New kid in town

As I've already stated ad nauseam...getting the AOL rug pulled out from under me was a nerve wracking experience. But I knew the cloud would have a silver lining. Right now you could say me and Blogger are in our honeymoon phase. I'll probably pepper my next half dozen posts with raves about the virtues of Blogger versus AOL. I'm just getting me feet wet here and I'm so psyched about so many of the upgrades. First of which, my favorite blogs list or blog roll...can be as long as I want it to be. On AOL I was limited. Now I've added the many that I always wanted there. Blogs I visited daily but I couldn't list because of the quantity constraints...and I've got more that I've yet to list...I'm still digging through my bookmarks. Also, the music playlist...the world map of advertisements! Tons to be thrilled about...but one thing stinks. I went back through my archives and so many of my pictures are cropped...some of them nearly in half. This is because AOL allowed me to post them in a much larger size and when transferring them over to here...Blogger automatically cut them to the biggest size that they allow. I just thought I'd let you guys know in case you scroll back through my archives and wonder why I take such crazy, off-center pictures! But enough blog talk...I really must sound so boring when I talk about a place that you guys have been living in forever. Like the new kid in town telling the locals how cool the parks and the playgrounds are. You guys have been romping around this playground for a while and you're probably quite bored of the twisty slide. Me and Heidi (my fellow AOL blogger) are thrilled to be new in town. I feel like we lived one town over...separated by a lake that we could cross...and you guys would occasionally cross the lake and come over to our small town...even though the border guards made you create all sorts of passwords just to get in! Anyway...I'm still talking about blogs...I'll stop. But just like I did when I moved into my new apartment...I'm gonna paint and hang up some things right away to get the place looking at least a bit decent. So without further's some good stuff!

I found this incredibly sweet antique stroller on ebay. I watched it for the entire, eternal week...and then, as fate would have it...the last day comes...and I wasn't home to bid...or shall I say "snipe"....The whole evening I was bummed.
To let myself down easy I told myself that it was probably going for way more than I could pay anyway...probably had about 5 snipers! So I got home and checked ended auctions...guess what? NO BIDS!! The seller did not have enough keywords I not enough views? were other collectors not home...just like me? Who cares...I was sooo excited...I emailed the seller to see if they'd re-list...they said yep!...So I waited all week again....and this time it seemed like they had even less of a description. Good news for me. I was the only bidder! got it for 29.00! LOOOVE it!! It came from P.A. It is pretty much the exact color of our bedroom walls!! (minty aqua)
Here's our princess bear taking it out for a test drive...The bear is made by the toooo tooo talented Missy Ballance. You may remember her ( Miss bear, not Missy Ballance) sitting at a piano in our old apt...years ago. She's a long treasured item in my home and I love her more than ever. Pink mohair...vintagey paper sash....and tiara. Big head...Missy is seriously one of the most creative gals around!! Alllways up to something new and I can say...she's quite possibly the Queen of cute! You have to check her blog and site out!! She is amaaazing!!

I seriously felt my hear skip a beat...and I don't think it had anything to do with mitral valve prolapse! This piece didn't screamed "Buy me Jenny!!!" I LOOOVE it so so much!! I don't buy an excess of jewelry. Every piece I buy is so carefully selected...because I'm fickle and I'm frugal. This necklace is the perfect balance of gothic glamour ...vintage...antique...kitsch. I LOVE it so much. Found it on Etsy...You must check out Lara's shop! Be sure to tell her that Jenny sentcha!!

Ok, that's it for now. Just wanted to get the ball rolling over here. I owe you guys more frequent posts...and since I'm still in the honeymoon phase with Blogger I think I'll be posting plenty!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Oh my goodness just how cute is Miss Bear in that fantabulous stroller, oohhh those photos are just so cute they make my heart burst!
    Post a plenty Missy, I want more of these fab posts!!!
    love Alison x

  2. Welcome to blogger!!!

    I just love your little princess bear--how adorable! Way to go on getting that darling old stroller too!
    Smiles, Karen

  3. Hi Jenny! I am so glad you are enjoying blogger! I really like it too as it is quite easy to use!

    I LOVE that vintage stroller! Oh my gosh! That is so cute!! And dont even get me started on that bear, lol! I NEED one! A bunny perhaps? LOL!

    And that necklace is fab! I bet it looks gorgeous on you!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Big Hugs,

  4. Welcome to your new home! I'm sure you'll have the hang of it in no time.

  5. Glad you're settling in to blogger. In the words of a very wise woman, "keep calm and have a cupcake" :) Cat ^..^

  6. Yay-Success!! (albeit at a cost with the picture problem) You and Heidi have sure had a time of it with all this but the rest of us are glad that you're here. Your stroller was a find (don't you just feel great when you get a great bargain on ebay?) and I think your little bear likes her new ride.

  7. It's a lot of fun over here at Blogger, isn't it? I love being able to put up any widget I want without having to worry about whether it's an "approved" site on AOL. Sweet!

    One thing I changed early on was going to a different template, one that is considered a "stretch" template. You still can't put up huge photos, but things look less constrained. I just chose one of the stretch ones and then adjusted my colors as to how I wanted them.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Welcome to blogger! Selfishly, I am happy because now google reader will let me know when you update. Ah...the marvels of the internets. ;-)

    I would totally be on board for a Sis Boom Winter road trip, by the way. Bring it on!

  9. hey Jenny...I'd love for you to link to Funky Finds if you'd like :) Jessica

  10. Hi Jenny! Welcome to BLOGGER!!!! It's pretty easy and fun to use. I have tried other such ones and in my 7 years of blogging still prefer this one lol.

    What a DARLING little vintage stroller shot! and that necklace...TO DIE FOR! LOVE!

    I will have to re-link you on my new blog, hope you do the same :)

    Have a most creative weekend! I have a special request for you.....would love a "stay calm and have a cupcake" in PURPLE! Let me know what you think! it is my MOST favorite color !!

    xo Molly

  11. Dearest Jenny Cupcake,
    At last you've come to a place where it is easier for me to leave a comment!! Whoohoo!! After all, it was your prompting that lead me to start my own blog sooo long ago! Bless your heart! My next post is #250 and I'm going to do a giveaway....for one of my little bears!! Missy's bear is divine, by the way. You're right, she's one talented gal! But then again, so are you.

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

  12. love the bear...Welcome to Blogger your blog looks adorable and loads up so much faster now! Yay. Hugs Grace

  13. Oh goodie! I'm glad you're on blogger now...I was having trouble leaving comments after I lost my password for I can talk away over here!
    xox natalea

  14. Love the new look, and please please please tell me the title of the song you have playing. I LOVE IT! I listened 3 times!

  15. I like your new place here! Looks great!
    I'm glad that you're liking your switch!
    ~cerri xo

  16. Welcome to blogger! Miss Bear is adorable...I collect bears too, dolls have always creeped me out. I tried to leave you comment on your AOL blog in the past and was never able to get through, glad you crossed over!

  17. la la la... Life is good, huh? Your little pink bear on the vintage stroller is so sweet! Missy makes the best! So cheerful.

    I agree with you...on all counts regarding the honeymoon with blogger! LOL, I'll even ignore the cropped photos (we could possibly edit the post and re-post the pics?). I did also notice some photos didn't even "cross over". Must have fell out of the. and now are at the bottom of the lake. LOL

    It's good to be home. Love it! Oh, and the blog list is great, too! AS many as we want!!!! Too much fun!


  18. Hey Jenny~

    I'm loving that vintage stroller, it is waaaay cool!

    Also enjoying your music, I have a lot of these songs on my ipod. It's the music I'm supposed to be listening to when I'm *supposed* to be getting my excercize!! YUK!

    oh, well... happy weekend!

  19. Jenny, I love your Princess and her new buggy is a wonderful find.. meant to be. Welcome to blogger it has worked out for me so far.
    Hugs, Diane

  20. So pleased you won the stroller on eBay, it was obviously meant to be yours!

    Victoria x

  21. Welcome to Blogger, Jenny!!! The new stroller is adorable with your sweet pink bear riding it!! LOVE the new necklace- it's just perfect!!
    Michelle xoxo

  22. P.S. Thanks for the link to Lara Lewis' etsy shop- really great jewelry!! And do you really have mitral valve prolapse? My mom has that.
    Michelle xoxo

  23. Oh, how I love that piano! And the bear!! And, wow, you've got some lucky Ebay mojo working for you! I'm always thrilled to find a listing where someone spelled something wrong, or didn't describe the item well-haha!

    And Blogger does suck with the small photo sizes, unfortunately...

  24. Welcome to your new home Jenny : ) I have only been here since the end of August, but loving every minute of it. Your sweet pink bear and stroller are the cutest. Love the black bird and cameo necklace too. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  25. Yea, blogger sucked for awhile when we were going through all the big upgrades, but for a free service, I have been 3+ years of happy with them.

  26. Welcome to Blogger...
    I know that bloglines will keep me posted on your updates now.

    Happy Weekend to you!

  27. Change is good! And I changed your link address on my blog to send people to this new site. Love the bear and stroller pics... too cute!

  28. Hey there, just me again!
    Just wanted to let you know there is a little award for you over at my blog with a meme to go along with it if you have time to pop along.
    ta ta for now

  29. hi jenny, me again.. hey can we link blogs?? let me know..

  30. Yeah! Love the blog! I will do a switcharoo update so I don't miss out on your fun things! Amy :)

  31. Welcome to Blogger!Glad you're here.

  32. Hi Jenny and welcome to blogger. I've been lurking around your blog for months now, but never post comments. Love your stuff!
    I started with the scribe layout, but found I could use larger pictures with a different layout. have you tried any of the others?
    Well, I hope you enjoy your new home and stop by sometime. I can be found at:

  33. Hi Jenny!
    Thanks so much for the blog luv! I'm so glad Princess Bear has a good home with yoU! I know she will never be lonely :)
    p.s. (If you switch your comments to allow annonymous, it will let people comment with non-blogger accts too, and you still have word verification, so spam will hopefully still be at a bare min! :)

  34. welcome to blogspot!
    i totally prefer this to AOL, but know how it SUX to have what you know taken away!


  35. I just noticed your Cafe Press Shop!!
    LolliShops will have one too...
    ~Sadie Lou
    I'm a huge Blogger fan. I was on it when it was still in beta!

  36. Love your new blog!! its been a long time since I have peaked in. Love the pink bear!! anything pink!!

  37. Congrats on the move to blogger, you will be sure to have lots of fun setting up your new space.

  38. Jenny,
    I'm a dancin, I'ma singin!!! Now I can leave comments!!! WAHOO!!! I have been a reader and fan forever and always had to email you, couldn't leave a comment! On Tuesday afternoon I'm posting some of my kitchen faux goodies, come visit! And the necklace is awesome! Reminds me of a Victorian Mourning piece of jewelry, hope that doesn't freak you out! Welcome you and Aaron to our side of the street!!! Love,Lori

  39. Um, ok...this music is A-mazing...this blog is Fan-tastic and you my dear are SA-weet!!!! Your photos are my me salivate as usual. I'm sitting here drooling on my keyboard. In my next life i want to be a fly on your wall...or just better yet your neighbor. lol

  40. I am so excited!!!!!!
    I love you guys and all your beautiful artwork so much!
    I have admired your blog for a very long time but I could hardly get it to load.
    You have inspired me so much.
    Welecome to blogger!

  41. nice work man, I appreciate it...if you agree with me, men are happier than woman, what do u think? pls. visit and leave your comments.. t. y.


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