Who's down with PMOT?

It's always been so so tough for me to put myself out there...in so many ways...but especially in photographs. I swear, every time I go to an event...lets say for example something like the Where Women Cook magazine launch/signing in NYC that I attended back in December... there are always lots of gals snapping photos at events like this...and I'm always thrilled to see my blogland friends in person...and of course I'm more than happy to pose for pics with everyone. But I have to admit to something...after posing in a bunch of photos at an event like that...I will undoubtedly spend the rest of my day thinking "oh jeez...I gotta make sure to jump on Facebook as soon as I get home so that I can "un-tag" myself from all those photos I just posed in!"
Yeah, I'm definitely camera shy...so it was totally a big deal to follow through with the vow I made to myself...to put a face to this blog, etc...etc... like I said in the previous post.
So, now it's a couple of days later...and there's my face up there on the blog...and it's a lil bit nerve racking. But what's also up there on the blog are all of your super amazing sweet & kind comments!
Well Oh My Goodness!! I really don't even know what to say...except THANK YOU ALL so very very much!!! You guys definitely made it so much less nerve racking.
On my Facebook page my pic has always been the cartoony painting of a girl who we modeled after me, with the dark lipstick, blonde braids & bangs, and the flower in the hair. Well the other day, before putting my pic on the blog I first changed my Facebook pic to an actual photo of my present self...ya know...babysteps. Never ever did I expect the extremely generous outpouring of kindness! You guys made me blush...my face squinched up...cheeks got hot...I was smiling, but it was that embarrassed smile...ya know...the kind that you're unaware of and that you can't wipe off your face no matter how hard you try.
Well, long story short...you guys really let me know that I made the right decision. I'm hearing from online friends that I've been corresponding with for more than 4 years and they're telling me how happy they are to finally see my face! I mean, sure, I've put some pics of me up on the blog over the years...but I bet you can count 'em on two hands and still have some fingers left over! And I've been blogging since '06!!
So this year really is going to be a NEW year. I plan on stepping in the right direction on so many levels. I'm not going to overwhelm myself OR you guys by getting into all the details right here and now. But as those new milestones approach I will be marking them with a lot more confidence!

Of all the comments and emails that I received concerning the blog and/or my pic on Facebook...What got me the most excited was finding out that I'm far from being alone in my camera shyness...and that so many of you told me that I inspired you to do the same...to put YOURself out there. And it just made me think...this isn't just my year. Let this be OUR YEAR!! Lets hold hands, band together...take baby steps together...and get ourselves out there!

Join me...in Putting Myself Out There in 2011! And first things first: why not step out from behind that camera! put on some gloss...put on a happy face! We owe it to ourselves and each other. I know that all of you, just like me...love seeing your online friends...seeing who baked that cake...who painted that painting, sewed that dress, quilted that quilt, doodled those doodles...or told that funny story...or decorated that home. So lets give 'em what they want and what WE want. Chances are...like myself, you'll come face to face with more kindness from others than you thought was even possible.

Let's do this! Make 2011 the year of Putting Yourself Out There!!

How will YOU Put Yourself Out There in 2011?!

(In this pic I am wearing Too Faced Glamour Gloss in barely legal.)

I never ever thought I'd get emails about my make-up...but I guess the world is full of surprises! I got a couple dozen inquiries about my specific make-up. Most of them pertaining to my lipstick color...which is funny...because I happen to naturally have light pink lips. Maybe I stained them pink by wearing dark red lipstick for 20 years...who knows?! But the pics from the other day...I got so many questions about my specific shade of lipstick. Well, all I had on was classic black label ChapStick!
But...speaking of make-up. I'd be more then happy to share my faves with you. I just went shopping with a giftcard I had from Christmas...and I knew right away what I was going to spend it on. My faaave line right now is Too Faced. They always have the cuuuutest packaging and really great sets! I have a bunch of their stuff. My day to day make-up is almost exclusively Too Faced. I am so excited about their new "Look of Love" collection! Check out the bag! how pretty is it?! And the set was such a great value. You get a Full Size mascara, Shadow Insurance, lip gloss, one of their faaaabulously soft Kabuki brushes, and a mini Primed and Poreless...which I looooove! It is amazing stuff. It seriously makes your skin feel like silk! It is a MUST have. I also picked up one of their Mood Swing glosses...in Petal Pink. It's really so so cool! It changes throughout the day from pale pink to berry pink and every shade in between.

I also adore their Naked Eye kit...it is perfect for everyday....comes with little cheat sheet cards to create 3 looks... day, night and fashion.

Yesterday was Aaron's bday! 35! For some reason I thought we were 36...I seriously never know how old I am.

Our crew was scattered doing some things...plus it was sorta icky out..snowing/raining..so we'll be doing the real celebrating soon. His parents are taking him out to eat tomorrow, but since we got a late start and all of the above reasons...on the actual birthday just Aar and I went out for some food and to Barnes & Noble where I snapped a couple pics of our Keep Calm & Have a Cupcake stuff. I'm thrilled to see that B & N ordered all over again. They had our stuff last year along side the classic Keep Calm and Carry On stuff...and now they've got a whole new batch to tie in with their Cupcakes theme.

Afterward we grabbed a movie from Redbox...do you all have those?? Are they everywhere?
We totally LOOOVE Redbox!! Netflix is super duper great...but for those spur of the moment, or in between times...Redbox is perfect. We've been known to go at midnight on Monday for the Tuesday new releases!

Isn't he adorable??

We picked up the newest from George Romero...Survival of the Dead! Don't get me started on him....or my love for zombies...I'll be here allllll night!!
But look at this guy...and his glasses... and giant ears...He is just a giant man! such a character! We love to listen to his commentary. We watch the movie and then watch it all over again with the Director's Commentary turned on. George always provides generous extras on his dvd's. We always watch the dvd extras on movies...do you?


Who is with me?? Ready to make this OUR year?! Remember: baby steps! Grab some lipgloss...put on a smile...snap that pic..and post it!! :)

I love you guys to bits!!

ps...grab a blog button if you are joining my PMOT crew!! :)


  1. Jenny, I can honestly say that if I were as young and beautiful and sparkling as you are, I'd be stepping in front of cameras even if they weren't AIMED at me! You are absolutely gorgeous and the best part is that you are a sweetheart, too. You inspire us all!

    {I do have to say I'm sad that B&N didn't do a better job of merchandising your fabulous products... they are so dang cute!}

  2. Hi Jenny.... thank you for the encouraging words.
    I am taking your advice and am going to PMOT.
    This is the year I come out and take my blog a step further.
    I have to confess though..... I wrote my post WITH my picture but have yet to hit that post it button!
    deep breath....
    have to build the courage!

    Hugs, Dolly

  3. Hey girl, I think a lot of people struggle with PMOT, including M, lol. I've read blog posts where the person has put it ALL out there, and I envy their ability to be that emotionally vulnerable to complete strangers. Their soul has a freedom I'd *like* to know. That being said, I have this cute, little listpad sitting in front of me(maybe you've seen it before...yellow cake with delicious-looking chocolate frosting, says "Sweet Hello"...) on which I just wrote "PMOT with Jenny 2011". Good luck to all of us! :)

  4. lol! i almost never post photos of myself! and if i do...it's usually with my face not showing. you've inspired me though...i'm going to try this year to pmot!

  5. haha, I never know how old I am, either!

    Was survival of the dead good?

    You're gorgeous. I'm excited that you're ready to pyot!

  6. hi jenny,
    I am taking ur PMOT challenge. I HATE having my picture taken. but i vow to have a picture of myself by the end of february!

  7. what other makeup brands can you recommend? especially for foundation?thanks

  8. You know, Jenny, It took me forever to put my picture up on my blog. I totally get what you're saying.....PS....you look gorgeous!

  9. Hiya Jenny,

    I think becoming more secure in yourself and coming out of your shell, is all what the 30's are about! I have done so much self growth in my 30's and LOVE the secure, confident, kick ass gal I've become. Sounds like you are going to be having one fabulous growing year! Good Luck with all your goals and PMOT!


  10. I think I mentioned in my last comment was to take baby steps in revealing yourself on your blog and it is nice to see that you are.
    You are very inspiring and creative...and a fellow Jersey girl to boot! :)
    Keep on keeping on.

  11. I just stumbled upon your blog and in light of putting my OWN self out there (or here) I'm saying hi! Sometimes I'll quiet the urge to comment on blog posts because I feel like an uninvited stranger (I know its silly and untrue!) but I can't help but shying away from it.

    So, hi (: I find you absolutely adorable and your hair reminds me of cupcake icing.

  12. Hi Jenny, I just found your blog and have to say Love your picture! I totally do not take good pictures, ugh and really dread them. Isn't Too Faced awesome?! I found it at Ulta here and so wanted to grab it all up. Thank you for sharing! Kris

  13. Hi Jenny! :) I am madly in <3 with your pink hair!!!! It's perfect on you!!

  14. Loved the post! The photo is beautiful! PYOT....we all should do it!

  15. Hi Jenny! I love your PMOT movement! I am joining in...in fact, I just posted a picture of myself..not the best one, but I am OK with that, it is a start! Your beautiful and adorable and I can't believe that you can be that camera shy!!

  16. Oh Jenny, you're so cuuuute! :)

    I sort of felt that way last year when I decided to come back to the blog-world (after one year away). I decided to show who I am! So there's a real photo of my on the top right on my blog. I don't dare do a face close-up, I just don't know how to apply the makeup! LOL, but I'll look for the band you mentioned--looks wonderful on you! I posted photos yesterday, with me in them, just as I was, and it felt liberating to not hide! LOL

    And I forgot, Happy Birthday to Aaron!!! It's the same day as my Mark's!
    Hugs and SMILES! Heidi

  17. Jenny
    Like you not crazy about pictures! I'll force myself to take them and groan after wards! Put on up on my blog a few posts back, no to much torture! Your skin to me is so perfect and flawless, like a porcelain doll! Makeup is just the colors I want, who sells this brand? Still curious, did you make Aaron a cake? Also I went to Michael's and H.Lobby looking for your things, didn't know Barnes and N had them. Totally stocked up last year when Michael's had them! Anywho, stay toasty! Love ya,Lori

  18. I had no idea there was a new George movie out. I'm a huge zombie fan too. Thanks for the tip!

  19. Very down with PMOT! Even got my talented husband to take my picture- and it is on my blog- because of YOU. It is also on my etsy, and my facebook pages, so Thank You!

  20. I bought the lip glass and I LOVE it! Going to buy another one so I always have one at home and one in my purse. I have had such a hard time finding a soft pink gloss and this fits the bill perfectly.


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