Happy New Year!

Here we are at the dawn of a new year. Christmas is over, but me and Aaron always keep our tree up for at least a few days into the new year. I was sorta under the impression that everybody did this but as I visit blogs I'm noticing a Tannenbaum exodus. A whole lot of peeps are eager to be out with the old and in with the new. And good for them, really...but I just need to hold on a little bit longer.

For the past umpteen years me and Aar have been splitting our holidays between two homes and it's a great thing that our parents live within a mile of each other. Because I've got my little bro's we always start the day at my parents...kids aint gonna wait til the afternoon to open gifts! And even though the little guys are now big guys, we still keep the schedule the same. The day was great and it was hilarious in the evening when my littlest bro Walt, came over Aaron's parents house and introduced his girlfriend to everyone. "Hey Skip, Merry Christmas...this is my girl Ashley!" he says to Aaron's dad as he enters. It really was a crack up, especially thinking that this twenty year old guy met Aaron's parents when he was just two years old! I've got some photos here from the day...if you scroll your mouse over the pics captions will pop up. There are ornaments on Aaron's parent's tree that have been in the family for over fifty years. You'll also see a pic of a house in there that is straight out of "Christmas Vacation". Every year they add more and trust me, the pic Does Not do it justice. As I look at that pic now, of all those lawn decorations...I wonder how they'd survive in a blizzard...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

It seemed like Christmas came without any warning...we woke up and it was here. And the same goes for the blizzard that absolutely brought life to a skidding halt here in New Jersey. On Sunday we were just getting our post Christmas legs moving, only to discover that all those errands would just have to wait a few days. By nightfall on the 26th me and Aaron looked out our window and all we could see was the rooftop of our car! Luckily we had some food in the cupboard because the road plows didn't come around til mid-day on Wednesday! Our little chihuahuas, Carlos & Jack, were perplexed at the sight of 3 feet of snow...they had no idea how to conduct their outdoor doggy business...poor pups. Aar had to shovel a tiny patch of grass for them to walk circles upon. No Fun...and I don't think too many people thought the snow was all that fun. There are abandoned cars all over the highway...Aar saw one with it's window rolled all the way down and a three foot snow drift inside! I'm kinda done with the snow already...it's not postcard-esque when your garbage isn't getting trucked away for a week.

Yeah, I sound like Debby Downer...I'm usually really psyched about snow but I think the holiday made us all so unprepared for it. So on to the New Year. As an artist it's always been a serious time for me. It's time for a re-start. In the creative world the last thing you want to do is keep things going exactly how they have been going. Change and evolution are as important as the air you breathe. We've got a couple more all new original paintings ( here's a link to see their listings) and we will certainly complete something substantial this weekend...New Art on New Years has been a mainstay for us. These two new girls go along with our latest collection of girls which you can scroll down to see in a recent post. I've got a lot of exciting plans that I will share with you as they progress. For the New Year I'm really really looking forward to our Moulin Rouge themed Artistic Affaire out in California. This will be our first visit to the Pacific and I couldn't be more thrilled about the who, what, where when, and why of the trip. Since it's new years and there are places to go and people to see I'm looking to keep this post short, so I guess I'll sign off and get to work on making my plans a reality.

Thanks so much again for reading. Aar thought I should step from behind the camera for once and say hi.
So, Hi and thanks to all of my online friends...some of you I've met in the real world and that's been fabulous!... and I hope to be able to meet everyone else in the flesh at some point. Your friendships mean the world to me. I'm also super duper thankful to have a new family member in Jack this year...I constantly snuggle him and laugh at him and find him burrowed into some closet or laundry bag and I wonder what the heck I would do without him!

Me and Aaron wish you and yours the Happiest New Year possible!! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Wow, you are STUNNING, Jenny. Happy New Year to you and all your boys!

  2. What a beautiful picture Jenny! Although I won't be attending Kim's event, I will be here at Paper Tales to say hi to everyone when you head down to San Diego. Looking forward to meeting you! Happy New Year to both you and Aaron!! Karin

  3. Thank you Aaron for making Jenny come out from behind the camera!

    You are BEAUTIFUL Jenny and we would like to see more of that pretty face! :-)
    {love the pink hair}
    Happy New Year to you Aaron and your fur babies!
    Hoping the next year brings you many blessings!
    It is such a pleasure to call you friend!
    Hugs, Dolly

  4. Wow Jenny, you are gorgeous! Happy New Year to you from chilly and rainy California.

  5. wowee gorgeous girl you look fabulous! Happy New year to the 2 of you. Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Love you guys Grace xoxox

  6. OH i do wish I could have pink hair like yours!! but at 50 years old and because of my profession, I suppose its probably not a good idea. Hope you had a wonderufl new years eve!

  7. You couldn't be prettier! Happy New Year!xo

  8. Happy New Year you gorgeous girl!! xxoo Valarie

  9. oh my god. You make me miss my clementine red hair! I didn't wash it for a month! I loooooved being that color! so jealous you met her!!! she seems so hilarious!

    love, polly :D

  10. You are a stunning beauty! I am turning 47 in two weeks and I'd so love someone with your amazing sense of style to give me some makeover advice. I am so happy to have been recommended to check out your blog and shop. Wishing you and Aaron the happiest of all New Years!

  11. Gorgeous pictures! We left our tree up until New Years Day and that was a record for us. Truth be told, I wasn't quite ready to let go of it yet, but now that it's gone I'm enjoying my house being cleaned up a bit.

  12. bahahahaha. I don't get those at all! so weird!!!!!

    they've got you! watch out!

    damn word verification... yours says, "dessensi"

  13. I just happened to stumble across your little slice of blog heaven. and boy am i glad i did. How gorgeous is it?

    Happy twenty eleven beauty, and i cant wait to sit here with a cool drink and have a wee read through your little blog of love. <3

    tillie. xx

  14. I can relate to spending holidays in 2 homes, hub's and I did it our whole married life..."home" was a few miles from each other too...but that was long ago. We have lived away from home for many years :(
    Happy new year to you, and Aaron too. Love your puppies....

  15. I don't think that anyone was happy about that blizzard....now we know how much snow is too much. You look wonderful...one of these days, you will have to be my show and tell for Pink Saturday!
    ♥, Susan

  16. Hey Jenny, I love your Christmas tree! I saw how hard you guys got hit with snow- on the news. That was crazy! You look sooo cute with pink hair! I hope to meet you at some point. all the best this year! Sandy xox

  17. Jennie I have to say you have the most fabulous skin, porcelain like and beautiful!! Lucky girl! Lori


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