Blogging For Bliss..and a giveaway!

**Party update: This just in from Tara Frey...the book just went #1 in crafts on Amazon!!!! Which means we moved Miss Martha Stewart down as of 5:30 pm est! Hooray for bloggers!!**

Recently Kari , the fantastic phenom behind the ArtsyMama blog, asked me if I'd like to take part in an online book release party. My answer was "Of course...I'd be honored!"... first off, because I would say yes to anything Kari the ArtsyMama asked me to do! She's just the BEST...I could go on and on. And secondly, because I'm one of the bloggers featured in this book we are celebrating! The name of the book is Blogging for Bliss, and it's written by the awesome Tara Frey. I've been anxiously awaiting it's release and it's finally here! Go to Amazon right now and check it out...WAIT! don't go to Amazon right now...first finish reading this entry! : )
I'm so so honored that Tara chose to include my blog in her book! Tara is an amazing blogger/writer/photographer/creative mind, and if you've ever followed her blog you'd know that a book deal was just inevitable. And the subject of her book is so indicative of what a generous soul she is. Instead of shining the spotlight upon herself she casts the glow on all of Blissful Bloggers doing our own thing...we're captured in glorious glossy full color between the covers of her 156 page tribute to the art of Blogging for Bliss.
This online book release party isn't just for creating a buzz about the release of an awesome book. It's really about creating a buzz about blogging itself. I see it as an opportunity to acknowledge why I blog, how I blog, when I blog, for whom I blog, etc, etc... And hopefully, when you're through reading mine you'll click over to ArtsyMama, the hostess with the mostest, and you'll take a look through all of her links to the other participating blogs. Every once in a while there is a blog community event such as this and it serves as a great meet & greet...a day to discover blogs that have been operating right under our noses all the while but we just haven't found them yet. So, for myself I thought this party would be the perfect time to talk about some of my favorite online people & places...and also to post some of my all time favorite bits of blog eye candy. So take the pics at face value...they don't necessarily pertain to anything going on in my life right now...lets call it a quasi "greatest hits" post. Eye candy plus some brief thoughts on blogging plus links to the online hotspots you NEED to visit!
I started blogging in September of 2006. And if I were to give you the oversimplified short answer as to why I started blogging: I was home alone, perpetually on the verge of an anxiety attack, and I needed to talk to someone...I needed to share.
And that's what I did. My first attempts were hilarious. My initial post literally said something like " hey...I don't know if this is working...I'm trying to write a anybody out there?...can you hear me?" Well, not exactly those words but close to that. I was desperate to open up my world and I thought that writing a blog might work. Well, guess what?? I was so so so so right. I mean, first of all, the proof is you guys. You guys who are reading right now. You weren't a part of my life before. And you have no idea how much I needed you then and still do to this day. I'm an artist through and through...and if you aren't so inclined yourself then just ask any artist...the artistic inclination is both a gift and a curse. There are too many reasons to get into but part of it has to do with the way normal people function and how artists DO NOT. Also, what is seen as a maybe just an obsession in disguise. We don't just WANT to do it...we NEED to. I say all of this in the most light hearted sense. As dysfunctional as I am...I wouldn't trade any of it. But, wait a minute...who dragged out the shrink's couch?...weren't we talking about blogging?...yes, we were. Don't worry...all of this ties together. For me, blogging is a way to be creative and to be social simultaneously. The blog can make things legit. I can create something and share it with the world ten minutes later. I can tell you guys why...and you can tell me what you think. I'm really just skimming the surface here because I want to keep it brief and also leave room for the eye candy : ) ....but lets just say in short...blogging is liberating! It liberates the art from my studio...the thoughts from head...the feelings from heart.
And besides all that. Every once in a while I get to share with you guys some snapshots from my life...summertime boardwalk adventures, road trips, antiquing, moving, birthdays, holidays, recipes, etc...
And maybe the best part of blogging is the sharing of great finds. Things I bought blogs I've discovered...and Links, Links, Links. And speaking of...before I started writing this entry I scrolled through some of my old posts and more recent posts. And I just realized that I've been kinda falling short lately as far as Links go. I've barely given you guys any in my recent posts!! A big reason why I've been lacking in links is that I haven't really been shopping for myself. In the past I'd buy something great...take a pic...and then tell you where to go for it. Oh well...I'll try to do better...for the sake of being a good blogger I better start shopping! : )
Well, I'll give a few links now for old time's sake:

Some fave blogs:
Posie Gets Cozy

One more thing I just thought of....Swaps! It's been a long while since I've hosted a swap! I remember the Bits & Pieces was fantastic! I took so many swap partners for myself. I think I had to make like seven Bits & Pieces collages! But that also meant that I'd be receiving seven! so it was worth it. What's really cool is that I'm seeing Bits & Pieces collages exactly like the ones from our swap being made today. And that's the coolest thing...when something takes on a life of it's own and goes on and on without you. I'm brewing up an amazing Swap subject as I type this. I've had it in my head for a little while now. When I start to foresee some bits of free time I'll be sure to let you guys know...We'll have the biggest Swap yet!

Now for the giveaway contest! You can't have an event without a giveaway. Like always, in order to win you have to leave a comment on this post...but in your comment I'd like you to list your three favorite blogs. AND...if you want to double your chance of winning...become a follower/member of this the lefthand column you'll see the word Sweethearts and underneath it is a group of little thumbnail avatars. I'd love for you to become a Sweetheart and to see your little icon among the group. For the giveaway I'll be choosing one winner but I'll be combining both pools for the if your name is in two spots then your chances are doubled! The prize will be one of our brand new Favorite Photos'll get to pick which one after we draw your name. Remember to include a link to your blog if you have one or provide an email address where I can reach you.

Alright, I'll sum up with a big thanks to Kari, ArtsyMama...And of course, a huge thanks to the gal who's book has brought us all together...Tara Frey! Please go out and get her book so that she can publish another one and another one and another one!
Thanks again for reading...your Blissful Blogger, Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny!

    Love your blog, it is sooo Yummy!!

    3 blogs that I adore:

    Artful Blessings,

  2. Whoops, I forgot, I am already a follower of your blog and facebook and twitter! lol I am not stalkin you I promise! :)

    Artful Blessings,

  3. Congratulations on being featured Jenny! You deserve it!!!
    I'm going to try to join in the party, if I can make it in time...
    My three fave blogs are (boy, only three?):

    and a tie between and

    Gosh but then there's Holly, Andrea, Alice W, Karla.... it's way too hard to limit to three! xo

  4. Hi Jenny, congrats on the book, I look forward to seeing it!
    heres 3 of my favorite blogs.. there are so many it was hard to choose!
    have a sweet and creative day!

  5. ahhhhhh im in cuteness overload!!!
    seriously its all too good.

    hmmm my 3 fave blogs:

    3 crafty ladies who i adore <3
    xx jodie

  6. new reader here. :) does being your twitter follower count? :D

    My 3 fave bloggers are:

  7. wow ok my favorite three are:

    I too could go on and on!! lol

  8. Let's see, I think we're friends on FB, Twitter and Flickr as well as my following your blog. So, yeah, I'm a cyber-stalker...

    The blogs I love right now:

    Yours, of course. I'm always so excited to see what kind of gorgeous new creations y'all have come up with. -- the author has been through an amazing tragedy, yet she remains committed to beauty and family. Inspiring. Well, you'll see why.

  9. Hi Jenny,
    Love your work! I have been following you for about a year now. Love it!
    My fave blogs

    Thank you!
    Have a gourdous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hI!!!

    OH yes...yes!!
    Love your blog!

    the blogs that i adore...(only 3?!!)

    ...but then again...there are soooo many out there!!

    hugz to you!! and now that i'm a FOLLOWER...i will be able to find my way back for more treats!

  11. How can I narrow it down to 3 blogs? Thanks so much for sharing your bliss with us! I love what you said about being creative and social simultaneously - that is exactly it!

    I'll list the blogs that first inspired me: Posy gets Cozy, Daisy Cottage and Jane Brocket.

  12. Congratulations Jenny! Just ordered my copy- can't wait to get it...

    Wow, you're going to make us earn this entry! Only three blogs? Well these are my current "go to's"...

    My first would be:
    Because there's lots of awesome freebies and Cathe is a sweetheart...

    Because Priscilla makes me laugh
    every time I visit...

    For daily home-dec inspiration...

    And mark me down as one of your twitter/facebook/blog! (0;

    Congrats again!

  13. Good morning chickadee!!
    I am glad you started blogging no anxiety attacks! not good! hehe Im a sweetheart now hope you become a mermaid on my blog. Lets see there are so many blogs I love! heres three: Her name is Dale she was one of the first blog I ever read and fell in love with! tell her I sent you if ya go by and visit her!
    Monica is a sweetie pie! she always brings a smile to my face when she drops by to see me!
    Jodie is a local gf. She will aw and oh you with her pictures!

    Have a wonderful day! Hope to see you at my party!
    Big mermaid hugs

  14. Jenny, I could never just list 3 blogs...maybe 300! Yours would be in the top of the list though. Congrats on the book.
    ♥, Susan

  15. So many blogs, so little time. To name three would be impossible. I have at least....20 in my top ten!

    Tongue in Cheek reads like a good book I can't put down!

    P.S. Now that I found your blog, I would become a follower even if it weren't for your giveaway :)

  16. My three favorite blogs are:

    There are so many good ones that it is hard to choose!!!

    (Crafting by Candlelight)

  17. Congratulations Jenny. I ran right out to purchase this book when I first learned about it on Tara's Twitter page.

    My favorite blogs are:

    Of course I had to start a special blog I call The Blogland Diaries just to hold the skatey-eight blogs I love to read.


  18. You were one of the first 'famous bloggers' to comment on my blog and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Still love your blog and keeping up with you!!!

  19. Well, I don't want to look like a butt kisser, so I won't list you in my three. :) Here it goes:

    I am going to have to check out some of the blogs others have listed. :)

  20. hi there
    i'm blog hopping through some of the blogs on the blog roll.
    i'm so happy i stopped by here today. what a lovely blog.
    i'll be by ater to take a longer look.
    have a wonderful day!

  21. My 3 favorite blogs are:

    Cherry Hill Cottage
    I love her blog because she reminds me of a southern friend I use to know that I miss very much. Her house is too cute & her southern recipes are wonderful.

    I just recently started reading this blog. I liked it so much that I read the whole entire entry! She has 2 persian cats that are adorable and she is in love w/ Cath Kidson.

    The Vintage Kitten
    This is another blog I am enjoying a lot! You should see the meals she makes for her husband! WOW! And her cocktails are pretty neat. She keeps herself very anonymous w/ vintage pictures.

    This is fun!
    Now I am looking forward to checking out some of the other peeps fav blogs... maybe they will become a fav of mine too! :-)

  22. So many Pretties!

    3 Favorite Blogs:

    1. YOURS

    2. Sweet Eye Candy Creations

    3. Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles

    *cupcake hugs* diana

  23. Hello there, congrats on being on this book! When I started lurking you were my hero, but I spent an entire afternoon to make one comment and I failed! Now that you are on blogger it is so much easier to respond.
    Mmm difficult to name 3 favorite blogs, I have a few, but I don't seem to be the only one;
    Oodles & oodles
    Gathering Dust
    Karla's cottage

    all urls are in my side bar, I am trying to visit all party goers and finish a swap tonight, so I'm off.
    Enjoy the party!

  24. Oh YAY!! I love this post Jenny!!!!!! All these photos just bring back all of the amzingness that is Everyday Is A Holiday!!! I read the book cover to cover the day I got it :) I was so excited to see you in there!!! You HAD to be in this book, lol! By the way, my husband NEVER remembers the names of any blogs, but he remembers yours! He said he likes the name, it makes him happy :) I love your blog and your art so much. The way you write is so beautiful. You really pull is in and make us feel a part of what you are saying! I love that about you :) I was honored just to have my name mentioned in Tara's WONDERFUL book!! Didnt she do a great job?

    I love your new favorite photos pieces! That is just the coolest idea! Okay, well, you already know your blog is one of my favorites :) So I will name three more:

    Thank you so much for having this GENEROUS giveaway Jenny and Aaron!!
    Love you guys :)

  25. I am a follower :) I cant believe I haven't even started doing that yet on my blog, lol! I am so far behind!

  26. Pam's always getting in first and saying what I wanted to say! Oh but I love her, she can't help it that she's reading my mind. Anyhoo...

    I couldn't have been more thrilled when I cracked upon the book and saw you in too. It shot up my excitement of being in it 100x knowing I was sharing pages with you! xoxo,m

  27. Hello Jenny, what a great idea to list 3 favourite blogs, but so hard to do. after much deliberation...

    Congratulations on being featured in blogging for bliss, I'm hoping to get my copy in the post tomorrow.
    Bertie x

  28. Hi Jenny! Your post always make me so happy - so filled with sweet thoughts!
    My current favs for inspiration are:


  29. It's hard to pick just three there are so many creative and crafty ones out there but I guess the ones I go to the most are Just me and my 2 little chicks, {scissors variations} papier valise, and Here's looking at me kid (sorry, I'm not the most computer literate to give the link or anything) but they are sure worth searching for. Your's is always fun to read too. I always look to see if there is a new post. Congrats on the book. Happy blogging!

  30. Your blog has been one of my favorites since I first discovered blogs. In fact, it is your fault I spend too much time on the computer. I ran across your blog, was completely mesmerized and started following your favorite links. That was it - I was hooked!

    My 3 faves if I don't include this one:
    She has made me laugh and cry - in addition to constantly inspiring me. I like her - even though I've never met her!
    Even thought it's not a "personal" blog I love the fact that it has so much inspiration on a regular basis.
    and who isn't ibspired by her zest for crafts!

  31. Hey Jenny! Get post! I love all the phots that you added...I so love the colors that you use for your art...Congrats! on being in the Blogging for Bliss Book I can't wait to get my hands on a copy...okay here it goes...I do love your blog here are three more that I adore!....

    1. Inspireco. 2. Rosy Gets Posy and 3. Pam Garrison

    Well I got to do some more blog hopping...can't wait to here what your swap is going to be...and I "LOVE" your jewelry...please do stop by my blog - it's and my email is beelieveinme@

    Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!

    Grace Peace & Joy 2 U
    Marlene :O) aka "QBeeC"

  32. congratulations Jenny! What exciting news.
    Let's see, three blogs I adore......
    1. Yours!
    2. orangeyoulucky
    3. creativethursday

    I could really go on and on though.

  33. Happy Blog Party Day!!!

    I've been having so much fun playing on all the party blogs that I can! I'm so glad that I got to play on yours :) I saved it in my favorites so I will, for sure, be back :)

    3 of my favorite blogs:

    And a 4th fave:


    Just kidding!
    That last one is mine!


  34. What a great post, Jenny! So excited to be in the book with you. Thanks for all your sweet, sweet comments. You guys are the best! You are such an inspiration.

  35. Hi Jenny! Three favorite blogs. Just three!! O.K.,

    Can't wait to hear more about the swap!!

  36. Your blog is so gorgeous, it almost looks edible!

    My favourite blogs are:

  37. My 3 favorite blogs are
    thanks for the chance to win - this is first time to your blog and I love it!

  38. Congrats on the book being #1!!! I just knew it would be! I have so enjoyed it!
    my top 3 favorite blogs:
    yours! of course!
    Have a delightful day!

  39. Wow! Congratulations on being part of a great looking book! I can't wait to see it.

    Aside from yours (of course!), three of my fave blogs are:

    Wow...that was hard to pick only three!


  40. Congratulations, Jenny! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! I soo appreciate your thoughts on this post...I think I share many of your feelings when it comes to being an artist...and working through my little differences most days! Thanks a gazillion for including TCG in your links! You have been so supportive and generous...Thank you and Best Wishes to you and Aaron!! xoxoxo

  41. Just discovered your blog...
    Visual delight & such a happy place!
    Great week darling!

  42. Oh, your blog and your work is fabulous! Seriously, I need to hurry up and get things done today so I can come back and read page after page after page. And you are just about the cutest thing ever!
    Thanks for visiting my blog so that I could find yours. I can't wait to read more.

  43. I found your blog through Tara Frey's book, Blogging for Bliss. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your pictures. Your blog is beautiful

  44. Love this post!
    Happy for you to be included in this wonderful publication!

  45. i think i just died and went to Heaven on your blog! unbelievably beautiful! So awesome about Amazon too, and well deserved I might add! Congraatulations!
    xOxO deb

  46. Your post today WAS pure bliss. Sugar rush for the eyes.
    Carol R

  47. Oh my gosh I could look at your pictures all day long! What a beautiful blog!

  48. Jenny, beautiful post and congrats to you!
    Blogs I adore:
    Heather Bullard
    Seeking Everyday Beauty and Velvet Strawberries
    Pam Garrison

  49. Congrats on being in such an awesome book! What a wonderful giveaway as well. I'd have to say that Everday is a Holiday has been one of my top 3 favorites since I discovered it about 2-3 years ago. For #2 & #3 (it's so hard to choose just 3) would be Daisy Cottage and Velvet Strawberries. I feel like I'm betraying so many more that I love. Thanks for all the wonderful eye candy we get to view on your blog and even purchase!

  50. Hi Jenny!
    Well heck you should have made Tara's book, silly girl! We all savor all your beauties!! I have so many I love, yours included, but I will hand you three: sweet eye candy creations- Jenn, the farm chicks, and adorable Chelsea at itty bitty birdy! All are on my sidebar! I so need to win! Heck I have wanted something, anything of yours forever!!!! Love,Lori

  51. oops, I forgot I finally remembered to add myself to your sweeties followers list too! Lori

  52. Strange feeling reading this post, it could have been me talking about being an artist, starting blogging (my first blog said the same things) and sharing work with all the other bloggers out there!
    I have been following your blog for a long while so cannot get the double wammie chance in the draw but do please enter me.
    My favourite three blogs as well as yours are

    Jane xx

  53. Hi Jenn,
    congratulations on being in Taras book!
    You guys deserve a spotlight in all bloggy books!
    You guys are creative genius'.
    You have both nspired me ever since we first met!

    I look forward to your next swap!
    Bits n pieces was super fun!

    Oh Jenn you know its so difficult to pick 3 favorite blogs....
    I don't want to hurt anyones feelings as I think they are all wonderful!

    Let the party begin! :-)
    Thumbs up to Miss Tara!!!!!!!!


  54. Hi Jenny! Your "best hits" eye candy is fabulous as always and includes my two favorite Jenny photos: the bunny and branch on the mantel and the photo of your new bedroom. Love it! Your blog is the second blog I started reading regularly and is actually part of what inspired me to start a blog of my own! Your gorgeous photos made me want to share the pretty things I saw through my own eyes as well. :)

    My three fav blogs, besides yours of course (I know how to butter people up don't I? ;) ) are probably...

  55. Congrats Jenny! So many pretty recapped photos here! I could never say "favorite" but 3 blogs I love off the top of my head are:
    A Fanciful Twist
    Heather Bullard
    But really, let's say there's at least 100 favs!
    Have a great rest of the summer!
    xoxo natalea

  56. Hi Jenny, I would love to be a fly on your walls. You two are a hoot! Your blog is fun, friendly and playful and colors to die for.

  57. Your blog and tara's book bring me BLISS! And, martha is martha, but maybe she needed to be knocked down a peg or two to make room for some bloggers!! :)
    xoxo, Tiffany

  58. Baby Cakes! my very first comment.I'm on the information super highway! beep beep, outta my way! I love the birthday crown, it looks like the place card from 1930 I sent ya. I have mine right on my shelf for daily viewing. I love your palette. mine, these days are crazy Mexican colors. hot pink, red, orange and merigold colors. the view right out my patio door.

  59. I have been reading your blog for years! Its truly one of my favorites, but that won't count, will it?! Here are my three faves...

    I follow too many to actually list! I spend so much time just reading them, but I truly love them all!


  60. Hi Jenny..
    I just added you as a friend on facebook, and can't wait to become a follower. Gosh, this is 3 favorite blogs? hmmm....
    yours, of coarse...
    I hope you have a lovely day...
    xxoo Valarie

  61. Congrats Jenny! I cant pick only 3, but Yours would be one of them if I had to decide! Keep up the good work!

  62. Hi Jenny, Your blog is awesome! No wonder you are being included in the book. I would love to be entered in your drawing. I am now a follower of yours and here are three of my favorite blogs:

    And here is my blog addy

  63. I read the book and I love it. I want to know if you made that crown? It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing from you heart!

  64. Hi Jenny! I don't know why I wasn't already a follower - I thought I was! Anyway, currently, my 3 favorite blogs are:


    Leslie Anne

  65. hello sweet kitten...stopping by for some yummy eye candy...can i just say it your blog is my very very favorite...the end!...hee hee...oh your new things are just dreamy...your picture is my very very favorite thing in my lil' vintage trailer...i love this idea for a the blogging are purrrrrrfect for the number one blog ever! hee hee partial...for

  66. How fun! Yeah! Congrats!
    3 other blogs I enjoy:

    I think this calls for a cupcake-

  67. One simple question... those pictures in the beginning of the blog, are those pictures of your home? Because I'm pretending they are, and that you are blessed enough to wake up in a fanciful cotton-candy vintage world full of pink are knick-knacks and love.

    Yours nearly jealously,

  68. Hi Jenny :) thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your kind words :) PS I'm in Australia so we are just on the tail end of winter and I'm longing for more sun that spring will hopefully bring :)

  69. I love it! You're creations are stunning.
    Congratulations and God bless you more..

  70. Oh my! I absolutely love your pictures! Where can I get a sign "Keep calm and have a cupcake!" So fun! Thank you! Please visit me at would love your input! Love Tara's book...that's I how found your cool!

  71. Cupcakes, yum! Visit me:

  72. Love your blog, Jenny! I was so excited to see that you used one of my pictures in one of your collages...the cameos! Thanks very much.

  73. Congrats on being featured!!! Geez..I have so many favorite blogs and blog would be hard for me to pick.


  74. u are such an insperation!!!!! thanks for the giveaway!

  75. My own business started with a blog back in 2004 before it was even popular to blog.I was so unsure where to strat that i just starting showing pics of my card creations and it went from there. I love all the blogs mentioned and I wish I had time to read them more then I do. Jenny's I have followed from the start. Keep it up!!

  76. ooo i wanna win something of yours lol
    this blog is great by the way

    3 blogs i love

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