What an amazing time we all had!

Ok, I know this is much overdue and you guys have already read tons of
recaps of the fantastic
Moulin Rouge Artistic Affaire in Los Angeles...unfortunately, me and Aaron have been so so sick (with what we are calling the Moulin flu) and seriously, I didn't even have the strength to blog. So I'll keep this brief...because lots of gals have already filled you in on the spoils.
First off, wow...Kim Caldwell is the hostess with the
mostest! She claims to be a nervous gal...but wow, it does not show when she's in charge and running the show. All of us teachers were put at ease...she made every little would be hiccup seem like no big deal...and the bang-for-your-buck of the event...if you were an attendee...I have never seen an event packed with so much good stuff. Every moment Kim would stand up and announce yet another giveaway! Every gal left LA with luggage way too full of great stuff!
Luckily we decided to arrive a day early so that we wouldn't be stepping off the plane and rushing to set up for the amazing vendor fair soiree, wherein every gal was dressed to the nines in
Moulin Rouge style regalia and your ticket got you free professional photos to memorialize it. The Hotel...The Belamar was so so boutique chic...small and retro Hollywood....a super duper helpful and kind staff. Kim couldn't have picked a better spot. The Ballroom...where the classes were...wow! Aaron went and spied it earlier in the day...I wasn't ready yet...still preparing kit stuff...and Aar is like "You gotta see the room!" he took our camera and came back with like 50 pics to show me...again, Kim spared no expense. If you can go to Kim's next event...GO! You won't be disappointed one drop...you will be overwhelmed with the amount that you take away from it...including brand new great friendships.
We were thrilled to be a part of this event and we loved the rest of the teaching line up...you'll see us all together with Kim in the photo slide below.
And we LOVED our class!! All the gals were so so sweet!! We had an absolute blast negotiating the room full of tables and getting to know everyone. After class we went back to our room and went "WOW!...that was a great time!" then
Aar went to get a bucket of ice and noticed that every single door in the hotel had a do-not-disturb on the knob...so I hope it's a good thing that we exhausted everyone!

Like I said...I'm trying to keep this brief. This was our first time on the left coast and it was a little bit what we expected...and at the same time it was the strangest place. We are just so used to New York City...it's a grid and it makes sense. Los Angeles is just a million neighborhoods that keep repeating...each with it's own flavor but sorta similar. Luckily my sis rented a car or we would have seen none of it. Man, do you need a car...the place is sprawling! So we had a bit of an extended stay...on the last day of the event was an 12 hour bus trip and in rare form me and Aar decided to join...we usually don't spoil ourselves with any extras...but this was just too good to pass up. The shops were amazing, and it was so so cool to finally meet some of our very favorite online friends in person! And then we got to stay an extra day at our friend Maggie's house in Silver Lake (which happens to be the home town of one of my favorite bands...who I've mentioned before...Local Natives...You must listen to this band!) So despite already being too sick to function...Maggie made our stay easy...and she's an expert at planning perfect short-trip LA experiences. She should work for the tourism board. On our last day there...in a quick hour before our flight that was so easy seeming...we scored these great pics by the Hollywood sign...and visited the fantastic Griffith Observatory with views that go on forever! Oh yeah, that super cute little guy in the pics is Maggie's scrumptious son Charlie. And his adorable presence made our stay so pleasant...seeing him wake up in his pajamas to come check out these strangers on the air mattress in his living room. We were not prepared for the LA chill in the air...and I guess the houses being lightly insulated...because we New Jerseyans woke up Freezing! Aaron had to put his hoodie on right upon waking up and baby Charlie seemed to like the look of this...he kept patting Aaron's hooded head and saying "baby"... I guess Aaron looked like a giant bald baby! Oh that Charlie is a cutie!

On Saturday night all the festivities at the hotel were over so we took a trip to a group of gallery openings nearby...it was a great night despite a little drizzle at the end. The galleries were so awesomely situated and all throughout the landscape were dazzling smelling lemon trees! We finished off the night at the famous grilled cheese truck...I think Aar got grape soda with his. We saw a ton of great artwork met a couple great dogs and people too!
Like I said...I needed to keep this brief....because so many gals have already done such a good job. Our hugest thanks again to Kim for inviting us and making the experience utterly Magical...no joke! It was the greatest time we had in forever.
xoxo, Jenny!


  1. Everything looked so amazing, and you were beauuutiful! :)

  2. What a wonderful post...filled with awesome pictures of your awesome adventure! It looks like your trip to the left coast was magical!


    ps...again, SOOO wonderful to see you and Aaron!

    pss...the galleries you went to looked AMAZING!

  3. I so enjoyed looking at all the photos. It seemed like an amazing time and a wonderful trip. Loved the pics from the observatory. Thanks for sharing and letting me feel like I was there!!

  4. it was such fun meeting you and aaron at the mermaids mercantile. thank you both for your kind comments and ecouragement about my work,...it meant alot to me!


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