I'm back, but this is not...I repeat...this is not a lengthy recap!

At one time or another, in one way or another, we have all faced this dilemma. It's the dilemma of not knowing what to say after being absent for an absurd length of time.

option A.) *Do you walk into the room and try to blend in with everybody else and just keep quiet as if nothing strange has occurred?

option B.) *Or do you make a big show of it?...Do you swing the door open and say "Yes...I know!...I've been gone forever...and I have a million reasons why...and, like it or not, I'm gonna tell you all every single reason!...because it must have been torturous for you all without me!...How in the world did you guys survive without the gift of my presence?!?!

Well I think a lot of us, whether we try to or not, will come up with something that sits right in the middle of A and B. We're not antisocial or weird enough to quietly slink into the room like option A. Nor are we egomaniacal enough to affect option B.

But like I said, all of us probably have a tad of each...and hopefully in a healthy way.

At present I'm faced with the aforementioned dilemma...and this little intro here kinda proves my point . I'm letting you all know that I've been gone for way too long but at the same time I'm trying not to make a big deal of it.

Because --- A.) Maybe nobody even noticed or cared that I've been absent.

B.) I don't want to waste more of your time than I already have.

C.) There are more interesting things to speak of than the water under the bridge.

So, OK... I'm back. I think my last post was when I introduced you guys to little Jack, our newest chihuahua and family member. And I think my current relationship with Jack illustrates just how long it's been since I've blogged. Back in July, when we got him and when I blogged about it, Jack still felt like a house guest. I mean, I knew he was ours to keep forever...but the bond was just not there yet. And just last night, me and Aaron were staring down at Jack in his bed, as we often do...because he is the cutest thing we have ever seen and we just can't stop looking at him...well anyway, I said to Aaron: " There's not one tiny inch of me that doesn't see little Jack as my son. I feel totally 100% connected to him. I identify with him and I know he identifies with me."

***What's funny is that I just used the bonding experience with my chihuahua as a method for measuring the passage of time...haha!...as if that little anecdote brings anyone any closer to understanding how long it's been since I've been an active blogger! Well actually, anyone with a tiny dog will understand completely...but the rest of you will say: "sheeeee's cuckooooooo."

Alright, here's my second attempt at announcing my arrival in a semi-casual fashion. I'm thrilled to be blogging again and will be absolutely blown away if I still have a readership. Way back in the summer I hosted the Vintage Vacation Swap, and there were so many super fab swap pics and stories that I should have followed up with...but as stated previously, I sorta disappeared from the face of the interweb. I have always prided myself on being a great swap hostess but I'm afraid I must say that I fell short this past summer. If for the swap alone, I really wish I didn't vanish from blogland for so long. I woulda loved to show a million pics of other people's swap treasures...and you know what?...I think I will in a future post or two...maybe when we are buried in three feet of snow I'll do a summertime fantasy post...Anyway, there are way too many things to explain here as to why I've been absent for so long. I guess, what's important is that I'm back and here to stay.

Ok remember, this is not one of those lengthy recaps...but I gotta at least make brief mention of Art Is You 2010, back in October. We were instructors there, and it was the absolute best time! For those of you who don't know, Art Is You is a huge east coast art retreat that takes place in Danbury, Connecticut. For about one week in autumn a nice hotel is packed with hundreds of art students and faculty...the classes are amazing, the teachers are top notch (I'm not tooting my own horn here...I mean the other teachers on the list!), you get fed at least twice a day!!, there is a giant vendor fair, flamingo races, a big fancy banquet with a keynote speaker ( the illustrious Jo Packham!) , a bus trip to a flea market, a million opportunities to make amazing, lasting friendships, and so so much more!

There is the terminology: "Ups and Downs" ....you go through lots of "ups and downs"...you say "I've been down for so long, I don't know which way is up." Well, In the past year there just happened to be a whole lot of "downs". And the last thing i want to do is dwell on the downs or even talk about the downs. (that's what "my lady" is for...oh yeah, "my lady" = psychologist. ; ) )

So... lets just say that Art Is You was an antidote for all those downs. For Real...I mean, sure, the lead up to it was so so very stressful and we were running around in circles trying to get organized, and the aforementioned "downs" were lurking around every corner and in our rear view mirrors...But, upon our arrival in Connecticut, everything changed. We got to the hotel in the wee hours...like nearly dawn of the following day...so near to dawn in fact that I think the hotel desk clerk actually checked us in on Thursday instead of Wednesday night! (So nice of him.) Ok, so we arrived at the hotel with no time to sleep, just shower, and then get ready to teach our first class at 9am.

So needless to say, we missed the Wednesday evening meet n' greet and our only interaction with the fabulous gals running the event was via email. Fortunately, this little detail makes for a funny little story... As I mentioned above, they feed you twice a day...so, Aaron, who is now awake for 25 straight hours, takes a shower and then I send him down to grab breakfast for the both of us while I shower...he'll pillage the buffet and then the two of us will scarf down the booty in our hotel room while we prep for our 9 o'clock class. Downstairs, Aaron hits the buffet...at this point he hopes to see no one...we have all week to get to know everyone, but at this point he feels worse than a zombie might feel...he just wants eggs, bacon, OJ & coffee...armed with these substances and a healthy dose of prayer, he just may be able to pull off being human. But down at the buffet the room is bustling with chipper gals ready to create and converse. Aaron makes a beeline for the eggs and he hears over his shoulder, a woman's voice: "Excuse me...excuse me sir...this buffet is for the Art Is You event...are you part of the Art Is You event?"...Aaron, very sleepily says over his shoulder, without fully turning around: "yes"....to which the woman's voice replies: "oh, really?" ...and it's right then that Aaron notices the Australian accent. He then turns to give his full attention because he assumes this Australian woman's voice belongs to Sal, one of the fab ladies in charge of Art Is You...he has never met her and vice versa, but he has read online that Sal is from Australia. He then introduces himself..."Yes, I'm Aaron...of Jenny & Aaron." ...to which Sal bursts out laughing and then she apologizes for giving him the third degree for trying to steal scrambled eggs. Since Sal hadn't met Aaron previously and she also forgot that there were a handful of men participating in Art Is You...she just assumed that this strange Man was taking advantage of the free buffet and freeloading off the artsy ladies...Sal was ready to give this man a piece of her mind! Aaron cracked up at the idea of it...imagining that this guy wasn't a part of it a thought he could just lie to this lady, not knowing that this lady was running the whole event and knew all the participants!...anyway, it was real funny. Sal, let Aaron steal the rest of our breakfast...we ate...taught our class...survived long enough to get a good night's sleep...and then the rest of the week was amazing! Look up Art Is You if you don't know what it is...and be sure to sign up for our classes in Fall of 2011. Yes, we will be back, and our classes are going to be amazing! We put a whole lot of time into them and really considered how much experience we can possibly cram into each student during each class!

I will blog again soon with more Art Is You specifics...some 2010 memories...and plans for 2011...stay tuned!!

Since I promised that this was not to be a lengthy recap let me instead give you previews of full upcoming posts. For instance, almost two weeks back we went to the launch of the new Jo Packham magazine: "Where Women Cook". This is of course the sister publication to "Where Women Create". The "W W Cook" launch was in NYC at Chelsea Market. Me and Aaron carpooled up there with our friends Kecia & Jane. We met up with our massive crew of gal pals and had a fantastic day.In Chelsea Market there was a pop-up shop called Jingle and it featured super duper amazing artists/vendors/shops. We also got to eat some great grub and then we lined up to meet every gal that was in issue # 1 of Where Women Cook and have them autograph our magazines. It's a really great mag...if you have yet to get your hands on it...please go out and get it. Our artwork will be featured in issue # 2!! and we are super psyched about that!

Also, my sister Missy's birthday just passed and we did some fun stuff that I'd like to recount at a modest length.

I should be wrapping this up because it's only my first post back into your lives...and I don't want you getting too sick of me before things even get going again! Well, I haven't been completely absent from the interweb...I've been over on Facebook, and I see a lot of you guys over there as well. But I will be back here on a regular basis and I'll be keeping it way more brief than this...promise.

Work-wise...Art-wise...As of late we've been painting original-one-of-a-kinds. Lots of time put into each piece...lots of texture. And for the first time in a while we are selling our originals. We may start to make prints again soon but we are liking the feel of this right now. It's liberating in a way to labor over a piece of artwork...add layer after layer...and really grow attached to the piece...and then...we let it go.

The new pieces are...in a word: thick. Meaning lots of layers...crackle finish over layers of paint, thick, clear glazes and varnishes...cake frosting with peaks and swirls you can feel...three dimensional highlights. These are pieces that you want to touch...and that's why we're selling the originals. We've got a ton in the works and I will certainly show them here first.

Well, I'm glad to be back and if you are reading...I'm thrilled that you'll have me back! Lot's more to come...lots more! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny, glad you're back! I was at the Where Women Cook event and only realized that you were there when I looked at my photos back home! So sorry I didn't introduce myself - I was chatting with Kecia and Jane, all the time oblivious that you were there as well.

    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I'm glad to see your back! I never posted on your blog because I was more of a lurker, but i've been around here for a while and I thought i'd say that I am happy to see you posting again! I was horrible at blogging and i've gotten better, so I promise not to just lurk anymore. Love the new painting of the girl with the cake, your work is so fantastic!


  3. Well, I believe you should always throw the door open and make a BIG DEAL of it! I've missed your blog posts and glad to see you back. Can't wait to hear more about Art Is You! I'm hoping to attend some year. Wishing you and Aaron a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Can't wait to see some of your original pieces.

  4. well, yes, as a matter of fact you were missed, sweet Jenny!
    Wishing you a very very Merry Merry!!
    xoxox andrea

  5. Love this post! So happy and cheerful! Merry Christmas to you and Aaron and your families!! Luv you Grace xoxoxox

  6. Darling girl, you have never been off my radar!! I love you and Aar, and I can't wait to see you at Kim's event!!! Merry Christmas to you two!!
    PS...I definitely lean more toward Option B!!!

  7. Hi There Jenny, I'm planning on having a fabulous year in 2011 (I totally believe in positive thinking :->) and it will be great to hear from you again. You are always fun to keep track of!
    xo, suzy
    Happy Holidays

  8. YES you were missed..
    very much! :-)
    But there is no need to explain or feel bad about it!
    Life happens and we all understand!

    Glad you are back sweetness!
    Merry CHRISTmas,
    Hugs, Dolly

  9. Welcome back Jenny! Hope you have a delightful christmas holiday with the people and pets you lovE!!!

  10. Of course you were missed...so glad you're back! Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Jenny!!! So glad you are back, Jenny! I was wondering where you had disappeared to and you were definitely missed! I figured you were just really busy with your business making adorable art! :D I'm looking forward to more posts! Hugs and a Very Merry Christmas to you and Aaron and that sweet little doggy of yours!
    Michelle xoxo

  12. A BLOG POST...like a Christmas present from you. Yes, yes you were missed...good to hear from you in blogland. XO dear and Happy Holidays.

  13. Well, glory be and hurray, Jenny's back! You've been missed! Merry Christmas!

  14. So happy to see you blogging again, and I am in love with your new one of a kinds. Just gorgeous! I am so happy that 2010 was the year I finally got to meet you in person! You are one of my Art heroes! ((((hugs))) -Jenny

  15. Hello, nice to meet you and welcome back....

  16. Missing in action .. lets welcome 2011 in with prayers for good health and a prosperous successful year!

    xo, Mary


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