We have some Winnnners!!! And a party invitation!!!

Hello friends...old and NEW!

It's been a long week! Most of which was spent indoors, covered in paint, glue, glitter, and all the other forensic evidence of a week long artistic crime spree. All of our work nights seem to extend into the wee hours...but what else is new?
Here I am, it's very late on this Friday night, and just like the show (Friday Night Lights...one of our all time favorite shows!!) We've got ALL the lights on...we've got paint drying...I can hear Aaron sanding things in the other room...I'm looking down at my fingers, caked with Mod Podge and aqua acrylic paint. Typical Friday night in the life of the self employed artist...we are party animals!! : )
And it happens to be Friday the 13th! You know what that means? It means that in a little while...when me and Aar call it quits for the night...we just might be able to find some good old horror films on cable! Maybe...lately the lords of television have been lazy in their programming.
But anyway...jeeez! I'm wasting time! I've got to announce the winners of our One World One Heart giveaway!! The turn-out was huge and I was thrilled to take part. I love the whole concept of it and what a positive experience it was overall. For a girl with a blog like myself, the benefits are undeniable. The brand new traffic flowing through my humble blog was immense and constant over the past two weeks. I hope I was a 'good find" for some readers out there. If I were to gauge it on the sheer number of entries for my giveaway, then I'd say OWOH was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and took the time to leave a comment! Me and Aaron really wish we could give away more but we are swamped as it is. So we picked two at random...and without further delay....here they are:

1. Twyla & Lindsey of two crazy crafters


2. Tammy Smith of homemade circus

Big Congrats!!
We'll be contacting you shortly to find out your mailing address, color preference, etc...

It was just Abe Lincoln's birthday and I was excited because I've been doing a lot of reading on good ole Honest Abe. If you want to be a fan of a former president of the United States you just can't go wrong with Abe. There are approximately Ten Thousand books and publications on the market all dedicated to Abe. So if you're a fan...the world is your oyster! And what's also fab is that his celebrity extends into the art world. I found this necklace on Etsy and flipped for it. Well actually I was looking through the latest issue of Bust magazine and they had some photos of one of their big craft shows. I spied this gal's amazing jewelry in one of the photo's...there was no caption to tell me who did it or where to find it...but I just KNEW that I'd find it on Etsy! And there it was.. Schmutzerland. I snatched it up instantly with a click of the mouse and within like 48 hours it was in my mailbox here at the Jersey Shore! I love this necklace so so much. It feels magical!

I've mentioned Pink Grapefruit Style many times before and at this point I can really just let the pictures do the talking. Just look at this stuff! My girl Holly is the mastermind behind it all and I can't say enough good stuff about her and her style. Pictured here is the latest assortment of stuff I ordered from her fabulous shop. Can you even handle that mini cash register?! The Vintage Birthday Nutcups! The crochet doll dress and pot holder! Tons and Tons of good stuff. When you shop there you feel like it's a privilege...really!

I did a little one on one swap with a friend of mine, Laurie. She is the fantastic artist behind Magpie Ethel. Everything she does is stunningly whimsical, dreamy, and cute beyond words...and also perfectly executed as far as the details and the neatness etc... I love her stuff and would swap with her each and every day of the week. Just look how sweet these are...those little vintage topper heads!! I can't even stand these!! The reds and pinks...the tiny glass ornament! WOW!

And speaking of reds and pinks...I just wanted to share this latest Flickr mosaic. I can't get this color combo outta my mind. Red , Pink and Aqua!! If I'm on the PC, writing emails or something...I keep this mosaic minimized at the bottom of my screen and constantly open it up to take a peek. I just needed to share it!

And lastly. I wanted to spread the word today so you guys would be warned ahead of time for tomorrow...but now it's so late that it IS tomorrow already! Anyway...sorry to confuse...but this is what I'm getting at:
On Saturday February 14th...Valentines Day! There is an awesome Lollishops party going on and it's hosted by Chelsea Ann at ittybittybirdy. It's called the All Dolled Up Party and it is sure to be super duper fabulous. I will certainly be taking part...so that means I'll be posting another blog entry right away. Right now I'm getting very very tired so I'll ask you to go to ittybittybirdy for all the details and the complete list of all the participants. Trust me...it's gonna be a blast!
Wow...I'm getting so sleepy...at this point, even if there is a marathon of the best zombie movies ever on cable...I think I'll have to pass and just head straight to bed.

Thanks again for stopping by...and congrats again to the OWOH winners! xoxo, Jenny


  1. I enjoyed this post! The Flickr images really get the imagination/creativity going.

  2. Hi Jenny!
    You always find the cutest stuff to buy don't you?! Hope you're able to take a break from all the creating to enjoy a bit of Valentine's Day fun!

  3. Woooohoooo!!!! Thank you so much! Were so excited!
    What a wonderful Valentine's day this has been!
    Lindsey and Twyla

  4. Oh what a sweet sweet post! Thanks for posting about the party! Hope you get some much needed rest and have yourself a wonderful V day with all those you love!

    Chelsea Ann

  5. I'm so envious of the cash register!!!!

  6. hey there sweets!!!
    hope you are having a fabulous heart day!!!
    smooches and hugs

  7. what lucky finds!! a mini cash register is always a must! pamela www.frenchknots.blogspot.com

  8. Oh sweetie, I really LOVE your Blog!!!!
    XOXO Deb

  9. I always look forward to your blogs! May you have a lovely V.tines.

  10. Ahhh. A new sweet and shabby post from Jenny and all's right with the world. :-) As always, it was a treat for the eyes! hard to believe someone so sweet is a zombie fan ;-)

  11. One thousand pink and red thanks for the mention on this post. I am so happy my little gals found such a sweet home to live in. You are the best! Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. I adore that Flickr mosaic! Such a luscious combo of colors that pop so nicely! I am so sad that i missed your giveaway!!! I was a participant as well...i don't know how i missed entering in yours.
    Happy creating this week,
    Carrie the SnipPet Girl

  13. I love the Pink Grapefruit store, always so many wonderful things! And your cash register is tooooo cute!

    Victoria xx

  14. I love that mosaic! I can see why you keep it up and handy... those colors are stunning!

  15. I love the red pink and aqua!! Laurie

  16. oh my gosh!
    i am soooo happy i found you again!
    i used to stalk your old blog : )
    you always make my day - i find myself lost in your pics for HOURS!
    enjoy your night!
    kisses and cupcakes,

  17. Hi Jenny! I am LOVING your honest Abe necklace...it's fabulous!! And am I spying "Keep Calm..." in red?! Heading to etsy to see for myself. :-)

  18. Hi Jenny!

    Thanks for making me a contact on Flickr or I never would have found your Etsy shop or your wonderful blog. As a cupcake addict this is pure bliss for me! I am going straight to my blog now to add both to my sidebar!

  19. you always find the cutest things!!! congrats to your lucky winners:)

  20. Honestly Jenny,

    Your Abe necklace is amazin'.


  21. the cupcake carry on signs are fabulous...saw Jane in South Beach and we carried on about how much we love you!!!Love to everyone in the fam..

  22. Hi sweet Jenny~ I enjoyed the sweet comment you left for me!! You are so precious! I feel like I have known you for years just from reading your blog. I will make copies of ANY of the pages you want. Just send me an email and include your address. I still LOVE that sweet little house in Dallas with all the ~goodness in every corner~!(Smile) Thanks again for your sweet comment! It was such a treat! ~Mandy

  23. What adorable little dollies, they looks so sweet. They remind me of some Polish dollshouse dolls my mother owned. The sweet little crochet clothes are yummy. So many bunnies which I adore when I was little I had loads of bunnies and hardly any teddies just didn't like them so much... After months of umming and ahhing I finally started my own altered art blog and found you looking for inspiration. Like I say its all so pretty.

  24. I love reading your blog and your art is so amazing!

    I was so happily) surprised to see my little Nancy Ann made it to your flickr images!

    Thank you! You are an inspiration to many!!

  25. how did i miss all of this- your blogworld is like eye candy-singing and skipping-love jo.

  26. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! You are a busy girl! I'm Italian and Friday the 13th is good luck for us :) Have a great week Jenny! I can't wait to see my Charlotte plaque!

    Sandy xox

  27. You won a blogging award, friend!
    Thanks for always writing and inspiring me!
    Sadie Lou

  28. Hi there!
    Wow! What a wonderful blog you have. I love that cash register!

    I'm Laura.. Cat suggested that we come over and visit your blog and I'm so glad that I did! It's lovely.

    Take care,

  29. Mmmmmm...just got another eye-candy fix! Thank you for coloring my world the most beautiful shades of pink, aqua, and the list goes on! I still have the lollipops in a little package for you that you liked on my blog a while back. Please do send me your addy when you get a chance, so I can get them off to you.



  30. Just popped by to say hi ;-)
    Just darling treasures on your blog!
    I love that old cash register.
    I think I had one like that...if it's from the mid 60's?

    Have a great week.


  31. Great stuff. I just found your blog now and I missed the giveaway. Cool site too! Thanks!


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