Of course I'm only thinking about the french fries...

So here's that other sign I mentioned, totally hand painted...we love fonts...and we tied together our fave pretty pastels with a nice shot of black! I that love so much! And yep, it is sold! Hooray! We are so happy that you guys are diggin' these as much as we are! We used to paint tons of signs, as Ive mentioned, and we really love love them! We have some more in progress...in all shapes and sizes and colors ( As I type this, Aar's dad Skip is in his backyard harvesting some good boards from his lumber collection). So be sure to check back often! They have been going pretty fast! :) ...oh,oh...and if you are looking for something special let us know!! colors...size...etc.
Ok so back to Asbury Park...the boardwalk has really had such a rebirth over the last few years and one of the pioneering shining stars is Bodega Shoppe. Our friend Mike (who, when brought up in conversation with someone who might know him...they always say..."you mean the guy with the big & pretty light eyes?" ). He is so sweet...and might I say: adorable! As soon as you walk in the door... it is a party! a Beach party! The color is nonstop...just check out the mix of things! He once had a shop in Red Bank a few years ago where Aaron had done some Christmas shopping for me. He found those amazing aqua mercury glass candlesticks that I keep on my mantle...ohhh I love those!
Bodega Shoppe changes seasonally...always something fresh and fabulous! If in the area!! Stop in!! Tell Mike Jenny sentcha!!

Ok, and to get you guys caught up on my 30 Day photo challenge:

Day 7: Fruit

The name of this deli always makes me smile. He actually used to have a super cute old sign...stinks that he replaced it. The name still rules! Oh, and I have no idea if there is a Dom...but let's stick with "he".

Day 8: A bad habit

McDonald's fries....oh geez...they are really just so so hard to resist. I'm sure some of you blogland buddies are health nuts and want to kill me right now. I know, I know. I'm trying to stop...but man French Fries are like my downfall. Probs in my top 5 favorite edibles. Hey did I ever tell you guys that if I had a band I'd wanna name it: Jenny & The Incredible Edible Chubby Chopstix - aka French Fries? Well yeah. For years... really...
I guess I'd be the singer, and use a really tall mic stand and then I'd stand on two phone books to reach it...even if a short mic stand was available, I'd still opt for the phone books and the tall one...ya know...just for comedic effect.

And for today...
Day 9: Someone you Love:


Oh and 9 is our lucky number/anniversary :)

alrighty kiddos....see ya tomorrow!! Hope you are keeping cool!!!
xo Jenny


  1. Love the sign! That shop looks like it would be a lot of fun to be spend time in! I have never been to the east coast, if I travel that way one day I will have to stop in. I hope you are having a great summer so far!!


  2. Super cute sign!!! And what a fun looking shop!

  3. bodega looks like the cutest place in the world!!!!


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