itty bitty shoezies, roses, cupcakes, and more photos!

I mentioned that I'd show you guys some of my O.G. Flea goodies... here they are! I really didn't have much funny money to throw around, so it was tiny treasures for us. I adore itty bitty shoezies! And these lil pink ones made my eyes pop when I spied them. The lil navy ones and their snaps are adorbs too! The lil pink teabag holder is the perfect companion to an aqua one I scored years ago. Vintage rose postcards are always on my list! And some tiny instant relatives! Oh oh..and a crate full of old wooden blocks. You know those primary colored, rounded edged painted wood blocks from the late 70s early 80s? Pretty sure they were by Playskool. Well yes..those! I have some fun ideas for them! :)

Another one of a kind cupcakes sign...listed it last night...sold within minutes once again to a favorite collector of ours. Very happy to be sending it off to it's happy new home. Thanks so much for all of the emails about signs! It seems you guys like wood...and I totally get shows up at your house and it is 100% ready to go. So, Yes yes! Lots more to come!! We will have another similar to this and aqua and antique cream scallops :) I'm diggin' it! It's really right at home in our kitchen. I always need some black. Things feel "right" for me once I have a bit of black. The sign is totally done but I need daylight for a proper photo.

Didn't get a chance to check in here yesterday. Those of you following along on flickr may have seen yesterday's challenge already ....if not:

From a high angle:
standing on the bed looking down at the little. This pic not only captures the requirementsof the assignment but it also give you a glimpse into a sight I see all day long...A sight I LOVE to see all day long. This guy will pose for pics all day long. If you are beginning to think we are photographically neglecting our old buddy Carlos for the new cute's not what you think. Carlos just so happens to be spazzy and as soon as a camera appears he get's skittish, nervous, fidgety, and becomes just about the least photogenic creature this side of Sasquatch and Nessy.

and for today...We took a cruise into Asbury. I know I'm starting to repeat an Asbury theme but there are just so many great photo ops, it's take about zero gas money to get there. I know that the Stone Pony has been photographed so many times that it soon may turn into a photograph and not an actually brick & mortar structure. (Aar told me some literary reference that is similar to what I just said...something from Don Delillo's "White Noise"...but he bombards me with so much literary effluvium that it goes in one ear and comes out in a cupcake painting or something...though I appreciate his interest and passion...but he's preaching to a gal with a very short attention time for thousands of pages about the modern human condition in a commercialized overeducated America...sorry if I lost you bunnies, pink bunnies, pink bunnies...erase the intellectual mumbo jumbo!

Day 6: From a low angle.
The world famous Stony Pony in Asbury Park.

The weather has been breezes and sun shine! Jersey is good at times. And we stop to appreciate the free gifts offered by big momma nature!! We are working away. Will be back tomorrow with a new sign or two and another photo assignment! :)
xo Jenny


  1. Nice little treasures and cute pup!


  2. ♥Loveeee all your beautiful finds! And the wood cupcake sign is too cute indeed<3 I always adored your sugar candy home:)) hope you had a great trip honey! Pink smooches♥x♥x♥

  3. oh what lovelies u have there. sooo im here to bug u to come to nats in july.....

  4. Love the cupcake Sign! I am helping decorate a cupcake party next month and I "borrowed" your image for my inspiration board and tagged you in my blog! Come check it out on Friday 6.24! So cute!


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