Where has Jenny been?

Hello Hello!!

Where has Jenny been?? Well, I will tell you...covered in glitter, with dyed pink hands! And nope...not from my hair. (dying 200 pink feathers!) We are getting in all those last minute tasks and errands for Artistic Affaire next week!!! Ahhhh!! I cannot believe it! In less than a week, we will be in California surrounded by some of the most fabulous, fun, and frilly gals in blogland. Moulin Rouge is all we are thinking and breathing, and at this point...wearing! Feathers on every surface. Even the pups can be seen running around with pink feathers sticking to their lil wet noses. We are just so so excited! My sis is coming out too. She isn't enrolled in the event, more just to chill and help a bit. Though...there is an over the top, all day bus trip planned that she will be a part of. The itinerary is bonkers! Seriously! like really? This many amazing things all in one day!? Don't worry, I promise tons of pics and a nice lengthy recap!

So what did you think of our fab gals in our first PMOT spotlight? How about Fancy Lady Gourmet's adorable cookies?! And Amanda's super cool art?! (check out her blog...she has a little Spring gift for you blog readers! 10% off anything in her shop!) And Hollie Wood's ummm...LIFE! (speaking of...check out this fabulous blog post about her) I really am so psyched about this year! I have so many fun ideas twirling around in my mind. Expect things to reeeally get fun once we get back from California!

Want to meet some more gals that are going to make this year THEIR year?


Keira Morgan
of Handsome And Lace (Neck Tie Reformatory)

Here is a gal that is certainly not at a loss for BIG ideas and goals.
A very enthusiastic designer from Toronto, Canada.
Raised by a very eccentric mother who was always very particular about her style, from the materials, to obsessively picking off any little loose threads that she could find. She inspired a need for perfection and colour in Keira's designs and old Hollywood inspired the vintage feel to them.

Where from?: London, ON, although I don't like to admit it.

What do you create/do?: I create wearable art for the ladies and the fella's/ I run a neck tie reformatory in Toronto. I plan to bring bowties and neck ties to a whole new level!

When did you start?: 2007. I sold my first batch of hairbands to a co-worker and started really fixating on neck ties that year. I was obsessed with tuxedos and 50's gangster styles and it just grew from there.



How will you PMOT this year?:
Twitter, Facebook, Blog, sidebars, word of mouth..etc.
I'm determined to get into a store in Italy, Paris, and New York by the end of the year!!!

Three fave blogs:
WORN fashion blog
The Handmade Gift Guide
Toronto Street Fashion

What you are donating to the giveaway?: A hairband and mini tie necklace valued at $ 75.00

Next up:

Susan K. Weckesser
Susiebee Studios Inc.

Susiebee Studios has been designed to address the small and the wonderful things that happen in the world on a day to day basis through different art forms. Hoping to showcase superior products that are earth friendly to our planet. It is Susan's goal to give art a voice.

her motto : Live to Create ~ Create to Live

I LOVE Susan's outlook on life! And her artwork can only make you smile! Keep your eyes open for her scrapbooking line coming very soon!!

Where from?: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

What do you do/create?: designer, painter, mixed media artist, photographer, artist

When did you start?: When I was old enough to hold a paintbrush! :)



How will you PMOT this year?: I am designing and putting out my own paper line this spring!

Favorite Blogs:

living out loud
Elizabeth Kartchner
Scraps of Life

What are you donating to the giveaway?: An original mixed media canvas.

How fabulous are Keira's tie earrings? annnd the necklaces? LOVE em! And Susan's cheerful art, perfect for a family room, or nursery...or hanging in your studio to add a lil sunshine to your work day!

Leave these ladies some comments...ask questions, visit their shops, blogs, etc! Join the party!! Let us all know what you think!!

Ok...so now..some big FUN news...

If you haven't already picked up the fabbbulous NEW issue of Where Women Cook.... run don't walk! It is packed with incredible women, doing incredible things! Not to mention major eye candy!! There is a super sweet spread on my girl Cheryl at Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah. Her place is so darn charming it almost hurts! cute cute cute! And it's also pretty sweet seeing our artwork hanging on her walls! :) There is an adorable cookie/candy necklace tutorial that had me grinning ear to ear. Recipes galore, a recap of the launch party in NYC that we attended in December, and funny enough...Aaron's head happens to be in one of the pics! (see pink arrow) Ok and maybe the best part...Our artwork! Yep! Our best selling "cupcakes" print full page, full color! Totally honored to be a part of such a fantastic publication, and community of talented, passionate women!

Ok and one more fun thing...

Torie Jayne

We are sponsoring a giveaway over at the fabulous Torie Jayne blog!! Get over there and enter to win some Everyday is a Holiday art!! :)

Ok...I really must get back to my glitter, feathers, and fringe! :)

Have a GREAT weekend!!
xo Jenny


  1. What a wonderfully awesome post! Thank-you! :) Have a very glittery week-end!

  2. Great post...love the papers...glad Susan turned me on to your blog ;)

  3. I always love the idea of repurposing old clothing items. neck ties!!! such a fun idea. i used to use ties as belts... but wow these are such creative ideas!

    i'll keep my eyes peeled for these great scrapbooking papers!

    cannot wait for LA!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, it sounds like you've been buzzing like a busy little bee! This Moulin Rouge you speak of sounds absolutely fantastical and I cannot wait to hear/see more...

    Also, I'm a little weak in the knees over Susiebee's work! I love finding these talented lovelies through your spotlighting (:


  5. Eeeek does it get any cuter?
    I love Keira Morgans' neck tie necklaces....sooooooooo stinkin cute!
    I want one!
    I do occasionally wear a white ruffle blouse with a neck tie and mans vest! I get so many compliments when I wear that outfit!

    Sure wish I lived closer Jenn....I would love to come and help!

    Have a n awesome weekend.....

  6. have a great time in Cali!! wish I was going. one of these days I'll get to something and get to meet you in all your pink hair glory!

  7. It looks like a wonderful event! I know you will all have so much fun. Wishing you all the bset.

  8. Awesome post :) so many things in one, love it :)

  9. Such pretty things! So lucky for you to be at the event this weekend!
    So wish I could have gone!

    I'll be back to check out more of your lovely things. You have so much talent!


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