Vintage Vacation Swap...extension announcement!

Summer is in full swing for many of you now, with the school year coming to an end and the kids home all day, I'm sure you've got Vacation on the brain! I wanted to pop in to let you guys know that I've been talking to many of the Vintage Vacation Swap participants and no one seems to have a problem with extending the ship date to July 15. We were originally shooting for July 1st but with all the actual vacations and the many roadblocks that took away from more than a few swapper's play seems like the 15th makes more sense. More time for crafting, making, shopping. The roadblocks I speak of mainly have to do with disappearing swap partners. After many an enthusiastic swapper sent multiple exploratory emails to their selected partners only to not hear back...I had to make some new matches. It's just so tough when a swap partner disappears. A lot of times stuff just emergencies...things like that. But sometimes people just sign up and blow it off for no apparent reason, leaving their would be partners talking to the wall. So these types of setbacks really cut down on the prep time for these poor swappers and I figured an extension was surely justified.
There were also a whole lot of spam folder mishaps wherein swappers thought they had deadbeat partners but it turned out that an equally enthusiastic reply email was collecting dust in a spam folder! That stinks. I have to say that it's been the trickiest swap that I've hosted yet. A lot of info and email addresses didn't lead anywhere...lots of typos etc, etc... But everything is shaping up now.
Aaron and me have been really really busy. We don't love the heat, so we don't really mind staying in all day working. The AC is great!

My sister Missy is just about 90% moved out of her apartment. She's not moving far away...about 2 minutes by car...but the days of yelling out our windows to see when the cupcakes are ready are over. Probably what we'll miss most about the end of the close proximity is little Jack's visits. Jack is Missy's adorable Papillon...well, we'd talk to Jack from our window and Missy could send Jack out her front door...he'd run down the driveway...come sprinting around to the front of the house where we up the front porch steps...and come flying in our open front door...come upstairs to our apartment and run all over the place. He'd visit for like ten minutes and then we'd send him back in just the same way. He was like a homing pigeon. It was maybe the cutest thing we ever saw. Missy has two pups...the other one is Sam..he is the cutest, tiniest, Chihuahua ever...but no way Jose could he ever be trusted to make the trip over here on his own. He'd somehow make a wrong turn at Albuquerque. So we'd have to visit with Sam on a window to window basis only.
(ps. the two pics above are of our bathroom in our last apartment...seashore theme, with stripes in tones of salt water taffy. Our current bathroom is on it's way to becoming the twin sister of our old bathroom...we just haven't had the time to paint yet. All the decor is vintage New Jersey at the shore...the souvenir plates are my fave! )

Above is me and Aar outside a diner in Wildwood, NJ. One of our fave places. I think we got pancakes after we took that pic...if it was the other way around we woulda been too full to pose for photos!

Another Wildwood mainstay...Laura's Fudge. I always forget that I'm in this photo, standing to the right of the front doors. This building is so fantastic! It is just magical at night all lit up. And inside is all the Fudge you can imagine and you can watch them make it!

Ok, just wanted to pop in for a swap update and a little summer inspiration. One last thing, my Nana has been in the hospital and she needs some good energy sent her way. She's been going through a lot and even though New York is right up the road a piece, it's not easy going in and out of the city, so it's been tough for the family to make the trip in. But everyone has been so faithful and supportive. So wish Nana all the best.

Thanks so much again for stopping by. I'll be back again soon!! xoxo, Jenny


  1. hi jenny! just wanted to tell you that i'm thrilled with my swap partner! i'm so glad to have "met" a new friend via your swap (pamela huntington). you did a great job pairing us up. xoxo

  2. So sorry to hear about your Nana. My son calls my mom Nana as well, so many good vibes coming her way! Thank you for the extension! I was getting there, but had already told my partner I was going to be a little late sending! Now I can get even more great goodies together for her!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the swap trouble!! However I have to tell you how flippin' cute the pics of your bathroom are!!!!

  4. That is an amazingly cute story about your sister's dog coming to visit and too funny about the chihuahua making a wrong turn at Albuquerque! I can see that happening since I've had a couple of chihuahuas myself. What a nice memory of the time when your sister lived so close. The dog will probably miss the close visits too!

    Good luck with the swaps!


  5. Good to know Jenny! I will also let my partner know just in case! Really looking forward sending my box and the extra time will help me to put my final touches on Kat's box!

  6. Hi Cutie...great so now with the extension I can buy "more" stuff haha..OUt of control I am! I am sending prayers and good vibes for your Nana's speedy recovery. Grace xoxo

  7. you are the QUEEN of PATIENCE! I"m sure your swap will go smoothly from here on in...and I liked the post about "slow down and enjoy!" I drive myself like a rented mule so I know what you're talking about. thanks for the reminder.

  8. I'm sending lots of positive vibes to you and your Nana!!!
    I'll be in Philadelphia this week, so they will be nice and close vibes!

  9. Hi Jenny~
    Thanks so much for that little breathing space. My partner and I have been in touch but you know how it is with life...the summer, which was already jam-packed with activities, suddenly has had some medical stuff thrown into the mix...and there was a lot to do to get ready for Where Bloggers Create II! If you get a minute to hop over to my blog and look at my'll see something very familiar there..I think it's from about 2 years ago or so. One of my favorite things!!
    Keep faith but keep paddlin' toward shore.
    Prayers for your Grandmother are being said...hope all goes well.
    Take good crae!

  10. You gotta love the Jersey Shore...we rock!!

  11. Hi Jenny!
    My best to Nana!!! I hope she is feeling well soon!
    I am sooooooo glad you extended the swap! I am just not finding the perfect vintage goodies yet so this will give me more time! (oh darn, I get to shop! hee! hee!)
    Hugs! karen.....

  12. Hi Jenny,
    Just want you to know I love my swap partner (Kristi). She's great. Thanks for the extension, more time to craft! Hope Nana starts feeling better really soon.
    By the way, love your bathroom.

  13. Hey Jenny...I have been working frantically on my swap package and I am really happy to hear you extended the date....I am sure Angelina will be happy too! I love the stripes in your bathroom......

  14. I finally got my vintage vacation swap button on my blog----you picked the BEST blog partner for me.......she came to the store on Sunday..........BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!!! I have you to thank for matching us up.....THANKS!!!!!!

  15. Halleluya!!! I was panicing!! I'm leaving on vacay tomorrow, and still working viciously on "project"! Please make sure to send out "e's" to everyone!!

  16. Hello Glamour Doll! I could LIVE in your bathroom! So bright and cheery with all your fabulous vintage decor!
    Cute pic of you and Aar! You guys have the best places on the Jersey Shore! Makes me miss you guys!!!!
    Sending prayers for your Nana! Hugs & Kisses!!! ~*~*XOXO*~*~ Jenn

  17. Hi Jenny,
    Yes it was soooooo nice of you to host a summer swap but sadly I too have mailed out my package to my partner and have not heard anything or recieved anything. I would at least like to know if she liked all the summer goodies I've sent her. I've emailed but gotten no reply.
    :o( Sue

  18. ok....just found you again!!! so grateful!!!! so ssad i missed out on the vacation swap. :( but love u.

  19. Your parcel is on its way... glad for the extension and I got it shipped on July 6th. I don't know how long it will take to get to you but I hope it makes you smile in light of all the hassles swap hosting has been! Thank you for being such a sweet and agreeable hostess.


  20. OMG! I found through blog from Jenn's Eye Candy Creations blog. I grew up in South Jersey and spent so many summer days and nights in Wildwood, Ocean City, Sea Isle, and Cape May. Now I have your blog to bring a little of the Jersey Shore to me in TX!

    I wish I knew about your vintage vacation swap, because I would have signed up in an instant. I'll be watching for another one...

  21. Hello,
    So sorry to hear about Nana! Anyway, That is an amazingly cute story about your sister's dog coming to visit.


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