putting myself out there :)

I think this is going to be a shorter than usual blog post. I've got a Chihuahua (Jack) on my lap and he keeps demanding that I use one of my typing hands for something more important...say...petting, or twirling his little ears. So, I'll be brief so that I can give Jack the full attention he so demands.
I never ever post pics of myself online, but I vowed this year to put myself out there more. Blog more, Do more, Interact more...with people and the things I love most. I've gone on and on here on my blog about how much I adore my blogland friends and all that we share with each other on so many levels. I mean, don't get me started! as you know...I could go on all day! ; ) But my whole deal this year is that I really want it to be the opposite of last year. I think for a while now I've been living an ersatz life. You know, being ok with half of a life. Keeping people who should be dear friends at a distance...settling on the absolute least that life has to offer...hiding from happiness as if I'm not worthy to have it. But I'm not going to get all Self-Helpy about it and over analyze...I'm just going to do the opposite of whatever I used to do...that should be easy. So I vowed to not be camera shy and to give you guys a face to go with all the other stuff. So here I am...Thursday afternoon in my kitchen...just got back from the grocery store...about to give the pups some treats.

I won a giveaway over at the super fab fashionista Keiko Lynn's blog. Never a dull post...always full of smashing photo shoots and up-to-the-minute looks. The prize, this ring of brass filigree and black rose cabochon...it is really so me! Winning is fun...but winning something that you would've bought if you hadn't won it, is extra nice. The ring was made by a talented gal named Caitlin and you can find this same ring in her etsy shop: Wanderlustings. I LOVE it! Big thanks to Keiko & Caitlin!! And Caitlin also has a fabulous blog herself...which you should certainly visit!

Alright, time to introduce Design Team member # 5. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Mary Holcomb on my blog more than a few times...and I know I've referenced her whenever I've done an interview and the question was "what are your favorite blogs to visit?"
Mary Holcomb is the gal behind the fab blog Oh Merci. Everything she touches turns Pretty, yes...with a capital P. Down below is a fabulously detailed bio that Mary gave me...so, I'll let her tell you about herself while I take some time to pet the pleading chihuahua on my lap!

"Growing up with an older brother and 4 younger sisters ensured excitement, fun, but also many opportunities to learn a lesson or do a chore! My parents' priorities were their little family, 6 wiggly creative, smart, funny, and loving kids. I have been making things since I was 4 or 5 years old and I believe my first project was cutting out characters from the pages of my story books and turning them into little dolls. Later I advanced to sewing, drawing, and painting, supplemented with lots of bike riding and climbing trees. I really attribute my ability to create and be happy to the way that my Mom and Dad raised us. It is the simple parts that are so beautiful in life and I think what I create reflects this.

It was important too, for my husband and I to raise our own children with similar values. Caitlin and Douglas are both very talented young adults now, each developing their own creative plan. Caitlin is actually the one who convinced me to set up a blog and online shop in 2007! She and I make a good team and often bounce ideas off of each other. I have sold my work at local boutiques since the children were young, but the idea of having my own online shop was very exciting and opened up a new world of fun and opportunity. Since opening my shop I've introduced many handmade pieces including my Petite Chandeliers, original designed tulle wreaths, jewelry made with new and vintage finds, and my personally designed, handmade houses for Christmas time. I am happiest when creating and I am so thankful to be able to share my work with you!"

I remember the first time I set eyes on Mary's Christmas houses...I told Aaron "get in here...you are gonna die when you see these!" I have to admit...I've got a dream team of gals!
Ok, like I said...keeping it brief...gotta go and watch a terribly cheesy looking horror movie from RedBox...while packing orders! :)

Be back soon with some new artwork!
xoxo Jenny


  1. Girl, you are GORGEOUS & I can guarantee that there will about a million other comments saying the same thing! Such a kinkbot <3


  2. The ring is awesome,and you look absolutely ADORABLE!

  3. hello pretty girl! well you said it: you're putting yourself out there...so is it time this year for you guys to take a roadtrip and we'll play in WNY?! I can put together a fab get-together with some local bloggers.... the Falls, tons of places to explore...creating together...free lodgings!!! .....come on over!! think about it....xoxo nat
    (oh, and yes, Mary is awesome...have her petite chandelier hanging near my bed! so excited for the design projects!!)

  4. Yeah, no kidding. You are out of control GORGeous.

  5. I totally agree! you are so cute . . . you make me miss my fringe (bangs) :)

  6. Good morning, Jenny! well I just think you're adorable! It feels good to stretch ourselves- doesn't it? Thanks for introducing us to another design member and other bloggers!

    I hope your puppy got enough cuddles! ♥

  7. Camera-shy? How on earth can someone who looks like that be camera-shy? You look absolutely lovely!
    x Rolin (the Netherlands)

  8. Ditto to what cuppy said! Absolutely beautiful you are and what a sweet ring too!

  9. Agreed :) Totally gorgeous!
    And I'm a bit obsessed with Keiko Lynn's blog, too, in a non-stalkerish way, haha! Congrats on winning the lovely ring.

  10. Hi Jenny, I just wanted to tell you that I am off to check out this blog. You never disappoint! And yes...you look wonderful...hope you are feeling as good as you look...have a wonderful weekend...hugs to Aaron.
    ♥, Susan

  11. Seriously! If I had your looks I wouldn't be hiding behind the camera!!!! With a face like yours the world will be on it's knees - Go You!


  12. LOVE your photo...you are fabulous. I also love the shade of lipstick you have on...do share the color?? I cannot wait to see what the talented women you are showcasing create with your fabulous artwork. I finished my mobile yesterday, and hung it up. LOVE it!! xxoo Valarie

  13. Oh my goodness, Missy you are so so beautiful!!!
    I'm so glad you have shared photos of your sweet face!
    Why on earth have you been hiding it from us all! *giggle*
    I do know what you mean as I'm the same & this year too I popped a photo on my blog!! *eek*
    I did put it on & take it off a few times though but it is there now!
    I love your pink hair too so so cute.
    Lots of love

  14. I have never seen someone as beautiful as you are with your glorious pink hair. Your cheeks match it perfectly and I am really envious...honestly, simply gorgeous.
    (and I've never left anyone a comment before raving about their beauty!). :)

  15. well, you got me out there Jenny!
    I LOVE the photos of you but my favorite of all time is the second photo of you in this post! I LOVE IT!
    With what you said in the post and the look on your face and the very cool ring.. love it all and must go meet Wanderlustings!

    Thank you for inviting me on your 2011 Team Jenny!!!

    XO, Mary

  16. well done on the first step, they are lovely pics.
    I'm trying to get out there a little more this year too, starting with commenting more and not just lurking!

  17. you are fabulous dont be camera shy. and i hear ur as sweet as can be in person too.

  18. It was great to discover your blog Everyday is a holiday and see a photo of my friend Mary and meet some of the others that are featured on your site.
    I look forward to visiting again.

    Best wishes

  19. You look fantastic and I'm glad you are posting photos of yourself more. I agree, sometimes it is hard to put ourselves out there visually, just take baby steps, like you are doing.

  20. Dear Jenny, I think we are the same person at heart. This too is my year to reach beyond what it safe and secure. Saying yes to you was my first "Opposite". I am not at all a Pink Glitter Girl, but I told myself the Pinkest and Glitteryest of them All must see something in my work to bring to her beautiful designs. An adventure begun, how can I thank you enough! Elizabeth

  21. Adorable photos, and yes, I mean of you. (Only 999,999 more of these to go, according to the previous comment!) Have a lovely weekend, Jenny!

  22. Your post really spoke to me today - I have been living life the same way... I've been knocked down by life, and I guess I've been afraid it would hurt too much to get knocked again...I mean, that maybe it would hurt less if I'd never gotten very far back up again - if that makes sense? I am going to take your suggestion and try to live life fully again, come what may.

  23. Mary's work is wonderful! I am scooting over to her site now!

    Can't wait to see what you have been working on!


  24. you look beautiful, i love your hair! and congrats on winning that ring!


  25. Hi Jenny, I saw your photo and link at The Restyled Home.My curiosity was peeked by how beautiful you look with pink hair! I was pleased to see that you are a fellow Jersey Girl.So this is a shout out to a Jersey girl and a talented artist.

  26. Super cute ring! And congrats to your newest design team member! Theresa

  27. Jenny I think you are the prettiest Pink haired girl I know. Great pictures. Congratulations on your new project, so many talented women. Cannot wait to see the outcome. And I have noticed you out and about visiting other bloggers, very cool. Hugs from Diane in California~

  28. That's awesome that you won that ring! It's so pretty.

    If you get a chance, check out my giveaway, It ends Saturday night!


  29. I'm lovin this line up of artists you have and it's a special treat to have pics of your beautiful face with fun pink hair, flawless skin and perfect makeup! You rock it well, girlie!
    Glad you are willing to stretch yourself and put yourself out there, too. :)

  30. Way to go Jenny! I never would've imagined you of all people to be camera shy! I think it's wonderful that you are taking a big leap out of the ordinary for you! It's always nice to see friends try new things - you know...be brave!
    I'll be trying something new on Tuesday which I'm totally nervous about but you're giving me courage to not have a freak out! If I make it in one piece I'll post pics on flickr!
    XOXO to you Sweets!

  31. im new to your blog and i instantly love your hair!

  32. I can't remember who just featured your picture, but I am so glad I cam here!

    have a fantastic weekend.
    Anne Marie

  33. You look stunning girl friend!

    Sandy xox

  34. you have lovely blog! thank you for your comment on mine :) and i love your hair!

  35. Hi Jenny I'm new to your blog and I have to tell you how wonderful it is. And you are a very pretty young lady and I especially love that pink hair! Hugs, Pearl

  36. YAY Jenny, I am so happy to see your smiling face!
    Its a little bit uneasy stepping out from behind the camera...I know I am taking baby steps too!
    We are our own worst critics aren't we?

    You are so much like my daughter, {with your pink hair,}
    you look fabulous! :-}
    Seriously....love it!
    I wish I had the nerve to do pink!

    Happy Birthday Aaron!
    Give the fur babies hugs from me!

    Warm hugs, Dolly

  37. I just discovered your blog and I have to say: I LOVE IT! I'm just a teenager getting started on this, but you are really inspiring. So just wanted to say thanks, because this post really inspired me to do the same thing this year. Thank you! <3
    PS love the ring. and the hair!

  38. Hello Dear Jenny! I don't think any of us would mind putting up our photos if we were all as gorgeous as you! Thanks for sharing the makeup info and love your new ring! I love sweet Mary and her beautiful creations! She's perfect for your team!

  39. oh my goodness Jenny you are so gorgeous! the ring looks fabulous on you!!

  40. Oooooh, I LOVE your hair!!!Have you ever heard of the graffiti artist Fafi? She paints gorgeous girls called "Fafinettes" who have crazy coloured hair and are super duper glam!!! You remind me so much of them! A real life Fafinette - that is ultra-cooooool! :)


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