Easter at the Shore...

How is it already May 2nd? Really? I was going through my recent flickr uploads and realized that I had so much to blog! First being how we spent our Easter. But before I get into that..I just had to share a pic of these cuter than cute bunny egg cups that I picked up at JoAnn fabrics...for like $1.50 each! My eyes nearly popped out when I came around the corner and saw these lil cuties!! The colors...perfection....and aren't they just the right balance of kitschy and modern? Had to have em!!

And umm....do you see this adooorable lil egg gal? Made by my super talented friend Sandy! She really makes some of the happiest things. Check out her Etsy shop!! I love everything! This was a total surprise, and I couldn't have been more excited! I seriously adore my gift...and Sandy!

Ok now for an Easter at the shore recap...

(Pt Pleasant & Seaside Heights boardwalks)

Seriously...can you even handle these colors?? If I had a giant loft in the city I'd want a sign like this hanging over my couch!! ahhh!!

The waves were super pretty and there were families flying kites and relaxing in beach chairs. Look at the tiny little kid all alone in the pic below...but don't fret, his parents are just out of camera range.

My favorite is (of course) the rabbit!

Nonpareils!! Milk chocolate please!

This had my sis and I laughing.

It was so so fun to see the boardwalk candy shop filled with Easter treats. Classic bunny molds make my heart so happy!

This is one of the cutest "new" buildings. Normally I am partial to the old school "painted over, summer after summer" stands. But I think they did a great job capturing some of the old timey nostalgia on this newbie.

Now this was a total crack up, and brand new this season. A GIANT toy crane! How could we pass it up? It was filled with those adorable lil yellow guys from "Despicable Me". No, we didn't win one. We think one of the arms was loose...on purpose... yes in 2011 P.T Barnum's quote still applies..."there's a sucker born every minute...haha....that means us! And of course my sis was using her "grossest" voice to declare that suspicion.

If you've ever been to a NJ Shore boardwalk you know there are as many pizza parlors as grains of sand on the beach. I'm sorry to say that most are actually tasteless and exist merely to fill you up so you can feel a little more confident that you had a "pseudo" meal instead of the junk you really really craved...ya know...funnel cake or fried oreos. But for every rule there is an exception and in this case it's Maruca's Tomato Pies. As seen on The Travel Channel's Man vs Food. The slices are easily 1 1/2 times the size of your average slice. And their original cheese pizza's all feature their trademark swirl of sauce. Fluffy, tender yet flaky crust. By far the best on the boardwalk. Go no where else.

No matter how many times we visit the boardwalks, we always find something super fun to do and super yummy to eat! I really think that I tell Aaron daily that we are the luckiest foodies and fun seekers alive living where we do :)

I have so many pics of recent adventures to share with you..so I'm pretty sure I'll be back tomorrow or Wednesday with another recap! :) And I promise...it's good stuff!

xo Jenny


  1. WOW what GREAT pics. You girls sure found some cool spots to shop and eat. That pizza pie looks AMAZING.
    Now Sandy is my gf in Toronto. I'm in Ottawa. Might have told you that before, not sure. She's a doll. We've talked on the phone and soon we will meet face to face. Can't wait.
    Thanks for the boardwalk adventure. I was there many moons ago. Maybe it's time to go back.
    We're heading to N.Y. this month. Gotta have a N.Y. city moment.. actually a few moments, lol.
    Have a great week.
    P.S. Do you know you don't need word verification any longer? Blogger takes care of spam now : )
    Just saying

  2. OMG! I miss Jersey so much! I moved to TN about a year ago..I grew up in the Pt. Pleasant/Brick town area! I miss it and those pics just made me miss it more. =)

  3. Oh wow, Jenny! Pizza, chocolate and lots of eye candy colors!!! Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for the tour! The little egg cups are so adorable,too!

  4. Awww thanks so much for the shout out girl friend :) Those pix reminded me of when I was little and my parents took us on vacation there. Have a great week! I'll be living it up in Vegas baby!!

    Sandy xox

  5. Fun! A little known tidbit about me- Jersey is the first and only place I've seen the ocean, went there on a whim with my fam when Six Flaggs was closed, had my first delicious cheescake sandwich and went to Trump Tower! I was 20 and spent all my time in the boring video game room w/ my bro!

  6. omg Jenny! It looks like you had so much fun! :D All that chocolate and pizza! :D YUMMY! :D You look great!

  7. Love this post Jenny....wonderful photographs...
    Have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  8. Your post was like a little day trip! But...milk chocolate nonpareils? Kid stuff. Real women eat dark chocolate. :P


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