Let's turn that frown upside down with some Springtime sweetness!

Well, some of you may have heard already but just in case you didn't...Silver Bella 2011 has been canceled. We were so looking forward to revisiting Omaha and all the amazing people who make Silver Bella such a wonderful artistic event year after year. But due to very low initial registration Teresa had to decide quickly whether or not it would be in everyone's best interest to keep the event on the calender for this year. We were so excited for it and we're really gonna miss seeing everyone...but things like this happen sometimes and you just have to stand back up and focus on the other great things on the horizon.

Me and Aar will be teaching at Art Is... in October and we already have goosebumps for that. We've also got a couple other teaching engagements coming soon including The Creative Connection!!! ( more on that very soon!) so we hope maybe some of the peeps who already registered for our Silver Bella classes can hop over to another event and get creative with us this year! Me and Aar both wish Teresa McFayden, the gal behind Silver Bella, best of luck in this...as in sports...lets call it a re-building year. Silver Bella had been so successful and fun in the past...I'm sure it will return...as glittery as ever!

Now, I just wanted to let you guys know that we've got some fab new Spring/Easter stuff listed in our shop and we've also got tons of new new new stuff in the works! It seems like everything is at the same level of completion (or in-completion) so we expect to launch a whole bunch of new art either all at once or like a line of dominoes as the days progress. This is always a very very creative time of year for us but we got a little delayed after a super duper lingering flu from our LA excursion...it just knocked us out and took wind from our sails. But we think we're that much stronger for it...Aar really suffered the worst from it and he's probably gonna dig in the garage for his Nietzsche books for some philosophical inspiration. Me, I'm more simple...play me some Bon Iver and show me some paper mache rabbits!

Ok, just a short and (bitter) sweet post. I'll be back soon! xoxo, Jenny


  1. Bummer about Silver Bella! There were great teachers lined up this year, including you guys! I don't know about anyone else, but for me the cost was just way too prohibitive, especially once you add in airfare/hotel. Rats, because I'd have loved to take classes from you again. Best of luck on your other teaching engagements! :)

  2. I did not hear that Silver Bella was canceled for this November! Bummer! I was looking forward to meeting you two at the vendor fair. I love all of your new Easter stuff. Cute as always! Happy Easter!

  3. Silver Bella sounded wonderful but unfortunately way out of my "bare knuckle" budget. I do keep my eye open for the chance to take one of your classes closer to home...right here at the Jersey Shore would be nice =)

  4. wow. a great post you have. i enjoyed going through your blog and would certainly come back for more

  5. I love the cake with the Forget-Me-Nots. :)

    And Mike and I got married last Friday, :) so one of these days, I will be placing an order for Aaron to do one of the portraits for/of us. We're moving into a new place in August, so it will likely wait til after that, but I do still want one. :)

    Happy Easter to you guys and all your readers!

    ~ Val


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