"Current Favies"

It's a new year and a new blog! Let's have some fun!

I just visited one of my favorite gals from across the pond Miss Happy herself, and loved that she shared her favourites of the month. (I adore how those Brits spell some of their words..I may have to steal that....I love colour too!)

So as they do on Youtube (post video responses) I am posting My "Current Favies" here on my blog. Why not play along with me and Happy!? And then comment with a link back to your blog! Let's see what we all may need to add to our wish lists shall we?

Ok..first up...

Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Glimmer Dust!! ( my youngest brother gave this to me for Christmas) It is fantastic! And the vintagey atomizer is so fun!! I spray it in my hair...and pretty much everywhere else! It is the finest body shimmer I have found...LOVE it!! It also comes in PINK! Which I will get soon!

Next up...

Local Natives Gorilla Manor record! It is SO SO GOOD! Every single song is fantastic! We saw them live in NYC ..they are incredible! This is their first album. If they play in your area GO GO GO!! Before they get way too big! Pick up this album!!

Oh..and here is a video for one of their songs Airplanes. It is fabulous! So Anthropolgie-esque. No? Make sure you pause my playlist music before watching, so that you don't have a mish mosh of sound going on. :)

Aren't they soooo GOOD???
Oh Oh! I almost forgot! They will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight!!! Tune in!!! :)

And I am soooo wanting this bedding!! It is so fabulous! It would really take our room in a different direction. Though I think I'd really like the juxtaposition of things. What do you think?

( this here is our room)

Do you think it will work? Could be fun... hmmm

Ok and now...this sweet and adorable lil thing...

This is the Memorex Pure Play...and I got it for Christmas. It is so so perfect for me. It is adorable..it folds closed like an eyeglasses case. It is exactly what I was needing. It sits right on my work table in the studio. The sound is fantastic! Crisp, clear, LOUD! (perfect for listening to Local Natives). It will be great to take along to events...art shows..or teaching events. We normally use a laptop to play music during our classes. This is so compact and all around awesome! So if you are looking for something for your iphone or ipod....a dock/portable speakers, this is great for the price. There are cheaper things out there...but they do not measure up quality wise.

yep...these are some things that are making me happy right now....the bedding is happily swirling around in my head for now..but the others make me smile daily!

So what's making you happy right now? comment and link back!

xoxo Jenny


  1. Ohh, good Idea! I'm posting my favorites now!

  2. Hi honey I love the bedspread I had seen from Urban outfitters, love it. Anthro had the drapes. Love your room so pretty. Hugs Grace OOOOOOOOOOOO

  3. Love that bedspread Jenny!!! Your bedroom is so fantastic! The favorites post is a great idea!

  4. Gotta get that CD now! thanks! SOO something to blast while you paint or glue eh?! Great bedding, yes.
    xoxo nat

  5. Jenny... Tarina Tarantino!! Lurrve. Enough said. I also adore her pink hair and tiara 'do. Loopy got the pink but we're after the gold!

    Happy New Year!


  6. Hello my loverley girly :)

    This is great and you have added some fabUlouse things honey :)

    I so love that bedspread...I think you should definitely go for it...I think sometimes we get stuck in the 'got to be vintage' theme....when also we like other more modern stuff...I say incorporate the both and I swear you will smile everytime you walk into your bedroom....coz some things have just gotta be purchased! vintage or not! :)

    love ya hun,
    and a Happy New Year to you my luverlies :))))

    Love Happs xx

  7. HI there! Thanks for following our little blog, and leading me to yours :) The bed spread is divine! It would totally work in your room, which by the way is GORGEOUS!

    Ps.I took peek in your etsy shop! I absolutely love your work!!!! :)

    xxx mervi

  8. I LOVE the ruffled bedding, and I think it would look amazing in your room! I'm heading over to Urban Outfitters to check it out now.


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