Hello 2009!

I know it sounds like blasphemy coming from me, (in regards to the name of this blog and all...) but...The Holidays are officially over!! That span of days from December 24th through January 1st is an epic long journey. Not a bad journey...just a long one, filled with lots of extraordinary eating and strange sleeping habits and social curve balls (namely, going to a New Years party at my sister's place clad in pajamas because all the guests are immediate family, and then finding out that her boyfriend's parents are coming, whom I've never met...and it stinks to meet people for the first time while wearing PJ's and sans my trademark braids...my hair was in a bun!!) ...but come January 2nd it occurs to you all at once that the journey is over and it's back to real life. And you realize that the return to reality is just the tonic you've been needing to rid your body and soul of the 2008 blues...(actually it was just a food-hangover!)
Here are some close ups! (these are pics not scans...just thought I'd mention that! Your print would be wayyy crisper!)
Every year at this time me and Aaron get this creative urge that can't be ignored and we must conquer a new painting A.S.A.P.! It's like a test to prove to 2009 that we are still artists and we've got brand new fresh ideas...2008 is over and in 2009 our brushes will be bigger, better, and more bountiful! So we pulled a couple all nighters and by the wee hours of January 4th we had this brand new painting completed, made into prints, matted and framed. "Kitchenology 1"...It's going to be the first in a series. And you can probably already see in your mind's eye what the rest of the series will look like. We were in a very British mood when we designed this one...heavy on the tea, fun color, and lots of pattern. The future will bring some classic baking implements and vintage kitchen essentials. We are big into vintage tea towels and the look of this piece also has the feel of a visual teaching chart...hence the name. It's available in 11 x 14 (in a 16 x 20 mat) and 8 x 10 (in an 11 x 14 mat). So that's what's new for us in the New Year! Now in our shop! 

This sweet lil fella was handmade by SWEET friend Chels of
PaperCakes on etsy! You totally need to pop over to her shop! Sooo much sweetness!! :)

Now let me touch on some highlights from the epic holiday journey...and you'll be happy to see that I've got some photographic support to back up my narrative. I guess I'll start with some pics of my holiday decor...this way you'll have a bit of a visual backdrop. We really didn't have time to go all out this year so the pics are few and tightly shot. Our new livingroom is a bit tiny so our tree is kinda crammed between our mantel and a big TV cabinet. I didn't realize until it was too late that I never snapped a pic of our wrapped gifts under the tree (and plus this year, the gifts were wrapped in a hurry. I told everyone that my chihuahua Carlos wrapped them while riding a bike!) But I do have a pic of the wrapping paper and tags that we used. (And you'll notice the introduction of RED into our theme and you may have noticed it in our new painting up above.) Also, I love that feather wreath...I added the bells... it hangs on the door to my livingroom. Yes, my livingroom has a door, which is weird. We were going to remove it when we moved in but we found that it serves a practical purpose when we leave Carlos home alone. He feels more secure when he doesn't have free roam of the whole apartment. So we close the door and he snuggles up on the couch for the duration of our absence. I've included a pic of how he snuggles up in his pile of blankets.

OK, the logical progression for this holiday re-cap seems to be a show and tell of my gifts. So many are Etsy finds which were made possible by my sister Missy and Aar's grandmother and Aar's mom Barb (aka, the best mother-in-law-on-the-planet...I-dare-you-to-challenge-this-proclamation!) That teeny tiny aqua pitcher, though it's small in stature, it still has the ability to knock me out! Also, you guys all know and love Cakespy, aka Jessie Oleson. I've finally got my hands on an original piece from her. Her imagery of sweets and their little fantasy world is just unbeatable...I know she's not in confectionary competition...but if she was, Jessie would be the cupcake champion of the world! And in keeping with cupcakes...holy cow! this embroidered cupcake flour sack towel is too sweet for words...it's by ChicBabyRose on Etsy. And this cupcake photo print is something I've been wanting forever...I'm still looking for the right frame for it so this pic is from the Etsy listing...love it! It's by Amy Nieto. And last in this department is this amazingly rendered typewriter artwork...it's by etsy seller Tabidesigns ( tabitha emma). This piece is where me and Aaron meet esthetically...the perfect crossroads. He is typewriter-literary-man-parchmenty-old, and I'm cute-little-birdie-aqua. Again, I'm still looking for it's perfect spot in our home so this pic is from the artist's page.

Alright, I've touched a girl's sense of style...her home esthetics. Now I'll move on to her sense of touch & scent. I've been dying for a boatload of bathroom stuff that smells totally edible and feels amazing on my skin. I just thought that going to the mall for my bath products is just so 5-years-ago. And although the products from Philosophy and their ilk are superb...I decided that I'd take a sampling from a couple of the "little guys" on Etsy...being that I'm a "little guy" on Etsy. Plus, we all know that the "big guys" get all their ideas from spying on the "little guys"! And in some cases the "little guys" have actually defected from the ranks of the "big guys" and now they've started their own tiny companies. So I bought from two of 'em. First, Mad City Soap LLC. a few products...Shower Parfait Cream Soap in Fresh Marshmallow scent...just used it this morn...Fabulous!!! And then Whipped Sugar Body Scrub in Marzipan scent and Marshmallow scent...awesome as well!! The fresh Marshmallow scent is by far my fave but I recommend the Sugar Scrub over the Parfait Cream Soap because the fragrance is much stronger and sticks with you throughout the day! And the product I'd been most anticipating: Whipped Sugar Body Scrub..."Pure Grace" type...meaning it mimics "Pure Grace" by the aforementioned Philosophy. And it mimics it well!! I've coveted my sister's tub of Pure Grace since moving nextdoor to her and I swear that this is a dead ringer and then some...at a super fraction of the price! I can't wait to go over to my sisters to compare them side by side. I started with the smaller 4 oz. tub and I'll certainly be grabbing the 11 oz. as soon as I run out. I will always keep this in stock...same goes for the Fresh Marshmallow scrub. I figured I'd give my honest reviews...I highly recommend these!

The Next product line I picked up is GudonyaToo. I bought from two companies so I could compare the two and because I don't feel like being a simple Dove girl anymore. GudonyaTOO has a product called Whipped Clean foaming body wash which I got in a few scents: Island Coconut, Cotton Candy, Tahitian Vanilla (think vanilla with tropical flowers) So the GudonyaTOO Whipped Clean is very similar to the Mad City Soap products but I'd say that the scents of the Mad City Soap stuff sticks with you longer and my skin feels a bit more moisturized with the Mad City Soap. But it's really a matter of personal taste. Some gals don't want the scent to stick around all day. Another thing I got from GudonyaTOO is their Gudonya Whipped Shave, foaming shave cream in original Almond scent. It's super fab. Aaron loved it. He shaves his entire head in the shower with a regular disposable razor (yeah, it sounds nuts...no mirror! but he's been doing it for so long that it's second nature.) It's a cream that foams up...you use a tiny dab and it covers a lot of manscape. Aar said he's never had a smoother shave and he even used a dullish razor! So I highly recommend that one. I've got even more stuff on the way and I'll be sure to fill you in on those once I've tested them out.

Ok, scent & touch are taken care of and now I'll focus on Feet. My friend Rob once got this advice from his Granddad: "The two most important things you'll buy in your life...a good mattress and good shoes...You spend half of your life in your bed and the other half on your feet." I don't think I'm quoting him exactly but you get the gist. My sweet little brother Walt got me a pair of classic red Converse Chuck Taylors. Notice the bits of red that are creeping into my life...our art, our giftwrap, and now my shoes...this is only the beginning...Valentines is fast approaching and the red will be in full effect. Anyway...back on track... A while back I suggested to Walt that he'd look fab in Chucks. And I was right...he got 'em and he looks awesome. So he returned the favor and got me these. I wanted them for a while but I never ever buy stuff for myself so these were a perfect gift! Also, the above mentioned Barb (best-mother-in-law-on-the-planet) got me these Crocs...they're called Troika's. I love 'em. The uttermost in comfort. I feel barefoot but better than barefoot. They're a winter version of Crocs and I can't recommend them enough. I want Aar to get them too. He tried them on in the store, our local Wegmans, the greatest grocery store on earth... but he said he wasn't too keen on how they felt on his feet...well on his left foot anyway. He's got nerve damage there from the car crash...a constant pins and needly feeling. So the better-than-barefoot sensation is kinda lost on him. But I told him he's just gotta get used to it and he'll probably like them better than any shoe he wears. Alright...the shoe department is closed...we'll now move on to jewelry!!

First I'll mention the Betsey Johnson ring...a gift from my brother Jay!! He knows me soooo well. I love love love it! He doesn't think he's a good gift giver but he's great at it! He got Aar a bag and or manpurse and Aar loves it! Aar carries a stack of books with him everywhere he goes and now he's got a sturdy bag in which to keep them. Anyway, back to the ring...it looks like an adorable little wrapped gift but it could also be a petit four...because I got a look at the Betsey collection in Macys and the ring right next to this one was a cupcake. So she's either going for a birthday party theme or a sweets theme. Either direction is perfection in my book. So this is a fab fab gift! And then these two amazing necklaces I picked up on Etsy. First, the handmade "blue rose locket"...made from vintage findings, by etsy seller: botanicalbird
...too cute! I'm searching for the perfect pics of Aaron and Carlos to put inside. Next, the "Montmartre necklace" made by etsy seller: mylavaliere, featuring my all time favorite line: JE T'AIME PLUS QU'HIER MOINS QUE DEMAIN...which translates to: I love you more than yesterday less than tomorrow. Why is it my fave? Well, when I was a little girl of say 9 or 10, my mom had a little stained glass "thing"...it was soldered and looked like a little book. It sat on my mom's windowsill and the sun cast through it. For an entire summer I used to laze around and hang upside down on a piano bench and say the line with "perfect 9 year old French pronunciation"...I vowed to have it memorized...probably thought I could insert it casually into conversation...or I could say it while walking down the isle in the grocery store and anyone who overheard me would certainly think: "hey, a little French girl just walked by!"

Ok, gifts are over for now. Now, another sort of gift. Good friends and good customers are life's gifts. And this gift is our friend Amy Elise holding her Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake painting. We were only doing it in Pink or Aqua but we did a special order for a special gal. She wanted red. Here she is modeling it fabulously...how adorable does she look?!...really! She plans on hanging it up where that big clock is currently hanging. It was fun to do but tough to do. The color Red is not cooperative. It takes a zillion coats to get it solid looking...and then to paint white letters over it is a pain. But all that was erased once Amy sent this pic. Love it!

Next, holiday eating! Namely, Bobby's Burger Palace. And the "Bobby" is none other than Iron Chef Bobby Flay. He opened up a location five minutes away from where we live. His roots are in my area so it's fitting. I believe his mom lives like 15 minutes south of us. Best burgers ever! You look at a wall menu when you walk in...pay at the register...fill your own drinks...and then they bring your burgers and fries out to you. It's cafeteria style seating, so it's kinda like everyone is sitting side by side at the diner counter. A Flickr friend of mind commented that the outside of the building kinda looks like an arcade...so right...also, isn't it cool how the logo looks like a burger? Anyway, yup, those are potato chips piled way high on the burger. Bobby believes that all burgers should be "crunchified" meaning...add some chips. It was perfect. You just smash the burger down and take a big crunchy bight. My sister Missy is a "genius". She ordered a Black and White Malted. Go to Bobby's Burger Palace when one opens in your neck of the woods!! Sadly, it was my first and last visit for a while. My New Years diet is in effect and that place and it's kind are strictly off limits for some time! boo hoo!

And lastly....and certainly not leastly!!! Our new niece Dian Dian, aka Dee Dee! We are so psyched! She and her parents (Aar's brother Jamie and wife Angela) got back from China the day after Christmas. They had been emailing pics back home for the duration of their time in China and we were oooohing and ahhhhing every day! We all got together at Aar's parents house on New Year's day and she was scrumptious!! Her big brother Adam is taking to her fabulously...opening up her gifts for her and showing her! The little girl likes to EAT! She goes from chicken noodle baby food straight into a big chocolate chip cookie and back again, without a pause for thought. We can't wait 'til she's ready to be babysat. Right now she's only bonded with mom and dad, so she needs some time. Think about it. We all look so weird to her I'm sure...and we're speaking some strange dialect! She's been keeping her parents up all night but on New Years she was perfectly behaved. She took to Aaron easy because he looks like her father. That's also how Aaron made such close friends with his fave nephew Adam...a couple weeks ago Adam's Daddy told Adam that he and Uncle Aaron were brothers...and Aar swears you could see a look of recognition and realization come over him.
So now we've got a new niece! Can't wait to keep you guys updated on her development. I can't wait 'till her mom can put her hair in little braids!!

Alright....wow, what a looooong post! I really didn't think I had it in me! Let me just say how much you guys mean to me and thanks so so much for all your happy new year wishes!! It will be a happy year! I look forward to seeing how it goes for everyone!
xoxo, Jenny!!!


  1. Jenny, your tree is just gorgeous...i don't know how you could bear to take it down...i would want to look at it every day...i was very interested to read your reviews on the body care products from etsy, i don't pamper myself enough, i will have to check out that shop...your new niece is totally adorable!!! what a cutie pie:) i am very excited because i just ordered a little something for myself at your LolliShop... i can't wait to see it in person, i have been visiting it since it was listed:)

  2. Jenny! It's going to take me days to visit all the Etsy shops for your gift/products mentioned! I had to laugh at Aaron shaving his head daily in the shower with the manly whipped shave cream! I'll check that out; my Mark shaves his head daily the same way! And quite a picky shaving cream guy, so maybe this cream will work!

    New to 2009...a new print! Love it, as I mentioned on Flickr! It's going to be fun to watch what follows in that series! And I can so relate to painting light on dark colors...'nuff said there!!!! But Amy is so darling with the sign, I agree, you quickly forget the pain!

    I enjoyed reading this post, just a up and up read, just like 2009 is going to HAVE TO BE! UP and UP!!! Happy New Year, hugs, Heidi

  3. PS Congrats on the precious new niece!!! Sweet!

  4. Hi Jenny! This post is FULL of eye candy!! Love it! I LOVE your new piece!! I too love those towels.

    Everything you got with your Christmas money is gorgeous!! Thank you so much for telling us about the bath products! It is funny because my husband (Chad) shaves his head in the shower with a regular razor too! I think I will get him some of the stuff you recommended! Thank you!

    Your brother is a sweetie, I LOVE that ring!! Chad got me a new pair of Ugg boots for Christmas and I feel about them how you do your Crocs! I live in Uggs. I even where them with shorts, lol! I would sleep in them if I could.

    Your new niece is such a doll Jenny! Oh you are going to have so much fun!! She is so cute. Congratulations to all of you!!

    Big Hugs and lots of love,

  5. Ahhhh Jenny!!! :) the gingerbread man looks so lovely on your tree.. well how could it not, surrounded by such cuteness! thanks for posting the photo :)

    I love the photo of amy elise with her cupcake... I love her shop too.

    I haven't taken down my christmas stuff yet... I just can't bear it! The house will no longer be cheery and sparkly :( I guess I have to do something about that and find sparkly things for year round decor!

    <3 chels

  6. Jenny,

    How you manage to make a Christmas tree look delicious is beyond me. I'm absolutely in love....

    Now, about that "Stay Calm and Have a Cupcake" sign. Where on earth do I find it? I checked your Etsy store & Lollishops. Are you sold out? Please say it isn't so... I need it for my studio. NEED IT...

  7. As always your post is filled with such beauty and inspiration! Love the new artwork. Thanks so much for the links to the goodies you received - I think I've found some new favs! Your new niece - what a doll!

  8. Happy New Year!!!! Looks like there is so much to be happy about!

  9. Happy New Year Jenny! I think the introduction of red into your world is nothing short of brilliant. It really makes things *pop*! It wouldn't be the holidays without some of your decorating pics, so thanks for those :-) In fifty years I don't think I ever rec'd so many gifts that I adored, so even if it never happens again; CONSIDER YOURSELF VERY LUCKY! DeeDee is darling and yes; you will have MUCH fun being a part of her growing up.
    May you find joy every day in this new year.

  10. Hi Jenny! I am in love with your new print! That will have to be a future item for my kitchen! Fabulous! And thanks for the links to all of those fabulous Etsy shops where your gifts came from and I saw a funny little pic of me! I am in love with my red cupcake print. I gaze longingly at it all day long! Thank you for you and Aaron's hard work! your work is loved and adored! Hugs! Amy

  11. Let me know if you make any more in red!

  12. Hi Jenny! I just looove your holiday decorations!! Even if you weren't able to go over board this year, it still looks fabulous!! I wasn't able to either...my tree didn't go up until a week before Christmas!!

    And this is going to sound strange and maybe a little creepy...but I had a dream and you were in it! I read the first half of your post last night in bed on my phone. I feel asleep before I could finish it and wound up dreaming that I ran into you at an antique store! lol! We somehow recognized each other right away and started gabbing. You were with an older woman (mom? or maybe Aaron's mom?) and my mom was there too. I also remember that there was nothing good to buy in the antique store...everything was dull and colorless.

    Dreams are funny like that...but I woke up and was disappointed that it wasn't true! :)

    Anywho...happy creating! :)

  13. What a fabulous post covering all the senses!!!!

    I've got plenty of Etsy stores to look up and will you please stop adding fabulous prints to your shop.... I can see me having to add your new one to my collection... when I finally move out I won't have to worry about paint and wallpaper, your artwork will cover the walls!

    Welcome to Dee Dee, such a cutie... we've got our first babysitting assignment in March for my little nephew, I can't wait.

    Victoria xx

  14. Wow! What a pretty Christmas tree!
    Love it!

  15. ooooh so many lovely, lovely treats!!! Just adore that new "kitchenology" painting and the cupcake painting in red is FAB-U-LOUS!!!! Happy, Happy New Year and a big congrats on the addition of your sweet niece:)


  16. oh my goodness sweet thing you are sooooo blessed! first let me say thank you so very very much for swingin' by my place...it was a sweet treat to hear from you!

    next darlin...our matching red chucks yes!!! now you need the pink ones...i myself see me sporting your cupcake bag with mine...hmmmmmmmm daddy-o...i need something sweet! lol

    ok miss sweet as sugar dee dee...my heart be still! a few years ago we were trying to adopt from china...ooooh how happy i was to see your baby neice...what pure joy and goodness!may she be blessed!

    ok now lastly...i've just gotta touch on the crocs....girl we are two of a kind...ok i can't believe i am mentioning this but i have 3 pairs...the ones with the fur pink,black,and red {mamoth sytle} ok i thought they were sooooooooo ugly...but once i tried a pair oooh hold the phone i wanted every color...they are great in the rain,out at the soccer field,and ooooh a flea market...i got a pair for daddy-o and he almost killed me...he said they weren't cool enough well a few days after christmas as he was making breakfast i spotted them on his feet...he said they were warm and comfy...but he will never wear them out! we will see...hee hee! they are a dream!

    next may you be richly blessed this year...you bring such sweet goodness to this world through your art! thank you for your sweet and kind words to this kitten...now lets have a rocken' year!!!! now i'm off to buy my print! yippy!!!

  17. Hi Jenny,

    I ordered something from you off Lollishops and it isnt coming up as sold. When you have time, can you tell me if the order came through okay? I made two purchases that some day, off Etsy and Lollishops because i couldnt find the pink cupcake ornament on Etsy.
    Thank you so much :)

  18. Your Christmas Tree is lovely! And the cupcake painting in red is great! Red, ugh, I know what you mean, we have a red wall in our family room....4 coats of paint!
    Baby Dee Dee is adorable! What a lucky girl she is to have parents who went so far to bring her here and love her!

  19. Glad you and yours had good holidays, Jenny. :) Congrats again on the new niece! What fun! I have a nephew and niece, and they make everything more fun. :) Best wishes for a great 2009!

  20. Jenny, your posts are always so enlightening and I should visit more often. You and Aaron are such great artists and I can relate to the "big guys" stealing ideas from the "little guys". I have seen it too many times. Hallmark and some of the other card companies are now copying some of the techniques that many of us use for our card making. I am thankful that my sister's boutique is still getting $8 for my cards because they are unique and very rarely do I make 2 alike. Your new niece is adorable. I can also relate with the decorations---I just can't seem to want to take them all down. Your tree is beautiful, so why not leave it up and fill it with cupcakes and valentine things! Best wishes for a super year. Hugs, Pat

  21. Jenny your tree was BEAUTIFUL and little Carlos under his blanket was absolutely adorable! What a doll!!! Hope your New Year is off to a great start! Your Etsy store is filled to the brim and looks good enough to eat!

  22. Jenny- what a post packed with good things!! Not only all the sweet and inspiring things you and Aaron have in the works, but your tree, Amy Elise (love her!)and then the beautiful baby! Congrats to the family! I would love to adopt a girl from China someday! So wonderful...I wish you and your family and very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009! I know we all are looking for a tad bit better of a new year (at least I know I am!) Much love to you, xo natalea

  23. Great post, Jenny! Love seeing all the gifts and thanks for the fab links. Can't wait to check them all out. So excited about red creeping in. Love the new print. Looks like you're gonna have a great year!!!

  24. Well I got here via an amazing picture on Flickr and then I heard such beautiful sweet music. Looking forward to reading the post properly (I admit, I just skimmed to the bottom to post a comment - bad girl that I am!) tonight when hubby is on nights and I've the pc all to myself!! :D

  25. Wow! What a fabulous holiday you guys have had!

    I got a second pair of crocs too, from my son. Chocolate brown and pink, fleece lined... I live in them now.

    Your new little niece is darling... congrats!

  26. What a wonderful holiday! Love everything... the dec, your tree, your new niece, new shoes, your new print, RED... all of it. Right down to the burgers (you taunt me!). Love the whole pj party too. If my son ever took me to his girlfriend's family's party... and they were all in jammies... I'd say, "marry this girl RIGHT NOW, I want to be a part of this family!".

    Happy merry everything everyday holiday, Jenny!

  27. OH Jenny! I had to come as soon as the music started to play on your post today! It is from a FAVORTIE movei of mine I do believe! Ame'lie! Thank You for playing it!
    will return after reading post...

  28. .~**Happy New Year Jenny and Aaron!**~.

    Love that pup! We do not have a cute dog but we dog sit. They want to guard the area so the smaller you make it the more secure they feel for they can easily "do their work" ... guarding. Yep :) no matter how petit and adorable.
    I love all of your gifts!
    I ADORE your new Kitchenology!
    And your niece, Dee Dee is sooooo sweet! Congratulations to the new family!!!

  29. Holy Cornishware Batman!
    I must have one of those prints! FANTABULOUS!!!
    We're talking Bridgewater and Cornishware and Domino!!! All of my FAVORITES!!!
    I'm going slightly crazy over here!!!PERFECTION, I LOVE IT.
    Oh yes, and Happy New Year!


  30. Hi Jenny! Happy New Year~! I love the new print so much. That burger place looks scruptious and Dee Dee is a doll!! I adore you tree, too! It's just perfect!!

  31. Jenny I must add to the adoration of your tree, amazing! your new painting is great like you say very english. I too am a real lover of CROCS but I havnt seen those work ones over here yet. I got my hubby wearing them and my mum. Congrats on the new niece, I am going to be a great aunt again next year, I come from a large family and have been an aunty since I was ten now have 15 assorted nieces and nephews, wow just added that up for the first time! Happy New Year love Jane xxx

  32. wow looks like you have had an amazing holiday seasonal time, your tree as I imagined is truly gorgeous, as are all those yummy gifts, can I borrow yoyr brother for a betsey johnson gift, yummy.
    I am loving the new piece and its so funny before I read the whole post I thought hey it reminds me of some of my tea towels (english of course) you so have amazing talent.
    love you loads

  33. Happy New Year!! What a nice, juicy post. Lots of eye candy (Bobby Flay...) Love your holiday decorations. Makes you a little sad to take them down but I don't need a dead tree in my living room. Your new niece is a doll!!

    Will visit your shop soon!


  34. I love your art and your blog! I've awarded you with the Lemonade Stand Award!!!! Visit my blog to pick up your award and also the instructions.

    Micki x

  35. Always gorgeous!! Wanted to let you know that I am hosting a giveaway on my blog. Stop over to sign up to win if you like. Thanks

  36. What a stupendous post! Just fantastic. And what a pretty tree! Wishing you a very happy 2009.

  37. I've just put out my Valentine's Day Jenny Cupcake decor...love, love, love it! I wish everyday was Valentine's Day! :) xo

  38. EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK! I AM SCREAMIN' WITH DELIGHT!!!!!!i can't tell you how wonderful my print and lil'cupcake gift is...i am such a lucky kitten to own one of your amazing works of art! thank you so very very much for bringing sweet sugar goodness into this world

    you are so very very kind hearted and i am blessed to have gotten the privilage to chit chat with you through email and such...many many blessings to you and arron...

    ok that being said...ladies omg...you have to run on over to her shop...you've gotta see for yourself the joy that their art brings...their sweet pink goodness is such a treat! sassy gals...we've got to encourage these two...we've just gotta...

    well i am off for a lil' rooten' tooten' adventure miss jenny...but this sassy kitten is gonna post all about my dream print and your shinin' ways! also i am lookin' to beg you a lil' for miss retro on one of your cafe' press bags...ooook that would be the purrrrfect junkin' flea bag for me and my 1953 lil' cupcake trailer...mmmmmmmm...maybe a sweet lil' talkin' can get you to do it...hee hee ...blessings cat~

  39. That was a long post, but a fabulous one!!! Where to start...

    Your tree is FABULOUS. Seriously. Fabulous. I think I habve ornament envy. :-) You scored some amazing gifts, and I love that there is so much etsy (I did mucho shoping there this year, too.).

    I had no idea that big Bobby Burger place was *the* Bobby! Very interesting. I have to go to Lowe's on 35 tonight so I may need to pop in to check it out.

    Dee Dee...OMG. SO cute. I can just see the braids already. :-)

    LOVE your new print. And I love Keep Calm in red. I can only imagine how much work that was!

    Hope you're keeping warm today (I'm certainly not!)

  40. Oh I can't tell you how fun it is to see our cupcake in a print and to know that you got one. I had no idea! I am jealous of the red keep calm painting. Can't wait to get mine! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful prezzies and hope you are having a great New Year!
    Keep Calm & remember change is on the horizon.

  41. Hi Jenn,

    Wow what a wonderful holiday you had and those presents, awesome. I finally had time to just sit and read your entire post and it was very amusing and interesting.

    DH and I celebrate quietly alone (which we love), but it's wonderful to hear how big families celebrate with all the fun and frivolity, the presents and the food. You covered it all and it was beautifully written.

    Thank you for brightening up my morning.

    xo Cathy

  42. Indeed, I am still getting over my holiday food hangover!

  43. Fabulous post! Your tree is exactly what I have in mind for my next tree!

    Take care.

  44. Hi Jenny,

    I love this post. Your tree is lovely and I love (and covet) the keep calm in red. Happy Friday. xo Cat

  45. Hi Jenny~
    I'm just now seeing your tree in the middle of January, but that's OK! It's always fun to come by for a visit.

  46. Oh my! What a beauty packed post...where to begin?

    First, I love Kitchenology1, can't wait to see the next in the series.
    And that sweet snuggle-y pup...what a cutie!

    So many wonderful gifts!
    And Congratulations, Aunt Jenny! DeeDee is adorable and will no doubt be showered with love, hugs, kisses and cupcakes. :)


  47. Happy New Year! I love those red converse and have a pair as well. What is it about red shoes... so cute! Must be the Dorthy in us. And Marshmallow sugar scrub..... and burgers... YUM! I am soooo hungry.



  48. Your new blog looks so incredibly FAB! All the best to you and Aaron for 2009!


  49. Hi Nice Blog .This phone time card is used to track the time and attendance of employees, and at the same time track labor activity against specific parts, jobs, and operations.

  50. Just visiting your blog for the first time (thanks for the follow on twitter)! I LOVE your christmas tree and decorations..gorgeous!! Your work is amazing as well!

  51. Please say hello to Jamie & Angela and Dian Dian for us. We were on that trip with them. =) Just chanced upon your beautiful blog by chance! Wonderfully strange!
    Shannon & Ellie


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