Calling all artists, crafters, bloggers, peeps looking to PMOT this year!!

I probably say "I'm sooooo psyched!!" and/or "I'm soooo excited!!" as many times as you regular folks say Hello and Goodbye. But lets not let this little factoid diminish the value of my superlative flourishes. All of my extra letter "o's" and abundant exclamation marks are purposeful and totally called for. Well maybe not ALL of them...but at least MOST of them.
Well, lets just say that in this case I really mean it when I say that I'm sooooo psyched about the responses I've received pertaining to "PMOT in 2011". Because the responses have been EXACTLY what I was hoping for. A whole lot of people saying that they have been just dying to "Put Themselves Out There" ... and that my blog post, along with my little blog button was the last itty bitty nudge that they needed to get them out there!! Good for you guys! Keep it up!!

So OK...I thought about this next little hoedown for a while now. It totally goes hand in hand with everything I've been daydreaming about...

How could we all come together?
-holding hands
-lip glossy and smiley
-hopping around, meeting new friends
-finding out how to put ourselves out there in 2011
-what are we good at
-what we wish we were good at
-what we create
-make, bake, cook?
-new new locales
-fresh ideas
-blog hopping
-shop shopping
-peeps meeting along the way

Are you looking to PMOT this year? (Oh how I wish I had the money to make us all pink satin jackets with our crew's logo on oh man...if I won the lottery...ooooohh it would be a given!!....and speaking of pink satin jackets etc...I just finished eating a "Pink Lady" so delicious! my current fave as far as apples candy from a tree!) But ok, back to satin jackets for now...( You can just imagine wearing one in your head for now...or if the idea of a team of pink satin jacketed ladies actually horrifies you then by all means...just forget I said it! ; ) LOL! )
I want this to be BIG and most of all FUN. This should feel like you are sponsoring a really fantastic PARTY!

Here's how it goes:
Leave me a comment (make sure I can reach you.) or email me with your details.

Tell me how you'd like to PMOT this year.

And here's the kicker:
You know those super duper over the top celebrity swag bags that they give away at award shows? They're filled with the hottest, trendiest, most high-end stuff. Well, why should the celebs have all the fun? And anyway...after we all Put Ourselves Out There, we'll all be celebs in our own right! So...there are so many of us who make stuff that is more than fit to be part of the absolute best celebrity swag bag ever!

I'd like to gather up a list of peeps who are looking to network...PMOT...highlight their blogs, etsy shops, websites, etc...
I will spotlight you here on my blog...along with an item of your choice ( something that you think that my followers would totally go gaga over...color / style / vibe-wise) as we go along meeting more and more amazing peeps and adding more and more stuff to our over-the-top swag bag...(or in this case swag BOX!!)... I will keep a link to you on my sidebar for the duration of the giveaway!!
And here's the AMAZING part......the SWAG BOX will go to ONE LUCKY WINNER!!
Nutso Right?! Yeah, imagine winning a box full of total amazingness! Totally Queen For A Day status! : )

So ok...who's in??? jewelry makers, painters, crocheters, knitters, candle makers,...anything goes! and Gift Certificates are totally cool too!

Ok, now to introduce our final Everyday is a Holiday Design Team Member. The one...the only...the Artsy Mama herself... Kari Ramstrom. Besides all of the fantabulous stuff I can say about her artistically, she's also just one of my favorite PEOPLE. And she's a big fan of other artists, and is always interested in what you're up to at the moment...she's an unabashed fan and loves to promote fellow artists. She's passionate about every project that she gets involved in and man!....she just loves COLOR! When I think of her...I think COLOR. Some of us see shape, composition, form... but when Kari looks around at the is COLOR that she see's. I'm excited to see just how her colorful world will meld with ours!

Kari loves to fully immerse herself in each season through photography, journaling and art making. She is a collector of vintage and homemade, whimsical and oddities. She then uses these pieces to create unique art journals, mixed media creations and home décor. She is an observer of images and artifacts, capturing the essence of each day. She weaves living a creative life into the ordinary moments of each day, savoring the daily celebrations with her family. She has been published in Artful Blogging, Country Living, Romantic Country, Blogging for Bliss, Collaborative Art Journals and a self-published book.

Lots of you gals have been asking about our diecuts! Sooo...we've brough them back for a limited time! We have a batch in stock now...listed in the shop...ready to ship!

Why not collect em' all? Strawberry Shortcake dolls or My Little Ponies? ;) I mean let's admit it...all these happy pretty things we all collect are our "Big Girl" versions. no? :)

Thanks again for stopping by! Love ya lots! xoxo, Jenny


  1. I'm down.
    It is after all the Year of the Rabbit.
    I'll PMOT!!!!!

  2. Sounds like fun....looking forward to it!

  3. OH do count me in.There are so many things/way I am trying to push myself forward this year and this is another nudge in the right direction!Can I eat cupcakes while doing this?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm in! Even though it makes me nervous!
    It sounds like fun!

  5. Id like to put myself out there by doing more wedding expos and shows to promote my work and work on getting my blog out there as well.
    My shop is and id love to offer a gift certificate to my shop to your swag bag and my email is
    thanks for the opportunity!

  6. What a great idea! sounds like a ton of fun.

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun, love the idea!
    I'm slowing writing on my blog more about myself, my dreams and creative desires...I'm getting into the PMOT style of things!

  8. My hubby says I am always sharing too much and PMOTing anyway so I would LOVE to be a part of this!!!!!
    can't wait to hear more,

  9. PMOT indeed! Im creating unique art pieces for my home and as gifts. I WILL post photos to my blog and facebook so others can see that work. Im connecting with local artists and looking for ways to submit to magazines. Lastly, Im planning a local card making/crafting event to get back into teaching. 2011 will be my year;

  10. hey jenny,
    what a fabulous idea. still havent figured out why u havent hosted ur own event yet!working on PMOT

  11. How am I going to PMOT this year? Well, Jenny doh of crescendoh asked me to be a guest curator later thiis month....well, this is totally outside of my comfort zone, but....I'm doing it!!! Woo hoo! Count me in and...only five more weeks until moulin!

  12. Im confused about all this but i love your blog and i can just imagine wearing the pink jackets like on happy days like Pinky Tuskadareo, remember her?

  13. I'm in Honey - like the jacket idea - I think I'd like a raspberry pink one!

    I'm putting m'self out there too - blogwise, that is!
    My resolution was to craft each week and blog it and when I couldn't get the time for that I'd find other peoples awesome talents and blog that... and that is how VaaVoom started!

    Love your style too!

  14. I think it sounds awesome, count me in, Kittyrobot would love to help out that box, it sounds like an insanely awesome Idea, imagine how lucky that winner will be at the end, holy moly.
    my email is:

    I need to PMOT more this year too, thanks for the nudge girl!

    and now I sit here, imagining im wearing the prettiest pink silk jacket...haha <3

  15. This sounds great! I am still finding my way with all this promoting and networking, but here's my goal: to work more on my blog and promoting as such; offering how to's and interview shops i like on my blog & offer specials to blog followers in my shops; exchange ideas with others; more boutiques - so I think this is a good place to start. You can reach me at: or my shops: or so much!
    xo, Marcelle

  16. I'm in, hubby says I'm the worst about PMOT so this seems like a perfect way/reason to just get over it already!

  17. I've just opened shop at etsy (was on there a few years ago. I'm trying to restart.

    Here is my etsy shop:
    My Blog:
    My Facebook fanpage:

  18. oh my I just found this blog, and happy me, because I am in love with your blog!!! yay for me!!!

  19. I would love to be involved! I have been taking big steps and putting myself out there for new things. While my blog ( focused more on Roller Derby these days (one of the big steps I took recently and I am loving it!) I still maintain a small etsy store
    I'd love to add more items as soon as time permits and I would love to PMOT!!

  20. I am in! I am going to PMOT by:
    1. Posting more pictures of my creative efforts.
    2. Submitting a few ideas that I have been working on.
    3. Incorporating more of my creations in my house instead of keeping them all up in my craft room. The Glitter lounge is getting crowded!

  21. Forgot to say that I would love to donate some Pink Vintage goodies to the drawing!

  22. Great idea Jenny!

    Count me in!

    Smiles, Dolly

  23. This is great. I had already challenged myself and reopened my Etsy shop recently. It feels good to be out there among so many fabulous artists. I'm IN!


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