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The Vintage Vacation Swap is filling up fast!! Sign ups are 'til midnight on Tuesday the 25th of this merry month of May. I would extend sign ups further but this thing is already looking big and I just don't want it to get unwieldy! I want to be able to be the best swap hostess possible...keeping everyone updated, on schedule, etc...AND when I partner up swappers I never ever pick at random...I like to play match maker...I go to blogs. I do the research...looking for who's style matches who's... who's personalities seem to click...is this swapper one of those "opposites attract" types?... And sometimes, when I get lucky, I have the pleasure of creating lasting friendships! I'm serious...it's a thrill helping kindred souls find one another.

So, sign up while you can...again, the cut off is midnight New Jersey time...this Sunday.
Lets see, I wonder what state of mind I'll be in on Sunday at midnight?...well, that all depends on LOST!! I've never ever imagined I'd be so anxious over a tv show! All this week, throughout the day, my mind will wander, I'll think of LOST, and I get nervous...seriously. There are so many unanswered questions...about a thousand loose ends. And it's not like I want them all tied up...I just want to feel...hmmm....what's the word?...."rewarded" maybe. Rewarded for my dedication and devotion. I don't know, in a way I've already been rewarded...for like six years, through the good times and bad...I've been given a little escape from the grind...I've been given quality, televised art. So really, however they want to end it...I guess it's fine with me...well, maybe not...but I guess I have faith...and if you're familiar with LOST...faith seems to be paramount.
So sorry for that LOST tangent...I know that for non-fans of LOST, there is nothing more annoying than somebody talking about LOST...so truly, I'm sorry...but I just had to.

32.00 plus shipping

fits 16 x 20 frame

36.00 plus shipping

8 x 10 wooden plaque
w/ glitter highlights

Alright, back to vacation...back to summer and fun and family and memories and the sweet taste of nostalgia. Me and Aaron decided to provide some visual inspiration for you guys...in the form of a new painting! Yes, up there at the top of this post is our latest: "Ferris Wheel"... and we are just so so so inspired...This is the first in a series that promises to capture the magic of summer, days at the beach, carnivals, boardwalks, cotton candy & ice cream, games, rides, skee-ball, the circus...etc... All of these things are ephemeral in nature. Here today in all of their glorious colors...and gone tomorrow. We only get to experience them for brief magical moments...but if we're lucky, we'll keep the memories forever.
"Ferris Wheel" is available now in three sizes of ready to frame matted prints and as an 8 x 10 wooden plaque, which has ultra fine glitter highlights in all the right places! (the photos do not do it justice...it's magical in person!)
If you want to take home some of the magic...you can purchase it here...or, I'm so excited to announce...our brand new Artfire studio!!

After a whole lot of personal drama, set backs, and then add to that Aaron being out of commission for two weeks...we got so far behind in our orders and getting caught up feels like an insurmountable task. But we're working hard to do so and we just NEED some new artistic energy... sales energy...to help move things along and out the door. We are trying so hard but our physical efforts alone won't be enough...we need at least a modest flow of commerce to push everything in the right direction. In the past we listed a whole lot of stuff on Ebay...but then, as anyone will tell you...it became Fee-bay. They just kept taking more and more...all while the service diminished. And then Etsy fees are way less than Ebay...but it's still a big chunk of change each month if you're a full time artist...and then factor in Paypal's cut...you get the idea.
So I had been looking into Artfire for quite a while and decided to give it a shot. The price is right...it is either free, for a basic account...or a flat rate of $15 dollars for a pro account...no hidden fees...no final fees....just $15...case closed! It's got a lot of great features...links to facebook, your Etsy, instant tweets, blogs, 1 click transfer of your Etsy listings...and lots more. Of course there are cons, like way lower traffic volume...but I'm not looking to pull in the masses right now anyway. I hope to do my part to get our art in front of who wants to see it and then be able to send them to a mutually convenient place to buy it. ArtFire is the place! So please, go check out our studio, click around Artfire, open an account as a buyer...it's free...and fellow artists...open up a studio of your own! We'll be upgrading to a pro account this week for sure, so I'll have lots more info on the way.

Before I go I just have to mention my girl Kari, the ArtsyMama. We seem to always be on the same page! At the exact time that I announced the Vintage Vacation Swap, Kari was launching her new blog: Artsy Mama's Ice Cream Social. She wants it to be a hub for all things summer...go there and announce your own summer swap, post inspirational summer photos, craft ideas, tutorials...just everything fun under the sun. We really were thinking the same thing at the same time! And it's not like she lives down the street...she's in Minnesota! She's one of my favorite people and she's always been so dedicated to bringing together as many like minded bloggers as possible. So lets build a summery bridge between here and there. Bring on the pics, the inspiration, memories, recipes, etc. Be sure to post your link here and there.

In closing, I just wanted to answer the number one question that seems to be on everyone's mind: When is the send date for our Vintage Vacation Swap packages?
Well don't worry...I understand that some of you will have actual vacations smack dab in the middle of the vacation swap...and tons of other things going on as well...so the shipping deadline won't be 'til the end of June. Plenty of time to get things ready. Ok, thanks for stopping by...xoxo, Jenny!!


  1. I have to say Jenny, you are amazing...I can't even imagine how many people have already signed up for this swap, and the fact that you want to "personally" pair up everybody, with the hope of everyone finding lasting friendships....love you!!!!

  2. Oh man lost has been so good! Sheesh. Love. Wish I could do the swap but I know it is biting off more then I could chew. Maybe next time. :) Love the wooden plaque.

  3. I realllllllly love the ferris wheel!! It is so beautiful and may have to grab it!!! Swap sounds fun too!

  4. I already started my swap stuff! this is fun!
    Love the ferris wheel piece!
    And you'll be happy to know that I'm finishing up my kitchen semi-makeoever in the next week and your artwork is my inspiration for it...so it looks like I'll be heading over soon to pick up another piece or two! And you and Aaron better come visit this fall like we chatted about...you will feel at home with your paintings! I'm thinking with how busy you are you made need to get away and have some relaxing fun by then! Ok, so I can't wait to get paired up and swapping! have a great weekend...hope Aaron's feeling good! xo natalea

  5. Love the Farris Wheel! The colors are so reminiscent of childhood, fantasy and summer.

  6. Jenny this sounds awesome ~ you are awesome ~ I just sent you an email with my stuff :D

  7. Hey chickadee!!
    OMG I want one of those paintings! Ekkk cant wait to see what others yall come out with! Might just have to get me the collection for my studio! hehe Big hugs


  8. Will be waiting to hear from you about the swap....you have tons on your shoulders it sounds like. Tried to click on the arfire site but nothing came up.....debbie

  9. Adore the Ferris Wheel and I can't wait to see what else you come up with for your new line!

  10. Hi Jenny!! I love the painting of the ferris wheel! I am so excited about this swap!Thank you so much for putting it together for us. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, but I am so happy you are planning this vacation swap. I would love to pack my bags and head to a beachy ocean right now! Take care! Shannon :)

  11. Wow Miss Jenny you have really out done your self with the Ferris wheel! Stunning! I love it! I sent you an email a couple of days ago about the swap! I am so there!!!! I'm such a dork - I've already started gathering for it!
    Happy days to you and best wishes to Aaron for his re-cooperation : )

  12. Wow you create some gorgeous artwork that painting is to die for, I've sent you an email to see if I can sign up for your swap hope I'm not to late for sign up's....

  13. just wanted to tell you how happy I was to see your beautiful artwork at michaels. A friend gave me one of everything you made for the line, and I treasure them all!! I am so proud of you and aaron, as I hope you are proud too!!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  14. Your blog and your items are so fun and beautiful! I am following you now :) check out my blog and perhaps you could follow me as well. www.femchiclove.com.

    take care!

  15. You are doing some wonderful new things! I love the glamour girls, "When I Grow Up' and the carnival pictures!



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