We 're back!!

What a trip!!
California was amazing!! Moulin Rouge was seriously mind blowing!! I have so much to share with you guys! I took over 300 pics and I'm now knee deep in the process of identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly!!

Unfortunately there was a super duper sickness bug going around and it sunk it's teeth into me big time. I am really hoping that I am on the last of it...the coughs, the headaches, the sinus pressure...man are they getting old! I think the really fun bus trip may have been the sickness culprit...50 something women (and Aaron and our driver Greg!) all in a tiny mobile tube for 12 hours...seems like the perfect scenario for spreading something around.

As soon as it is possible for me to sit up straight for more than 10 mins I will blog like crazy! Because the trip was just so so so fun and man...it deserves the healthiest of blogging minds. So I promise...very soon I will return with energy this Artistic Affaire merits!

xoxo Jenny


  1. Oh, I hope you are feeling better soon. LOVE the picture of you and your honey, and can't wait to see more. xxoo Valarie

  2. Awww...feel better soon! Can't wait to see your pics!

  3. Glad to know you are back, but sorry to know you are sick :( I can't wait for more posts and to see more goodies on your ebay store!

  4. Jenny I got it and I didnt go on the bus. I can agree, its an aweful bug and I have had it since Monday!! Thanks so much for a fun project at MR. It was such an awesome event!

  5. Can't wait to see pictures! I'm so glad you had an awesome time. :)

  6. I just love that pic of you two! such and over-the-mantel shot! I hope you are feeling better soon. I have a BIG suggestion. Emergen-C vitaming packets. I swear they are the only thing that have kept me healthy all winter. Pound them right now and you'll be better in no time! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!
    xo natalea

  7. Feel better soon, Jenny! We want to see your photos, of course, but it's more important to know that you're well again!

  8. aw.... take care and get better soon!


  9. You 2 are soooooooooooo stinkin cute! I hope you feel better soon. Miss u guys teribly! Grace xoox

  10. Hi sweet Jenny!
    Thank you for following my blog! I loved your class at Moulin amd my Mother absolutely loved it as well. I`m almost finished with it and I`ll give it to her. I look so forward to seeing you and Aaron at Silver Bella.
    Kim :0)


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