing all my friends!
    I will send you an email soon!
    hugs! karen....

  10. Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you have a wonderful day. Try not to blow away, it is very windy outside!

    I also just adore that Charlotte cone. Very cute and Halloweeny.

  11. Happy Birthday Jenny...to be 33 again (sigh) ..Enjoy!

  12. HUGE Birthday Hugs to you, honey!!!!!
    Have a fab day and do treat yourself to some goodies:)
    Looks like what you gave and recieved in the swap was DEEE lightful! Love it all.
    Thanks again for the amazing tutorial.

    Go...enjoy your day!!!!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny!!!!!! I hope you have the best time with your siblings! Your plans sound like a blast! We are almost the same age :) I will be 32 in January. I know how you feel. I cried when I turned 30, lol!

    I dont even know where to begin with all of your fabulous goodies! I LOVE the Charlotte cone you made!!!! And the purse you received is fabulous!! I am so ecstatic that you are now selling postcards :) I will be picking some up for sure. I LOVE Charlottes. All frozen bisque dolls. They are my favs!

    I am BURSTING at the seems with excitement of receiving my orders from you :) I cant wait to see them in my kitchen. Can you give me any hints on when they will arrive at Bunny Rose Cottage?? I know you are SUPER busy with Silver Bella and tons of orders.

    Have a beautiful birthday and I will be looking forward to the detail post :) You are so cute and dont look close to 33!!

    Big Hugs,

  14. ~Happy Birthday sweet Jenny! Hope your day is fabulous!!! ~Mandy

  15. Big birthday wishes to you Jenny. Here's to many more!
    Lovin' all the sweetness here...great job on the postcards, too!

  16. Oh, Jenny...the happiest of birthdays to you. Funny, we were going to Frenchtown and New Hope last weekend, and decided to stay south and wound up in Allentown. Now I wish that we had gone north instead. I love that crow mobile! Bigs hugs to you on your birthday. Susan

  17. Lots of Happy Birthday wishes. Clarice

  18. Happy Birthday darling Jenny!!!

    I love Lambertville- many years ago I worked for a french children's clothing manufacturer and I opened up an outlet store called Petit Bateau- it was right next to the LeCreuset Outlet, so, since I didn't have kids, I bought a lot of pots and pans! I didn't actually work in the store- I was in the corporate office in Newtown.
    Enjoy your wonderful day!

  19. A very happy birthday to you! I'm 50 now, and believe me, the 30s were great!!

  20. Happy birthday! My 31st is on Monday. The best babies come in October :).

  21. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    Looks like it was a fabulous swap on both sides!

    Can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella! :)

  22. Sounds like a nice birthday, it is good to have traditions with family.

    What a fun swap, and great goodies, I am especially attracted to the pumpkin people with the raven, really cool.

  23. ohhh happy happy day my friend !!!!! hope you have a spectacular birthday!! ohhh i am so going to miss seeing you at silver bella this year!!!
    big hugs!!

  24. Happy Happy Birthday Jenny - I hope it is a GREAT one!!!

  25. Happy birthday to you! What fun stuff...I loved all the pictures!
    -Sandy toes

  26. Haapy Birthday Jenny Enjoy Your Special Day.

  27. Happy Birthday, Jenny! 33...sounds like the perfect number to be!!!! (that is, until you turn 34!!!!!!) I hope you have a wonderful year!

    Your swap items, both receieved and sent out, are all fabulous!

    I hope you were able to set the glue down today and enjoy a cupcake somewhere!!


  28. While I am a day late, I somehow managed to leave the 33rd comment for your 33rd birthday...so, Happy, Happy (belated) birthday, Jenny!!! I hope it was wonderful, and continues to be even more wonderful as the year goes by!
    Love, Tammy
    I love your Charlotte cone...she is sooooo cute in her mask!

  29. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely birthday!

  30. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!

    Loving the aqua and orange-- never would have thought it would work so well, but it's a great fall combo!

    heather from nashville

  31. Happy Birthday!! Mine is next week ;) the 29th ;) I just love your creations! Ive bought so many of them and enjoy each one! I didnt even know you had a blog, but Ive feature your things on my blog so many times, now I can link them to here too! you are so creative and each piece of art is a collectors item, my daughter ( who's 13 )is claiming them all for when she grows up and gets her first place ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents here too, I LOVE that you have mugs now and all the other things available that feature your art, I know I'll be buying them up for sure!

    Stop by when you get a minute and see how wonderful they look in my kitchen!!

    ~ Cynthia ~

  32. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.

    Very cute Halloween decorations!

  33. Happy Belated Birthday Jenny!!!!!
    Love your blog and all the eye candy :)

  34. Happy Happy Birthday Jenny!!
    I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!!
    The things you made your partner are adorable!
    So is your new kit!
    ~Cerri xo

  35. Happy birthday Jenny. I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating. The aqua fall photos are really wonderful, and so is your crow mobile!

  36. Have a FAB! birthday, your plans sound marvelous, that's my kind of birthday. The 30's are an amazing time, finally grown up but still young, the best of both worlds. I'm 45 now (boohoo) and I'd love to be 33 again but we need to appreciate & make the most of every season of life. God bless, Laura

  37. Bamsekram gumman. Vad många fina bilder. Kramis

  38. Happy birthday friend!!! 33 is a nice double number so you can have double the fun!! I adore the crow mobile - too cute for words! I have been playing with mobiles too lately...must be in the air!

  39. Aaahhh Happy Birthday sweet girl!
    Hope you had a wonderful day filled with lots & lots of birthday surprises!
    Ooohhh looky looky at your fab swap gifts, they are just amazing. You lucky gal you!
    Alison x

  40. Happy Belated Birthday! My bday was ont he 20th! We're 364 days apart! I just turned 29+3!

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY!!! I know the feeling- not sure how you feel about 33...I'll be getting there in January...yikes...not really loving it, but what the heck- still a reason to eat cake! Hope it was great! Love the crow mobile tutorial- too wonderful! looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!!! xox natalea

  42. Jenny,
    I just re-read your post..it is so sweet! Can you imagine what it was like to be little ole me ( a no-name in our art world) and get such an awesome partner as you???
    I was confident after I met you and saw your halloween goodies and taste that it would go well...but there was a moment at the beginning that I had a little knot in my tummy!
    After we had swapped, my mom said..."I think you better not do anymore swaps, you will never get a better partner!" I have to agree with her!
    hugs cute jenny!
    xoxo karen....

  43. Jenny habby Birthday to you,a little bit late, but from my heart!
    I hope you have had a wonderful day

  44. Hope you had a fun and HAPPY Birthday~~~~

  45. jENNY,



    tHANK yoU.....

    i AM gOINg TO cHeCK OUT yOUr blog RIGHT aFTeR tHIS cOMMENt. i HaVE oNE aLSO IF yOU WOUlD lIKE tO cHEcK IT ouT aS wELL.



  46. Happy Birthday sweet friend (belated) and I hope you had fun with your siblings... I think it is great that you start your holidays rolling early with a birthday fete! Yay! Have a cupcake (of course)!

  47. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I LOVE yours! You have the best pictures!

    I hope you were able to get away with your family for your PA shopping trip this weekend. That sounds like the perfect way to spend the day to me, too.

    Oh, and you can add one more to the "crazy about the crow mobile" list...Love that!

    Kimberly :)

  48. Hi Jenny!

    I just discoevred your blog and I love it! I will definitely add this to my "to follow" list. :) Happy Birthday!


  49. lordy! what a fabulous post - eye candy galore!! I LOVE your postcards and the crow mobile is fantastic too!
    belated birthday wishes
    have a great week

  50. I absolutely adore your BLOG!!! I have seen your stuff in and around my journeys and found you through Bake and Destroy's Flickr. Too awesome. Your cupcakes are unbelievable.

  51. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you have a new blog here! I've been following you when you were with aol but had trouble leaving a comment since I did not have a account. But here you are! Yea! I LOVE your work! So creative and inspiring!

  52. Well apparently it's your birthday! I hope you had a happy one. Your site combined with the music really reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I hope that is a good thing because I love Tim Burton, and I mean it as a compliment.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. It's so exciting to branch out into new projects. I look forward to seeing your new postings.


  53. Okay- so I found your blog through flickr and I love it!

    Not to sound like a total creeper, but where did you buy your black bed? I am going to be buying my first "big girl" bed come may when I graduate from college, and that is exactly what I'm going for!


    And have a GREAT birthday : )

  54. Happy Birthday- we are also October babies and wouldn't have it any other way!

  55. Happy to you...as my kids used to say...
    Better late than not at all...
    What a fabulous bunch of eye candy!

  56. Well Happy Belated Birthday! I was out of town so here I am now to wish you all the best. I linked you over to my new blog, if you so wish you may me. I just love all the yummy photos you have to view....seems like MY birthday with all the eye candy! Thanks! :)

    xoxo Molly (thatballerinagurl on flickr)

  57. Happy Birthday Jenny! Hope you had a Wonderful day! Wishing you Cupcakes & Lollipops!! Blessings~Sharon

  58. Jenny,
    This is my first visit to your new blog. Happy Birthday. OMG 33, and you have already accomplished so much. As I browsed through your flickr things (I love those bags), I thought how you two have such a signature look to all of your designs. Happy 33, the best chapters are just ahead.

  59. aha!!! so you DID move, and i found you:) i hope you had a wonderful birthday Jenny...i love all of sweet and sinister swap goodies both given and received!!! your postcards are so sweet, i found those when i was doing the CSSTeam promo thread and i think they are just adorable!!!

  60. Happy happy day to you!! 33 is really not so bad. :) Thanks for always inspiring us.

  61. Happy BELATED birthday to you Jenny!! and Happy Halloween too:)
    Love your swap goodies...soooo many lovely treats!!!


  62. Say! Happy Birthday Year to YOU!
    I could not scroll down to the next part of your post until the Birthday song was finished! heheehe AND THEN THAT music started!!!! I thought it was also for your Birthday. Then I saw the Halloween magic start!
    So Jenny, you and Aaron are young. Just think when you are 95 ( I think a very nice age for a nice couple to be together). So much to do :)
    ALL of the Swap Goodness is fabulous! ahm, I mean Scary, really scary!

  63. 1)Thanks for switching to blogger! I've been trying to comment for years :)
    2)Happy Birthday!
    3)I put you on my sidebar for your birthday gift :) Cheap, aren't I?

  64. have had a great birthday to you! 33 is a pretty good age..ahhh the thirties I'll trade you, but I'm in a good spot too so hoorah for both of us! anyways so happy to see you on Blogger..before most of the time i could rarely comment or onlyhalf of your blog would load..always a pleasure to see your eye candy!

  65. Oh I am so sorry I missed your beautiful birthday......and look at you swops and gifts, I am sitting here with my mouth open, how divine... well I have decided to go make a cup of tea, get some toast come back and really enjoy your wonderful birthday post, it is just the treat I need...Happy Birthday Jenny...may you have a wonderful week....
    Lots of birthday hugs.
    Lynn xxx

  66. Wow! There's a lot of comments here..I found you via Maija Lepore and lo and behold I see you are the resipient of my good freind Karen!! She was my next door neighbor for a few years and we keep in contact through my monthly stamp club and flea market! I loved seeing what she sent (she was feeling a little stressed too) and what you sent her! Love your blog. Come on over to my pad when you get a moment.

  67. Hey Miss Jenny,
    I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

    My youngest daughters' birthday is October 21st!

    Luvs ya bunches,

  68. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  69. I love love love the little doll!
    xoxo Birgit


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