Happy Memorial Day!...and a SALE!

Well the Summer has officially begun and I've always found it so fitting that we start with a day that memorializes those that fought for freedom. Because Summer is such a physical embodiment of freedom. Being out in the sun and air...swimming in the ocean or pool...shedding those winter layers of clothes (and chub hopefully!)...riding bikes...gardening...sunbathing (spf 30 please!! listen to me...my sis is an esthetician!). It's our Patriotic duty to feel free to go out and have a blast!
I feel blessed to be in New Jersey, where we seem to get a fair share of every season (though lately, winter has been overstaying her welcome!)...we get a fantastic fall...and ok, I'll admit, a brief spring...but we seem to get just the right amount of Summer down here at the Shore where it's about 10 degrees cooler due to our proximity to the ocean. Anyway...you've heard me rave plenty about the boardwalks and such! I'm just trying to say Happy Summer to all!!

I always think of my Dad on this weekend because to him it's so much more than a time to BBQ. Being a Vietnam vet he of course lost so many friends who were side by side with him in the worst of times. Above is a pic of him during that time...and to think that he was much younger than my littlest bro Walty is right now...it's just so crazy that mere tots go to places we could never fathom.
Below is a pic of my Dad in 2009 at the NJ Vietnam Memorial where he received some long overdue recognition to add to his 3 Purple Hearts.

Well, lastly I'd like to announce our Memorial Day Weekend sale...which we're extending til late Tuesday night. Purchase any 2 items and send us a message through paypal, or an email to let us know which 8" x 10" you'd like for free! Down the bottom is our newly listed Patriotic Cupcakes...that's a good suggestion for ya!
Ok...once again...Happy Summer and all our best to you and yours! Get out there and have some fun! xoxo, Jenny

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  1. Oh Jenny, please tell your amazing Dad "thank you" from me. xoxo

  2. What an incredible honor! You must be so proud of your dad! Wow. Please give him my heartfelt thanks as well.

    I've been drooling over so many of your lovely prints...it just might be time to finally make my purchase already! :)

    Happy summer!


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