Let's EAT!!! ...cupcakes, cake, cookies, doughnuts, macarons!

Hey Hey! How's everyone's weekend going? Hope you guys have had better weather than us here in Jersey. Rainy and grey. Not much sun. So we have been making our own sunshine here in the studio. Listening to lots of TV On the Radio, and plenty of Candy colored paint being poured on palettes! We are cuckoo for signs...I've said it before and I'll say it again! We are having sooo much fun! It feels like the old days. So many signs so little time! I swear...I wake up during the night with ideas and debate about getting up to sketch. I have about a dozen doodled napkins in my purse...probably myself and Aaron are the only two humans who can decipher them!

We are pretty stoked about this latest sign...

* EAT *

yep! One word says it all! Of course for me it is cupcakes, and ice cream and cake and doughnuts and macarons....but geez, I so see this one hanging over a kitchen table or a bright and cheery dining table. Little ones in pj's sitting down to a plate of silver dollar pancakes or a bowl of cereal! Fun fun fun! Oh oh...and do you see the Red!? Yep...we added a cherry to our normal frosting pastels! This is an open edition...so we plan on making a bunch of these. We have a bunch in the works now and will be cranking them out.

And with a lil cherry red...and sunny yellow thrown in!! :)

Lots of attention to detail..super distressed and aged...washes for an added layer of age. LinkAuthentic and FUN!

In the SHOP now!!

Roses galore... Can't keep my mind off these beauties! My grandma always had rose bushes on the side of her garage. I'd go out to prune them with her after school. Really happy memories for me.

Also in the SHOP!

And here we are at Day 11! Something blue. One of my favorite collectibles. My tin dollhouse from the 1950s. Love it to bits! The interiors are amazing...so many fun and kitchsy details. If only I had more space...I'd love a wall fullllll of these!

Well that's enough for today, Aaron is waiting for me in the studio! And it's almost time for today's photo assignment..which is Sunset! Not sure how this will work out being that there was not a glimpse of Mr. Sun today...may have to get creative. Tune in tomorrow for the follow up! :)

Have a great week kids! :)
xo Jenny


  1. Loved today's blog! That explains my craving for a chocolate donut. LOL. Out here in Massachusetts,same thing. Rainy,cold,cloudy!
    I love your rose motif boxes.I just may have to get me one or two of those.I have a niece who is getting married in April in Florida. She would love those.
    So on that note,yes let's eat!

  2. Love the "Eat" signs!! They're bigger than I thought (from flickr)!
    Also love your blue pic! have a good week..xoxo

  3. That EAT sign is so cool. I love watching American Pickers and it seems like something that they would love. Distressed and Beautiful.

    Moriah Bethany

  4. Dearest sweet jenny, i've been reading your blog archives too!! I really adore those gorgeous sings you make and the super distressed and aged look is something i truly adore and love!! Each time i look at your rosey series, they always make my heart swell and smile! Have a lovely merry happy week ahead sweet friend. Love to you!

  5. wow!! those signs are stunning!! hard to pick...I love, love those splashes of red dots on the last one and I usually dont go for red!! they're just beautiful :)

  6. Dearest Jenny, I love that I can glimpse your creative process through the words that you write. That oh so busy place that doesn't even have an off switch. I love that your art reflects your memories. Your roses are perfectly perfect! I wish continued success for you both. The sharing of your journey is so inspiring to me. Happy Summer! Elizabeth

  7. I love the colors of the dots on the eat sign! ♥

  8. Love the sign with the pops of red and yellow!!!!

  9. Fabulous! Love the pop of red! Sending sunshine your way! Xoxo,Jenn

  10. I love love love the Eat sign! Just so cute and I can't help but smile!
    The dollhouse is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Pei Li


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