I hope in the future I won't always have to start my blog entries and emails with apologies for not writing sooner. Imagine that?!...that will be a wonderful world to live in! This time of year always has me busy, and it's hard to find time to post, but even by my own lax blogger's been a while! So once again: All Apologies for the delay!!
Fortunately, there is an upside to my current madness and all-over-the-place-ness. If all goes as planned this will finally be only a "temporary" predicament. As I said on previous posts, I'm changing the way I do business. Once and for all we're gonna try to get out of the always-behind-schedule-hole we've been living in. Me and Aaron are phasing out all of the totally handmade, made-to-order stuff and replacing it with ready to ship matted prints, batches of already made artwork, one-of-a-kinds, shop updates, etc... We just know it will work and that the future will provide those work-free moments we've been craving for so long.
And what I'll do with those work-free moments! But voluntarily. On new stuff, on blog stuff, on swap stuff. Stuff that doesn't keep me up all night sweating bullets. You guys all know the drill I'm sure. You've got the work you MUST do...and you've got the work you WANT to do. So right now I'm just in the sloughing off phase. I'm trimming the fat and laying out the groundwork for the brighter future. That means I'm knee deep in older orders while trying to get the new stuff off the ground. But soon the older orders will be gone and they won't come back...we'll only have new orders, new work, and new art!
I'm imagining the illustrations you'll always see in the newspaper around New Years. 2008 is represented by a cane wielding, hunched over, long bearded, very old man...while 2009 is personified by a fresh faced, rosy cheeked, infant with a tiny curlicue of wispy hair atop his cherubic head. It's such a perfect way to illustrate a new start. Right now me and Aar are still totally in the hunched over old man phase...with the weight of our past bearing down heavy on our bones. But soon...POOF...that rosy cheeked little chubby baby will take over and the future will be ours to discover and to own.

And speaking of future...I'm sure a lot of you are already hip to what the future looks like...and I'm sure you know the name of it as well...but it case you haven't I'll spill the beans here: LOLLISHOPS! It's not just a brand new place to's THE new place to shop! The tagline is: "a frou frou friendly marketplace" and it's all that and more. It's like Etsy but with a whole lot of editing... and a super personal extended community....there's a Blog and tons of interactive stuff going on. If you go over there click on the link named'll happen upon an endless supply of featured projects with detailed instructions, supply sources, artist profiles...It's really a big time, multi layered, artistic outlet and community and even though it's a newborn, still in it's swaddling clothes it has the feel of a well oiled, fully formed entity. And like I's edited...It's purposely niche. And it's my kind of niche. The gal behind it is Sadie Lou and she is dedicated and passionate. I've known her for a while now and from minute one I got a very clear sense of how seriously she takes the plight of the artist and the marketing of their art. There really is no better person to helm the art ship. She's a tireless advocate/promoter/watchdog and all around supporter of art and artists. So when she let me know about this idea she'd been cooking up...this little place called Lollishops...I told her I was onboard for sure. Fastforward a few months and Lollishops is launched. Sadie Lou's idea is not only's big and it has the potential to be HUGE! I'm so thrilled to be one of the artists onboard. You have to make some time, click over there, and shop til you drop. Or, if you're so inclined, join the artistic ranks and set up a Lollishop of your own. I'm super duper psyched to be the featured artist on the Lollishops homepage today. See what I mean about Sadie...we didn't ask to be featured...she decided to promote us all on her own. And she's a mind reader....or to be totally blunt and dare I say, a bit tacky...she's a wallet reader. She knows mine is empty and that I've still got Christmas shopping to big thanks to Sadie for putting some wind in our holiday sails/sales!!!

And speaking of Lollishops...we've got a SALE going on over there ...and also on Etsy . These 5 x 7 mini plaques are a big part of our future artistic output. We've been making batches of them and they've been moving as fast as we've been making them. I just love this size. They're almost like postcards made of thick wood. We were able to shrink down a lot of our artwork to fit perfectly. Many of our paintings seem like they were born to be this size and some images that we've grown used to, now seem to have a brand new vitality. So the sale we're having is 72.00 for any three shipping in the USA...(regularly 28.00 each) We think they just look fab when grouped together so we figured we'd have a sale to encourage multiple purchases. A whole wall of these would be awesome. And we plan on doing a 5 x 7 version of all of our future paintings...that way a collection can grow indefinitely. I can't wait to paint new paintings!...but like I said, we're still in our old old man phase and we've not yet earned the time to put brush to canvas.

And now I just want to express my uttermost appreciation for all of your heartfelt comments that you leave me on this here blog! Every time I sit down to post a new blog entry I pull up the last entry so I can just refresh myself with what I last said and what you guys said last. Wow, I'm all teary and warmed all over again from reading your comments. I wish I could respond individually and I wish I could answer every query but I'm simply unable...maybe the Baby New Year me will be up to the task. Often, I'll get questions asking if a piece of artwork is still available...sometimes I don't answer but right away I'll make sure to re-list the item if I can. So just check our shops often to see if stuff is there that wasn't there before. But like I was saying....your comments. I'm really warmed all over knowing that so many of us are on the same page. We're weathering this crummy storm together and keeping positive. And I've taken the advice that many of you had passed on and I've turned off the news. Since the election is over we've all turned off the news. So now those talking heads can spout off about the bad economy all they want....they're just so many solitary trees falling in the forest. Maybe they don't even make a sound. We've replaced the news with music and random TV...sometimes Lifetime movies, sometimes forensic cop shows, cold case files, old Law & Orders (though we've seen 'em all)...but like I said before...we don't actually WATCH any of it...we've got our eyes on our work...the TV sound in the background is just to move the day along quicker. It's amazing how much our culture is in love with crime and all it's accoutrements. Me and Aar are totally guilty as charged and can't get enough of the stuff. Aar takes it a step further and reads crime fiction. Well he reads ALL fiction but lately he's hard on the crime kick...the vintage stuff. The Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett type stuff...private detectives...trench coats...dames... golden age Hollywood. Anyway, I talk to a lot people...artists, crafters , and all around lovers of pretty stuff. And I think it's so funny that we all pass the time of day with crime. I guess it's just the ultimate in escapist entertainment. Since we're all so far removed from it we can watch it and listen to it in total safety. Although the subject matter is decidedly negative it just rolls off our backs as we render things pink and glittery and whimsical. I'm not philosophizing here and I've got no moral to extol about our society's desensitization toward violence etc...I just think it's funny.

So, I guess I'll sum up and make sure to post again soon. The holidays have come way too quick and we're working hard to get through them in one piece. This year is extra special over here on the family front. Aaron's brother and his wife are at this moment over in China adopting their new baby girl. They emailed us pics but I don't want to post them until I get permission from them. I've posted pics on this blog of their son Adam (our favorite nephew)...well he's gonna be the big brother. For the past couple of months he's been pointing to a globe and telling us "Dian Dian is from here!" and he points directly at China..."Dian Dian is my sister!" he says as he holds the printed out photos of her. We can't wait to smoosh the both of 'em together. Mom and Dad arrive back home with Dian Dian on the day after Christmas so the festivities will be delayed and stretched out a bit for us. Aar's parents can't wait to see their new granddaughter. So yes, things are all up in the air over here but for a good way! I really can't wait to post pics! I hope all you guys are well and that you're all spreading joy and love to those that matter most in your lives. We've got stormy weather here in was supposed to be snow but we got nothing but rain and a bit of slush. I was sorta wishing for a snow day. Alright, hope you all are keeping warm!

I LOVE you all to bits! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Jenny and Aaron!!!
    So glad to hear you guys are alive and well. Sounds like you have a refreshing attitude for the new year. Happy Holiday's!!!
    Cheers to 2009!

  2. Glad to see things are going better. You've actually cheered me up and now I'm looking forward to New Years!
    I hope the vintage crime books,trench coats,dames and all,inspire new artwork from u and Aaron (hint,hint).
    Have the best holiday ever, B.Suzanne

  3. I'm looking forward to "that rosy cheeked little chubby baby." :-) And wishing you much luck in your new endeavors!

    What a rainy mucky day we had here on the Jersey Shore, huh?! I think we were ripped off...would it have killed the skies to drop off a few white flakes on our doorsteps? ;-)

    Happy, happy holidays!
    hugs, Laura

  4. Ohhhh sounds so exciting, all of it!!! Big holiday hugs.xop

  5. Stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas! Love seeing all the great eye candy as always...

  6. Hi Jenny! It sounds like you're taking your art in a very smart'll take some pressure offa you two but still be super popular with the buyers. I'm excited for you! Your little nephew there just couldn't be any cuter! You all are going to LOVE lovin' on that new baby, too. Happiness abounds! Happy Holiday wishes to you and Aaron. xoxo, jen

  7. Wow! Wow!
    Your post couldn't have come at a better time for me. I have been feeling like I have been living under a rock! I feel so distant and sort of alone.
    My head is always down and my fingers are always tap-tapping away at this blasted keyboard.
    I'm not having as much time to craft and create and share with everyone which is making me CRAZY!
    Next year, after LolliShops 2.0, I'm seriously going to take some time to make some goodies.
    I'm going to craft some stuff for Valentines Day for sure! Our ad comes out in January in Somerset Life! Yay!
    I can't wait to see that--so excited.
    Jenny, you are still one of my main inspirations--you and Aaron are a creative force to be reckoned with! I only wish I could think of more ways to promote you two!
    I love you and I appreciate every, single word of this post.
    Here's to next year!
    Hip Hip!

  8. Lovely, the Christmas ornament house is Wonderful!
    Sending Season's Greetings!
    Sandra Evertson

  9. Have a fabulous Christmas with your nephew and new niece. This will be a fantastic Christmas for my family this year with the new arrival of my little nephew 3 weeks ago!

    All the best for 2009

    Victoria xxx

  10. Just stopping in to wish you a happy Christmas. I am loving all the goodies in your Lollishop and look forward to treating myself with a new piece soon! (((hugs))))-Jenny

  11. Merry Christmas guys! :) and even though you may not post often, when you do it is a nice read!

  12. Hi Jenny! You sound so happy and positive! I am so glad :) Your nephew is an absolute doll!!!!

    I LOVE forensic shows, lol! I am a bit obsessed!

    I cant wait to get my artwork and to see what you put out in the new year!!

    Big hugs and Happy Holidays,

  13. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!!


  14. Dera Jenny and Aaron,
    It's always inspiring to read your blog. Hope everything goes as planned and you have more time to do the things you love!
    I'm off to look at Lollishops now (the only thing holding me back is the extremely bad exchange rate...and my husband!)
    Have a great Christmas!

  15. Can't wait for the re-birth ;) I love everything you do Jenny! I need to get some more stuff ordered before its gone!!!


  16. Oohhh I'm loving that little chubby cutie!
    I've been hearing a lot about Lollishops lately, sounds fab.
    Well wishing you a very Happy Holiday time and sending love & happiness for the New Year.

  17. Jenny and Aaron- wishing you both a beautiful holiday! have fun, try to do some well-deserved relaxing and laugh lots!
    Merry Christmas, xox, natalea

  18. How fun to see the new direction. And even more exciting to know you'll have a little more "play" time! Play as in creative play! I loved seeing that Sadie had featured your shop on front page LolliShops! Your shop is adorable! I'm hoping after the holidays I'll have some time to add to mine. Just NO time now.

    Wishing you and Aaron a very Merry Christmas! Hugs, Heidi

  19. Merry, Merry Christmas Jenny Cupcakes!! Oh, and Aaron too, of course. :o)

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

  20. Jenny and Aaron,
    Happy Holidays to a adorable and sweet couple! Love,lori

  21. Love your artwork! Happy New Year blessings to you & yours. Best wishes for a prosperous 2009!

  22. First of all..luv ur artwork!!!!
    My brother and sis in law adopted a baby girl from China over 2 years ago. I cannot imagine our family without Lainey, who is now 3 She was just here visiting for Christmas and we luv her to pieces. Blessings to your family and their new addition!

  23. Congrats on your LolliShop feature!
    I hope you are both having a beautiful holiday!!!

  24. Hi Jenny and Aaron!!!!! I just had to come back and leave another comment :) When I got up this morning, and I saw all of my beautiful new cake art hanging in my kitchen, dining rooms, I just felt so warm and happy inside! It really brightened up the rooms and just lookd so beautiful! Thank you so much, you two are the BEST! Thank you so much again for all of the beautiful gifts! I just cannot believe your generosity! You both have been the BEST to work with. So sweet and caring and that is so appreciated!

    Can I special order a 5x7 plaque with all the holidays and the paper mache bunny on it?

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us. You truly make the world a happier place!

    My husband is out of town and my boys have been QUITE the handful today. So I didnt get a post up today :( But I plan to tomorrow :)

    Love and hugs to you both! Happy New Year!

  25. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on a beautiful new niece! I think it is so awesome that they adopted a child. I hope to adopt a daughter in the future. Bless them for helping a child in need!

    Mush love,

  26. Hi, sorry to keep posting, lol! I put the boys to bed and I got a post up. I would LOVE it if you would come by and see your beautiful pieces in my little cottage :)


  27. Hello Jenny!!

    Wow! I love Lollishops!! I need 3 of those bags & then some. What wonderful gifts they will make.

    Now back to reading your blog!

    Take care.

  28. Past Christmas and on to welcome that Baby New Year!

    Just had to sympathize and let you know I so feel your pain on the blogging thing! When I am posting often, I truly enjoy it....BUT when business picks up and my one woman show gets overwhelmed, it is the very first thing to suffer!

    Even if you don't post as I often as some, I still always enjoy my visits (and it reminds me of those post cards I meant to buy from you guys before Christmas.....must get on that!)

    Congrats on the Lollishops feature- I love that place!

    And a Happy New Year to you Both! It's going to be a good one, I can feel it....

    PS- your nephew is such a cutie patoodie!

  29. Just poppin' my head in to wish you a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  30. O I hear your pain. I had to take a break from blogging over the holiday months. Just to much going on. I'm back and happy to see that you are as well. Your shop looks great (love the cupcake signs). If you can get TCM (Turner classic Movies) channel, you should watch it whislt you work. Those old movies are soooo inspiring to have playing in the background while creating vintage and retro works of art. I swear if they took it off the air I have an eternal creative block !
    Happy New Year and 3 cheers for that big fat squeaky clean baby replacing the ole crippled man.

  31. Jenny~
    Just stopping in to wish you and Aaron a happy and PROSPEROUS 2009!
    Your work is just the yummiest!
    Dawn @ 4:53 am

  32. Oh Jenny, I'm so glad you found me because now I've found you! Just spent an hour reading your blog and loved every single moment of it. I now will become an avid reader. Thank you, thank you!


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