Silver Bella 11'!!

Hey Kids! (ahh I just like saying that)

Since we returned from Cali, things have been pretty busy for us. We have so many things going on at once. We are working on some fantastic kits, and inspiration boxes which I am reeeally excited about! If you have worked with our kits in the past you know that all imagery is hand painted by us and created specifically for each kit. We absolutely adore the process. Coming up with a theme, sketching and painting elements and patterns, gathering embellishments etc. We painted a vintage wallpaper inspired paper for Amy Inspire Co.'s last issue of Inspired Ideas. We really loved doing that! And the feedback we received was super sweet! (If you printed it, and used it in a fab creation we'd LOVE to see it!!) We are hoping to offer kits every other month, full of painted patterns and imagery. And don't forget our fabulous design team!! They will certainly dazzle us with their talents. So yep, stay tuned for all that good stuff.

We are also very excited to announce that we will be teaching at Silver Bella 11' ! We taught back in 07' and had an incredible time. We met so many of our best online friends that year. Downtown Omaha was really nice too. We are really looking forward to returning! We will be teaching the above classes. "Creative Mise En Place" which you may remember from Art Is..You last October. We had such an amazing time and really would love to teach it again and again! We love the idea of each student walking out with a totally unique creation. We've already gotten emails from gals signing up for it, saying that it is out of their comfort zone, and they couldn't be more excited about that! Isn't that what these workshops are about? Trying something new, boosting, and enhancing your creative self? Right on! Let's play with some paint!

We are also teaching "Beaux Gateaux". It is so so "us". A Paris Patisserie menu board, and a little bit of "showtime!" If you know what I mean. (whenever I describe something as being stage-like, or having curtains, I just say you know..."showtime-y". This class is project driven. What you see is what you get! You will walk out with your very own Patisserie sign to display in your kitchen or studio...or little gal's room! It's super duper cute in person! Anything with sweets and scroll work is so up my alley! Registration is indeed open, so pop on over, and pick some classes! We would LOVE to have you!! :)

Ok, so when we got back from Cali we all had that awful bug. "All" meaning me, Aaron, and my sis. After a few days of being shut ins, Missy and I decided regardless of our coughing aka "death rattles" we needed air! So we took a quick drive to Pt. Pleasant. A fave shore town of ours. Lots of antique shops, home decor, coffee shops, etc. You may remember Jenn Hayslip visiting the shore and meeting us for dinner (summer 09'). Well that was Pt. Pleasant! The perfect family getaway! The boardwalk is super fun too. We've watched the 4th of July fireworks from the beach there many times. Anyways...We popped in to a brand new, and ohhhh so cute shop called Tess Home! The cool chick that runs the shop is named Pam, but I only refer to her as "Not Tess". You know I must ask her who the real Tess is.
So as you can see from these pics it is seriously an adorable shop! Lots and lots of color! Kitschy cool furniture and collections, and even some art supplies thrown in! If you are in the area, it is a "must visit". We have some things in the works with Pam. Give me a week or so and then I'll let you guys in on the fun news. It's all pretty exciting! Way to have you guessing huh? ;)

Well, I thought I'd pop in and say hi! Totally ready for Spring. Ready to open these windows, play some Billie Holiday, and create!

See ya soon!
xo Jenny


  1. Those are great projects and Silver Bella always sounds so great. Glad you guys are well.

  2. Ooo-wee! A candy colored shop! Now that would be a great place to go when you're not feeling your best! ♥

  3. I'm signed up for one of your Silver Bella classes! Can't wait!

  4. Love-love the photos.... what a treat for the eye-balls :-)

  5. Those photos are great and look yummy. I want that kitchen:)

  6. WOW! What a cheerful shop!Love the those splendid colors pop through out!Fabulous stuff and Great projects!Lovely shots.

  7. this all looks so pretty! and i love the color of your hair so much too! *smile* warm wishes and a sunny week! di

  8. Your photos are fantastic.. i love all the color!
    I was a Squan girl for about 30n years!!!

  9. I have been a fan of your blog for quite a while now and I just hafta to let ya know how much I adore it! You are such an inspiration to me as a fellow artist.


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