Art is..You! 2011 Registration open!

Last Year, yes it's now officially Last year...way back in 2010, me & Aaron were instructors at Art is You for the first time. (Check out pics from last year in this entry.) We'd been to other art retreats and each one is so so different from the next, so even though we heard nothing but good stuff about Art is... we still weren't really sure what to expect. Well, to say that we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome would be the understatement of this young year! Art is You was utterly fantastic...the whole kit and kaboodle...Sallianne & Ellen, the amazing ladies in charge, are super hosts and they are so stress free and laid back that it's infectious. And then, the students...WOW! These folks were all there to get down and dirty. Everyone was there to learn, create, make, try new things, pass on tips, hints, secrets, share, make friends, and most of all HAVE FUN!
I know, I sound like a brochure...but I'm speaking from the heart...I promise. Me and Aar
were blown away!
So the 2011 registration is open and me and Aaron are instructors once again and I must say...we will be Armed & Fabulous this time around! (and I say that in the least tootin my own horn way possible.) What I mean to say is that we put the time in to create three fantastic classes and right up until showtime next fall we'll be putting in lots and lots of work to insure that all of our students walk away with the absolute best experience we could muster. Really, and this aint a sales pitch...I'm just talking here because I'm excited...but we were so inspired by Art is You that we want to give it all we got this time around...we want to exhaust our classes with info, with extra goodies, with superlative displays, examples, laser light shows, smoke machines, a marching band, jugglers & hula dancers...ok, I went too far...but you know what I mean.
So, by all means...if you are even the least bit curious, go check out the Art is You site and read
about our classes and check out the stellar line-up of other instructors...(if I can find the time between the marching band and the jugglers I will taking some darn classes myself.) Trust me, if you go you'll love it...the daily food, which is included in the package, is GREAT... sleepy breakfasts & raucous lunches with your fellow art revelers. A gigantic vendor fair for you shopaholics, and so much WILL strike up lasting friendships in a simple elevator ride. Promise.
Here are our classes:
(click titles)

Celebrate Everyday! ( An Art Journaling workshop)

Ok, Jenny "the Art is You Geyser" is done erupting for the day...on to other stuff.

Chelsea, the super cute girl behind the amazing blog Paper Cakes Finds, asked me to do an interview, and it's over there right now...and she didn't have to ask twice! Her blog absolutely rules. It's one of those gotta-visit-daily blogs...or more like gotta-visit-a-few-times-a-day. Really, it's a one stop shop for all things cute. The girl has got an eye...but more importantly, she's got hard working fingers. I really don't know how she manages to keep up such a current, brimming, stylish, awesome, must see, online destination. To go along with the interview I also offered up a
give-away which is open til the 17th, and there are a couple ways to enter to increase your chances to be a winna winna chicken dinna. Thanks so much Chelsea for asking me to be a part of your magical blog, eh! (she's Canadian! ; ) )

I LOVE this bracelet. Why am I telling you this? Well, because the Paper Cakes give-away made me think of it. Yep, I Won this adoooorable bracelet on the Facebook Fan Page of Sophie & Lou. It's soooo pretty, I just love it! Visit Sophie & Lou's Etsy shop...a beautiful boutique of inspired jewelry, decor, apparel and more created just for YOU and all of the lovely girls and women in your life! Tell em Jenny Holiday sentcha!

And one last thing. This is our new painting Chloe! She and lots of other gals and sweets and treats are in-stock and ready to ship in our shop right now. There will be more and more stuff each day...including some fantastic Valentine's Cupcakes that are getting some final touches right now. We're really trying to paint and make a ton of new art...Aaron has a knack for falling down and cracking his ribs in the winter so we're gonna try to keep him indoors, attached to the work table.

Well, I guess that's it for now...Aaron says that just the idea of Valentine's Day is making his stomach growl...we stay in on V-day and go all out making our fave dinner together... but that's a whole other story. For now...check out Art is You...and again, not just for our classes...I'm psyched about the whole'll be dazzled at the array of amazing instructors! Thanks so much again for reading! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Hello doll!
    Seen you on Chelsea, love the pink! I was wondering, can you guys ever make us bloggers a button of you for our sidebar? This we we could connect so easy to your site, plus I know we'd all love your button because it would be the cutest of all!!! Think about it please! Love,Lori

  2. WOW very interesting!
    You have a very nice blog

    please feel free to visit my blog if you like

  3. Now that sounds like an interesting retreat, I'm totally checking this out...especially b/c I'm a NJ gal myself :)
    I am going to post something about this retreat on my blog as well.

  4. Followed your link over from the Art Is You site. Love your blog and the playlist is awesome too! I'll definitely be adding some of these tunes to my Rhapsody playlists. : )

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  5. OMG, how cool! A design team!! Can't wait to see all the inspiration!! I bought and COMPLETED the "springtime greetings" and "let them eat cake" kits and LOVE them!! I keep the springtime one up all year just because it is too cute to put away! I would love to see more kits like that!! As always...keep up the fabulous, pink, polka dot work!!!


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