Everything's Rosey!

Yes, everything's rosey over here. We were going through some old photos and an album of our press clippings and we saw some of our old Vintage Rose hand painted flower pots...and we just had to revisit some of that old magic. The magazine piece above featuring us is from Woman's Day Decorating ideas. It was mainly supposed to be an article about our handpainted furniture line but we were doing so many smalls & accessories at the time that they decided to feature that stuff even more prominently than the furniture. The photo in the top left of the article is of a collection of our handpainted paper mache boxes...we did literally thousands of those...wholesale to stores in every state! It was years ago and our fingers still hurt from all the painting. But down in the left hand corner of the article are some of our flower pots...we loved using black back then...and we did a great handpainted leopard print on tons of stuff.
So anyway...we had to get back to our roots...ROSES. We really love the flower pots but the wooden wall box is so cool too. We also did some little jewelry/keepsake boxes with gold accents. So check the shop for any of these. I've been getting so much great feedback on the roses and I'm truly thankful...encouraging nudges go a long way in my tiny universe!
We've got lots more in the works and many many larger format wooden signs coming soon!
If you'd like to bring some of the rosey-ness home...pop over to the shop! :)

Here we are at day 10. I'm really so glad I decided to do this. It is such a happy little creative outlet for me. Something just for me to do. I really am going about it all very casually and not overthinking any of my photos. Just going with my first ideas. Yep...so glad I am playing along! :) And it really is not too late! Just start at day one! :)

Day 10: A childhood memory

As soon as I read today's assignment I immediately thought of this bunny pin. It is one of my oldest personal treasures. I have had it since the age of 3 or so. (over 30 yrs ) I wonder if this pin is what started my addiction to vintage rabbit collectibles? :)

Ok, Saturday is here...and that means we will be painting like crazy. Iced coffee, loud music, and all sorts of artistic detritus strewn about. xoxo, Jenny


  1. I LOVE the colors on those pots! So pretty!

  2. So adorable! I love your beautiful colors too : )I remember painting a pot for my mom in school for a Mother's Day gift - I think it was 4th grade? So fun to bring back old crafts and make them fresh and new again! What about painting them like cupcake liners (with little ridges going down the sides)! I did these for Christmas gifts last year:
    I took this picture before I painted the stripes going down - still cute but the ridges really made them pop! I hope you and A have a great weekend!

  3. Love the Roses!! This was such a bright cheery post. I love visiting. We missed you today, I know you are both so busy! Miss you much Grace xoox

    May everything come up "roses" for U!

  4. Hi Jenny,
    What better time for roses than now? Mine are in full bloom and smell heavenly. I love your pots!
    I do hope you can pop over to my blog if you're interested in my giveaway......there are velvet flowers, vintage tally cards, and lots of laces.....

  5. Dearest sweet jenny, it's my first time visiting your lovely inspiring space! These rosey series are gorgeous! Love them. :) Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


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