There's a joke in the world of book publishing. When a literary agent comes across a manuscript and he reads a sentence that starts out: "And words cannot express how beautiful she was..." The agent immediately throws the manuscript in the trash. (Keep in mind that this is a literary joke, and by law it's nearly impossible to actually laugh at a literary joke. I know this because Aaron is a bibliophile and he's loaded with unfunny literary jokes : ) !!) But the point of this joke is that it's a writers job to find the words to express how beautiful the girl was. If he can't, then he's got no right submitting a manuscript. He's simply not allowed to say "words cannot express..."!
I mention this because right now it's MY JOB as a blogger, to express with words a whole lot of feelings that are virtually impossible to express with words! I'm speaking of trying to compose my response to you guys who nearly smothered me and Aar with your love and support. After I tearfully posted my last blog entry I then did like I always do: work work work and periodically take a seat at the PC to check up on comments. Over the next few days and right up until now the comments poured in...and not only were they large in number (73 and counting!) but they were large in HEART! I really don't know how to say what I need to say. My gratitude is IMMENSE, and my soul is full to the brim and ready to spill. I'm so tempted to say "words cannot express..." but as I said's my job to come up with the words...even if words alone don't seem to be big enough to handle the task at hand... I'll give it a shot. It's a daunting proposition but I shall procrastinate no more...I'll start simple, with two very common but oh-so-heartfelt words: THANK YOU!!!!
Your comments are just so so so appreciated! I know my blog posts are usually bathed in prolixity, and this last one was especially so. At the end I tried to balance out all the text with a bunch of photos of our new ornaments...but still...chatty Cathy over here! I'm honored that so many of you took all the time to read the less than pleasant post. But what's so completely overwhelming to me is that so many of you posted such straight-from-the-heart comments. And LENGTHY comments! Me and Aaron read each and every one and there wasn't a dry eye in sight. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time out of your own hectic lives to share your personal stories and for backing us up in our decisions. You guys are at the absolute top of my list for Thanksgiving. I love the simplicity of this holiday. Sure, there are lots of traditions, practices, and history that go along with it ...but I like to boil it down to it's namesake. I seriously spend the entire Thanksgiving week just thinking about all the people that I'm thankful for having in my life. It's just so great to surround yourself with family and call up friends and just let them know that you couldn't possibly get by without them. My life is small and I've always survived on my small handful of friends, family and loved ones. But this year, that handful has's as tall and wide as a mountain. And that mountain is you guys. At this point I feel like I couldn't possibly get by without you guys. I have this blog...I open my world up to you all...and in return you all open your worlds to me. By sheer volume guys make it much more difficult for me to have a truly down in the dumps day. You guys are a cure that the big pharmaceutical companies will never get their hands on. You guys ARE my Thanksgiving this year!
Last weekend was busy as I tried to stay...I kept thinking..."wow, Silver Bella is happening right now." And there I was...working 'til the wee hours in our crammed studio. As we fought to get the work done, it was further evidence as to why we simply couldn't go. We are just so so behind with our orders and those seven days out of town would've destroyed us. But still...I knew that there was a whole lotta fabulosity going on in Omaha! And the proof trickled in over the next few days. I watched as gals got back from SB and posted their pics on their blogs and on Flickr. I read the stories and saw all the smiling faces. And really, it shoulda made me sad, but it didn't. I know I made the right decision in not going...I know it wasn't in the cards this year (and thanks millions for all you guys backing me up!!) But anyway, I saw the photos of SB and I was only happy. Everybody looked like they had such an amazing time and everyone looked so gorgeous in their prom dresses! Me and Aar looked through pics all week. Aar kept saying "look at that Aussie...she's a walking smile!" He was of course speaking of Natasha Burns. I've been keeping tabs on her around-the-world voyage and it's nothing short of stellar...she will have such memories! Also, Amy Powers' hot pink wig was awesome. It was thrilling to see what a fabulously tall gal Andrea Singarella is...again, the prom dresses were amazing. Those group shots...all those frilly pastels. And the pics I saw of what was for sale had me drooling!! If you haven't already, I insist that you scour the blogs in search of Silver Bells gotta see for yourself. So yeah, My frown really did turn upside down when I saw what a smashing time everybody else had! And you amazing gals who contacted me from SB...I can't believe you thought of me in the middle of the fabulous whirlwind! Got me all teary eyed!!!

And there's something I need to say. In my last post I expressed my utter distaste for the doomsday newscasters who just love to scare us all into thinking that we are on the verge of a second Great Depression. I know that these guys and gals are paid to keep you tuning in and listening...and what better way to do that then to yell "Fire!" It's just irresponsible sensationalism in place of "real news". But, that said, I do know that there is truth to what they're saying. I do know that people are really hurting. Not just us small time starving artists who rely on our day to day retail sales. But everybody. The people getting laid off...the people who are scared that they might be getting laid off soon...the people whose retirement portfolios took a giant hit...the people who work a second job around the holidays whose hours are getting cut back. It's all of us. We all are suffering. And still...even if my own personal sales haven't been so hot. I have to be seriously grateful to have the sales that we have. In fact, I'm more thankful than ever before. Because at a time like this your purchases mean so much more. When times are financially tough you don't go and just thoughtlessly and whimsically buy stuff. You put in a little more thought...a little more care. And the fact that during a time like this I'll have any sales at all completely melts my heart! So seriously, THANK YOU! All you guys who have picked up some ornies, some of our new prints, a kit or and Aar can't thank you enough! We wish for our art to be a tonic...a bright spot in your dim day. If we can provide that...even a smidge of it...then we are truly honored to be able to do what we do.

And speaking of doing what we do. This is a brand new painting and it's dedicated to all you guys. It's simply titled : "Cupcakes". We wanted to do something that expressed just pure happiness. Nothing real story to tell. Just lots of confectionary perfection in fabulous colors stacked three tiers high. We've painted cupcakes for years and years...but this isn't a retread. This is like the perfect sweets painting that we always wanted to do. We've had the sketch tacked to our inspiration board for more than a year and finally picked away at it and got it done...over many nights when we were supposed to be relaxing, watching a movie, snacking...instead we did this. Because in the end we knew that this had tons more exponential happiness than a night on the couch. We thought this image could spread a lot of simple happiness. We're offering it in two sizes: 11" x 14"...which comes in a mat that measures 16" x 20" it's a big statement piece once it's framed. And we're doing it as an 8" x 10" matted print which is great in a kitchen or on a wall full of cake art. This is probably our favorite painting to date and we're excited that it's debuting as a matted print and is slipped in it's cellophane sleeve and ready to ship.

Also, since my last post we made so many more of our favorite paintings into matted prints. We actually reworked a lot of the paintings...perfected colors, added texture where we thought it was lacking etc... These matted prints are the first step in changing the way work. Our goal is to constantly be creating new designs, fast shipping, and splashes of total one-of-a-kinds. And the sale is still on: Buy one matted print, get your second item of equal or lesser value for half price!

Which leads me to these. Lets call these spur-of-the-moment, impulse art. The cardboard Christmas house plaques were exactly that. I surrounded myself with materials and went to work...the mica flakes were the touchstone. I'm sure you've been have a supply, an element, and you just NEED to use need to feature it front and center in a project. That's how these houses came about. I only made four and probably won't make any more...the green one is already spoken one down and three to go! The same idea goes for the new crafty take on our classic pink cupcake...I made only two of these and once they're gone that's it. But probably my favorite piece of impulse art is this cake on stage...titled: "Now showing...Chocolate layer cake!" This one is a slight departure for us as far as technique goes. Me and Aar both did this one...slid it back forth to each other across the worktable. Aaron cut out the curtain shape from a patterned paper and with a pencil he sketched on the details and gave it some definition with watercolors. It's just a simple piece but the colors and the feel of it is so folky...again, the mica flakes play a big role. Only one of these! You can find it here.

And one more thing I need to mention. We recently did this custom open/closed sign for a fabulous brand new bakery/boutique out in California named Cupcakery. We've known the owner for years and we know her style so it was easy to come up with a fitting design for her. Anyway, we had a great time doing and we know that a great open/closed sign isn't easy to come by. So this is a call to all of you bakery or boutique owners out there. We're available to do these and we can email back and forth with you...send us pics...color ideas etc...and we can come up with a fab custom design for your fab shop. Email me further inquiries. This one here measures 8" x 16" and is only super thin wood. It's two sided, hangs by ribbon and because it's lightweight wood it's perfect for if you got one of those suction cup hooks on your window. Just an idea...

Ok, it's my duty to wrap this one up. I'm eternally thankful to all of you who took the time to contact me after last post. I really wish I could email you back one by one by one...but I'd fall even farther down this pit of past due orders. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you...surround yourselves with those you love...if not physically, then spiritually...emotionally. You guys are all in my heart....XOXOXOXO, Jenny


  1. good job coming up with all those words Jenny! People who dont blog have NO clue what they're missing. Happy Thanksgiving! Im going to your "store" now to check out that christmas cake!

  2. What a dear, sweet post!! I enjoyed reading every single word on the page! Well Done!! You have the most incredible gift of putting heart to pen. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Aaron. I agree with blog friends are right up there at the top of my list of things to be thankful for this year.
    ♥, Susan

  4. My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I proceeded to tell him, "There's this really cool couple on Blogger and Etsy, they're artists and sell the most gorgeous prints... etc, etc."
    You get the picture:) I love your work, and I love the cheerfulness it brings in these not so cheerful times. Thank you.

  5. Hi guys! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! This is one of my favorite holidays too, for the very same reason as you :) I have decided this year, I am going to make a little dinner and have just my husband and my five boys and lots of Christmas movies and just be together to celebrate. Cozy up and just relax and enjoy each other.

    Jenny, you are so sweet. There is no better word to describe you!! It is no wonder you love and paint desserts!! You are such a doll and I love ya! Your posts always make my day and lift my spirits. I have been so depressed lately and I love reading your beautiful post. It helps snap me out of it, lol!

    I LOVE the new cupcake painting!! And the sigh is so cute!! I need a Christmas house painting too :) Did you get my convo about the bunny/snowman cake?? I LOVE that one!!! Okay, I will shut up now, lol!

    Have a beautiful week. Love to you both,

  6. Everything looks so fantastic, I really have an incredible craving for frosting!

    Those mica house pics are just the best. I love it all!

    So glad you are feeling a bit better. I have been trying to look on the bright side too. Last week the lay off news hit home, so things will be a bit tight for awhile. Just trying to stay busy and positive.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  7. Jenny & Aaron!
    You two just bounce back up like the vintage bunny you painted last year! How cool to see your work as prints, I just love that! I can hardly wait to see if my favorite one comes up as a print! I'm so glad you are Everyday is a Holiday, cuz Christmas in less than a month away and will pass too quickly. But YOUR art is "good" everyday!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hugs and Smiles!

  8. Hi Jenny, The feelings you've shared here come all the way from the bottom of your toes and right out through your heart! I too wanted to go to Silver Bella so badly..and meet all the wonderful friends I've made through blogging but it couldn't happen for me this year either!
    I'm taking this week to really reflect on what's important for me and my family NOW and to truly count my blessings!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Your last couple of posts have been so thoughtful and inspiring! Have a wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new prints..

  10. Jenny, how could anyone not love and support you no matter what you're doing? You're one of the nicest people I have ever met! and you are so talented :) You have a gift with words that is for sure... I could never make posts like these! So I just show lots of photos hahaha...

    I love the little open/closed sign :) I wish I could afford to buy tons of paintings.


  11. I just had a great idea!!!
    How about you guys making a children's board book with your illustrations??!!! It would be so colorful and love sweets, they love color...they would love it! You just need to think of a little story line....Oh I think this would work!!!
    You two are awesome!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    hugs! karen.... (recycledrita)
    Okay, so maybe I am hanging out too much with 3&4 year olds in my day job but it would be the prettiest, yummiest board book ever!xoxo

  12. Popping in to wish you and yours a blessed, Happy Thanksgiving, Jenny! xo Cat ^..^

  13. Woohoo! I just made an order and this is the first comment I have left though I have been a lurker for some time! I love everything you create about...cakes, putz houses, bottle brush trees. I have 2 daughters in is at school in NYC and the other is applying for a graduate degree in painting at several different schools. Good luck to you in the coming year and I can't wait to receive my goodies. Come for a visit.
    ps...these will be my Christmas gifts me!!

  14. jenny and aaron,
    wishing you both a very happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for you and the beautiful work you put out into the world!
    And Jenny, you are so cute and eloquent on your blog...I just love it! happy days to you, love and best wishes, natalea

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you Jenny and Aaron! Bloggers are the best:)

  16. Beautiful sweets! Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you & your family!

  17. Just wanted to say I just came across your blog and was blown away with your beautiful Artwork. Your Art is filled with the love and warmth of home and I absolutely adore it:-)

  18. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you have a wonderful day..


  19. What a sweet (no pun intended ;-) post, Jenny! Wishing you two a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  20. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! My pictures don't do your cupcake ornament justice but I put a picture of it and a link to your Etsy shop in my blog tonight. I'm wishing you continued success so that one day when I am rich...I can buy everything in your shop!!

  21. Jenny there is NEVER anyTHING UN unique about you or Aaron!You two are so awesome,inspirational,unique,inventive,creative and uber special~
    I mirror your sentiments though not to the same depths that you must feel on both ends the before down fall and the after good graces~
    I adore seeing all the blogging and non blogging silver bella beauties so wonderful inside and out~
    I just popped over to LOLLISHOPs to see how it was going I'm not in yet so its fun to see the Pioneers who needed to be there in the begining and your shop is so steller and perfect to be the spearhead! LOVE IT ALL!
    I usually only visit you on flickr but now I see you've moved blogs and YEAAh I can leave a msage here~
    I know you've been out for a while but I haven't so it's news to me and good news infact~
    I keep thinking the most possitive thoughts and have an affirmation board/visualization board...I had given to my Spirit sisters but think the world may need them,,,,it keeps me focused on abundance balance and harmony in all phases of my life...I love Louise Hay and she made a point of it decades ago not to watch the news...I get flack from the hubby that I don't know what's happening in the world. oh well I watch oprah,listen to NPR when I can I see the Very LOCAL news and cut to my own commercial when it's not appropriot...occasionally...
    I just went to the LOUISE HAYS YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE...confrence SO I am very possititve LOL...
    SHe says FORGIVE, LOVE yourself,BE GRateful, BE appreciative and then the you ask and the miricles will happen...SO listening to you... you already do these to some degree...just keep up the good work~
    I am so In love with your art! I am hoping to purchase some items soon for presents for my 2 sisters
    YOu have thier style and so many others that enrich so many lives with your art!
    I am now putting a few of your items on my wish list too.
    I need to go Declutter the kitchen and check on the twins they've gotten too quiet..I think the milk was put up high but not sure they like to fill the cereal bowls to the top~ Yikes~

  22. its hard not to say those words haha I think I said them more then ever when people were visiting my blog and giving me a heart warming message when I was going through loosing my home! but you my dear said it wickedly awesome!!! I love your shop things I was checking it out last night! I am falling in love with the putz houses!!! super duper cute!! big hugs


  23. You are too much!!!! I love all that I am's too darn much!! Can't wait to hear all the Silver Bella Buzz. Hope you had fun...xoxox Jennifer

  24. wow!!! what a delightful piece of you and aaron...i thought about you that whole weekend and prayed you had joy and heart was so sad...i am so happy to read your post and your blog for that two are amazing...sweet as sugar...for sure.

    i did ask a question about one of your prints i love the vintage 50's wife pulling out the cupcakes from the oven...did you have any that are still on wood or just prints as you wrote? i just thought to ask before i purchased...thank you your work is

  25. So glad I found you again--and glad you have a larger FONT! :-) Hope y'all are well!

  26. I stumbled upon you on Etsy or maybe found you from someones blog...can't remember but YOU TWO ARE FREAKIN TALENTED.

    Lollishops is open and for some stinkin reason....I am the only one who cannot shop.

    Soooo,I will have to purchase from your etsy shop....I finally got my vintage trailer!!! Your great art will be featured and showcased in my little vintage beauty :)

    Off to shop your store~ Hugs,Pawsh Poodle

  27. Hey cutie pie! You are so sweet and I hope you and Aaron and Carlos had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    I so wished I could have met up with you guys but totally understand about you not being able to come to Silver Bella. It would've been nice to see you in NYC, we went to two out of three Mangnolia Bakeries, and talked about you guys the whole time we were in there, LOL!
    Hahaha so cute what Aaron said, I will tell my hubby that when he tells me I am a grump!
    Big hugs to you guys xoxo

  28. im trying to decide which art piece to order! So much to choose from and they are all so lovely

  29. Just started to follow your blog as a link of Shorehouse Chic. I feel like I know you. I can't even turn on the news or read the papers anymore without feeling some kind of panic. Although my family is somewhat secure and I do try to blog in an uplifting way, there is no doubt that more and more people are suffering economically, people who were thriving finacially months ago. My heart goes out to you, my newfound friend, and although I blog about minor incidentals as catastrophic, that does not mean that I am not subject to the BIG issues. Let's hope for our big change come January. Jane

  30. Hi--I love your art; i look at your blog now and again. I just thought you might be amused to know there is a word that means "impossible to express with words"--ineffable. (I actually like literary strange as that is!)

  31. Jenny,
    it seems like forever I have wanted something of yours to make my kitchen complete, but as you previously posted this year has been hard. I read your last post and my heart went out to you. Right now were wondering if my husband will be layed off and I still am unable to work due to spine surgery from a rear end accident. Well sugar hopefully 09 will be better by a mile my kitchen will get repainted and I can finally adorn its walls with your works of art! I wish you and Aaron tehbest in 09 and a side trip to Silver Bella too!!! Sending love,Lori

  32. Love all of your beautiful pieces and your positive attitude! You kids are the best! Hugs! Amy

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  34. I never tire of looking at your sweet happy art. The colors just sing to my soul and fill me with happiness :) I hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season so far :)

  35. Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely message. Reading your previous blog I can totally agree with what you are saying, it is exactly the same over here. For months the news has been all doom and gloom saying we will go into recession, well we've been in one for ages! You just wish they would shut up and let people spend some money then we wouldnt be in a recession!!!!! My heart goes out to all self employed people especially artists and crafts people. I had a gallery till three months ago but all this just finished it off, mind you I have more time to get on with my own work now so hey maybe it was for the best but there are lots of great little shops going under and we just wont have the nerve to ever jump in again.
    On a lighter note your artwork is as usual stunning, popped in your etsy shop and wanted to buy it all! Hope to buy something after christmas when I get some money, got my eye on one of the little houses. See you again soon Love Jane xxx

  36. Hi guys, I emailed you through Etsy Convo and am wondering if you could email me back asap???
    Thank you,

  37. I like the pink with the black top hats. :) I've always wanted to go with a pink and black top hat and tails-themed New Year's Eve party. :)

  38.'s all so beautiful, perfect and totally you! HEre's to a New Year, New directions and NEw opportunities and success for both you and Aaron!!!!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. omg ! really nice !
    i DO love your artworks !!
    really creative !

  41. I've come across your work on etsy before and wondered if you had a blog! Desserts have never looked so yummy :).


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