Vintage Vacation Swap sign up is OPEN!!! :)

Alright, I'm a little late but I'm no less excited. Aaron had a bad couple weeks, a sickness that landed him in the hospital and then it just lingered on and on...more than a week of total insomnia needless to say, it it threw us way behind with everything. And in the middle of all that was my little bro Walt's birthday, Mother's Day, and me & Aar's 17th anniversary. And he was incapable of celebrating any of these. So now we need some perking up and I hope a swap is just what the doctor ordered! And I'm not talking about myself here...I'm hoping to spread some sunshine around. Everyone loves a good swap right?

Vintage Vacation...when I think of it, I see one thing...but what you envision is probably worlds apart. One swapper goes beachy, another goes goes to the lake, another goes to Disney. When we start receiving our swap bounty in the mail I bet no two boxes will be even close to the same.

I'm really hoping to take this swap beyond the actual swap. I myself will be following up with a bunch of Vintage Vacation inspiration posts...and I would love for all you guys to do the same. But really, you can expand upon the Vintage Vacation theme with your blog postings. Think: family vacation photos, maybe some staycation pics (barbecues, picnics...your favorite spot to escape to in the backyard) great summer recipes, party themes, favorite summer music, postcards, beach scenes, amusement parks get the idea! When you post this stuff just be sure to come back here, leave a comment that includes a link back to your blog post...or if you don't have blog, you can link us back to your Flickr.

Ok, feel free to take my Vintage Vacation Swap button for use on your blog...the big one, and the little one for your sidebar...this will really help to spread the word!

And are the details:
1. email me at ...make sure that the subject is need to send me your Name, Mailing address, Email address, a link to your blog and/or Flickr.
2. I will be partnering people up and then informing each swapper who they'll be swapping with.

Heres what you'll be swapping:
-at least 2 Vintage or "thrifted" items
-at least 1 handmade item...feel free to craft as much as you like.
-something edible...get creative!
-optional: some crafty goodies/supplies for your partner to use in their own summer/vacation crafts.

again, it sounds like everybody is cool with the $20 spending range...this is before shipping...and as far as shipping cost goes...think about flat rate boxes...make sure your stuff fits...and also, if not using flat rate: think light...but think great!

Ok, some ideas to get the ball rolling:
souvenirs: plates, snow globes, keychains, t-shirts, pillows, hankies, table cloths, etc...
vintage sunglasses, seashells, postcards etc...I'm sure you guys will dazzle!!
Swap sign ups are open til midnight on Sunday, May 23rd, New Jersey time.
Lets have lots and lots of fun with this...lets get super creative...and hopefully this will feel like a little vacation in itself!!
I am beyond excited for's been so long and I just love love love how a swap brings people together!!! You have no idea!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Oh I just clicked on Facebook and there it was! I'm emailing you right away Jenny! xoxo

  2. I sent you my info. I am so excited about this fun swap!

  3. So glad you are kicking off our summer with some Vintage Vacation goodness! fun fun fun! xoxoxo Heidi

  4. I sent you a message on Facebook! And I blogged about it! Fun Jenny! Thanks for organizing this!

  5. Cool!!! Just sent you my info. This is gonna be so fun!

  6. I just emailed you my info. Now the cobwebs are clearing in my head and the ideas are starting to roll around! I needed this.. Ive been in a creative dry spell!
    thanks for hosting

  7. Hi Jenny and Aaron!
    I can't get a message to go through on your email link...
    I wanna join! I wanna join!
    Email me so I can send you all my info! Aaron, take your vitamins!
    Jenny, I miss you cutie pie!
    hugs! karen....

  8. sending my info now!!

  9. hope to be able to join in, sending email now love glenda

  10. Sounds fun!!!! Just sent you an email! :)

  11. yeah I am so excited for this swap a rama!

  12. I posted about this fun swap last night. Can't wait to start!

  13. This sounds like such a fun swap,count me in !

  14. Sounds like a fun swap! Glad I found this in time.

  15. Me, too, me, too....sending my info....debbie!!!

  16. Hi Jenny I just sent you my info! Looking forward to this fun vintage vacation swap!! Thanks for hosting!! XO Fran.

  17. what a fun swap! I sent you an email asking to please join. Thanks!

  18. It sounds great and I am going to email you as soon as I am done here....One question....what is the swap date? Thanks, melinda

  19. just sent you my info...
    love, love, love the ferris wheel!

  20. HI Jenny! Just sent you an email asking to be a part of this wonderful Vintage swap! Have a great weekend and I am so happy to have found your blog... just in time too!

  21. Hello, Miss Jenny!~~~YES! Count me in! How fun!~~~XXOO, Beth

  22. If it's not to late please count me in! Thanks

  23. Just a question...when is the swap to be sent??

  24. Ohhhhh another swap and I really really shouldn't but the subject is so devine. Hmmmmm when does it need to be posted by and am I too late?


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