Summer has arrived!

Those days when you can have all the windows open seem to always boil down to a brief, fleeting moment. In no time flat the weather switches and that breeze comes to a halt and the air thickens. Now we've got the AC going in one room and we'll be sure to fire up the other one soon. But for that mini moment it was great. And we get so so much light in our place I just had to take a pic of a tiny corner of our tiny apartment. We took a drive the other day and this little antique shop that is never ever open when we pass it was finally open. The guy had great stuff. I scored that top itty bitty cream jewelry box for 2.00! :)

I found this 30 day Photo Fun Challenge on Pinterest. It's hosted by White Peach Photography. I never did one before. Probably because I wasn't sure I could actually do it. I didn't want to slack or miss days. But this time I'm gonna challenge myself. It's just the nudge I need. To blog see the little really see them...and document them...share them. And each prompt is certainly open to interpretation. I'm excited to do it and hope a ton of people will join me. Let's have fun with this! Who is gonna party with me? Join the flickr group!!

So Day 1 already proved to be a challenge. Our water heater sprung a leak...then there was a HUGE gas leak. The guy from the gas company came and his meter was reading off the charts. He shut off the gas but he said we should stay out of the house for the rest of the day. So, after finally getting back in the hot water...oh wait, NO WATER at all. So the above photo was taken ON THE MORNING AFTER the day that I spent roaming up and down the street for hours with the dogs waiting for the gas day old limp, sticky hair, old hair spray, and bedhead...just dying for a cool shower. And I had to pull through...I couldn't miss DAY 1.
The scar above my eye brow is from a bike fall at 6 yrs old. It was mid July... super duper hot...and it was my first ride with the training wheels off. My poor Uncle Ron was supervising me, and there I am...riding for mere seconds and I go right down...tons of blood...probably looked like my whole eyebrow came off. He had to bring me back inside to my parents looking like that! I remember being so reluctant to the doctors, the stitches, the whole thing... they had to wrap me in a papoose...aka: straight jacket.

Working on a big batch of these candy colored cuties! We listed this one the other night and it was grabbed up within minutes. I'm so happy to see that so many of our online friends are looking to add some vintage inspired signage to their homes and shops!

Wood signs are what we started with...waaaay back! Inspired by vintage Boardwalk signage, old fashioned bakeries...etc. Back when hand painted was the ONLY option.
This "cupcakes" sign is on a very old board that we picked up somewhere in our travels and we immediately sketched this design out once we got it home. With carnival like letters in aqua, turquoise, & a thin outline of red...set against a well worn pale pink...this is the perfect piece for your sweetest room at home or shop. Excellent size for over a door or window...or stove.

Lots more of these to come in all different shapes, sizes and designs! Really, we've got so so many designs sketched out...just gotta squeeze them into our schedule.

Ok, I'll be back tomorrow. Please join the 30 day photo will be fun and motivational.

xoxo, Jenny


  1. What a great idea! A+ on the first day! Nice portrait.


  2. I agree with Fabiana, great first day on the photo challenge! And what a good deal on the jewelry box, it is beautiful! Glad to have stumbled across your blog!

  3. what great photos-good luck with your challenge!!

  4. What a great challenge! You are so adorable, Jenny! You look like a doll! I love the cute new cupcake sign! Can't wait to see more! Your summery corner is soooo fun and pretty! I always love to see glimpses into your inspiring and fun home!


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