Spring has Sprung!

Could it really be? Has spring sprung? Between the spots of rain it seems like every other day is perfect here in NJ....flowers sprouting...greenery growing....blue skies with crisp white clouds.

Though I may be guilty of having windows open prematurely. I just love the sun shining through the creamy white dotted curtains, blowing slightly in the breeze. Sure, I always end up chilly but I'd rather wear a hoodie around the house than to give up that lil bit of happy. It almost becomes an aesthetic to me...like a vase of flowers, or a spring time table scape. We NEED that wind blown curtain as a back drop to our springtime crafting, and baking, and dreaming... anyone agree? ;)

Lots of outdoor events happening around town. Town wide yard sales, and sidewalk sales, vintage car shows... even the big garbage pick up! Which..we looove!! The other day we scored a suuuper cute shelf for the kitchen. We had been looking for something just like it. It was painted a crazy cobalt blue, but we knew it would be creamy white by bedtime! :) It was funny to be going street after street like a grid with 2 other pickers on our tail. Would they beat us to the next reclaimed treasure?

Speaking of car shows, Our town hosted a Vintage British Car show. I must tell you that our town is a seaside town and that most of the homes are strictly summer, we have about 200 registered voters. So the turnout to these sort of things is light but everyone who does attend is psyched to have it going on right down the street...the entire town is just a few blocks wide. So at the car show (which was right across the street from our local antiques center) had a line up of some of the coolest James Bond-y type wheels...circa Sean Connery.

And to accompany the vintage cars they booked an early Beatles/early Rolling Stones cover band, which Aaron and I are guessing were 2 dads and their sons? They were set up outside of the Antique Center.

Another recent fun filled day was spent at Greetings From Geralyn, in Asbury Park. Geralyn is seriously one of the nicest gals we know. Me and Aar instantly felt like we knew her forever...I'm thinking she has that effect on everyone. Her store name couldn't be more apropos...she's a huge BRUCE fan and she's in Asbury. Her and husband and kids are really close and they make everything a family affair. She had an ATC party to celebrate her move across town to the legendary Convention Hall, which is right on the Atlantic Ocean in Asbury Park. Geralyn's husband creates all kinds of super cool household items and gifts from vintage vinyl records!

The ATC party was at the now former shop. A handful of jersey girls, and Aaron collaging all afternoon. My sis even came! She made some of the most hilarious ATC's ever. To say that they made no sense is an understatement. They were GREAT! I just Laughed out loud as I typed that. Aaron's were so so cute. I myself have no idea how everyone completed all of their cards. I never realized that I was so slow nor so bad under pressure...haha.

We just listed some super sweet garlands in the shop..... 2 styles to choose from. Perfect hanging across a window, or a favorite kitchen cupboard or shelf, your little one's headboard, or above a bakery case!

Lots of things are in the works...not enough hours in the day. And I still have some recent adventures to blog so expect me back very soon. Happy Mother's Day weekend!!
xoxo, Jenny


  1. Oh, gosh..those cards are adorable. I love the images and all the pink and brown. So cute!

  2. aaahhh!! an ATC party! I've been addicted to making atcs lately! love to see the sun shining in your pics! Happy Spring! xo nat

  3. I have to have the windows opened too....love the fresh air!
    Jenn I am lovin those garlands! Soooooooo sweeeetttttt!!!!!

    have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Dolly

  4. It was a great time!
    Hugz, Z


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