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I'm seeing RED!, no, no, don't take it the wrong way...I'm not angry...not mad. My eyes just have an appetite for all things RED right now.Sure, I live in a world of pastels...a world where colors are aged, old, washed, and worn away. And being a girl full of anxious energy...being a girl who seems to have a penchant for panic attacks, I'm sure it's no coincidence that I've chosen this calming color palette. I'm not saying that my aesthetic tastes are simply my self prescribed home remedy. That would be much too tiny minded...there's way way more behind my decor...or my art...or my fashion. But I do have to admit that these warm & faded hues have a way of chasing away the stress and the blues. (yeah...I kinda meant to rhyme right there ; ) )
But back to the point, which is......RED. I LOVE RED. I love red because it doesn't clash with pastels...on the totally sets them off. A small dose of red is like magic. It has has punch (why do you think punch is called punch?...because it's RED!) You can design something: maybe a painting...or a living room...or an outfit... And there it've got it all put together and it looks good.....but something is's lacking: ooomf! So whaddaya do? what's missing?
You need to add a punch of RED!

Now, of course this isn't always the case but you guys know what I mean. The color red can work wonders. And with V-day approaching, and with some of our new designs in mind I just wanted to give a little shout out to the color Red. Sorta like on Sesame Street..."this blog post was brought to you by the letter J and the color Red."

We've got some Red artwork listed in the store...some of it Valentines...some of it year round classic stuff. If you go and check out our listings for red stuff and something is missing...maybe a piece that you remember us having at one point, and you weren't in the market for it back then...but you're thinkin about pickin it up now...well anyway, you know what I mean...if you don't see it there now make sure to shoot me an email and ask about it...because it could be an oversight on my part...or the piece might have just sold and we'll be listing a new one shortly. And for all of you big time collectors of red...I'm sorry. I'll be the first to admit that we don't have nearly enough red in our collection. There WILL be more on the way!

So anyway....did I really just take up all that space talking about a color?! Well, yes...and no, I guess. I was getting at something a little more profound than that. I was thinking about all of the blogs that I love...and the magazines too. And I was thinking about all of you other bloggers...all of you fellow collectors...and stylists...and fashion addicts. Go ahead and click through some of the names on my blog roll....and then click through the names on those respective blog rolls. There are a whole lot of us! We are a massive force!....and what is it that we all have in common? We all speak the same language...we speak with our eyes...we speak visually. We LOVE to see things! We'll spend hours clicking through Flickr....poring over blog pics...flipping through decor mags ( I have a habit of flipping from back to front).
And that's just the passive side of us. Because a lot of us also MAKE things. We make things to LOOK at. We make things that look good to us. We do all of this work...spend all of this time...all of it is for the benefit of our all-seeing eyes.

There's that quote from Frank Sinatra: " I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."
Wow...first of all...what a terrible, misguided, ill advised quote!!
But it's a famous quote and that's why it came to mind right now. And of course I'm not getting behind that quote...( I never drank once in my life!) ...but I'm thinking more about the attitude behind it...the idea of depriving yourself of something that will make your day, your life...better.
And by that I mean: Seeing Things. Speaking the visual language. Lets change it to...I don't know, something like: "I feel sorry for people who don't see things...etc. etc. etc."
The visual world is a wonderful one....don't deprive yourself of it.

Ok, that said, let me please introduce to you all another Everyday is a Holiday Design Team member. This is spotlight number 4 ! None other than Elizabeth Andrus...the gal behind Bluebird Papercrafts. Really, Elizabeth is what brought on all of the above...all of the talk about "seeing" things...and visually speaking...and having an eye. When I look at Elizabeth's work...well, first of all, I just drool over it...and then I say "wow! she can just SEE stuff!" She can see what wasn't there before...but will soon be there...She see's amazing potential in seemingly simple stuff. It's kinda hard for me to describe so you should really go to her blog and let her tell you. Because beyond being great at seeing things and making things, She's also an absolute Wiz at telling you HOW she makes her magic!

Elizabeth Andrus

Me and Aaron really love so much the way that she talks on her I'm going to break my regular form right here and let Elizabeth give her bio in her own words:

"The quietness of an Empty Nest led to the discovery of blogs and the creative community of women found there. A passion for writing and paper crafting, encouragement in kind comments, the beginning of a journey. "Use What's on Hand" is my creative style.The eye is forced to look at supplies in new and unexpected ways. This is what I hope to bring to creating with Jenny and Aaron's wonderful products." - Elizabeth Andrus

We are so thrilled to have her on board!

Ok, I went on much too long and apologize. Also, I said in the previous post that I'd be showing you all a new painting. Well, we needed a little more time to put the finishing touches on that so it'll be featured in my next post. Thanks so so much again for reading! xoxo, Jenny


  1. I love so many colors too. Ive often said I would love to be able to afford to live in a huge mansion with each wing decorated in different colors and styles! I love most everything! a little modern, a little primative, some shabby chic,. some country and all the colors that seem to go with each of those styles!
    I know I told you before, but I adore Elizabeth! You made great choices for your design team. I'm excited to see what everyone does. have a colorfilled day!

  2. I am in love with red too! It just warms everything up - especially all my softer colors - and makes it all come alive! Love it!

  3. RED~ Oh yes! I love my pastels, but I have always loved red, too! It's such a fun, happy, warm color! And I love Elizabeth's work so much! You've got a great team, Jenny! And I agree, I feel bad for those who don't enjoy the world visually the way we do! For me, it's all about the eye candy! That's why finding Flickr and blogs years ago was SO exiting! Especially for a home bound stay at home mama like me!

  4. Jenny....I love Elizabeth, and cannot wait to see what she creates for you. Love your blog, love your talent, love you!! xxoo Valarie

  5. What gorgeous new prints! And I love the little group of photos, so inspiring and heart warming when it's 7 fricking cold degrees in Jersey :)

  6. Jenny, I am so touched by your sweet words. I can't wait to play. I'm so glad you found my "Cherry on Top Cafe". I was practicing my "Jenny" style with that project. What wonderful Valentine Day artwork you have created. Red is my favorite color as well! Elizabeth

  7. Jenny you know I am a red lover!
    It makes me smile and makes a room happy!
    I think even if you are a pastel princess every room needs a pop of red!

    Its -10 here and I am glad to be inside then outside! You and Aaron warm my heart!

    Big Ol warm hugs,

  8. I'm a red lover also--it just adds that SPICINESS to everything!

    I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth, too!!

  9. Good colorful classical piece of work. Nice job

  10. Hi, Jenny, I'm Holly and I have one of your cards hanging on my wall as art! I love what you guys do!

    Dear Elizabeth is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world! I've been reading her blog for a few years now. ♥

  11. Never drank once = amazing! Good for you. :-)

    I do love red and I use Valentine's Day as an excuse to put sparkly red things in the house. And think of how much they'll stand out this year against allllllll the snow. Eek!

  12. First I have to say that I am so happy you picked "E" to be on your team. She is so talented and she is just so sweet too!
    Whenever I think of Elizabeth, I think red, robin's egg blue and yellow. They're just happy colors too. I think that is why I'm drawn to her projects too!
    As always...wish I was rich...I'd do my whole kitchen in Jenny and Aaron art!

  13. OH MY!!! Elizabeth! Yeah!!!


  14. That little clock is so cute!!

    I can relate to the pastel color scheme being soothing for me, too. I like my house to feel calm and relaxing but with little bursts of bright colors for cheeriness. I feel like it totally helps my anxiety! So does creating and crafting -- which I've been slacking on way too much these past couple of years.

    Great post!

    ~ Jennifer

  15. jenny you are so very beautiful!!! and i'm so excited to see what your uber talented design team comes up with. i'm so loving red right now too! xoxo

  16. Yummy red and pastels, on my mind lately as I change my homes color scheme to a happier one.
    So glad you featured Creative Breathing. I absolutely love Elizabeth's blog. Her stories, her creations, she is fantastic. Oh and don't get me started on all of the colors and all the personality in her little creatures and so on and so on...


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