moo-re carrots please!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I needed a pic of animal. Luckily, we live very close to a great little roadside farmstand called Atlantic Farms. They're the usual type of farmstand that sells fresh grown fruits and veggies, but where they depart from the norm is with their awesome little collection of super adorbs farm animals. You pay a small fee and buy a bag of chopped carrots to feed to the animals...except for the brand new extremely cute baby goats...because they are still exclusively on mama's milk. The cow above is the first gal you meet and she's got a ton of experience with visitors. She opens up that giant mouth like a cave so you can just toss in fistfulls of carrots and she couldn't be happier!

Below are some goats and sheep. I love goats because they are just nuts...they will climb on top of anything. And both goats and sheep...especially the little ones, sound uncannily human when they do their talking. They are all so sweet, but I gotta admit, the third pic down of the beardo...he was kind of a jerk. When we fed his younger buddy the beardo would snort snot all over us. So then we fed his buddy a bunch more just to spite him. ha!

Look at this mess down below! Go on, take a wild guess who lives here. A gigantic Pig. What a slob! Yep, due to the wall of stench that surrounds the pig enclosure, they keep em way in the back. Which suits these guys just fine. All they wanna do is sleep the day away.

The little horsies are amazing and so so peaceful...but since tiny kids come to visit the animals the mini horsies aren't as easy to have contact with. They have giant teeth that can be dangerous for the little ones. I especially loved this one guy with his surfer/skater hairdo!

Years ago we went to Atlantic Farms and they had an ostrich. It was amazing...there were these giant football sized eggs all over the place. But I guess the ostrich has moved on to greener pastures. Now they've got a bunch of emu's. These guys are so weird. They have feathers, but on top of their head it looks like a little afro of hair. They love to interact but from anything I've read, and you also can sorta tell just by looking in their eyes...I don't think they're in the genius category. But still, they're sweet and they try not to snap your fingers when you feed them.

So besides our farm trip, we finally had a day with some sun! And I was able to get my Sunflare photo for the challenge!

Day 23: Sunflare

sun glare pics can be super cool looking...I'll be taking advantage as much as possible this summer...This one does the trick, but I'm gonna try to get some dazzlers.

Day 27: From a distance

We were driving home from dinner and I said "I need a from a distance photo." Aaron had the idea to get a shot of the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. Perfect idea because it has a wide open field in front of it that goes straight to the ocean. That field is also the home of the Ocean Grove flea market which I chronicled a few posts back. A bit of trivia...that giant illuminated cross atop the Auditorium was broken for years...then Woody Allen filmed the movie Stardust Memories in Ocean Grove and to show his gratitude to the town he paid to have the cross fixed and re-lit.

Be sure to first pause my music down at the bottom of this page :)

Ok, that's it for the pics...but I wanted to mention one last thing here. We will be officially retiring our diecuts from our shop. We love them and we've made maybe a thousand or more of them over the years. They hang in so so many homes and businesses...including our own home. But we really want to focus on a bunch of wooden plaques and signs. Also, much of the imagery from the diecuts will be available on plaques and such. But if you want diecuts get them now...We've got them on SALE: Buy 2 get 1 free...just buy 2 and let us know which one you want for free. The diecuts will be gone by July 4th!

ok, thanks again for coming back and sharing in the fun!
See you soon! xoxo Jenny


  1. Dearest sweet jenny, i am loving this post so much! The farm is so beautiful and the animals are so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful day with us. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. that piggy in his little house = the cutest thing.

  3. Jenny, I ADORE all your picture challenges. You are an artist in photography as well.
    Happy 4th of July.
    We are celebrating July 1st, Canada Day as of midnight tonight.


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