Have You Had A Cupcake Today?

Right up there with "why are we here?"... it's one of life's great questions. So we made a little piece of art to pay tribute to it's importance.
We had these adorable wooden boxes and we sketched up a bunch of designs, but this was at the top of our list. It's in our shop now and we're so psyched about these...look for more of our box art over the next week.

Day 3 of the photo challenge...and it proved to be way more difficult a task than you'd think! When on earth would you hope for a perfectly cloudless day to be anything other? But, wouldn't ya know it...today's assignment was CLOUDS. We couldn't find a single cloud in the sky...the visibility over the ocean was endless...the temp was (and still is) amazing...breeze, outstanding...and yet...there I was, disappointed.
But finally, we took a spin down to the Asbury Park boardwalk...which is about 60 seconds from our house...and I told Aaron to park over by the Wonder Bar because there were some very paper thin clouds in the sky right above it...and just maybe I could get them to show up in a pic. I'm happy with shot and how cool is it that within camera range there was actually someone flying a kite on the beach and in the distance an approaching plane with an advertising banner trailing behind ( a staple of the Jersey Shore skies.) 3 days down, 27 to go! Exciting!

Well kids...it is Friday, which means tomorrow is Saturday and if you live in our area you know that the Ocean Grove Flea market will be in full swing in a mere 12 hours!! Yep! That time of year already! We are really hoping to break away and do a quick run through of the over 300 antique/junk dealers and vendors! And ohh remember those awesome gourmet dog treats from last year??... annnd the iced tea? Cannot wait!

Have a Great weekend!!
xo Jenny


  1. I have not had a cupcake today! But now I have been reminded I will have 2 tomorrow to make up for it! I like the cupcake picture it's cute! :)
    Also congrats on finding the clouds, that's dedicated! and a cool photo too. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. How cute! And no, I haven't, but I did get the last of the butter pecan ice cream for a snack! Haha. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  3. Happy Weekend Jenny! Popping in to say hello and see your beautiful blog. No, I have not had a cupcake today. Thank you for reminding me!

  4. Mmm a cupcake sounds wonderful about now! I always love your cuppy cake art! Have a great time at the flea market

  5. It's so adorable, Jenny! I just love it! I only wish I had a cupcake right now... for breakfast!!

  6. Oh my I so love all this pinkness and what a stinkin cute cupcake like you!! Grace xoox


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