Valentine's recap and a giveaway!

Hello! Hello!
I've missed you guys! We've been working like crazy on so many super fun projects, that the days seem to just melt into one another. And me and Aar have been working on fun projects for years and years, so I guess you could say that for nearly my whole adult life I don't think I ever really knew what day it was. Although, there were a few years when I used to have a tiny bit of an idea... and this was because LOST was on. Always counting down the days till the next episode. I wonder if there will ever be another show that grabs me like that...?

So ok, see that super duper cuuute pink crocheted scarf I'm wearing up there? Well I received it in a Valentine's Day craft swap! Isn't it just so adorable? I LOVE it! It is perfect in every way. What an amazing job Carol did. Yes...Carol, that's my swap partner, and new friend! She and her hubby Seth and their kitty cat live in Missouri. I'm thrilled to have had her as a partner. She also made me the most beautiful crocheted pink doily. I'll have to take a pic of it to show you guys.

One of my birthday gifts from Aaron (back in October) was a gift card to Color me Mine. It's one of those paint-your-own-pottery places...and I've been dying to do just that. Sure, I've been to all sorts of art classes, worked in all kinds of mediums...but over my millions of crafting years I seem to have dodged the pottery bullet. Since we've been just so busy, the Color me Mine gift card has been sitting inside a book on my nightstand since the Fall. For Valentine's Day we really wanted to do something together during the daytime...ya know, stretch out the Holiday to make it an all day, all night affair. So how perfect of a date would it be to go and paint pottery together? We both agreed!

We headed to the mall for an afternoon of creative fun. The shop/studio is super spacious, and cheerful. They have a really good selection of pieces to choose from. Something for everyone really. All holidays and occasions. We took the tour, and decided we would work on a set of matching plates and mugs. We chose our paint colors, and supplies. (of course we showed up with a bag full of our own brushes, tracing paper, pencils...)

After a few mins of daydreaming and throwing ideas back and forth, we decided on a simple & sweet design...aqua-ish background with a little flag bunting draped across each plate. Simple enough...

4 hours later we each had fully coated (3-4 layers) plates with 4-5 flags on each! Don't get me wrong, it was so much fun! We plan on going back often. But man, it took a little while for us to get used to working with the surface and using the "paints". The pottery just sucks up your so porous. But I think the biggest road block, or concern, for us was not knowing how clean the lines would be or how solid/opaque the colors would be after firing...since it was our first time. I mean, we asked questions but still, you just have to see for yourself...and nothing beats first hand experience. This was definitely a trial run...and whats great is that we only used up half the juice on the gift card! So we've already got our foot in the door for next time.

There is a studio fee, which includes all paints, supplies, and firing (about 9.00) , and then each plate was 13.00. Totally worth it! Ohh, and on the website they often have "specials" like two for one Tuesdays. Check to see if you've got one near you...there are Color me Mines all over the world. We should be getting a call to come pick up our finished plates any day now. So excited! We are both just so curious. It will answer lots of questions...and have us planning our next pieces. I'll be sure to share them with you. :)

Are you guys like me? Do you pop around blog to blog admiring the super cute banners, and buttons, wishing you knew how to create them or where to find some that were free/ok to use? Well, meet my friend Keren!

Keren's blog, Free Pretty Things For You, is one of the happiest places to visit! She is super creative, and sweet, and she shares all of these adorable images with us for free! You just have to go visit and check it out for yourself! Non stop eye candy! Tutorials, custom designs, and giveaways!
Speaking of giveaways, we are currently sponsoring a giveaway on her blog! Pop over to enter to win a large "cupcakes" print! I know you will be grinning ear to ear once you see some of her adorable buttons and freebies! Spread the word!

I have so much to share with you guys, some mega fab PMOT stuff...I think I will wait a day or so to start that party. It is really shaping up to be amazing!! Just you wait! I promise you are going to LOVE these gals!

Oh, and it is sooo not too late for you to join the PMOT crew!!! If you are looking to come out of your shell, or take that leap this year...we sooo have your back! :)

See you guys really soon!
xo Jenny


  1. Oh my goodness Jenny, your hair looks absolutely darling ! Your face just pops and in a good way! :o)
    Love, love, love it ! The pottery pieces look great too.
    Fondly, Lori

  2. you guys are too cute and so is that scarf! what a fun swap... i was just saying today how we should get ourselves some Herrmann-y Fantastic cereal bowls and cute 'em up at Color Me Mine... we have those too here in the SF area...

    nice to see your smiley faces!

  3. Love the the garland plate!!!! And why didn't I ever sign up for PMOT........guess I always think of myself as out there.......hehe.....but, I would really like to be part of something fun in blogland.......I have become all about business lately and it is not really getting me out I hope you can still count me in!!!!

  4. Looks like fun to design/paint your own plates & mugs. Pretty pink scarf. Swapping is FUN!

  5. Wow this sounds like such a fun outing! I am new to your blog and have been having a great time reading over your posts.

  6. LOVE the plate... and the colors you chose. Also, I miss LOST too and wonder if another series will ever appeal to my brain like that again. :o)

  7. Warning Warning..... you guys are going to be addicted to making your own dishes and such! :-)

    I owned my own studio and am a certified teacher!
    I haven't done it in years and I miss it!
    It is definetly a different medium and one that takes some getting used to!

    Can't wait to see your plates once they are glazed! They look great already!

    Did they tell you to make sure your paints are smooth {They won't flatten out in firing} and that red is the hardest color to work with! just a lil FYI for next time! :-)

    Love the pink scarf..... perfect for the cold winters!


  8. you are the cutest, so glad you're posting more pics :)

  9. Aww you are too sweet! I had such a great time swapping with you! I love looking at all the prints you gave me throughout my house! The baking cupcake everyday block was hung up right away in my kitchen! It's perfect!

    I love the plates! They are so pretty I would be afraid to use them! I need to see if there is anything like that around here. That looks like a fun date with the husband!! Or even to take our youth group kids to!

  10. Hello living doll named Jenny. I am one of your new followers! SOOO Cute in your hot pink scarf! Loves! xox !

  11. SO gorgeous you are!

    Now i want to start making my own dishware :D LOVE!!!

    Thank you for the shout out my dear!!

  12. what a fun thing to do for V-day! i never heard of such a place...great idea! have a great week! xo nat

  13. I've been to one of those paint-your-pottery places! It's fun! Glad you had a good time. I love what you made. Thanks for the link to Karen's blog. :) And I agree - that is THE cutest scarf! Looks wonderful on you! Theresa

  14. I LOVE your hair! Super-cute!!! Adorable scarf too!

  15. i just have to say, i love your hair! and i love that plate ! and thanks for sharing that site.... - mia

  16. Can I just say again how outrageously cute you are?? And I love your new scarf! It looks awesome on you. :)

    My 4 year old daughter and I made christmas presents for all the grandparents this year at Color Me Mine. So fun. :)

  17. Oh jenny, you are just so darling!
    I love Color me mine, I have taken my daughter a couple of times and we had her birthday there one day...needless to say, we didn't come home with those awesome plates! But it was fun!
    hugs to you and Aar!

  18. OMG, love your blog and all of your prints!! Your hair is awesome!

  19. what a way to spend valentine's day too sweet... love the plates...I've actually gone to a "time to kilm" in red bank, but "Color Me Mine" looks like a honey of a place to visit hmmmm might have to go for a visit...well I'm calling it a night Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams my friends! ;O) xox

  20. Love the hair, love the crochetedfunscarfwrappything, love the plates. Love the whole stinkin' thing! You are too, too cute. xo

  21. Oh, fun!! :) Your pink hair is sooo cute, as are the plates! :)

  22. Oh are so stunning, you should model!! I LOVE the fabulous goodies you and your honey painted...Looks like such fun. xxoo Valarie

  23. I love Color-me-mine, the bunting plate turned out awesome!! Happy super belated Birthday♥ I'm LOVING the color of your hair~ that is such a beautiful photo of you :)

  24. This is my first visit to your blog - and it certainly won't be my last! Oh how I wish I was brave enough to have pink hair too. It is my absolute favorite color. I thought I was taking a risk by painting my coffee table pink.

    Thank you for making me smile.

  25. your blog is so cute! and so is your hair!! may I ask, is it dyed, or is it a wig? Either way it's delightful.

  26. I love your hair...I had a bit of pink hair and miss it. You are truly beautiful!

  27. Oh that looks like so much fun ~ now I want to go paint some ceramics as well :D

  28. It is my absolute favorite color. I thought I was taking a risk by painting my coffee table pink.
    nice and tidy stuff.

    murree hotels

  29. your page is so pretty with so many delicious little dessert pics...and i love the pink hair!


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