Keep Calm and Please Stop Snowing

The Jersey weather seems to have reverted back to the way it was when I was just a little tiny girl. For a long time now we New Jerseyans could only talk about snow in the historical sense: "Remember when it used to snow so much that school would close for three straight days?...Remember when we used to get three feet of snow in 24 hours?"
Snow...and I mean real snow...has been virtually absent from our winters for many years. But that's all changed now. We can't talk like old folks anymore about those magical golden years of bi-weekly blizzards. Those times are back. And we're beginning to realize that all those snow-free winters have spoiled us. Because that magical white fluffy stuff can so quickly turn into a royal pain in the neck! We're just about at that point now. The weatherman comes on and says that we're in for another 8-12 inches and we're moaning and groaning. Carlos, our beloved Chihuahua is totally getting tired of it. His long walks have turned into tiny little ones in a very small shoveled area in the backyard. He's just not tall enough or beefy enough to make it through the thick stuff. And then it even affects your mojo time-wise. You have to build in extra time to get your car shoveled out...and then you have to consider that the traffic will be much slower moving. Yeah, we're quite sick of it. I mean, just last night Aaron slipped on some ice in the driveway and went down hard. He came back in the house pretty much on hands and knees and says he heard many painful cracks and crunches in his ribs and back. He wasn't doing anything ambitious either...just crossing the driveway over to my sister Missy's to borrow something. So...for the sake of our dog, our schedule, and our bones...PLEASE! no more snow!
Lets that I got my complaining out of the way...where did I leave off last time? Ok, I mentioned that it was Aaron's birthday. Right here Aaron made sure that I inserted his great thanks for all the birthday well wishes from you guys...So Thank You, from Aaron! For birthdays we usually like to get, Aar and all my siblings, and we make a day of it. But we haven't found the time for that yet. We spent that day at home and Missy was nice enough to leave Aar a birthday treat on our doorstep...some cupcakes from our local favorite, Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe. They were gone in a flash! So that was it on his b-day but a couple days later we did do a great dinner and a movie night with Aaron's Mom & Dad. We went to see Avatar, which was absolutely amazing. First off, I was expecting those old cheapo 3-D glasses from the past...the cardboard ones with cellophane blue, one red. But those are long gone. Now they hook you up with some slick Risky Business shades that are just way too nice to throw in the garbage. Well, after being blown away by the best piece of film any of us has ever seen we then went back to Aar's parent's house for dinner and Barb made a super heavy duty delicious strawberry cake. The recipe came from Paula Deen and here it is...I highly recommend it!

Just the other day...right in the middle of a killer blizzard...the mailman, or maybe the ups man was not deterred from his duties and he dropped on our doorstep a whole load of boxes that we've been eagerly awaiting. We finally got our delivery of Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake Journals, Gift Bags, and Desk Notes...and the adorable beaded bookmarks are on back order so those will be coming soon. We've been getting a ton of emails from old and new friends who purchased some journals and/or gift bags at their local Barnes & Noble or Chapters (Canada) and we appreciate all the congrats so much! Well now we have these fantastic items for sale in our Etsy shop and I have to say, we only have a small quantity right now so if you've got your eye on something...grab it! We partnered up with Peter Pauper Press and we just love the quality of their products and from day one, it's just been an absolute pleasure to deal with them. They made the whole process so easy and pressure free. Right now the line is all pink but it will most likely expand to our other color ways in the future...we'll see. But for now, classic pink is perfect. All of these fun items are now available in our shop!

We've got a few more new necklaces and the addition of heart shapes wasn't planned for Valentines day...just pretty much a coincidence. We're now not only doing cupcakes but cake slices as well. The jewelry has been really fun to make and I hope to keep adding more and more pieces. We've got some more Jumbo pendants with leopard print. If you know me, you'd know I'm a huge fan of leopard print. My closet is full of it...purses, coats, cardigans, you name it. I've been wanting to tie leopard into to our artwork again for a long time. We've always felt that cupcakes and leopard print are a perfect fit.

We also have some brand new blocks with some leopard print. Our Fashion blocks...our Chic blocks. Leopard and black...leopard and pink. We love these! Plus we have an all new red one and by popular demand we finally did a chocolate brown version. Again, all these are in our shop ...and we're doing them in batches.

Lastly, I wanted to bring up this fantastic swap that I was lucky enough to take part in. Heather of Speckled Egg hosted this "Petite Inspiration Box Swap" with participants such as Melfie, Melissa, Beth, etc... Here are my boxes:

And here are the Super Funnnn boxes that I received:

From Melfie:


From Melissa:


From Beth:


How lucky am I?? geez!!! Sooo much GOOD STUFF!!!! I LOOOVE everything so much!! So different yet SO Perfect in their own way!!! If you want to see more of the boxes that were swapped pop over to the flickr group! so much eye candy!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! What do you all have planned? Like I explained last year...we have our tradition of staying in and cooking a deeelish meal and dessert together. Hopefully me and Aar are gonna bake up something good! We have a yummy dessert recipe in mind...maybe I'll be sharing that with you all too!

Well, that's all for now! Be back soon! Thanks so much again for reading! xoxo, Jenny


  1. I absolutely love the post! The boxes from the swap are so nicely done and congrats on your new line! Are they available at all Barnes?

    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  2. Not only Keep Calm, but...Keep Warm Happy Valentines to you!! Mica

  3. Reading this is reminded me of when I was young too. I was born and raised in NJ and left in 1984 because I just got tired of the winters and all the snow. Of course after I left, it got all tame out there and you didnt get much anymore. Now its back and all those who dont remember the old days are whining like its the end of the world. I laugh..people like you and me know different. We have seen it. There was a blizzard in 1961. It was up to my waist, I was just a little kid. My dad had a heart attack from this tho because he had so much to shovel. Dad doesnt shovel anymore and mom and dad are in their 80s now. Now mom says......God put it there, God can take it away. Me.......I just moved away. Thanks for the memory tho. :)

  4. I love your blog and only wished you shipped to Australia !!

  5. wow i need to pop over and buy one of those journals!!! and i love your swap so jealous! xox stacy

  6. I hear you on the snow! Enough already!

    And I get psyched every time I visit the Barnes & Noble in Paramus and see your display of goodies! A journal is on my must have list!

  7. Happy Valentines Day Jenny and Aaron! have a cozy night in the house! xox natalea

  8. Jenny!!!

    I am so glad that I got to play swap with you! You spoiled me - and we really were spoiled by Beth and Melissa, weren't we? Huge, huge congratulations on Barnes and Noble! I'm so stinking happy for you and Aaron! I need to head to mine to see your sweet work. I'll grab people walking by and tell them I know you... :) I love your cupcake blocks too! Leopard print always makes me happy! Happy, Happy Valentines Day to you lovebirds!!! We cheated and decided to try Cold Stone Creamery cupcakes... I'm especially excited to try the cake batter cupcake! Hey, guess who is coming to NJ next month? Maybe we could plan a little get together??? xo-Melfie

  9. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! Stay warm...and LOVE your new paper line.....divine!

  10. From one *Sweet* addict to another. Love your blog!!
    Love your new journals, and boxes, and more!I'll be shopping soon! Stay warm..
    Happy Valentines Day too!!
    Cindy :)

  11. you can send the snow to cali ! :D
    we'll gladly take it <3
    as usual your merch is looking lovely and i wish i could buy all of it but unfortunatly i can't :{

    hope you had a fantastic valentines day ! <3

  12. Jenny - I would love a couple of the cupcakes on chains sent to Aus so I will visit your lovely Etsy store - many thanks for your reply too, Kate

  13. Wow!!! So much snow! It's so hard to go to you favorite places in the snow :(......I'm so buying everything you have when I get
    Those boxes are SWEET..good job :)

  14. I love this post! I love everything. Thank goodness the mail finally came! There were so many packages and no mail for so many days. It was so sad!

  15. wow - everything looks so incredible! we loooooved avatar too - the 3d was so incredible, you forgot you had glasses on, instead you were just immersed in a world you never want to leave! will look for you at art opera - i live about 5 mins from you... so nice to see creative fun people living so close by (and never knowing it!)
    and - more snow today? this is crazy!

  16. Everything is adorable!!! You have had quite a bit of snow. We are used to a lot of snow in ND. Love the snow, but not the cold.....brrrrrr. Wishing for Spring!

  17. Hi Jenny, so much sweet stuff in your post! The inspiration boxes were a fun swap. I had great partners too. Love all your keep calm goodies.
    HOpe you and Aaron had a great valentines day.. and ate cupcakes!

  18. Hello pretty girl!!!!
    WOWERS Jenny!!! The snow!!! Holy cow! i can understand why you guys are so over it! Poor Aaron for taking a hard fall. :( Im seriously late, but PLEEEASE tell him I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY from ME. :)
    Jenny, I had NO clue you guys had gift bags, journals, etc with your Keep Calm! SOOO COOL!!! YAY!! A huge congrats!!! That's SERIOUSLY amazing!!! Im so happy for you guys!!!
    Your photos are seriously DE-LISH!!! I want one of everything your talented hands make.
    Stay warm sweet friend! Think of the warm summer nights and ocean breezes that you'll soon feel., and you guys can take your midnight strolls again. ;) XOXO,Jenn

  19. I was thrilled when I walked into Chapters last night and saw the yummy Be Calm goodies. My hubby bought me a journal and I think I just may have to go back and get a couple more things.
    Cheers ~
    (who is very happy that it isn't blizzarding up here in Canada .. at the moment, anyway!)

  20. You are sooo busy! Snow looks lovely. I can imagine the groans...
    Congrats on the bday,the journals and being a huge entreprenuear!your boxes are lovely i still have to post mine! I think I'm off to do that now!!
    Happy days to you

  21. the Power of Suggestion! it gets me every time. I want to eat cake, cupcakes, frosting. your art makes me hungry. and even the snow makes me hungry. we just got a foot on Monday and it's like heaps and heaps of boiled frosting on the lawn furniture. hey, I'll make a cake! no wait, so far I'm fighting it off. good ol' El Sol dries it up and cleans the streets in one dirty, slushy, mucky stuff once our high desert air gets to it. greetings from Santa Fe. my doggie is absolutely loving the snow. she's alot bigger than Carlos, though.

  22. Amazingly enough I was in Kentucky from Feb 4th until the 20th due to all that snow. My plan was to head back to my kiddies on the day before Valentines day with spiffie treats from the USA, well the weather man had a different plan for me! Then on the 15th pow more snow with news that this was record snow in KY terrific lol So Brett (dh) had to mail me winter woolies whilst I was down south. haha I am not back in the North Canadian home and freezing my hiney off. Love you post and I love my Chapters purchases ... of course I bought many <3 You are both just the apple of my eye, I feel very proud of you and to house your art in my home, studio and kitchen.

  23. A little late to this post, Jenny, and guess what? It is snowing again..bleh. I am so going to Barnes and Noble to get some of your goodies!
    ♥, Susan

  24. Got my sweet necklace and I adore it..devoured my chocolates too~THANK YOU :) leopard print too. You have such great taste.

    Congrats on the boxes and bags at the major stores...much success to you both and Happy belated B`day to Aaron.
    The strawberry cake looks delicious!

  25. I wish you'd ship to Finland as well!

  26. Picked up my gift bags,a journal and a bookmark at Chapters in Calgary today! So excited to see them there when I walked in the door - right at the front of the store! Congrats!


  27. hi jenny and aaron. just thought i swing by and let you know i just finished posting about you in my blog. and had a fun time doing so. love your guyses work. hope you're having a SWEET night.


  28. Jenny, OMG .. my great grandmother used to tell me as a child ... keep calm and have a cupcake!! it brought me waaay back to my childhood. Thx ;-)

  29. I just love these Keepo Calm and have a Cup Cake items!

  30. love your blog! I made that cake for my mom's birthday last year (as a surprise) and it is sooo scrumptious!

  31. Hi Jenny and Aaron!
    I will try to blow some California sunshine your need some!
    I hope you are both doing well! I am in Heathers inspiration box for Spring- nesting theme...
    Love your chunky block Pieces!

  32. Jenny, I just had to stop by and let you know how over the top thrilled I am that your products are now at Michaels. Our sweet mutual friend Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage turned me on to the fact that I should go visit Michaels!! I came home today with a boat-load of your magnets, stickers, mini-notecards, regular notecards, and magnetized notepads!!! Yippee for you and Aaron AND for me!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  33. I love the sentiment, "Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake!" It speaks to my soul! And, I adore the boxes! All of them! They are one of my favorite things to do, decorate boxes. If you're going to have a box, it might as well look appealing, right?

  34. everything looks like so much fun!! what a great swap and i just L.O.V.E. the new products!!
    have a beautiful day!


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