C is for Cookies!

Forever we've been wanting to paint some cookies and I just can't believe we haven't until now! So many people have made the request and we always had plans to...but you know how that goes. So this was a now or never situation...we had a little box of cookies from our local bakery and we said we'd eat only half and save the rest for reference...well you know how that goes too. So with full bellies we had to paint from memory. We love this sign so much and it hangs in our kitchen right now...it's also in our shop for anybody who wants it in their home too!

Ya know...I guess the "normal" person in us all would pick Kermit as their favorite Muppet...but I think deep inside every single one of us is a Cookie Monster...that same part of us who would coin the phrase "if we're not supposed to have midnight snacks then why is there a light in the fridge?" Below is a little jingle for all the Cookie Monsters out there who indulge their heart's desires...haha!

As far as the 30 day photo challenge goes I've been keeping up on flickr...so let me get you guys caught up over here. I've really been having a lot of fun. Knowing that you've got to capture an image...and make it at least partially meaningful, keeps the visual part of your brain dreaming...even if your dream window is only 35 mins! Stopping to take a picture...even if that seems like a teeny tiny act...it really is a great artistic personal escape from the busy day. It's fun to see everyday things as a photo op. So here's a little catch up from the last few days of the photo challenge.

Day 15: Silhouette

I had Aaron hold an itty bitty dollhouse chair in his hand in front of a pink box lid and the angle of the afternoon sun was just right for some nice shadows.

Day 16: Long exposure

I'm totally not a photographer so my idea of what a long exposure means was simply guesswork. I googled a smidge to get a clue but mainly I learned by doing. Right before we walked out the door to get dinner I grabbed my camera just for the heck of it to see if I could figure out long exposure. So we stopped in Asbury and found a dark spot...Aaron had a little flashlight in the car so we did some experimenting in an old parking lot. Now I didn't capture any spectacular image...I figured I'd use this one more as a learning day and just get the technical aspect right. What's so weird is that in that image of the light swirl Aaron was holding the flashlight and standing right there, yet he doesn't appear in the photo...and the buildings behind him do!

Day 17: Technology

It was laundry day and although laundry feels like a pretty old school chore and not very technological...our modern washers and dryers sure beat using rocks down by the riverbank to scrub clothes. So here's a shot down at our local old school "launderette". My sister made fun of me every time I called it that....turns out, it is the actual name.

Day 18: Your shoes

These are my treasured vintage Chatty Cathy shoes... the perfect tone of teal velvet...stripes inside...and itty bitty millinery flowers.

Day 19: Something Orange.

Orange just happens to be one of the very few colors I do not use in my personal decor. If you want to find something orange in my home you better open a drawer or look in the fridge. Well except in the Fall...gotta go traditional for Halloween.

Alright, that's it for today. Thanks so much again for checking in. I'll be back real soon!

xoxo, Jenny


  1. hi jenny, I admire that youve stuck with the 30 day challenge. I think I stopped at "eyes". I'm considered going back and catchingi up but now I'm way behind. shame on me! oh well.. such is life!!
    LOVE the cookie painting. when I look at the sweet paintings you guys do it makes me want to change my kitchen colors.. but I have so much cranberry and sage.. it would be impossible with out spending hundreds and hundreds on pastels everythings!
    have you been thinking about that trip to buffalo in july? we'd sooo love it!
    off to freaken work I go.. blaahh! I want to go to the beach!
    have a sweet week

  2. I saw that cookie sign on your website! Good job- I love it! What an excellent memory you guys have. ;)

    Oh and my favorite mupett is Grover! ♥

  3. Great pictures Jenny! Also love the cookie sign...great, now you have me humming C is for cookie!

  4. The cookie sign is awesome!
    Cookie Monster and Animal are my favourite Muppets ;)

  5. Your new cookie art is darling Jenny! LOVING your photo project too. So cool! Have a great week ahead.

  6. Your new art is so fun - as usual!!Have you done cotton candy yet? :)

  7. i wish i could keep up with those photo challenges. i always drop the ball. i love that tiny chair picture!!!!!

  8. Very nice photos. I haven't done the challenge but I have been trying to take at least a photo a day this year. Love the cookies, and Cookie Monster. Oscar was also a fave of mine. Snuffalupagus too. Antway, I wanted to let you know, you won the Shabby Apple Give Away on my blog!!! Congrats. I will send you an email with what I need as far as info. I know you will look adorable in the dress!

  9. The cookie sign came out really nice. I like your signs a lot because I'm really attracted to vintage signs and your take on them is wonderful.

    Moriah Bethany

  10. Dearest sweet jenny, i love this cookies sign! It's gorgeous with really happy colors! Cookie monster is one of my favorite character! I am also loving your 30 days photo challenges! Have a lovely merry happy friday (yipee!) and a wonderful weekend! Love to you!

  11. Hi! Well, I'm new to your blog but I'm already loving it! It's so beautiful! And the cupcake photos are awesome!

    Have a nice day!
    xo, Nina <3

    And btw... Could you tell me which template you are using?! Would be great. Because I would also like to make my blog a little bigger but I can't find the right template or layout. :) Would be great if you could answer =)

  12. WHen I posted that dollhouse on my Flickr, I said to myself, "I KNOW Jenny is going to favorite this one!!" Ha ha!!

    Do you have pictures of yours somewhere? I'd love to see it!

    And I love those Chatty Cathy shoes, by the way!


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