Home Sweet Home

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Well...after a looooong time in the making...We've got a brand new Kit available!!

And despite it's cutie pie appearance...I must admit... a whole lot of deep emotion and thought went into the creation of this. First off, me and Aaron have had the basic idea of it floating around for quite some time. But it only truly started taking shape upon moving to our new home. It was then that we gained a renewed appreciation for the importance of "place". With our life & times in such a state of disarray & unrest it's essential to find your tiny slice of personal peace... A place for you and yours to settle into and fill with warmth and smiles...Home.
Home...that was our chant, our mantra, while sitting across from each other at the drawing board. And every night (very late!) me and Aar go for long walks around our neighborhood...it's our tonic for the stressful days. Well, we happen to live in very close proximity to some of the most gorgeous shore homes you will ever see. You can't help but feel dreamy as you walk past these giant sleeping beauties...these monuments of domestic bliss.
Even when we're itty bitty kids we've got this deeply ingrained sense of "home". Think about it...one of the first images you will render with your stubby little crayons is a house. And this habit doesn't end...you'll draw house after house after house during those childhood years when each and every one of us is an artist.
Anyway...like I said...this little Home Sweet Home Kit has a lot behind it! : ) But let me move on from the abstract and talk more about all the crafty details!
Pattern...and lots of it! That's the main ingredient. And all of the patterns you see are 100% hand painted by us. We love to generate our own supplies. Even though there's a wealth of fab vintage wallpaper out there in the world we feel it's our duty to put down on paper some of the designs swirling around inside our heads! We're so inspired by the world of scrap booking and wanted to do a piece of artwork that lived somewhere in between our world of sweets & collectibles and the patchworky, cut & paste world of scrapbooking. And that's what we love so much about creating kits. Because me and Aaron are essentially "painters". But when we put a kit together our paintings get taken to another level. We get to put our paintings in the hands of others...you can then cut them up...layer them...glitter them...and then our art becomes your art!
And the mechanical challenge is fun too. We kinda design in reverse when we make a kit. We design all of the elements first and then we figure out how they'll become a finished piece of art. And we think that doing it this way probably leaves more room for each individual to get something different out of the kit. Our favorite thing to see is all the unique interpretations of a kit. At Silver Bella last year we'd walk around the classroom with our eyes nearly popping out of our heads...we couldn't believe the vast range of creative outcomes produced from a single kit! That's why we'd LOVE to get Flickr group going for this new one. We included enough pattern, space, and design elements in this one for dozens of different interpretations...or you can stick to exactly the script...(Aaron is obsessive about the instructions...I keep them simple, but he wants to explain every last detail so that even if someone never crafted a single thing in their lives they'd still be able to successfully complete our kit!)
The colors are our fave palette of pale pink, berry pink, aqua, mocha, cream, bits of pale vintage green...and everything has got the warm glow of age. The kit contains everything you need to make what you see here (and definitely some tasty left over scraps!) And most importantly...it's soooo easy!! Really easy! Trust me. The base of it is a 9" x 12" canvas and the parts that appear to be 3 dimensional are just that. The banner, cupcakes, and floral panel are "raised up" with 3-D adhesive dots. I Love how those parts stand apart from the rest of the piece.
Anyway...wow, I've rambled on and on about this! It's just that I'm truly psyched and hope that this new kit will serve as the fuel for many many more to come. And also, the basics of the design have been in my head for months and I couldn't be more thrilled to see them come to fruition...very liberating! So...if you want to liberate a kit from our Etsy shop I'd be thrilled!
They're 40.00 and they'll start to ship within a week. Fun is guaranteed! You can get your's here!

And one more thing...it's really funny how things work out. Last week I was strolling through Flickr and came across the sweetest handiwork. These amazing hand sewn hearts caught my eye...each one more adorable than the next. All done by this sweetheart of a gal named Elizabeth and each heart is an ode to her personal inspirations...many of which are my very same inspirations from here in blogland. Anyway, I was so touched when only a few days after "meeting" Elizabeth I visited her Flickr pics and found a heart with the word "cupcakes" and a caption...for me!! Too darn nice!! And now...here it is in my home...and one of the finishing touches on our brand new kit was directly inspired from this little heart...the "stitching" on my little "Home Sweet Home" banner! So the inspiration has come full circle! I LOVE that!

Ok, it's super duper late...I've got more to blog very soon...namely, my Sweet & Sinister swap stuff...After opening my box from Karen I thought the Swap deserved a name change: Sweet, Sinister & Spoiled! Man...did she give me tons of fab stuff! I'll show you next time! 'til then...xoxo, Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny, love the new kit, love the house, the cupcakes, the colours...oh everything!!! Perfection...off I go shopping....Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  2. Hi Jenny, your new kit is over the top fabulous! Really you! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth with us too, her little hearts are too cute. xo, suzy

  3. I love your new kit! It is just wonderful! You guys did a great job!

  4. ooh!! I love it Jenny!! Soo adorable!! I am glad you have a new blog!! I could never figure out my password to leave a comment on your old one! lol. I hope you have a fantastic day!! hugs!! Britt :-)

  5. Oh I LOVE that collage!! That is just too sweet and it has all my favorite things, cottages and cupcakes! Perfect!

    Love the cupcake heart too, that is darling!


  6. Love the new kit, Jenny!! Those papers you designed are just perfect!!
    Michelle xoxo

  7. Fabulous kit guys! I know they'll be so popular. Between making the samples and putting it all together, kits are a whole lotta work!! Good job. :-)

  8. Darling kit! How you two get everything done amazes me! Hope all is going well!!!!


  9. That is an adorable kit! Love the cute little house.


  11. Here I am...leaving a comment on your new blog! I love that I can, now!!! No more AOL gymnastics just to say HI to my blogging friends...anyways, I adore your new kit! It's so fabulous! And I love that you and Aaron paint it all...that truly makes it stand out as an original! Looking forward to what you'll come up with next...
    Love, Tammy

  12. this sure is a Home SWEET Home !!!! Very sweet Jenny !!!! Got the package today and love it all so much. will post pics. of my lil girls space soon. Hugs, Mica

  13. Hi Jenny!
    I love the evolution of your projects..."ideas" to " fruition". :)
    I think I would LOVE your neighborhood! I LOVE HOMES also!
    Home, whether tangible or carried in our hearts, so important to us.
    Your new home kit is PERFECT! :)
    WElcome to Blogspot!!!!
    Look, I can now comment!!!! :)


  14. You're here! In bloggerland! I am so happy... you know, I could always visit you at AOL but never leave you a comment, and I wanted to so many times! This is just fabulous! Welcome!

    I'm adding you to my link list, STAT.

  15. How sweet is this, can't help but want to smile, too cute.

  16. I love the intro song on your blog. I'd love to know who she is. Karin www.karingrow.etsy.com

    p.s. I love all the sugary colors in your work. So pretty and inspiring.

  17. Hey girl,

    Loving the new kit! Such a sweet little house, and I love the idea of the cross between the artsy world and the scrappy world coming together in one great piece!

    I'm crossing my fingers that I can pick up a few of your goodies at Silver Bella. ;0)


  18. HI Jenny~ Love the new kit, so very sweet. Cupcake hearts are so cute.

  19. I just updated my link to your "new" blog. Love it, of course!!

    I also really like your music!

  20. Hi Jenny,
    I love the kit! it actually looks like my little cape cod so im drawn to it even more.

  21. Hi again Jenny! I just had to stop by and tell you that I just put up a post showing some elements of my redecorated sweet shoppe kitchen. Your pieces were my inspiration and I want you to see where they will be :) I cant wait to get them! please stop by if you get time.


  22. Oh my goodness I was only just looking at this on etsy before I came to the blog! I was drooling over it there, it is sooooo cute.
    You have both done a fab job!
    love Alison x

  23. So adorable! I have been on your blog before and I love it! Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

  24. I meant I had been on your typepad blog. :)

  25. Glad to find you on blogger....visited your Etsy store many times!!!

    You and your Hubby are so talented.
    I am just amazed every time I view your work.

    I just bought a vintage trailer and one of your pieces will look outstanding in it....The interior is all pink and black.

    I sort of spent my allowance on the trailer LOL...I do some selling too and then save to buy what I want. Your art is next on my list :)

  26. oops I guess I said Hubby.....I read your profile~Oh well..he won't mind right?

  27. LOVE IT and the new blog!


    (i didn't fall off my chair, i blew you both a big kiss!)

  28. hello darling girl-your new baby pink bear is so divine-im so glad to see your blog-singing and skipping-love jo.p.s do you want to come over to my house to play dress ups and eat fairy cake's.

  29. Hi Jenny!
    This is adorable! People will love it! hugs...karen....

  30. SOLD!! I love the whole story- it moved me! Come visit me (blog) sometime- I miss you!

  31. What an adorable kit! Too cute!

    I've been the lucky recipient of an Elizabeth heart as well, yours is just as precious as mine :)
    Aren't we lucky?

  32. Jenny,
    Your kit is SOOO SWEET!!! I seriously love it and want one! I hope you will be bringing some to Silver Bella!
    Love your new "home" and the music is very cool!

  33. Jenny, So unexpectedly, wonderfully, fantabulously honored! Elizabeth

  34. really wonderful!!! you guys rock!


  35. Hey Jenny! I'm so happy you found a new home at blogger! I could never comment on your blog before. I'm totally bookmarking your new home! Hugs, Jen

  36. Darling, darling! It's so sweet and it has this perfect "Jenny & Aaron" look about it!
    This would be the perfect gift for a housewarming...
    I just love it.

  37. um, ok...seriously??!!! What are you doing to me?? I love this so much Jenny! I hope i'm not too late...going to your shop right now. I also wanted to tell you that i've downloaded all of the songs you have on your playlist and i love them! That Sia is just blaring in my house right now. Thank you so much for constantly inspiring me!!

  38. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks so much for poppin in!
    I have admired your work on flickr for a long time and I think I saw your work in Le Petit Garage? My sister had her handbags in that shop as well.
    I love the kit...very sweet!

  39. Wow-your new kit is just lovely! You guys have such a soft painting style that I admire so much...

    Welcome to Blogger!

    Steph (0:

  40. I'm loving that new kit! The pom pom fringe is the BEST! I keep stopping by to listen to your playlist too...FAB!
    Happy Day!

  41. Well, that is just adorable, of course!

    I just unpacked my Silver Bella project from last year (a little early for Christmas decor, but heck, this thing is cute!), with the little houses and am enjoying seeing your pastel little homes. I just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I liked it and appreciate the artwork. Anyone who buys one of your Home Sweet Home kits will love it as much as I loved doing this one.

  42. Fabulous! Isn't it amazing how the littlest things can inspire and then, like you said, come full circle? Love it!
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so glad I found you too!

  43. Love your new kit!
    Hope you sell tons and tons of them!
    ~Cerri xo

  44. Jenny,
    What a sweet kit! I'm a big fan of anything "Home Sweet Home."
    Warm regards,

  45. Love it all and welcome to blogger!!! I just mentioned you on my blog, too, and tried out the link and found it's outdated! So I'm off to edit that....

    hugs! and see you soon!

  46. Welcome to blogger Jenny! It will be much easier to leave you comments now!

  47. Hi Jenny,
    I Love this so much!!! I will be following this one. I am hoping to get my blog looking as good as others.

  48. Looking at the photo, a great idea. Thanks.

    Deirdre G


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