Local Treasure Hunting & Joli Paquet

Most of the time I feel like a kid. And I know I'm not alone in this. In your day to day life how often do you feel like: "when I grow up I'll... (insert some responsibility here) " I mean, I don't exactly feel like a kid. It's more like a feeling of incompleteness or being undone...not fully baked yet. Not in a bad way though. I mean, it's probably a good thing to feel as if you haven't yet become the person you will one day be. You should always feel like you've got something to work up to. And you know, I guess I do literally feel like a kid sometimes. Over the years, me and Aaron have both often felt like: "isn't it weird that we live here all by ourselves?...there are no parents, it's just us." Even though we've been living together on our own since we were 19 years old...you just get that feeling sometimes. You're looking around for the adult supervision.
Maybe you guys with kids are having some trouble relating to my pitch here. You guys can't exactly afford to feel like kids I guess. Or maybe not...maybe it's the same for you. Anyway, it's a funny feeling and often I feel like I'll be a kid forever.....But last Friday both me and Aar felt 100% the opposite of that. Man, we felt like ADULTS.
Let me illustrate....me and Aar work like crazy. All day, all night. When we're lucky, we get to take a late night walk. We never even get to watch movies. We have Netflix, and sometimes the same two unwatched dvd's sit on top of our dvd player for over two months straight. Aaron runs the errands...the grocery store, Home Depot, Michaels, A.C. Moore, the post office...and it takes up a lot of time, but at the same time, he feels like he'd go crazy without these brief forays into the civilized world. Anyway, you get the picture. All work and no play makes Jenny & Aaron a dull girl & boy.

So last week we saw a story in the newspaper about the latest craze in Japanese dining: Bubble Tea. It's this fantastic cold beverage made with tea, cream, various flavors, and floating around down at the bottom of the glass there are a whole bunch of marble sized tapioca beads. Bubble Tea isn't exactly new...we've seen it at places in NYC for quite a while...but it's new to New Jersey. And the restaurants that serve it are drawing in great business just because they've got Bubble Tea. So the newspaper article listed all the places that serve Bubble Tea in our area. One place was in the food court of a nearby mall. So that was it for us...Friday night, we shed our paint covered clothes and made a date for the mall food court. To make a long story less long, let me sum up the trip. We ate food from a Chinese food chain called Panda Express, it was great. We went to the pet store and looked at puppies. We walked around the mall and looked at all the teens and the crazy fashion they've got going on nowadays...they all look exactly the same! We walked around Borders books. And then we finished the night with some Bubble Tea. I got almond and Aaron got coconut. The stuff was fantastic! Drinking a liquid with solids in it took a little getting used to at first, they give you a jumbo straw to drink it with so that you can suck up those huge tapioca beads...it's just a fun drink...those tapioca beads are hilarious... and it's delicious. Anyway, here's the point of the whole story: for once, We Felt Old. We Felt like Adults. We were utterly exhausted at the end of the night and felt like we partied hard. Yet all we did was walk around a mall and eat some food at the food court. We drove home and we were cracking up at the idea of it. We felt like total grown ups! Total senior citizens!

Ok, so we got some time outta the house and it felt great. And the next morning we got out some more. This was a record for us. Two outings within the same weekend. Saturday morning was the Asbury Park City Wide Yard Sale. Asbury Park is the next town over from us and it's one of those city's that's on the rise. Way back in the day it was once a dazzling city on the shore. Then, it became not so nice. But as of late it's experiencing a cultural revolution. The big old houses that got all chopped up and turned into multi unit rentals, are now getting bought up by creative people with vision and getting converted back into the big old one family houses they were meant to be. Condos are going up down at the water front. Cool shops galore have opened...art galleries, night clubs, restaurants...it's really on the fast track to being the seaside jewel that it once was. So, the city wide yard sale was a must for us. The weather could not have been any better...a perfect Fall day! And part of the net proceeds of the yard sales went to charity. 10% of sales would go to Rescue Ridge animal shelter. A shelter that takes in cats and dogs that are deemed unadoptable. This place works tirelessly with these animals to rehabilitate them and place them in loving homes. Amazing! The whole city wide event was organized by a gal named Sonja. (see picture of the cute blonde gal in the Paul Frank shirt) And it just so happened that the 2nd yardsale we went to was at Sonja's house. We were shopping around, and she asked us how our shopping was going and then we found out that she was the gal who put the whole thing together. In case you're interested, here's a link to the Rescue Ridge website. Sonja did an amazing job. It was so very well planned. We had a print out listing every participating address. And every house on the list had a cool sign posted out front. Some houses were even hosting pet adoptions right there that day. So cool! We got some good stuff. One little piece of furniture that will one day go to the right of our computer set up. It's the perfect organizer for paperwork...invoices, "shipped", "to be shipped"...etc and you know we need it! It needs a lot of work though, but that's what we do. Our first job ever...right out of highschool was furniture restoration. We did it for over ten years. So I promise to do an online tutorial on it with great before and after photos. When me and Aar go Yard Sale-ing it's not even about the purchases. I mean, we like to find good stuff, but I think it's more about the experience. We did get some good stuff though. This super duper fantastic pink and creme serving set...it actually came with a lazy susan underneath! I could never bring my self to call it a chip and dip set. I'm not sure if I'm going to use it for edibles or craftables. Also got a sweet pink apron, a set of shelves that we're gonna paint...which I'll show before and after pictures of in the future. Maybe a couple other little things.Not a ton of stuff, but like I said, we're into just getting out and getting air.
On the other hand, my sister Missy is all about the purchases. She always comes home with a stockpile of stuff. (see Missy checking out one of her purchases - a handmade toy chest that looks like a train car. I wanted it too but I let her have it! wink!) She wasn't able to do the whole day with us because she had to go into work but when she left us she gave us a budget to spend on her if we were to see stuff she had to have. And we found stuff she had to have! Including, some amazing baked goods! A gal by the name Annie Feinstein had a table set up with her husband and adorable daughter selling deelish stuff! (the above mentioned pink & cream serving set came from Annie's yardsale.) We got ridiculously good cream puffs which we popped in our mouths on the way to the car, brownie-like chocolate cookies, some little apricot and raspberry filled cookies. Not your typical yard sale fare...then again, what the heck is typical yard sale fare? The last thing I expected when walking up to this house was a table set up with gourmet sweets. I said to Annie's husband: "oh, kill me now." It was great stuff. She's a professional baker for parties, events, whatever. If you're local and want to order some dazzling baked goods, get in touch with me for Annie's contact info.

Even though it was a city wide yard sale, me and Aar are quite fast and efficient. We were done with the yard sales and still had a ton of daylight left. It had been a loooong time since we had been to the Antique shops down in Point Pleasant so that's where we headed for old time's sake. Point Pleasant is a beach town with one of the best boardwalks in Jersey. We go there for 4th of July every year, and it's where we met up with Jennifer Hayslip over the summer. But we haven't done the antiquing part of Point Pleasant in years. We just never have the time, and I feel guilty saying it, but online shopping has greatly reduced my antique shop shopping...with the exception of my trips to Englishtown, which I've blogged about at length in the past. So we figured we were due for a trip down to Point Pleasant. Got some great pot holders in all my fave colors. I too am a part of the current crochet craze. I've always loved them, but right now it feels like I NEED them. I'd love to have a wall full of them. After the antique shops we headed for The Book Bin, one of Aaron's favorite used book stores. Sadly, it is now defunct. Maybe it's been for years...that's how little we get out. Then we spotted a little store named Summerhouse. We walked in and it took us a minute to gather our heads. When we shop locally, save for a couple amazing shops like Parcel up in Montclair, and Bodega Shoppe in Asbury Park, we usually plan on being underwhelmed. I don't mean this in a mean way...but you know how it is. Not too many shops get it. There is a whole bunch of middle-of-the-road stuff out there. I usually walk into a store and say "oh, cute. I'd buy that candle". Never do I say "WOW! I'll take one of everything!" I walked into Summerhouse and really, I was just not expecting it. My eyes first met a drop dead Halloween vignette with a mini typewriter under a cloche and these perfect little black birdcages with ravens and skulls and little black and amber bottles of poison. I said "wow!" and then I took in the whole shop. I was in the presence of a blogger...I just knew it. This shop was filled with all the stuff I love...All the stuff WE love! We, meaning me and you readers. The stuff that only us who are in the know, know about. How did this stuff end up in my neck o' the woods? And then I took out my camera and approached the proprietress behind the counter. I said, I need to take pics for my blog, can I? And she said "sure, what blog is that?" and before I could even finish the phrase Everyday is a Holiday, she said "I read your blog."... and then a few more questions back and forth and but of course, we were both speaking the same language. We knew all the same names, places, events, etc...A Blogland buddy opened up shop just a hop skip away from me! Joanna Madden & Kathe VanHarte have the most fantastic shop! They're a mother and daughter team and they are friends with a local blogland friend of mine, Kecia Deveney , who they drove out to the Country Living fest with! Small world! And it was one of those rare shops where I did want one of everything! (though I'm a girl of shallow pockets) I got some flash cards I've been coveting forever. A great little vintage inspired french notebook. And a handful of great vintage photos. We definitely are going to set something up with them. A trunk show or something. And maybe a little tour group trip during Art Opera.


715 Arnold Ave.

Point Pleasant Beach

N.J. 08742


Ok, I know you all want to kill me for these absurdly long blog entries but I've got one last thing to mention. Joli Paquet! We are thrilled to be a part of it this year. I'm a lover of Pretty Little Kits and I know you guys are too. Our Halloween kit is now for sale! Go to our Etsy shop to pick one up, and go to the Joli Paquet blog to see all the other great kits for sale. We've been wanting to make this kit for a long time...it's titled: Salem Academy for Witches & Warlocks. You'll have a ton of fun making it and it'll be a fab addition to your annual holiday decorating. And the fun doesn't stop there....join the Joli Paquet flickr group and post pics of your completed kits, holiday decor, etc...

Alright, I'm exhausted and I bet you are downright spent. Thanks so so much again for reading! Happy Fall! xoxo Jenny


  1. Love your kit!!! It's wonderful. Thanks for sharing all the GREAT photos and so glad you guys took a break and got out! And as far as feeling like a kid...I'm (ummm 40 something) and I still feel the same way! HUGS!

  2. Jenny! Always so good to catch up with you. I sat down with coffee to do a little blog reading, just finished your post and my coffee's gone and it's time to get up! lol. Always a good read tho, I def feel caught up. Love your finds, but the bubble tea kinda freaks me out. That's certainly got to be the worlds biggest tapioca beads. Who thinks this stuff up? Okay, now get back to work!

  3. jenny,

    loved your long post!!!...it was a great big "dose" of you!!

    have a great day,

  4. I am going to order as soon as I post and say although a long blog post I was so not bored at all! Wow you guys save it all for 1 day. No wonder you were so tired! I can't wait for Art Opera I hope we go to Pt. Pleasant and shop!My brother lives in Toms River and just such a treck to do the family visit never have time to go explore...Great catching up going to order that cute kit now! Grace

  5. I'm loving all things FALL! pumpkins, acorns, oak leafs. I got a weird little white gourd from House of Old Things in Nambe, N.M. that looks like a little Jim Hensen creature from The Dark Crystal. Happy Fall! now I have to get back to work too. aren't we lucky? we get to do what we love, and people love our stuff!

  6. I wish I wish I wish I could have gone to the garage sale. And I love that you go on date's at the mall. Its a sexy venture...

  7. Ah geeze! Now I'm going to be craving a bubble tea all day! Peach is my favorite.

  8. the bubble tea looks pretty yummy. i have never seen it before your post! ill have to venture out somewhere and see if i can find some.

    the whole yardsale donating money to the animals was pretty amazing.

    and i find it funny that you two felt old after your outing at the mall! i feel the opposite. i feel old when i dont leave the house for days. haha.

  9. Why hello there! What amazing treasures you found!~
    And I have never had bubble tea...perhaps we'll get some in 10 years here in the midwest ;)

    And as for the shocking feeling of being a grownup...I have a little one and I still sometimes find myself marveling at "I can do whatever I WANT today...I can eat anything I want, go where ever I want....stay up and do whatever the heck I want!" Its a simple little luxury and a nice little thing to realize. I am still waiting to grow up...I sort of feel perpetually 17...

  10. Its ok I still haven't actually grown up, I just pretend when I have to! Love all those wonderful treasures! Suzie. x

  11. That drink looks pretty refreshing... and fun! What fantastic finds and photos! I love it all!

  12. Panda Express! The best thing to order there is a Panda Bowl with white rice and orange chicken. Simple but oh-so-filling. And we have bubble tea at this cafe here, the Oolong Cafe, and I've heard about it but never scampered down to get any... maybe I should make a special trip and experience this drink.

    My co-workers have taken to calling me an old soul, so I think I've always been "old"... seriously, nothing makes my day happier than a cup of tea at night and staying in. (Wow, I read that and just realized that every other person in their twenties must think I'm lame...)

  13. OH what fun!! i loved the post and thanks for the eye candy shopping spree! i love the kit!

    love how you' all felt like ol' fo-g-ies after shoppin'...speaking of old...girl i remember last year about christmas time you wrote about crocs...the ugliest shoes on earth...and how you love them...i giggled so hard cuz i love them too...two cool kittens such as ourselves wearin' ol lady shoes...hee hee...

    well doll i had to swing by and see if you saw the new furry black and red checked ones out? ekkkkkk! adorable...ok for ugly shoes...they are cute...lol...i blogged about how much i love um...swing by and see them...i love your blog so much...have a rocken' weekend...cat

  14. Gosh you bring back such memories,Jenny!
    I remember going to Asbery Park (when it was seedy) with 2 teenage relatives and "Sugar Sugar" was playing on the car radio. I felt like I was in Heaven!
    I love the fack that it's becoming an artsy and fun place to live!
    Everyone looks like a kid to me at 52!
    But i sure know what you mean about being exhausted at the end of the night~when we all used to stay up virtually all night back in the day!
    Thanks for sharing~I want everything in that store also!

  15. How have I not been following you all this time!?! Good to reconnect and read up and your hilarious insights and adventures.

  16. Wonderful kit Jenny! Thank you for sharing your adventure out! Amy :)

  17. I read your post about Bubble Tea with amusement. Several years ago my niece in her 20s traveled to China twice (by herself) to teach English. After her return she made Bubble Tea for me and I couldn't drink/eat? it. The reason - while I love tea - I hate tapioca and this drink has the largest tapioca beads I have ever seen. LOL

    Teacup Lady (Sandy)

  18. What a gorgeous store that is! Next time I'm in Jersey...
    And bubble tea was all the rage here for a while, but it's a college town, so fads come and go! I've never tried it, but it's nice to hear an adult praise it. I thought it was a kiddie treat :)

  19. thank you for the nice spot on the store.... come and visit us anytime... joanna and kathe

  20. I know you work so hard. I don't know how you do it. Your art work is sooo appreciated! I love all of mine so much that I have received from you. It makes me feel bad/sad when myself and others get upset when our orders are delayed. I know you both do the best! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your artwork and all that you do for your customers, old and new! :-)


  21. oh my gosh I want to go treasure hunting with you guys! HJaha would be so fun
    Im having a giveaway if you want to check it out

  22. OMG! It looks amazing!
    Us Cali girls have got to take a trip out there, I can only imagine the fun we would have;)
    XOXO Deb

  23. It seems to me that South Jersey has the *best* flea markets, yard sales, antique shops and such. I can't wait to go to Summer House...thanks for the address!
    (grew up in North Jersey and miss it)

  24. Hi Jenny!!! Whew! I'm both thoroughly jealous and grateful that we don't have such wonderful shoppes where I live. I'm not sure I'd ever get anything done except for drooling and looking and shopping! Thank you so much for the very "Jenny" Halloween ornament I received in Heather's swap. The most fabulous swap! Wishing for another!
    -michele :)

    ps...love the Joli kit...love the whole idea of Joli...

  25. This post is packed with so much! Love all the cool vintage stuff. It makes my creativity bones itch for some play time.

  26. What a great post---I am going to try to get to a Summerhouse soon and tell them Jenny sent me---how did I miss that store????? A trip to Pt. Pleasant is in my future!!!!

  27. You're not alone on that "not quite grown yet" feeling. My daughter's 22 and I still sometimes feel like the grownups that really own my house will come home and be mad at me for playing here....

  28. I loved ur kits! You did an amazing job as always!: )
    If you would like come check out my blog and enter my current giveaway at littlemissheirlooms.blogspot.com
    I hope you decided to follow me because I try to bring my readers a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday!

  29. Jenny,
    I usually pass by blogs when I just see words.....and then more words, but i really got into your day. I suppose that has to do with the fact that I know the area (my in-laws live in Little Silver) and it was fun to follow you around weaving in and out of your story.

    Anyway.....I got here somehow via art opera.....great work you do!!!!

  30. hi! just found your blog!great little treasures!!!!!!!!!!

  31. For some reason, I've been unable to access your blog until today. It just kept locking up. I wanted to thank you for following me! This might be a record for longest post, not sure, but could be a contender. I feel old when by 9:30 I'm exhausted, but otherwise, I'm quite in touch with my inner child! The Asbury Park sale sounds fun, and like you, I love the whole experience of it, but I like getting 'the stuff' too. Too much probably.

  32. hi, I recognize the toy typewriter. it's just like the one out at the House of Old Things in Nambe, N.M. that I told you about. it's so dang cute. but I have NO WHERE to display it here. I just go in and run my fingers over the keyboard.

  33. Hi Jenny!!! I just got done reading your fabulous tutorial in Romantic Homes magazine! It is so beautiful and I cant wait to make these! Thank you so much, it was so beautifully written and a wonderful idea!!
    Love ya,

  34. I think I am going to join the ranks of the ex-pat crowd. I recently went on an amazing Tuscany wine tour and was just blown away. Imagine drinking wine in the exact vineyard that the grapes come from. All while surrounded by the freshest and most delicious Italian cooking on Earth. Now I’m back at work and every time I close my eyes I can see, smell, and taste the vineyards of Tuscany. Ciao!

  35. Hey you! My mom and i are coming to NJ to take your class at Art Opera in APril! We are so excited!

  36. man i love those shakes. I am thirsty. In fact im going to go get one right now

    Cyber Monday

  37. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! Your artwork is beautiful.

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  43. Hello cute Jenny and Aaron!
    Happy New Year! I wish I could have gone thrifting with you, it looks like you had alot of fun! I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I love your little not-a-chip-and -dip set! Its so cute and would look darling with craft supplies and/or with food!
    Happy happy! karen....(recycledrita)

  44. That's certainly got to be the worlds biggest tapioca beads.

    Work from home India


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