Ocean Grove Summer Flea Market and a Vintage Vacation Swap update!

Ok, first things first...all of the Swap emails have been sent out. Everyone is paired up. So, if you have not yet been paired up then that means something went wrong and we have to fix it. If you have yet to receive a partner...contact me right away and we'll resolve it. In addition, you may have been partnered up and you have not heard anything from your partner even though you've tried to contact them numerous times etc... In this case, well, we have to fix this as well. It means that you either have a drop-out partner or your partner is incommunicado. Both of these are bad things that we must resolve ...just shoot me an email...and I'll make sure you get a real partner.
I've been hearing that lots of people have been having a blast crafting for their partners...shopping...trading tons of emails. I even heard that two gals from totally different regions discovered that they'll be vacationing in the same spot at the same time...and now they're gonna meet up! How awesome is that?!
As I've said many times...down here at the Jersey Shore, all the sights, sounds, and scents of Vacation are impossible to ignore. If we take a short drive to get something to eat we'll pass about a hundred people on beach cruiser bikes, party tents, barbecues...and flying above the ocean...those little airplanes that pull advertisement banners behind them, beach umbrellas, ice cream parlors with lines snaking around the building...all sorts of great stuff that makes you stop and remember to slow down a little...because this isn't a dress rehearsal...this is your one and only life. We so often forget to live it. And it'll just pass by...a day turns into a week and then a month and then a year...and then you realize that you can't even remember the last time that you had fun, or saw your friends, or whatever. It's really so easy to forget to actually live your life and not just try to survive the day. I'm speaking from experience here...trust me. Stop, slow down, take a breath, look around, and do something for you.
The Vintage Vacation Swap is the perfect opportunity to do just that! And you get to box up some magic and share it with someone far away! So lets raise the spirit of vacations gone past...pack it up...and ship it out at the end of the month!

Last weekend was the super huge, super awesome Ocean Grove Flea Market. They do it a couple of times a year...summer & fall...and we try to go whenever we can. This year was a must because next month we'll be back in Red Bank with an antique booth! We had to hit the Big Flea to see if we could score some great stuff for our new booth. It was me, Aaron, my sister Missy, and Walt. Walt will be our partner in the antique booth. He got totally addicted to the tv show American Pickers and he's been dying to find some treasures that he can turn into profits. That kid is a natural born wheeler dealer. He seems to be constantly in the state of buying and selling! The photo above is of Missy, Walt & Aaron taking a little break from the Flea Market Frenzy...Walt is probably on the phone making some kind of trade...Jeep tires for a turtle tank or something! And oh yeah...check out those houses...all the way down the end, where the houses stop...that's the ocean!

When I go to a flea market I'm there for the vintage stuff. I always speed past the vendors selling NEW stuff. There are some people who love to check out the new stuff...the t-shirts with witty slogans, knock-off handbags, Chanel sunglasses that somehow cost 4 dollars!, novelty shot glasses, remote control flyswatterbeveragecozybackscratchers. Bless you America! I'm there for the OLD stuff! The JUNK. The Castoffs. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses of vintage treasures longing to be free.
But this time one vendor selling NEW stuff just stopped me dead in my tracks. This looked like some of the most delicious stuff ever!...and it was for pups! It was just impossible for me not to get a bag of stuff for Carlos! Just look at them pizzas! Those little cheeseburgers!! Can you even handle this stuff?! And they were a great deal!!

Of course, of course, of course...we run into miss popularity herself...madame mayor...Marlene! I told Aaron the night before that we were going to definitely run into our friends Mary and Marlene at some point during our Flea Market trip. Even though the place is huge and so so packed...we sure did. Above is Marlene and Missy. To thwart sunburn Missy purchased that hat at the flea market...on the other hand, Marlene probably own about 17 of 'em, in addition to her vintage swimming caps! You see that cup of iced tea? Well they were bucket sized...and you still wanted to go back for more...it was so so fantastic...infused with fruit...ice cold! Everybody there had one. It was a scorcher by the way...and I'm not good with heat...nearly passed out...but I think I always nearly pass out. Anyway, Marlene is a hoot! So good to see her and Mary too. Marlene will be neighbors with us in Monmouth Antiques...we open our booth in a couple of weeks and I think Marlene is already open. It will be a blast!

Ocean Grove is home to the largest assemblage of authentic Victorian architecture in the nation.
...And tons of fantastic shops...and ice cream parlors, like Nagle's!!

These are the Ocean Grove tent houses. Every summer these get propped up and they are decorated amazingly...inside and out! There are blocks of these! You really have to see them in person to fully appreciate them!

I love this summer collection from Chanel! Especially Le Vernis. Reminds me of sea glass...or the absolute perfect chippy painted cupboard that I wish I found at OG flea market!

And finally for dessert we have Easy Lime Pie! This recipe sounds great...I really love Key Lime Pie so so much. It is a summer must! O posted it a few days ago on facebook..and within an hour a few gals were off to pick up the ingredients for that night! I found it here.

Alright, I hope I inspired some vacation & summer feelings in all of you. I'll be back soon...with lots more. Thanks again for stopping...wishing you guys all the best!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. OMG!!!!! You are sooo lucky! What a magical fun place to live in for the summer! The photos just kept blowing me away......:) I am on the hunt for some fun things! Lots of second hand stores around me with those vintage vacation goodies! :)

  2. Oh I am soo inspired now, I have spoken to my swp partner and already started gathering bits for her. As she has never been to the UK, I am soing to send her a blittle bit of England.
    Thanks soo much for organising the swap. Hope you got some goodies at the market.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. Darn! I missed out on the swap! (SNIFF!)
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live near the ocean like you do! Every Day would be a vacation! (AND a Holiday!)
    We go to Ocean City Maryland every year since forever...and it feels like my second home...but it's not nearly as charming as your neighborhood!
    I just love the photo collage at the top too! All that beachy goodness!

  4. My swap partner has been a great communicator and the crafting is moving right along. (That deadline does seem awful soon though!)

  5. How fun! I think that you live in Heaven :)

    Those tent houses look so completely fun!

  6. Jenny, Wow... Ocean Grove is gorgeous and perfectly retro! You paired me with a peach of a gal for the swap, and I'm busily putting her package together. I went to Patrick's Salt Water Taffy in Bodega Bay last summer while in No. Cal. for vacation. The pink stripes were too fun to pass up. It was fun to see it in your montage. - Amy Bauer (Yma's Fun)

  7. Never heard of the tent houses before, awesome! Thanks for taking me on a mini vacation :)

  8. Love your post. Those tent houses look amazing!

  9. Ooooh Jenny!!! I wish I was on the Jersey shore now!!! EEEK!!! Those houses!!! Luuuuuv! Ice cream parlors, boardwalk, victorian homes, salty air....aaaahhh wishing I was there! Your mosaic photo is FAB!!! Soo inspiring! Thanks for making my morning a happy one! Love ya girlie! XO,Jenn

  10. Oh my, now that is a fabulous flea market! I would have loved to have been there, thank you for opening up my eyes to such a great site!

    I am so happy I found my way to your blog!


  11. Jenny you should see my toes!! I just posted them on Facebook! They have that blue nail polish. LURVE!! Ok Marlene is sooo amazing! Thank you for pairing me up with her. We have both been having a blast!!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    xoxo Molly

  12. Wow, your post is like a mini seaside vacation! Love the photographs,you can almost smell the ocean air and hear the laughter. xo Lidy

  13. I had to go to a birthday party up north that day, so we were at the flea mkt at 7:30 AM and we were out of there by 9:00 AM. That means I had to look fast and not dally...so your pictures are beautiful...all the things that I did not have time to oooh and ahhh over. I just love Ocean Grove...it is like a party every time we go there!
    ♥, Susan

  14. I read about your site in my new copy of Tera Frey's Book "Blogging for Bliss" I came by for a quick peek and some inspiration for my own Blog. (that I am attempting to put together. Hence the word attempting.) I found myself reading post after post. I love the feel of your site and all the nostalgia! Thank you for sharing. You are definately a bright spot on the blogosphere!!


  15. Thanks for the memories. I used to go to Ocean Grove every summer when I was younger and love to re-visit those places you mentioned, even just in pictures.

  16. I live in Neptune and plan to be a vendor at the Ocean Grove Craft Festival on Sept. 4th this year. I've been doing this show for a few years now. If you decide to attend say hello! Just look for the tent with To Be Me Jewelry on it in big letters. I would love to meet you...your blog is the best!

  17. I've not heard of Ocean Grove. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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